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Everyone that was accepted on 1/24...

I filed Jan.11th was accepted January 24th at 10:38. I thought I would create this thread for those of us that were accepted on the 24th so when our money hits our account we could maybe all post here on this one thread to make things a little easier to find. It has been confirmed by someone on here that was accepted on the 24th their money is pending in their bank but was unable to be deposited this weekend due to the way the bank handles their direct deposits. My bank also does not post deposits on Saturday and they are unfortunately closed so I am unable to find out if mine is pending as well. I will be checking my account first thing in the morning and will post here if my money is in the bank. Good luck to everyone and may we all be rolling in our money come morning!! :)
  • This was a great and nice idea usmc_wife! Mine got  accepted 1/25 so I'll be watching this thread lol...Change your title though to 1/25 rather than 2 lol...
  • 1/24 I mean!
  • haha ooops!! thank you for catching that! I fixed it. :) The other threads were getting kind of confusing and off topic. lol
  • You can go to and click on Where's My Refund.
  • that tool isn't available to use until 1/30 SweetieJean. :)
  • Oops!
  • Lol I know what you mean! Some threads are crazy! I'm about to unfollow one cause it's just too long!
  • I've already unfollowed all those threads because people were starting to argue and that's nonsense. I was also accepted on the 24th so if my phone goes off at 4am(with a text a deposit was made) I will def let it be known. Good idea on the thread!
  • I just did the same myself. There is no sense in arguing. I just went on my bank website and set up an alert myself! I will definitely be back to post my happiness as well. Thank you :)
  • Hi Lala!  I noticed you "bugged out" lol! I just unfollowed that thread too-too much ridiculous infighting! Had to disable notifications to my phone!
  • Yes it was crazy!! My email had over 1000 emails from TT community then what made it so bad frm my iPhone I couldnt find the post without scrolling for 5 mins. LoL I will stay on and follow this one and this one only
  • I can say exactly the same thing LaLa! Not following anyone else lol! Hope we see money soon lol!
  • Well, good afternoon ladies! I'll post of my deposit goes in tomordow or Tuesday.
  • Lol good afternoon pucknut! I'll post that info too as soon as I know it. Let's hope for no controversy in here lol! I'm not a controversial kinda girl!
  • Good Afternoon Pucknut2003. Amen to that Lauriethecook! lol fingers crossed we all have money in the morning! :)
  • Gosh that would be AWESOME!!! Good luck to us all!
  • I'll bring the coffee!! And usmc, thankyou to you and your spouse for you service!!
  • Iam calling RushCard now to see if I have a pending deposit because they are open on Sunday!
  • Thank you so much pucknut2003. We appreciate it. :)
  • omgosh Lala I sure hope you do!! :)
  • On hold at my bank too...
  • She said there's NO depending deposit right now but everything goes thru after 6pm. But they have told me that before on my paydays and then 5 hours later my paycheck would get posted. So I will know tmrw morning for sure!
  • ahhhh I sure wish mine was open today! lol
  • Well nothing pending in mine...maybe this week though!
  • sure hope so! :)
  • I asked the CSR if he'd personally heard of anyone getting the DD and he said no and as far as he knew nobody would be getting money till the middle of Feb-so they either DON'T know or WON'T tell!
  • Im gonna go with they were told to say mid feb so ppl weren't calling asking where their money was at
  • mmmmmm well at least we have all been accepted. I'm really really hoping it's at least sometime this week. I got so excited when that other guy posted he was accepted on the 24th and his bank showed a pending deposit that had come in early Saturday morning and he would have his tomorrow. :)
  • I have to agree pucknut2003. Last year was absolute mayhem when it came to calling anyone for info. I think they are trying to avoid that this year.
  • I got excited over that post too usmc!
  • I also got accepted in 1/25!! I sure hope it's this week sometime..
  • Me too Tamara!
  • Now that I've been seeing people have pending deposits and some have got there refund.. I'm anxiously waiting for mine...*tapping toes* till it arrives LOL Also I never call IRS and bother them because I think it will make them delay mine lol
  • Lol ME TOO LALA!!! Have checked my bank balance 3 times today just in case-before I called that is! Just got notification that my daughters has been accepted. Think I did hers Thursday night...she's just 18 lol...Not even gonna tell her cause she'll drive me nuts hahaha!
  • Yes I keep talking to my brother about it and he's like shut up already its coming soon LoL
  • Hahaha...I'm keeping quiet till the cash is in the account-except on HERE !!! Just trolling these boards...not FOLLOWING any more though!
  • so funny my hubby has asked me today how many times I've checked our account today! lol. So hoping its tomorrow. I really doubt I sleep tonight!
  • I already have it planned out if it so happens to be there in the morning I'm calling out of work,making sure all the kids are up and off to school & going right to the mall to shop. I will pay the bills the next day while at work LoL
  • lol!!! I am a stay at home mom and my hubby told me if it's in there he is already trying to come up with an excuse to leave work early. We've luckily got most of our bills paid off already. We've been working really hard this past year to get things taken care of since my hubby is getting out of the Marine Corp. We will save most of ours and spend a little. :)
  • You two should go have a date weekend together!
  • We are definitely thinking about it. :)
  • I always pays bills ahead tax time so for the next 3 months I don't have to pay nothing! LoL if any of you are in NJ lets link up and have lunch lol :)
  • I'm in Cali or I would def meet up for lunch! :)
  • Iowa here, and covered in ice yuk!!!  I've seen a couple people post they were accepted today
  • I seen that too! I said ohh accepted on a Sunday!
  • Yes I definitely do not remember anyone being accepted on a Sunday last year.
  • I was accepted on the 26th but ive read several articles (and previous experience) that say you will get your deposits the friday following the friday after your returns are accepted! This is an exciting time of year i know im biting my nails in anticipation!!! Good luck everyone!!!
  • Sure hope it is sometime this week we receive them! Good luck to you as well muhlbauerlm. :)
  • Welcome to the polite peoples club, muhl!  Supposedly this year deposits are being made daily. IRS disd't out out a cycle chart this year.
    We're hoping to wake up to a surprise tomorrow morning :-)
  • I had TT take my fees out through ST... I keep checking that ank to see if they have my money. I called them and they are closed so I pray that they will have a pending DD or at least a date tomorrow... I would LOVE to pay my car off! I have the crappest finance company EVER. They wanted to repo my car because THEY failed to post my payment to the correct account. I will e checking ack! Good luck guys and if any of you get money tomorrow... say a little pray for us...after you do the happy dance of course lol
  • Oh LaLa I'd LOVE to do lunch with you BUT....I'm in SC!!! It's cold up there...why don't you gas up the car,throw the kids in and come down to Myrtle Beach for the weekend?Lol...
  • Oh my daughter got accepted TODAY too!
  • oh no Brandi0338! Hopefully you will show a deposit tomorrow! Good luck to you as well. :)
  • Brandi you were accepted on the 24th? Me the 25th...but this is such a nice thread with kind people-Here's hoping and praying we ALL get deposits this week! Tomorrow maybe for you who got acceptance on the 24th   :)
  • Mine was accepted on the 24th too! I'm hoping refund is in bank tomorrow or Tuesday! PLEASE Let me know if anyone finds out they  get theirs in the morning!
  • finally a page without all of the bullshi* and fighting!!!! yeah got accepted on the 25th now just waiting.... :D good luck to everyone!!!!!!
  • I will definitely be posting first thing in the morning leawana1 if mine has hit the bank! Good luck to you and amber_lynn256 as well! :)
  • thanks USMC!! i will make sure to add if mine will in the bank!!! hope it hits tonight!!! :D lol
  • You"re welcome amber_lynn256. I'm going to be up all night checking i'm afraid! lol
  • BTW I've seen post many different places that people who were accepted on the 22nd & 23 got refunds on 24th & 25th. These were 1st person post not someones sister, mom, cousin or friend! Not saying that those who have posted that their sister, mom, cousin, or friend didn't get their's it's just more reliable when it's a 1st person account.
  • USMC i think i will do the same i did lastnight lol
  • I've seen a few of those myself leawana1. I definitely think we will get ours this week if not tomorrow or Tuesday :)
  • haha I did the same myself amber!! Every year I am up all night checking to see when it has hit my account. lol
  • Thank you very much usmc_wife86! Good Luck  Everyone, I'm praying & keeping fingers crossed ( no harm in doing both lol!)
  • No problem! Amen to that I am crossing finger toes and saying a prayer! lol
  • I was accepted around 9pm on the 24th, i opted to have my fees taken out of my refund.... sb bank still hasnt received my refund :-\ hoping theres some activity tomorrow though!!!!
  • sure hope so linda10663! Good luck to you :)
  • Oops that was my moms account for some reason hers stayed logged in but we were both accepted the same time :-) good luck to you all
  • I'll do my best to post any news I get as well! I'll be honest I'll be so excited if it comes in the morning it may take me a while to remember to post any news. I need it so bad & have a few splurge items I'm pretty excited about too!
  • Good luck to you too mama0220! :)
  • for those who have pending deposits in their bank, did you guys opt to have your fees taken out of your refund or pay up front???
  • I definitely can't wait until it is safely in my account! :) Yes hopefully we all remember after our initial excitement wears off so everyone can have some happy news! lol
  • I read earlier on a post that a guy that had a pending deposit paid his fees up front. We were blessed to be able to use the Military edition this year and didn't have any fees so it will go directly into my bank account.
  • so for tonight when we all lie down to sleep and say our prayers lets all remember to say a little something for those who are in need of their tax returns, especially those of us who have been accepted.
  • Amen to that angry tax pay2! May we all wake up to wonderful surprises in our accounts :)
  • SWEET angry tax pay! I will definitely do that...there is one on here with no water because of the cold and in need of a plumber! Hope people in desperate need get money in their bank first thing in the morning!
  • I need to buy a new car.... so i definitely will be grateful the earlier the better, the guy can only hold it until friday for me, so fingers crossed I get it by then..
  • I sure hope you get it mama0220! I know a lot of people truly need this money and count on it every year!
  • Hope you do mama! Last year was my time for a car! Not this year though! Thank God...
  • yeah i had a little surprise of getting pregnant in feb, had my baby in november, the 2 door isnt cutting it anymore with three kids!!
  • I was also in the same situation last year. I completely understand. I need to pay very important bills. Apparently I'm not the only one who waits to buy a furnace or car or something else much needed!
  • Well CONGRATS MAMA!!! My youngest grandbaby will be 1 at the end of Feb!Would REALLY like to get him a great gift with some good tax money LOL!!!
  • lol thankfully we dont need a furnace *knock on wood* just a bigger car.. but i hope those who really are in need get this money ASAP!!! Im very thankful though that i dont NEED the car right away, and everything else is paid until feb so ill be patient and hope those really in need get theirs first!!
  • i understand far to well what some are going through needing your money. I am a 31 year old full time student ( to old I know), mother of two, wife, and I only have time to work part time as a care giver. Since I stared back to school and cut back on hours at work things have gotten pretty tight on the home front and pretty stressful on my husband. However he never complains.
  • and thank you laurie :-) happy early bday to your grandbaby hopefully you can get him something extra special SOON!!
  • Congrats on the little one mama! We had to get a bigger car ourselves when my son arrived last April. Those car seats sure take up a lot of space! lol
  • angry tax pay2 you are NEVER too old to learn something new!!!! Thats great, all that your juggling. Im having a tough time getting back to school... im 24 with a 6 year old, a 4 year old whos disabled and a 2 month old... Between having the new baby and my middle daughters doctors/surgeries i havent been able to go back for my paralegal cert YET, but ill get there soon enough!!!
  • I was accepted at 6:53 am on 1/25 so i am also hoping and praying we see deposits this week!!
  • where's a like button when you need it? Fabulous seeing such positivity on here for once!!!
  • thanks usmc, congrats to you as well :-) and yes, yes they sure do. with two in booster seats and an infant seat, the 5 passenger just isnt working anymore!!
  • Hello, this is my first year using turbotax and doing my taxes on my own. I filed on 01/10/2013 and mine is still pending. Should I be worried???
  • angry tax pay2 it's never to late to get an education, So proud of you!
  • lol they definitely need a like button pucknut2003! lol Thank you mama! I have a three year old who is still in a car seat as well and my son is now in a forward facing and things are still kind of tight in the back seat so I totally understand that!
  • I don't think you need to be worried Jenniferg0805, I'm pretty sure everyone was selected randomly.
  • jennifer no you shouldnt, only a few were accepted before the opening of the actual tax season which is 1/30. so until about a week after that you shouldnt really EXPECT to see anything but pending, good luck tho and hopefully its soon!!
  • Thank you very much :-)
  • I wouldn't worry also Jennifer so many are being accepted now it seems I'm sure yours will be soon as well. :)
  • thank you folks so very much..... Im so glad I found you guys, the other threads were nuts.
  • Oh Mama my daughter is a paralegal in NC! She loves it!
  • Jen I wouldn't worry. Early acceptance was random. Good luck!
  • really ive always dreamed of being a lawyer but having 3 kids itd be a bit much so next best thing, paralegal! i cant wait..
  • I got an associates degree 2 years ago in health information management ( billing and coding) NO available jobs here in Knoxville,TN for that, so now I have went back to become a pharmacy technician.
  • People calling names & being CARZZZY! It was better than a soap opera, but not my style.
  • Awesome angry! And Mama my daughter has 3 kids too! Oldest just turned 13,middle is 7 and baby almost 1! She's been a paralegal several years and will eventually be a lawyer  :)  Smart beautiful girl-does a mommy proud!
  • I get surgery on Tuesday and really need some necessities for my house and 5 kids, but no money in the bank. =( it would be a great surprise to see some money tomorrow and not have to rely on family to get the essentials.
  • so did anybody who's got accepted on 24th have their fees take out of their refund & if so has an account at SBBT set up an account for you yet? What's the status of that account?
  • yes i was accepted 24th, sbbt acct setup says no refund received yet tho
  • I read on some board ppl have already received returns.... Idk if that true :-/
  • That's a really good sign though, I hear that they only set one up if it's coming within the next couple of days! That's what I've read, but don't know that to be true!
  • My fees were taken out of my refund... The only thing that SBBT says on me is...
    Account Status

