Cost to file with turbo tax too high

Tax slayer is so much cheaper and got me more on my return. How can I get a discount to stay with Turbo tax? Since I have been doing business with them for years I want to give them the oportunity to lower the price.
  • mzkitty12461 about a minute ago
    i took your advise and went to tax slayer, they got me the same amount refunded and only cost me $20.00. turbo tax wanted me to pay $67.00
  • i asked them for a discount to and never got an answer so i left
  • Good for you...I'm doing the same thing
Or go here and file your Federal for free.

    Your financial institution may have an offer for discounts on TurboTax. (Online and desktop download.)
    • i took your advise and went to tax slayer, they got me the same amount refunded and only cost me $20.00. turbo tax wanted me to pay $67.00
    • TurboTax is expensive. I'll b using a diff tax preparer next year also
    • I'm sorry you decided to leave. TurboTax has a great product that many people can use that is free to file your federal return. It's called Free Edition. If you use that and want to file a state return, you would only have to pay for the state return. Hope you consider that next year.
    • yeah free?  what ever! i did turbo tax this year and will never use them again.  very dissatisfied with them  .....I even called support they  just talked around the problem...... I am going to tell all i know not use them...
    • Hi- What was your problem?
    • @Every Woman's Fantasy- can I ask you a few questions? (1) What TurboTax product did you use? (2) Did you file a state return? (3) How did you pay for TurboTax? Thanks.
    • I got a bill from turbo tax for 66.00 .... found out there was hidden charges that i think was way to high.... tax slayer was almost 30.00 cheaper.... I called turbo tax about the bill she just walked all around the problem... i don't want a free service i just want a service that doesn't hide there cost for state.... I found online turbo tax deluxe for 39.95 and includes the state at least that's what y'all advertised .but when i went online to get turbo tax through your web sight  i figured i would get the same price???      Very disappointing  and will not be using turbo tax next year....
    • HI mmeasels- Do me a favor if you don't mind. Please go into TurboTax and go to the "Review Your Fees" page. Copy what is there and paste it here.
        Sales Tax $0.00
        Shipping/Handling $0.00
        TOTAL $66.98
    • I can get the same service through taxslayer much much cheaper
    • Thanks for doing that. You did use the Deluxe product. TurboTax has less expensive products as well. We have the Free Federal Edition. Your total cost would have been about $35 I believe. We also have "Basic." Basic is typically $19.99 until late March when the prices for all tax preparation software increases. I don't know the TaxSlayer products well but from what I could see, TurboTax Deluxe is comparable to the Premium product, which is the same price. TurboTax Basic is similar to the Classic Edition. Hope that helps and you try one of the less expensive TT options next year.
    • The point was the hidden cost of the state.........    I could have done this much cheaper      29.99 should have been all i should have paid......
    • Hi. We do say that "state additional" on our home page and within the product I believe. TaxSlayer follows our lead on that, though their state return is less expensive. The $29.99 is for the federal return. Also, you can sometimes find discounts via your financial institution or AAA.
    • yes and i get ripped off on the state cost......on turbo tax      ill pay what i owe but dont expect anymore business and I am going to report this to the  BB
    • Hi. Can I ask why you feel ripped off? Like with every other software company that makes tax preparation software, we charge for the state return.
    • TT wants $40.00 ea for state and $50.00 for federal.  That is $130.00 in my case.  Such a rip.  It will be a pain starting over but filing an extension and ditching TT.
    • Receiving a notice that TT was raising their fees at end of March just before the filing date was too much.  TT is beginning to operate like Walmart...little or no ethics.
    • Hi DemoGuy. Do me a favor. Go into TurboTax to the Review Your Fees section. I'm curious as to why you are paying $130 when you are only paying for one state and a federal return. It should be closer to $90 plus tax.

      Also, have you considered the Free Federal Edition? That would save you $50. Or consider using the Basic Online product instead of Deluxe.

      Lastly, TurboTax, as well as every other reputable tax software service raises prices at the end of March and have been doing so for many years. We post a notice on the website that prices will be going up and even show what the price will be. We also email all those customers that have already started their returns before that date in order to give them lots of notice that prices will be going up. So, unlike most other businesses, TurboTax does everything it can reasonably do to let people know that prices will be going up. I don't know of any business that does that.
    • Boy, just before the end of tax season lets email everyone to tell them we are raising the price, in the middle of the season, not after it. Such a crock. It's designed to gather more business not because we all do it and have been for years. It's normal for us to let you start a return at one price then raise it while your in the middle of it. Ha.
    • Hi mkonisze.

      I realize this probably won't change your mind but I'd like you to consider the following:

      1) You can use TurboTax without paying anything. You only have to pay if you'd like to file your return. So, the price isn't set until you as the customer decide to actually buy the product.

      2) I don't know of any other business that warns people that prices are going up at a specific time- many weeks in advance- if you havent purchased it. Airlines don't do that. Hotels don't. Wal-Mart doesn't. Target doesn't. Doctor's don't. Car dealers don't.

      3) TurboTax is running a business for every other business. As a result, just like airlines, restaurants, hotels, and every other business, TurboTax will charge higher prices when customer demand allows it do so and/or when costs increase. As the deadline for filing taxes approaches, people are more willing to pay for TurboTax services and TurboTax's costs go up as well. So, it makes business sense to raise prices. However, unlike any other business, TurboTax tries to let every one know that they should finish their taxes before prices to up if they don't want to pay a higher price.

      I hope that provides some information that will help you understand TurboTax's business practices.
    • i did do the free edition but i claim medical so it kicks me to the higher editions. and i file in january so i'm not in the other bracket
    • just because you send a notice of raising fees just before filing date does not make it right.  Do car companies raise prices on current models just before new models come out?  You take advantage of those who file on the due date and typically are paying additional taxes.  It is no doubt a scam.  You do it because you can.
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