    Bank has not received your IRS refund.

    Income Tax Refund Status

    To find out when your refund is expected to fund, visit the IRS site at and click on “Where’s My Refund”. You can also check on the status of your refund by calling the IRS at (800) 829-1954. The Bank will process your refund as soon as it is received.

    Refund Deductions

    The following items have been, or will be, deducted from your refund (Bank Refund Processing Fee is only paid when the corresponding Federal or State refund is received).
    Item Amount
    Tax Preparation Fee: $29.99
    Bank Refund Processing Fee: $29.99
    Applicable State Taxes: $2.77
    Total Refund Deductions: $62.75

    Summary Information
    Item Amount
    Total Amount Received By Bank: $0.00
    Total Amount Paid On Your Behalf: $0.00
    Total Amount Paid To You: $0.00

    Im not 100 % sure if thats a good thing or a great thing.
  • not sure, its been up there since the 25th, hoping there is some kind of activity tomorrow!!!!
  • I see, wonder if the IRS is only depositing money on business days? It may nto mean a thing but if they only deposit on business days it may mean sooner rather than later! I'm hopeful :) !
  • yea im not sure about that, they said that they were depositing any day any time but not sure if that includes weekends or if they just mean business days, lets pray there is SOME kind of change tomorrow! this is the only time i dont like weekends!!!!
  • I know it would've been wonderful to have got them on Friday so we could of took care of everything over the weekend rather than dealing with while working or taking time off to do the things we need to do!
  • yes very true. especially cause the weather here is supposed to be yucky the next two days!!!!
  • Ours too! Freezing Rain yuck! Even if it comes I doubt I'll be going to some of my stuff until the weather breaks. Don't wanna be on the roads anymore than needed if we get that junk! But I can do a lot of mine online. The weather channel says it may not be to bad tomorrow afternoon.  Again another thing I'm hopeful for.
  • our meterologist just posted this: Winter Weather Advisory from 1 pm Monday until 6 am on Tuesday for everyone in CT .... looks like i wont be doing anything until atleast mid day tuesday anyways so ill sit here patiently!!!!
  • well good luck to everyone, fingers crossed. Its time for me to get the family ready for work and school, but I will check back in the morning.
  • Gah!  My family is in CT :( stay safe and warm......
  • same to you!!!!
  • yeah we will, we arent leaving!!!! lol
  • What part of CT are you from?  We were from in the carolinas LOL  but darn it its cold here now......:)
  • Dayville, close to the R.I and Mass boarder
  • Ok, I know where that is :)
  • i know i was getting off here. But I filed a friend of mines Taxes earlier today and she just got the message that they have been accepted by the IRS. So Hopefully that is a really good sign.
  • :-) i am actually going to bristol next weekend
  • Iv been on here more than facebook today
  • WOW! they're really moving now! That's great & a good sign for us!
  • yay! angry tax pay2 that has to be good for them to accept it that quickly!
  • That is great news angry!
  • Awww, sometimes I miss it.....but we have been in NC for about 4 1/2 years now and love it......cost of living is great and the weather aside from recently is awesome :)
  • pucknut i was just saying the same thing to my mom haha ive barely been on f.b today! money is more important and im just waiting to see if someone else gets their money so i know mines close behind or there!
  • yeah i was told that by my daughters aunt, but i really dont like the whole thought of tornados and the threat here is pretty low, lol
  • What time were ppl getting the accepted emails??? Do they only do it once a day???
  • jennifer no, i got mine at 9pm, i heard of some people saying they got them at 2am..
  • I'm in the same boat as everyone here but we all sound hilarious! It's just nice knowing I'm not the only one checking everywhere for good news or any news for that matter!
  • all hours I believe I received my accepted text and email at 10:30 pm pst this past Thursday the 24th.
  • i think they do it several times a day. I filed her taxes today around 11 an and she just got the text and email
  • sorry I hit send to early,,,,, she got the text and email at 7:15ish
  • I was also wondering if they are only doing deposits M-F. I dont think it would really matter because most banks dont do business on weekends... I have a bank and a credit union. They are both open on Saturdays but they say that the "clearing houses" that they use only post M-F... I dont know but would LOVE to see something pending with SBBT tomorrow :)
  • alright everyone, got to go finish up dinner, watch the pro bowl and get the kiddos to bed. hopefully we all wake up with great news tomorrow, good luck everyone and have a great night!!
  • Got my accepted email at 3 40 AM on the 25th
  • have a good night mama! :)
  • Good luck mama0220
  • I'm loving that this thread has nothing BUT POSITIVE PEOPLE!! I have a headache from checking my bank so many times *still tapping toes** glad there is lots of others out there that are like me! :)
  • lol lala it's so terrible my husband has yelled at me all day for being on here. I just cant seem to tear myself away! I've never wished a weekend away so quickly in my life lol
  • Night mama!
  • My bank is open on weekends. I called them about an hour ago and they said they can see pending deposits up to 72 hours prior to DD, and there isn't one for me. I was accepted early in the morning, at like 2:48AM, and they show nothing coming through.
  • sorry, I accidentally deleted....the 24th.
  • Mmmm well maybe IRS hasn't sent the notification for the deposit just yet? It's so hard with the WMR not up and running. lol
  • Maybe not, but I'm definitely starting to believe more in the "no refund processing til the 30th" now since my bank confirmed I'm seeing no action til at least
  • lol you are probably correct and I am just in denial. Siiighhhhhhh tax time should not be this stressful! lol
  • I'd be happy to get mine by friday lol!
  • I agree.....I think if we could check it would give us more peace of mind than just the not knowing of it......
  • This is my first year  with turbo tax and I was accepted on the 26th.......I need it like yesterday lol..........happy tax time everyone
  • me too Laurie! Exactly Kelbellz just feel so not in control and that drives me nuts lol
  • good luck to you rieka10. Hopefully this week we will see our money. :)
  • Yeah...the "sit around and wait" game is exhausting. I've never been a big fan of surprises and "not knowing." I'm not spontaneous in any way. I am a planner and an organizer, so birthdays and holidays and surprises have never set well with me...this waiting is going to give me a
  • Yep me that means its time for a glass of red wine and some army wives on netflix to calm my mind ;) but still when I had the notifications set to go to my email I was glued to that too..... :p
  • I'm the poster child for "fearing the unknown.." lol
  • I am the same way Steffie and every  year at tax time it's all I can do to hang on to my sanity. lol
  • Haha me too.....Steffie, we are in the process of buying a house and I am completely nutzo until the moving truck is packed and unpacked in our new house I am feeling very anxious not know what can happen between now and then LOL......then on top of that the tax money is making me extra anxious :)
  • Thx ladies and I too was accepted on the 25th
  • I filed on the 23rd forgetting all abt the 30th processing date, then I rec'd an acceptance email yesterday.  I began getng excited hopng to rec my refund b4 the 14th.  After readng these posts, I'm thankful that there are so many similar experiences.  This is the longest amt of time I've ever spent on this site.
  • Yes ladies the other threads was getting out of control
  • I totally agree isha10. There is no need to get nasty every one is in the same boat they want their money as soon as possible.
  • Yeah I know it isha....I flagged one persons posts as being inappropriate because they were just nasty and to be honest disturbing LOL so they shut the thread down thank goodness......I was getting angry and that takes a lot for me LOL....we are all here for the same reason.....not sure what the point in fighting is
  • I just hoping to get the accepted email!!! I'm freaking out about it being pending I keep checking my email lol
  • Awww LOL hope you get it too :)
  • Finally happy and excited people instead of all those nasty ones!! I also got accepted on the 24th, no money posted on SBBT as of yet.  I guess we are the lucky guinea pigs, supposidly only 20,000 returns we chosen to test run the system. I feel bad for those people who did their returns the same time I did and they haven't been accepted yet, its so stressful to hurry up and wait, hope they all get accepted in the next few days.  Will post if money comes in tomorrow.  Will say a prayer for all of you who need your refunds ASAP, good luck.
  • Aww Witchy same to you :)  I hope we all get on here first thing in the am just to say we got our money :)
  • Yeah it would be wonderful if we all came on tm with "I got it!" posts!
  • aw good luck to you as well witchy! :)
  • i just love this thread im in the same boat as many i got accepted 1:46 friday morning, and i can not stay off. im just happy that i was accepted early, my mom told me to give this a break and i just cant. this is the first time i posted because of all the negativety that the other boards have going on, im jus happy that it is accepted enough said LOL
  • lol My hubby has been begging me to drag myself away from the laptop all day but it's so hard! I am also happy to just be accepted but it sure would be nice to have our money in our account! :)
  • Jeez I just keep refreshing this page and looking for new posts! Been on this site almost all day!
  • Haha Laurie me too :)
  • Can anyone tell me what the link to the SBBT website is please?
  • Here ya go
  • Thank you!!
  • Np
  • Hi I always was accepted on the 1/24....
  • I am watching this thread with hope. I did read on another thread that some who were accepted on the 23rd got their refund Friday - so I still have hope for a DD Monday.
  • that's the reason most of us are so excited about tomorrow! Definitely hopeful that we will see it tomorrow if not then i'll just wait and keep checking my account a million times a day lol
  • im going to be up all night refreshing that is a shame i need to take something to make me go to sleep, but just a reminder please please please come on here and post if you have your money in the bank.  i know that everyone will be happy just dont let the rest of this down lol
  • will do :) You should try a glass of wine :)
  • I will surely post if mines is in my account!!!
  • I will definitely be on posting the good news if it's in there in the morning. I leave this website up I don't even close it anymore lol
  • its not working im on glass number two lol
  • Finally, nice easy, going conversation. I am thankful for all things and each and everyone of you will be in my prayers.
  • Thank you feliciaharris831 and good luck to you :)
  • Your very welcome, usmc_wife86
  • Delighted to find a post with nice and civilized ADULTS! Love the flow of the conversation. I filed on the 24th and was accepted on the 26th.
  • yes this has been a lot of fun! we are all hoping for good news in the morning :) Good luck to you tonyalee0000
  • Thanks USMC_wife86! Same to you and all the other ladies!
  • Thank You, tonyalee0000
  • I got accepted today. Hopefully money comes through quick. I have my car at the storage charging me 40 dollars a day just need the refund to take it out
  • I filed yesterday and got a text message and email that mine was accepted today
  • ok everyone ive got to get my kiddos to bed I'm sure I'll be checking back lol good luck to us all and may we have our money in the bank in the morning!!! :)
  • I know right @ usmc_wife86
  • anyone have any luck yet? change? deposit?
  • N
  • boo!
  • accepted on the 24th but no deposit..
  • Lat year mine went in around 9 or 10 local time, it had to go thru sbbt first.......
  • Accepted on the 25th around 9:30 AM and no deposit this morning. I will say that the last few years it was mid morning for mine as well
  • I got nuttin lol but my acceptance was the 25th so I was only expecting to see you guys say you got it lol. Last year my DD came at 5 AM...I was checking it every hour from 2 AM on LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's a different system this year and I saw on other boards that they would make DD's every day all day long so you guys have hope yet! It will SURELY be this week though!
  • My pay check is usually deposited by 8am..  I checked my account around 7:30am and no refund yet ill be checking again around 8am then gotta jet to work if its not there if it is prolly gonna calling off lol
  • This thread is fantastic and very informative! Thanks everyone for being so nice! I got the email of being Accepted on 1/26...acct is setup thru refund received from the IRS yet. I'll keep you guys posted!
  • Good Morning all my fellow taxpayers!! :) No deposit for me either so I didn't call in sick at work. LoL Off to take my son to daycare then to work. Be back at lunchtime!
  • Hopefully with good news LaLa! Have a good day!
  • Have a great day!!!
  • Same here, accepted on the 24th and no DD this morning. Good luck to all :~)
  • Good Luck Everyone! It's still early it could still come today! I'm still not sure if they are doing deposits everyday or just on Thurs. & Fri. like years prior. I really think it it will be there this week just not sure when.
  • The new system works 24/7.  The entire MeF system should be automated from the time of acceptance until the date of refund issued, unless the IRS is purposely holding off on part of the process until Jan 30th or if the system detects an issue with your return flagging it for review which will delay your refund.   Since a lot of us are already accepted,  all of these tax professionals are telling you that you won't get a refund until at least Jan 30th or that the IRS won't begin processing until then, simply to cut down on all of the hype and questions people are overloading their representatives with.   Generally once people get their money, they quit hassling the IRS, TT professionals, etc.. So if they tell you processing won't begin until Jan 30th, their intent is to cut down on so many DD/Refund questions - although it rarely works, but thats also why they let the live community here take care of its self.   If you get a DD before Jan 30  you will know that all of the TurboTax employees were trained to tell customers that Nobody has received a refund yet, and won't until after Jan 30.      On the other hand,  I'm yet to see any proof of a refund being direct deposited to anyone that was accepted on 1/23 as they claim.  I was accepted on 1/24 and I haven't yet received mine, so maybe the IRS has just started testing the Acceptance/Rejection portion of the MeF system, but looks like it would only be logical to test the entire system including processing and issuing refunds, which is just as important.   

    Keep your fingers crossed, but don't drive yourself crazy until after the 30th ;)
  • Great info and wonderful advice too Godmachine! Have a great day and be sure to come back on here and let us know when you receive your DD ok?
  • no DD here yet...but had a veryyyy long night, we found out our apartment is now infested with mice so I NEED THIS MONEY ASAP!!!!!!! I cannot stay here much really freakin out!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have had that same problem in an apt I moved into last year. Within 2 months of living there I was infested with mice. I was breaking like 10mices necks a night in my room. Needless to say the next month moved out! I could not stay there and sleep well!
  • Oh mama! So sorry! Wish I could help you!
  • Oh no, mama I hate to hear that! I hope you get it soon! I can't stand mice, they freak me out but when you have kids you worry so much more for them!
  • exactly. i worry a lot because of the baby, and then my middle daughter cant walk so she crawls and i just get so freaked just sooo praying it comes fast because i havent been able to sleep since we saw/heard them. ive been on here since 4am trying to get a payday loan. no luck. lets go IRS please please please!
  • Got an empty room mama-come to MB?
  • No 2 KITTIES!!!
  • if i could fit us all in the car, id be there in a heartbeat :-)
  • Mama, Lauriethecook has a great offer there! MB this time of year beats the cold we're dealing with plus no mice! lol  Heck, I'd come if wasn't for work lmho!  But seriously I'm praying you get it soon! I know you really need it!
  • I had posted this on another thread that I was on. Someone came along and posted it and I just copied and pasted it . Mind you this person posted on ASK YAHOO not TT community stating SHE(not her aunt,uncle,cousin,niece,mom or dad) got her refund..

    Read this... There is hope.
    Ok for those of you who need proof!

    Open Question
    Show me another »
    I too recieved my refund this morning after getting accepted Wednesday filing with Taxact Online...I was told?

    I filed my taxes two weeks ago on,Got Accepted 01/23/2013 & Recieved My money on my debitcard this morning 01/25/2013,is it safe to spend? AND is this also a sign that for other filers that refunds will be issued two days after refunds are accepted? Because i c others have gotten their full refund also on this test run.
    23 hours ago
     - 3 days left to answer.
  • Good Morning everyone! No DD for me yet as well but i'm still hoping. Mama that is just absolutely terrible!!!!!! :(
  • Where are you again?
  • Wow its much easier to find the post on here (the computer) then it was too on the iphone! Guess ill be on here most of the day since the boss wont be in.. shhh :)
  • Thanks for this again LaLa-I've seen it too and I for 1 believe her! LOL these refunds are reminding me of Bigfoot-Is it or isn't it?!?! LMAO!!!!!!!
  • lol I'm in Cali I was up at three am this morning checking this post to see if anyone from the east coast had posted about receiving their money. I do have a thought though... so mine was accepted at 10:38 pm on Thursday the 24th from that time until Friday is just one business day. If it takes at least two to five business days I'm thinking possibly won't see a deposit until this Friday. I"m hoping for maybe tomorrow but honestly if I get it sometime this week I would just be soooo happy!
  • I read that same post lala. But I'm still under the impression that refunds are issued on Thurs. & Fri like they were in years prior. But others say that the new MEF system works 24/7, however I'm not sure if that pertains to refunds. Either way I think we'll receive this week. I can't understand the IRS accepting returns before the 30th but then not sending the actual refund until the others that are accepted on the 30th. That wouldn't make sense to me. It seems they would need to test all aspects of the system. But it's the government & who knows what they might & might not do! If anyone knows how the new MEF system works please let me know.
  • Me too usmc!
  • Lala i believe her too because come on, why would she lie, and i think she, as well as all of us, know which money is approved, and which one is pending, so i doubt its her state like people are claiming......laurie if you were asking me, i live in CT
  • Yes I belive it was her federal myself because she says ... Is it safe to spend? Federal is usually more then state so Im assuming she wanted to go shopping or something! LOL
  • One thing that I do know is once the WMR site is up and running it will relieve 90% of peoples anxiety and anxiousness and everything else that comes along with waiting for a tax refund because at least we will have an answer and a date to know when to expect our $$$$, providing we don't receive our refund before then!
  • Exactly right Lala! I will be checking my account a million times until the WMR site opens though lol
  • I agree LaLa and hopefully we won't all crash the wmr site lol! Wonder what time of day it'll come online?
  • Totally agree LaLa, it would be nice if we could just check  the WMR site for info!
  • lol yes it will because my phone app that says ''before feb 20' just isnt comforting enough....... that leaves a lot of time. @laurie lol watch the site crash, lol that'd be nuts but also maybe we wont have to wait that long!
  • I found this on another thread...

        about 9 hours ago

    My California was submitted and excepted on the afternoon of the 24th and approved for release of funds on the 26th should have money in my account in a couple of days I'm gueessing.


        about 9 hours ago

    Forgot to mention my federal was submitted on the 18th and accepted on the night of the 24th I will come back and post when refund is deposited.
  • Maybe not mama...for your sake I truely hope we don't have to wait that long! Guess I'll start trying WMR at 12:01 tomorrow night/wed morning whicever way you look at it lol!
  • Busy clipping coupons for the BIG shopping I'm gonna do when money arrives in my acct-whenever that is lol! There were a TON of coupons in Sundays paper lol!
  • lol i hope for all of us that its sooner rather than later, and i wish i had the time and patience to clip coupons!
  • I found this too...this is LONG but interesting...

    "I think I may be able to shed some light on this matter for everyone. This only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as "Accepted" from the IRS. A friend of mine actually works for the developer of the new Efile system, and has been working with the IRS as an independent contractor for each of the past 4 tax seasons as they have increased the usage of the MeF system. Every year, they have pulled a few hundred tax returns earlier than the initial processing start date to test the system. This gives them a chance to ensure that the system works correctly and can correct any software issues prior to the mass influx of returns on the real processing date. The reason they do this is because the system can become overloaded and crash, similar to a website server crash, and it did in fact crash last year the first day the IRS officially opened processing- delaying some returns by a week. The fixed the system within a day, and everything went smoothly from then on for the most part. So there's a brief history of what they do and why. Now, this year, like previous, they have pulled a couple hundred returns a day beginning this week (a week early) to get a run through, because the MeF will be used exclusively for the first time.

    According to my friend, if you've been accepted you have an 80% chance of the return being processed and refund being issued by the system within 3-5 days. The other 20% that don't have typically been flagged by the system and the return needs to be manually gone over to check for fraud or typical errors. Those people can expect a 1 to 3 week delay in their processing. This is why the IRS has not released a refund cycle chart this year, and why they delayed the mass processing until Jan. 30, it gives them a buffer. Previously, people took the cycle chart as the be all, end all when the IRS clearly stated it was not a guarantee of deposit or check dates.

    Anyway, with that said, If you've been accepted this week, there is a strong possibility that you will have your refund by next week, before the IRS has even officially opened tax season. I can tell you as well, that most of the returns that were accepted the first day of testing have already been processed and refunds were issued beginning today. Anyone who was accepted by today (Friday, 1/25), could expect to start seeing their refund issued by Wednesday (1/30) even earlier in some cases. Once again, this only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as "Accepted" from the IRS. So, like the IRS I can't guarantee when you'll get your money, but I can tell you that you should feel pretty optimistic (about 80% optimistic) that you'll be seeing your refund quite earlier than you thought if you've already been accepted. The other thing to keep in mind to is that once the IRS has direct deposited your refund to your bank, it's up to your bank when they make that money available. For example, my bank no matter what, makes every direct deposit to my account paycheck, refund or otherwise available at 8 AM the next business day. They could have received the deposit at 8:01 AM on a Friday and it won't be available to me until 8:01 AM on Monday. so just make sure to check with your bank on their policies, which they don't always abide by. My bank claims to release the funds as soon as they receive them; which is a load of crap as I pointed out to you how they make the money available to me.

    If you're getting a direct deposit from a 3rd party because you opted to take out the fee to have your returns done by a tax software or professional (i.e. using Turbo Tax and opting to pay via your refund) add another day or 2 to your wait because the irs will deposit the refund to SBTPG (the bank TT uses) and then SBTPG will deposit the refund minus their fees to your bank. And typically banks hold this money longer because it is not coming from a government agency."
  • just saw a screen shot of someones refund that was loaded onto a card on the website. It won't let me link it on here. So thats good news! :)
  • That is good info Lala definitely interesting. :)
  • I didnt see it USMC where did u see it?
  • it was on the website I had to scroll down a little it was posted by Ankflaherty. He posted a link of a refund for 1/25 :)
  • YAY USMC! Thanks!
  • You're welcome :)
  • Wait let me look
  • on it it says it was a bogus email tho :-\
  • At the bottom of this thread this person states they received a DD on their card...
  • well I certainly would love to see like a bank account screen shot with the info blacked out except for the deposit itself along with todays or recent date. I almost wondered if the one I saw on the Igotmyrefund website was from last year or something.
  • the one on igotmyrefund said he didnt get his money, this email was bogus, that he in fact did not receive his money..... i know its not what we wanna hear but its better than false excitment
  • oohhh I couldn't figure out how to enlarge the screen to read it properly just made out it was downloaded to his card. I apologize for posting false info :(
  • no its ok it looked legit it was him himself who confirmed he has not received his money, the email said he did but he didnt.
  • That's ok usmc! Your heart was in the right place and the truth was found anyway!
  • Yes that was a bogus email ANK got from Jackson Hewitt because if you read the comments a Jackson Hewitt rep says to email them so they can see what happen.
  • I also found this on yahoo....However in his QUESTION he states he received his refund on his TT card...TT discontinued that card this year so did he really get his refund or did he mean another card???;_ylt=AnNLg15u5BXqg3DNYByleBjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130125052428AAvMmkA
  • There's another one at the bottom of that same yahoo page that said she got hers too!
  • Yes I seen that!
  • I'm gettin' excited again lol!
  • I will definitely try to investigate better before posting so we all don't get our hopes soaring for no reason. :) yay!!!!
  • JEEZ!!! Just checked the status of my co-workers refund again (hers has been pending and I did both ours the same day lol) and it said rejected! Turns out I had her birthday 1 day off...hope she gets accepted quickly and I haven't held her up in any way   :(  Can't help but believe I did though....she's not in need no huge catastrophe-otherwise I'd have loaned her some of mine if I get it first lol...
  • OOOOO Laurie u bad girl!! LOL
  • Man I feel bad! Put her bday as 17 instead of 07! I've done her taxes for 4 years but my memory is not what it used to be lol! I'm 51 years old and things are CHANGIN'!!!!!!
  • hey.... doesnt anyone know if there has been anyone accepted today????
  • Aw don't feel bad Laurie! I'm sure it will be fine :) @ Jenniferg0805 I haven't seen any posts that said they were accepted yet today.
  • My state was accepted today after it was rejected and 30min later I was accepted
  • What state sassy?
  • California. My fed been accepted since the 23rd
  • 23rd? Hope you get it soon!
  • Yeah my email said the 25th but when I called the SBBT bank it said I was accepted on the 23rd don't no which date to go by I just know it should be on the way
  • I got my accepted email the 25th but I didn't use SBBT-filed the free edition like every year and paid the $27.99 to file state with my debit card.
  • When u call SBBT it says your refund is expected from IRS within 10-21 days after IRS ACCEPTS IT! So its coming hopefully sooner then later!
  • someone just posted this link on the website. it is a deposit made into their sbbt account on 1-25-2013.
  • Looks Good! I hope we all can say that's us in a day or so!
  • Keep in mind the refund processing fee is only $29.99.
  • Yeah it's at the bottom of this page too! It looks legitimate to me!
  • That is the thing that seemed off to me.  I have used TT for years. The processing fee for SBBT has always been $29.99 for me. I hope and pray this is real, but I also hope and pray people wouldn't make these things up and think that is okay. Time will tell........
  • omg usmc thats sooo great to see!!
  • glammommy is that the fee for state and federal together?
  • People are totally heartless if they faked that and posted it.
  • When you check the SBBT website now it has a notice from the IRS stating the January 30 date...LOL bet they had a lot of calls......
  • It's not really sorry guys
  • just if anyone is curious to see whats going on elsewhere!
  • You guys see the question a little lower on here about 15 mins ago? She said her status was accepted and now says pending...anyone heard of that happening? Why?
  • mmm I missed that! kind of strange after it was accepted.
  • Something with that bank thing just don't sit right with me. Why does it say disbursed  "by bank" on your behalf. Although I want to believe it if u read that line it seems like the work "by bank" should be replaced with something else.
  • Yeah I don't understand that!
  • good afternoon i just read that. She said she was accepted on the 24th and then it went to pending Im wondering if it has to do with that 8863 form.
  • Has anyone recieved there Net Spend card in the mail yet? If so when did you file your taxes and how long did it take to recive your card? Thanks
  • mmm it's possible miamidolphins7 there is a lot of confusion going on with that form it seems. No one has mentioned a Net Spend card so far timbo462. Hopefully someone on here can respond though :)
  • i opted not to do the netspend ive heard horror stories about them..... so idk about that. but i know last year i used the tt card and it took around a week to receive in the mail id assume it'd be around the same time seeing as its from TT
  • I am waiting on my net spend card. @mama0220.
  • OK all...catch ya on the flip side-I'm out! Gotta go earn the money to start on next years refund hahha.  Back after 7...
  • have a good day at work Laurie :)
  • Timbo462 i jus received my netspend card today in the mail i filed 1/21 an accepted 1/25 PA
I'm going to post this information to hopefully put to rest some of the "I heard _____" stuff about the IRS and refund cycle this year.

The IRS is using a different system that they started up last year called MeF for individual tax returns ...they started up the system for individual returns last year, but didn't fully implement and use it. It was only used after February 6 for individual returns, and it caused a major delay in some because of the system slowing down. This year, the IRS shut down the "legacy" e-file system, which has been in use since e-file started...and went to fully using the MeF system, the Modernized E-file system.
<span class="_wysihtml5-temp-placeholder"></span>
Also, the refund cycle for the MeF system IS DAILY. They can process and send out refunds any day of the week with MeF...where with legacy e-file...they only sent deposits 2 days a they'll be sending them each day of the week.  The IRS will update it's computers each day at you can (after 1-30) check Where's My Refund and see different results each day after 8am when they update it.

I know all of this because 1)I deploy tax software and have been in contact with Drake Software tech support, which said the IRS told a list of preparers across the USA to send in about 18,000 e-files. That means EACH preparer could send 18,000 e-files, not 18,000 in all...I heard rumor that they took in about 500,000 early e-filed returns, but I didn't get that number from Drake. I only got the 18,000 number from Drake. Also, the MEF system information, I got from Drake and the IRS. Not only do I deploy software, I also prepare I have information that a tax preparer gets, because of my jobs interaction with a software vendor that makes tax software.

  • That makes sense. Why would the irs overload the system
  • I agree pucknut!
  • plus the IRS is not going to admit to issuing refunds cuz then those that weren't accepted early would be calling more than they already are
  • exactly pucknut2003! I totally agree

I am trying to listen to all these nice stories about folks who have received their money early but I just don't beleive it.  All the sstories seem to be about somebody who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who's mama got their money already!!!!   When I talked with the lady at SBBT, she said NO ONE has gotten ANY MONEY from SBBT.  I do realize that they have certain things that they must say to cut down on a huge influx of calls but I just kinda believe her.  Don't get me wrong, I sooo want us to get our money this week. I want to make all the folks who hught my filing so early was dumb to have to eat crow and plus,  my daughter turns 12 on Saturday so I would love to give her the type of party that would blow her little mind, lol... but just in case, I will not make crazy plans for the weeked.  But if I see money in my account I will update you guys.  Good luck to us all!

  • aww well hopefully we all have our refunds this week at least! Good luck to you :)
  • Hope she has a fabulous bday! And yes good luck to us all!
  • K, checked and still nothing for me either :)  Hoping maybe tomorrow or the day after or the day after that LOL.....;) but needless to say I will be checking hundreds of times today I am sure........
  • lol I think I've already checked my account like 100 times already this morning! lol
  • Lol
  • I just seen on a question i was answering "I have heard that: IRS Efile News -- Delayed processing of Form 8863, has anyone heard about this? Are they delaying refunds if you filed form 8863?" that someone got their refund wow i hope this is true the irs lady told me she knows that some are accepted but couldnt give me any more info until the 30th :)
  • LOL!  We just settled all our final details on our new house this am......last puzzle piece is the IRS money  LOL.......:) 31 days to get it so we can move into our new beautiful home!
  • Yay kelbellz! Congrats again on that!
  • Congrats on the new house!!
  • Thank you :) so.....the wait prediction is Friday for all of us which would be fabulous ;)
  • hurray Kelbellz! that's awesome! :)
  • That's when I think too kelbellz-Thursday or Friday for all...Wed. is the 30th after all...
  • im saying friday, ive got 3 houses to look at sunday so fri will be perfect! lol
  • I am seriously almost in tears of joy right now.....the journey to get here has been a horrible trying one and to be here today feeling so happy is amazing.....;)  Praying for us all though that we get our funds soon.......
  • Oh good luck Mama!
  • Im still hoping an praying we get our refunds this week 'it will be a great bday present on my bday feb 1st!! Or even sooner wud be great *FingerssCrossed*
  • Awww my daughter turns 3 on Friday too!  Happy early birthday :)
  • I cannot believe some of the stuff I'm reading here. No one repeat no one has gotten their refunds yet.  Every year I tend to read the same thing on these forums. The same pattern and the same lies. To imply that people could have their refunds Today is wrong and untrue. It will be at least a few weeks until we see our refunds.
  • Awww thankk yuuh an Happy Early Birthdayy to ur daughter :)
  • @ jmberman please don't bring the board down. There is no way to 100% know either way. We are all in the dark. Everyone here is just trying to be optimistic and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Optimism if fine but filling people with false hope is wrong. You said it. We are in the dark. So telling
     people to check their banks today when they were accepted 3 days ago? That seems foolish to me.
  • Optimistic in this situation would be to say that "maybe we will all get them sooner than 21 days - within a week or two."   

    To say "I got accepted on the 24th and keep checking my bank every 5 minutes," is crazy. The refunds will not be processed and kicked out in a day or two after acceptance. That is proven since everyone here who was accepted on the 24th does not have a refund yet. But, people keep overlooking that somehow..

    When people try to point out reality, logic, or even facts, they are called rude and/or  their answers get a "no" vote. That's just crazy.

    The IRS said they would not process refunds until the 30th. I don't know if it is true or not, but why would you automatically assume it cannot be true and that the refund is just going to magically  appear sooner.

    And yes, I get that they said they weren't going to receive transmissions/Officially open the filing season until the 30th, so people think they "lied" about that, so maybe they "lied" about the refunds too.. .. but they didn't Officially open season early - it is a test run, like any other year. There are always early/test batches.

    Noone is trying to bring anyone down, but it isn't fair to tell people that should have their refund in a day or two after being accepted, is the point. People come on here looking for answers and come across these threads and end up misinformed.
  • I won't get baited. I said what I had to say and I want to keep this board happy.
  • .....
  • TY :)
  • ok then let us be crazy LOL......I guess its my problem if I check my account and am absolutely hurting no one at all by doing so :P I like to be hopeful and at the same token if I get it when the IRS states I should than I will be happy LOL
I too have an acceptance date of 1/25.  I will most definitely post in any money hits my account ASAP.  Saying a prayer for each of you on the thread. I live in NC and have been experiencing winter weather which has left us with frozen water needing money to call a plumber LOL. 
  • Oh so sorry for that! My daughter lives near Charlotte and has been complaining about the clod. Heck it's been cold here for SC!!!
  • Lauriethecook it has definitely been cold but I will be warmer as soon as my money hits my account LOL
  • In your case I ESPECIALLY hope it's in there first thing tm morning asiakenya! You poor thing!
  • oh my gosh! My dad lives in NC and he told me it has been pretty cold the last few days. :(
  • it's been cold in Indiana aswell but it's winter and that's wht we het lol bit it's suppost to n the 50s n 60s the next cpl days and then back to below freezing gotta love Indiana weather lol
  • @usmc_wife86 It has been really cold and they are calling for freezing precipitation tonight.
  • oh my gosh! I pray yall stay warm I'm so sorry about  your water! :(
  • @Lauriethecook...Thank you so much.  I am patient though.....but still sending up prayers!
  • supposed to snow here in ct again tomorrow :-/ blahhh!! i want spring!!!!
  • asia, be careful! we got some today.
  • pucknut2003....thank you and mama0220 I know.  At this point,I'll take the 40's. lol
  • pucknut2003.....Be careful as well!!!
  • same here...i was excited we got to 31 degrees today! the past week didnt hit double digits
  • I will. Im not fond of ice at all, it's evil and broke my leg lol. Luckily the temps are rising here so tomorrow should be easy
  • LOL I live in Jacksonville NC and girl (laurie) my southern blood is NOT used to 20 degrees at night LOL I can understand where your daughter is coming from ;)
  • I was accepted 1/26 11am, hope I get it soon... Fingers crossed!! Good luck everyone!!
  • sure hope so aprilbiles124 good luck to you as well :)
  • correction aprilbiles123 sorry about that. :)
  • Lol well I moved here in 1984 and I can handle the cold better than most...but even I got out my big coat Friday lol!
  • I live in Charlotte too. I hoping tht we get out money tom. But state take so long to get bck.
  • My daughter is in Indian Trail-hasn't even been able to file yet lol!
  • Be safe.
  • Good luck to you guys! Mine was accepted on the 25th and the Turbo Tax app states only that I'll receive my refund by the 20th. After reading this, hopefully the money can hit our bank accounts soon! Since I work at my bank I should be able to see the refund come in if it was "pending".
  • that's awesome Jamiecstein! good luck hopefully it's soon! :)
  • I too live in nc was accepted Friday
  • I was accepted on the 24th...hopefully I get my refund soon :)
  • hopefully in a few hours we will find out! lol Good luck ecab2 :)
  • Someone  on the  Facebook page says they recieved there's hopefully they post screen shots
  • So it looks like there's one business day between accepted and deposited. On the above site ppl that were accepted on the 23d got it on the 25th. So those of us that were accepted on the 24 should (in theory) get it on today sometime.
  • I gotta go get my munchkin up n dressed n head to work. I'll let y'all know if I see anything. I was accepted the 24th so hopefully later this morning........
  • OK pucknut. I'm off during the early day on Mon and don't go in till 3 30 this afternoon so I'll man the board today LOL!!!!! Have a blessed day and I hope you get good news before I go to work!
  • lol k we're trusting yoy to hold down the fort!!
  • Lol ok pucknut! I'll be watching the other boards for anyone saying they got cash today and I'll let y'all know if I learn anything pertinent!
Yayyyy nice ppl! Lol...I filed on the 24th and it was accepted on the 26th.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen.... In the anticipation i just checked our bank account and still nothing.!!! Mine got accepted on the 23rd or 24th ( i can't remember which), so i am now hoping mine will be there soon.... :) Good luck everyone!!

  • Good evening. Hopefully your's will be in there tomorrow morning! :) Good luck to you :)
  • why would you tell someone this when you couldn't possibly know?????
  • if you read my comment I said HOPEFULLY it will be in there tomorrow morning I did not say it would be for sure. We have all been going by the theory of what we have read... People being accepted last Monday and receiving refunds this past Friday. Obviously no one knows for sure what is going on or when our money will be in the bank. There is nothing wrong with being hopefully that it will be soon. :)
  • Noone could have been accepted Monday though. The IRS did not start accepting transmissions until the 22nd.
  • well that may be true however we can only go by what people are reporting. If we chose to be hopeful that it will be this week sometime then that is our right even if it is untrue. There is just a lot of things flying around and I get sucked into this every year lol
  • The good thing is at least we were accepted early and hopefully it means our refunds will be in our accounts a little faster. :)
Hello everyone :)

I just checked SBBT bank and nothing there as well as my bank account. I was accepted on the 24th as well around 10:30pm and I'm hoping to hear something by the end of this week. I'm not sure about the "testing new system" story that I've been reading about, but I do know that the IRS did away with the chart this year. I guess maybe they are trying something new and different  with the whole not opening the WMR link until the 30th. Either way it goes, I'm blessed enough to be in a good place financially right now so I'm not too depended on my refund, however who wouldn't be excited about getting a few extra dollars in their pocket? LOL.... I hope and pray that everyone hears something this week and I will for sure post something if/once I receive news! 


  • Where you from??
  • good luck aemills84! We are all hoping and praying for this week we receive our monies :)
  • I'm in Florida.... North FL
  • Never mind LOL thought you were someone I know.....same screen name on other stuff :P But I asked her just now and you are not her LOL
  • Oh ok... Well I just posted a picture of me on my profile, so that should def confirm huh? Lol
  • BTW.... I totally love TurboTax for having a community such as this one. Nice helpfully information (well some of it)......
    I think I'll check with TT before I check my own account. If someone/anyone post about receiving their refund, then it'll make me want to check my account. Until then I'll just hangout on here! LOL :)
  • Yep LOL ;)  Its a wierd coincidence though :)
  • Her first name is Amy same middle initial and same last name
  • im afraid if we dont see some refunds for some tommorow we may not see em til friday at earliest  good luck to all of us
  • either way I'd be happy to see it in my bank any time this week! :)
  • meeee youngest daughters bday is fri so it would come in super handy :) and she is gonna be 3 and I would love to get her a really nice bday present :)
  • awwww happy early birthday to your little one! My oldest has just finished up potty training and has been begging me for a certain toy Ive promised it to her would so love to surprise her with it tomorrow as it's kind of expensive lol
  • Aww... @Kelbellz, I have  5 year old! His birthday has passed already, but I'm sure he'll love a few new things too! Lol
  • one thing for sure well be out of the dark thursday when wheres my refund opens or wed  what ever  cause that dont lie
  • yes exactly right! I for one am dying to see some sort of info in black and white! lol
  • i have a 10 month old that has cystic fibrosis and starting to walk! so i know shes going to need some new toys and clothes!!!!
  • oh usmcI feel ya! I had some delays with potty training my daughter and shes finally there! After everything shes been thru this year she deserves something special!!!
  • @amber_lynn256, she'll love new toys to play with and get ready for her to be everywhere! Lol.... I'll keep her and your family in my prayers! :)
  • you have no idea the struggle and the pulling of my hair out!!!!!! I was sooo glad when last week it clicked and have had no problems!!! I definitely can not wait to buy her that special surprise!
  • Wednesday the 30th will be here before you know it! You mind as well say it's Monday now. Lol....
  • Awww thanks ladies and hopefully we can spoil our beautiful babies a little bit ;) Nothing feels better than to put a smile on your kids face.....mine are def not spoiled so when the time comes they get new stuff its def nice to be able to do it :)  of course we are moving in 32 days so most of our refund is just to keep in savings and start us out right in our new home but nothings better than a little financial security :) Living paycheck to paycheck stinks
  • Yeah usmc and puck potty training with my littlest has been the hardest so far.....she is in diapers again but as of Friday we are doing the undies thing again and seeing how it goes....I am kind of letting her tell me and not forcing it on her.....we did the same thing with my oldest and it took just a couple months for her to get it once she really was focused on it on her own :)
  • I had to back off and let my little one just figure out when she was ready on her own. She was my first so it was trial and error for me and forcing is definitely not the way to go. When it comes time to potty train my son I hope it is somewhat easier. :D
  • I agree 100 % :) I am letting her tell me........she is just turning 3 so I think we have a little time......and she randomly sits on the potty so that tells me we are headed in the right direction LOL
  • Yes that is good! She will get it :)
  • Potty training boys is easy. I have 4 boys ages 16,13,7 and 2. All learned it in about 2 weeks! Thank god for that those pampers can get costly lol
  • I so did not have to potty train.... My son literally would take off his pull up and go to the bathroom. Now sometimes he would just stand there ( I think he was just thinking it was what he had to do and then the need to release would come. lol) and other times he would actually go. He started doing this on his own at 3 years old. I didn't have to make him or anything and he doesn't wet the bed either. I was afraid to let him go to sleep in undies and would put a pull up on him until I checked on him one night and he had pulled it off in his sleep. LOL,,,, He's a special child! Lol....

    I'm not sure how we started talking about potty training, but yeah so, back to our REFUNDS! Lmbo :)
  • oh my I sure hope my son learns that quickly diapers are crazy expensive! lol
  • lol @ aemills84 this is going to be the longest night I just know it! I'm in California so three hours behind east coast I think I will have to get up at three am here and check on here and see if anyone has any good news! lol
  • LaLafromJerzee this has nothing to do with refunds but...I NEED SOME POINTERS ON POTTY TRAINING!!! My son is 2 ( he'll b 3 in aug) and we are having the hardest time potty training...
    If there are any other ladies who have tips on potty training please feel free to help! I'll try it! You can email me ( or respond to the thread.
  • give him time, I learned the hard way to let my kids learn at there own pace.
  • My son was stubborn and almost 3 b4 we got him potty trained I learned the hard way they are not going to do it till they want to it's the age they are at the independent stage....another thing pull ups never did us any good we just put him in the thick training underwear so he could feel the wet.
  • msbdae0720  when my son was 2 we switched to undies only and had him go every 30 min and every hour at night. with no drinks within 2 hrs of bedtime. it took about 2 weeks but for him to be fully potty trained. he had a few accidents during nap time at day care for about 3 months. but they would just wake him up half way thru to have him go to the bathroom. It worked out well.
  • Thank you so much everyone for the potty training tips! I appreciate it.
    lsullivan  where did you get the training underwear?
  • msbdae0720 BabiesRus and ToysRus sells them :)
  • FireflyLover thank you!! (:
No dd for me this morning however I spoke w/t a irs rep this morning and he told me that no one would be refunded before the 30th those ppl who got refunds were probably state returns not fed. According to how there state process them Sorry for that info I kinda put me under the weather considering my state(Texas)don't have state taxes but let's all hope we see$$$ on the 30th or 31st!!!
  • I'd be happy with that urdyu. Lol Friday the 1st would be great for me,but there are others here that are really in a bad spot and I wish they would get money today   :(
  • :-( not what i was hoping to hear but maybe it will be the end of the week id be ok with that
  • Oh mama   :(
  • hey, im a mama im used to not getting sleep haha i have traps set up all over the house, i just hope i dont see one again or i may just take the kids and leave. dont know where ill go im just soo freaked out  I HATE MICE!!!
  • Generically speaking, the IRS isn't going to tell you "Sure, you'll possibly receive your refund early..."
    Like I said in another post...does anyone really think the IRS has a pause function on their computers? So they'll let a return go so far in their computer system, then hit pause on the return and stop it until a certain date?? If the return is accepted, it moves up to the next process in the computer, which is refund authorization..then refund sent to's not something they can put a date, it's possible they can date the deposits for the clearing house to process on a certain date...but they can't pause their computers and keep them from doing part of a return processing because a date isn't here yet.
  • That rings true's only logical that once the "machine" gets started it must go through to the conclusion!
  • exactly..  but ask yourself -  why pause transactions at the ACH?  Why cause that bottleneck and high demand on the 30th with the ACH and banks nationwide?  It is only logical to keep things running smooth, open a week early for test run on X amount of returns, if all goes well they know the system functions 100%  if not they have a few days to work on the problem.  I'm about 99% sure that they aren't halting the process at acceptance.   Like you said they could put holds on the ACH funding, but why would they?
  • Yes I agree...why would they? I expect many people to get refunds over the next few days. Would love it if I was one but I'd rather the people in desperate situations get theirs sooner-I can wait...
  • This is just my personal opinion but I believe the IRS is processing the returns that have been accepted early.  I wonder though, if they can set the refund date to after 1/30 in the computer system. Just like we can set auto pay for a certain date.
  • cstephenson, I've done ACH/Direct Deposit before, and yes, you can set any date and the computer banking system logs it from there.  So, yup.  Now, I keep hearing "someone said in a thread" or "some returns have been received", but I can't find link one to these.  Has a return been received?  I know this goes on every year, I just don't want to get caught up unless there's a basis, lol
  • Maybe they are not pausing it, maybe that was a guess-timate date of how long it would take for the retuns to be completed from the date of acceptance...maybe some will actually be issued right on the 30th, maybe some a day before, maybe some a few days later... all depending when the return is actually finished processing. The increased speed is coming from the deposits being made quicker after the return is completed, not necessarily from the returns being processed in record time. So it's like where it may have taken 15  days before, on account of waiting for a disbursement day, maybe it will just take 8 days because disbursement happens every day... they aren't waiting for a specific day to disburse.
  • If people received their refunds this past Thurs and Fri, then definitely some people, if not most people, in this thread would have received a refund today as well.

    Noone has received a refund yet, period.
  • same BS as last year. rumours that cant be confirmed. dates given that are totally wrong. ill come right and say it. if anyone is telling you that they have their refunds then they are LYING! its as simple as that. .people have been known to lie on the internet before havent they?
  • People want to believe what they *want* to be reality, instead of the actual reality. It's weird. I could make a dummy account, go post that I just got my refund, and 50 people will quote me and swear that people are receiving their refunds and check their bank accounts every 5 minutes. I don't mean to sound rude about it and I understand that people just want their money, but holy crap.
  • A logical reason not many are posting that they got their $ coyld be cuz they're either at work or out shopping :-)))
  • well said.
  • i still say that no one has their refunds yet.i have no problem calling them liars.
  • why thank you! Im goin back to work :( lol
I am so glad I found this thread because my w2 came in the mail yesterday.  I've already completed them but didn't bother to file because I read that nothing was popping with the IRS until the 30th.  I guess I will submit them and hope for the best like the rest of you guys.  Looks like everyone has already rounded 3rd and is heading to the home plate!
  • Im a bit confused here. why are people assuming that after their return was accepted that they will have their refunds in a few days??? my return was accepted on the 2t4h and i figured i wouldnt get my refund until mid February the earliest. what makes this year any different????
  • definitely submit them! People are being accepted today so hopefully yours will be accepted tomorrow or before the 30th at least. good luck to you :)
  • with the updated system they're doing things differently. Including sending refunds daily rather than once a week
  • if that were the case wouldnt there be many many more people saying that they got their refunds already? ive only seen a handful of people claim that.
  • @jmberman53 it has been confirmed on here earlier today that a guy that filed and was accepted on the 24th is showing a pending deposit on his bank account that will hit tomorrow. There has also been reports of other people that filed on Monday and had their refunds this past Friday. No one knows for sure when we will receive ours we are just being optimistic and hoping for the best. :)
  • ill keep my fingers crossed then! maybe tomorrow????????
  • also the new system the IRS is using this year is supposed to be processing returns much faster then the old system as well. :)
  • banks typically dont proces dds pn the weekends
  • I'm sure hoping so!!!! I've got fingers and toes crossed! lol
  • exactly my bank does not do weekend deposits darn it! lol
  • so if my return was accepted on the 24th could i possibly expect my refund this week??? late this week???
  • I got accepted 1/24 at 5:26 pm :)  Hoping for some good hard cash this week LOL
  • Oh and I have checked prob about 35 times or more today LOL
  • lmao Iv had your name stuck in my head all day.! lol
  • YES jmberman! Exciting isn't it lol? Be sure to come back on here and report when you received it for all us waiting! Got my acceptance on the 25th...
  • @jmberman53 Yes it is possible :) lol @moneymoneymoney sounds about like me!!! hahaha
  • I got a text saying the IRS will not start to issue refunds until the 30th
  • mmm well there has been several people saying they have received their refunds already. The IRS is running through test batches honestly who knows what the IRS is doing. We are all just hoping we see money tomorrow that have been accepted if not this week some time. :)
  • why Monday? i see alot of people saying Monday..
  • some people who got accepted on Tuesday and wed got their refunds by our hope is since they do apparently deposit on weekends as well that since we were accepted thursday that monday will be the magic day ;)
  • yes exactly Kelbellz :)
  • oh sorry Puck just changed my name LOL......I too had that same tune in my head and changed it for a minute to see how it felt.....then I remembered I don't have any yet LOL so now the song just doesn't seem appropriate.... :P
  • I hope so. last year i worked myself up real good checking and checking until my head was about to explode.
  • LOL me too.......I thought I was gonna give myself and ulcer and I was one of those who got stuck in the glitch and waited til mid march for my refund......
  • *an
  • Not sure If the deposit on weekends, but looks like if those who got accepted on Tue. got theirs on Thurs. & Fri. we stand a good chance of getting ours tomorrow!
  • lol Kel
  • I was blessed last year to have money in my account on the 24th at 5 AM lol!
  • I totally did the same thing jmberman53! I was so stressed out and made myself sick was up all hours on this site and another one and checking my sbbt account from tt. This year we didn't have our fees deducted so it will be going straight to my account this year. Oh my gosh Kelbellz I would have been in a mental hospital!
  • I sure hope its true but last year boy did i get sucked into some really big lies that people were telling about refund dates, etc.
  • Yes last year was just totally crazy! Hopefully this year everything goes smoothly and we get our money quickly.
  • GL to all of u hoping u all get some money I am waiting 2 been with out a vehicle a month I am going crazy sitting home I cannot drive my SUV till I get all 4 new tires so I am impatiently waiting it said tonight ON a Sunday??? that mine was accepted I hope it will be in my account tomorrow
  • Girl, I was def that hubby would make fun of me....don't know if you ever watched Mad TV but they had a character on there that looked like his eyes were bugged out and he was pretty much crazy high on caffeine and no sleep......yep that was me ;) very attractive LOL.......but finally the day came and money money money money! LOL- That part was for you Puck :D
  • good luck to you as well tobypamricky2! Sure hope you get it soon!
  • awww :( gl to you too toby......
  • lol Kel!!! Ok my 4 yr seems to think she needs to eat, so I best go GL to you all!
  • lol GL to you as well pucknut2003 :)
  • I filed my taxes on the 10th it was accepted on the 24th at 1153 pm not really sure what's going on but my mom does taxes and she says the irs will not hold on to our taxes if they we're accepted and acknowledged than most likely they are working on getting them processed and refunded so I say Monday or tuesday we should see $$$$!
  • yay!!! sure hope so urdyu! :)
  • I think the part that is so confusing is I looked at my email from tt last year and it said that my taxes were successfully transmitted to the IRS and to check the WMR in 72 hours for a status......this year it was just the email saying it was accepted so what I am confused about is does that mean its been checked?  Cause there was certainly time between 1/17 when I filed and 1/24 when it was accepted for someone at the IRS to process it
  • But I guess none of us really know that LOL
  • I think if it says it's been accepted that means all the names ssn# things like that match at least that's what I'm guessing. I filed mine on 1/11 and it was accepted 1/24. I am curious myself what that means exactly.
  • Yeah because last year it was different.....I will be happy to see it anytime in FEB though.......
  • yes I totally agree anytime this month would be awesome!
  • Confusion of people getting their refund early.. Are they talking about state refund?
  • I filed my tax on the 24th. My CA state tax was accepted on the 24th same day i filed and federal was accepted on the 25th....
  • No mbernardo-their federal!
  • No they are talking about fed.....:)
  • My neighbor did her's yesterday and got accepted today
  • what comes first accepted or acknowledged?
  • acknowledged, accepted, processed then refund. from the sounds of other thread a couple bisiness days after acceptance, refunds are in the accounts
  • You are right, pucknut2003!  (/*_*)/
  • I was accepted on the 24th an now it say pending what does that me an Im in sac,ca
  • Was that your federal sexymeek? I don't understand why that would happen!
  • Done.
  • unfortunately that's fake BayouPines :(
  • It's fake bayouPines. We're all very disappointed that someone would go to this much trouble to mislead everyone. Can you edit and remove it before more people take it as gospel truth?
  • I posted before I saw that it was fake, unsure how to edit. How was it discovered that it's not real?
  • there is a little pencil looking box in the right hand corner of your comment click on that to edit. The fees are incorrect it should be 29.99 not the 40 i believe is listed and also something in the wording is off. It sucks someone went to all that trouble.
Hi everybody,

TurboTax as well as other tax providers are working with the IRS to start sending returns through the IRS system, in the order we received them, as they ramp their systems up for the official launch on January 30th. Because of this “limited early processing” some customers started (and will continue) seeing IRS notifications of acceptance or rejection.

Please note the IRS does NOT start processing refunds for any returns until the 30th. If you have any questions about this, let us know. We’re here seven days a week to answer your questions.

We'll be closing this thread because it's extremely long and getting unwieldy to view/answer. If you have a specific question that wasn't answered here, please post a new question.

    Directly from Turbotax.

    3 minutes ago
    Hi - we can confirm that the IRS has not issued any Federal Refunds to date. They will start the process on 1/30. As a reminder, 9 out of 10 taxpayers who efiled and selected direct deposit received their federal refund in less than 21 days last year, and the same results are expected this year.  Hope this helps!
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    • thats a company line TT is telling everyone, same with IRS
    • I filed on the 19th and was accepted 11:07 am Jan 25th, My bank is a variant of Netspend and usually Direct Deposits go in on Tuesday. If any thing goes in this week I will certainly let you all know :) Praying for everyone on here to get there returns quickly. Lord knows we could all do with the extra money :)
    • I agree with you puncknut20033 they have been saying that on all the threads.  Hope we arrested all luck so we can come on here and tell TT about themselves.
    • Not that this is important but somehow i got to the wheres my refund and filled in the blanks and then it just said this system is not available until january 30 now its back off so at least we know they are working on it lol i got accepted on 1/24 and i received my state of ohio refund last friday already so good luck to everyone :)
    • I did alot of research last night and have come to the conclusion that no one has gotten their refunds yet! Not a soul. None of us will see refunds until after the 30th and it will not be 2 days after the 30th.
    • Nope I haven't seen them state that they can confirm no refunds were issued   Only the rest of the post. That's why I copied and pasted and tend to believe it seeing as though no one has a deposit out of the hundreds of thousands that were accepted but keep hope alive I guess good luck see you all on Wednesday when the wmr system opens.
    • If they opened a test run for the system early, they are test running the MeF system.. It doesn't just accept/reject returns.  It should be processing them also.  The IRS would be overloading their selves by accepting tons of early returns, and holding off on the processing until  the official opening day.  The MeF system is automated from Acceptance to Refund issued.  I don't see why they wouldn't be trying to test the processing/issuing refunds if they are doing test runs, and instead only testing whether their system can accept/reject returns.  Chances are they are testing the entire system out before the 30th to make sure that it is FULLY operational.  Simply testing rejection/acceptance wouldn't tell them if there was a bug with processing/issuing refunds - so it would be quiet pointless...
    • I agree Godmachine. I have seen posts where people have rec'd their money and I believe them. Maybe  I'm gullible or maybe it's my optimistic nature lol but either way  I'm feelin' happy lol!
    • That's all true but everyone's accounts are still empty makes you wonder if what they are telling you is indeed true. It has been true up until this very moment.
    • It is possible that a select few got their refund on Friday that were accepted on the 23.  Most likely the IRS was playing it smart anticipating that the refunds would take at least until Jan 30 to hit people's accounts if they began processing early (Jan 30 - 7 days = 1/23 = 1 week cusion) .  MeF system can do a return in 24 hrs start to finish, but the ACH to Bank to Account is where the delay time is.  Once the IRS begins accepting millions of returns the MeF system can take 3 - 5 days.   I haven't seen an official statement FROM the IRS that refunds wouldn't be processed until Jan 30th - only statements from tax professionals.  Where are they obtaining the info from themselves?  Just because WMR won't open until Jan 30?  Or just to keep people from harassing them wondering what is taking so long.
    • The IRS sent the notices to the preparers stating that they would be accepting returns from 1/22-1/29, but would not be processing refunds until 1/30, and to still use 1/30 as the acceptance date. That is why the preparers are stating it. The IRS is stating that the turn around time is still up to 21 days, with the norm being 8-15 from acceptance. The preparers go by the info from the IRS, not what they feel like making up and telling the customers.
    • Again they always give you the least hope when they give dates.  I haven't ever had an efile acceptance to take 21 days from date of acceptance to refund.  And with the new MeF system the process is much faster than it was prior which did take 8-21 days, however most people should expect to see their refunds within 7 days of acceptance with MeF, unless the system has issues again, or if the return is flagged for review.
    • Godmachine, you are right, it would be counter productive to only test the accept/reject portion, but I'm afraid, with the governement, it would surprise me, lol.  Waiting to hear someone got their return already, and then I'm going to become OCD checking :D
    • Godmachine, you are right, it would be counter productive to only test the accept/reject portion, but I'm afraid, with the governement, it would surprise me, lol.  Waiting to hear someone got their return already, and then I'm going to become OCD checking :D
    • Godmachine, you are right, it would be counter productive to only test the accept/reject portion, but I'm afraid, with the governement, it would surprise me, lol.  Waiting to hear someone got their return already, and then I'm going to become OCD checking :D
    • Yes, I know they list the max timeframe and I am not saying it will take the max time, but there is a reason they are saying normal timeframes. Sure, it could be sooner, but to sit here and think that your refunds are going to come in a day or two after being accepted is very unrealistic. The returns are not going to be completed in minutes and then a refund kicked out instantly.

      Stopping the processing of the returns is no different than stopping a virus scan on your computer, or any other function, really. Noone knows what they are doing or how and noone will know the timeframes for sure until the refunds start getting deposited.
    • Pretty sad that they would go to the extreme of lying about this. When I know for a fact my mother got hers on Friday. I used TT for years but that there really makes me wanna reconsider next year and where to file. If lies are part of a businesses personal gain than I sure don't wanna be a part of it.
    • ssharp your mom got her federal refund friday?
    I was accepted on 1/26, so I am going to watch to see if any of you get your money!!!!   Saying a prayer for all of us!!!!  Is anyone's state still pending, if you don't mind me asking?
    • <~~~State is still in CT
    • Just be aware that this is not live chat, so this thread is going to get buried among all the other ones!
    • Mine was accepted the 25th-I'm watching too lol! Think everyone in here is accepted!
    • good luck to you crazygrneyz! hopefully we all get our money this week! :)
    • Lol SweetieJean I know you're right! We need a live chat room! We're TOO EXCITED!!!
    • my state is pending too but Iowa goes by IRS official start date, wish they did test runs! lol
    • Thank you usmc_wife86 same to you!!!....  EXCITED we are, lol @ Lauriethecook. pucknut2003 what state are you in?  NJ here..  also when i checked on wheres my refund for state, it told me i did not enter the correct dollar amount, but i did enter the correct amount.  makes me wonder if thats the reason its still pending....
    • Thank you :) yes definitely lots of excitement here! :)
    • I'm near Myrtle Beach SC
    • Laurie-I think then we are almost neighbors LOL......I am about 2 hours from Myrtle
    • In SC?
    • Lol, maybe WE'LL meet for lunch like lala and I mentioned earlier-but she's in Jersey hahaha!
    • in NC....I live in Jacksonville :)
    • Lol never been there!
    • Its nice I like it a Lot but myrtle beach is a nice escape :)
    • Honestly It's such a resort town I don't even like it anymore lol! I live in Surfside beach about 7 miles or so south of MB. I go there as little as possible lol...and try to NEVER GET ON 501  lol!
    • I can see how that would be......I live close to our coast here and it gets really crazy when the summer vacationers can always tell the out of towners LOL
    • I have some family in Calabash which is just 20 minutes or so from Myrtle...
    • I am Charlotte 3 hours out from myrtle and we are planning a fam vaca.
    • I meant I am in charlotte
    • mine was accepted yesterday as well. Just taking it one day at a time. My bank is a little weird as they release funds on Sunday but not Saturdays (but I love em). So right now I am with everyone else keeping my fingers crossed and checking my account like there is a random hourly winner prize ;)
    • Yeah Calabash is north of MB and I'm south. Now Calabash is a nice little area...good food! isha I drive to the Charlotte area often-to Indian Trail where my grandbabies are lol!
    • Yeah it is really nice....I am about an hour and 20  min north of Calabash.....I am about 30 min inland of Emerald Isle and Topsail Island....
    • Lol @firefly the random hourly winner !
    • I am in NC and mine are still pending.  I called Turbo Tax today because when I went to the state of NC  "Where's My Refund" site, it says they are processing returns and are ahead of schedule.  That is strange because it is like I have done something wrong for them to still be pending?
    • Hmmmm I am in NC too and wish I could say mine was pending too but I am not doing state yet because I owe a little LOL....that will be going out in the mail April 15 ;)
    • I understand that!
    • I called the state of NC about a week ago and they said , at that time, they were processing already.  Then I called again when I got accepted on the 24th  my federal and they said, not until the 30th. Just don't understand.
    • @shawnstarnes I just check Nc and it said the same thing as it told u.
    • NC seems very strange this year LOL
    • I know right
    • im in oklahoma and my state is still pendin
    • My federal was accepted on the 23rd and my state (NE) is still pending.  Crossing my fingers for all of us.
    I will not get my hopes up till after the 30th!! Then ill be getting excited! I was accepted 1/24.
    • good luck to you! hopefully we will all be pleasantly surprised this week. :)
    • i agree about after the 30th. all this talk about DD on Monday seems a little crazy.
    • Been watching & enjoying the flow.  When you say the 30th, it sounds so far away but it's just a matter of a few days.  The info frm irs encourages reasonable xpctns.  They are going to process asap inorder to minimize the usual crush.  I certainly hv enjoyed all of the info here.  ty all.
    • Well if it comes before the 30th that would be awsome! But i definatly doubt it! Im just being realistic!
    • It's nice to come where everyone is positive and hopeful isn't it? A lot of us came from some OTHER rooms that WEREN'T so happy lol!
    • good luck to you m2me52! @wondering85 definitely nothing wrong with that! It's so easy to get swept up in all of this.Just hoping for it to be earlier then the 30th! lol
    • My bank is open on weekends. I called them about an hour ago and they said they can see pending deposits up to 72 hours prior to DD, and there isn't one for me. I was accepted early in the morning, at like 2:48AM, and they show nothing coming through.
    • yes we did....I changed my name on here LOL
    • .
    • steffiestylist what day?
    • sorry, I accidentally deleted the 24th...
    • Steffie did you have the fees deducted or did u prepay?
    • I prepaid.
    • Dont get me wrong i def need it yesterday!! Lol
    • ok I had it deducted so I have been checking the sbbt site like a gazillion times.........
    • lol @ wondering85 I hear you! Only thing we can do is wait and wait some more and check our bank accounts a zillion times a day.
    • and she's fed......again. I seriously don't know where she pus it all!?! Wish I could eat like that.
      As sokn as my money is in Im getting my sitter something, she's been awesome!!
    • Im in oklahoma and my state is still pending.
    • I think I have smoked about a pack of cigs just because I'm so anxious LoL I want to sleep (even though I won't be able too) so that if money does get direct deposited to my acct it sends a text to my phone... And I can come on and say yeyyyyy I got my cashhhh who else is with me!! :)
    • It really is nice to know I am not the only loon with crazy anxiety over this refund LOL   ;)
    • totally with you Lala feel like I could smoke a pack myself and I don't even smoke! lol
    • Lala I'll be watching for that post from you!
    • I once heard that with IRS once u submit your return it goes like.... Acknowledged...Accepted....Refund! So where is my money... It's my money and I want it now!!!! LoL
    • LOL I am with you on that......:) They are so quick to take it but not to give it back ;)
    • That is the TRUTH Kelbellz!
    • and the new obama taxes just took half our gas money for the month out of my hubbys checks :(
    • I keep checking SBBT this is the first year I have used this to pay my fees hope it doesn't hold up my refund, I was accepted on the 24th.  If it comes tomorrow I'm taking a sick day, I need to get my hair or nails or something done to relieve the stress of checking for my refund all weekend.  Maybe get my nails done I seem to have chewed most of them off!! Lol
    • lol I am right there with you Witchywoman13! Definitely need some pampering after all this! :)
    • Lol @ witchywoman...
    • LOL :)
    • Me too! Hair done nails done feet done sheesh. I haven't put the phone down all day checking on this refund status LoL
    • witchy, Iv used to fee deuction for a couple years now and it only delayed it by a couple hours thats all.
    • Yeah me too...I have always done it this way too and never had a problem....
    • Thank you pucknut2003 & Kelbellz always get a bit worried when my money is floating from place to place in cyber space. I was one of the unlucky ones who waylaid by irs last year. This year decided I'd try it and see really didn't have the money to pay upfront and I was just happy thinking I'd get my money by the end of Feb. now might be by end of Jan!!! Whoot whoot
    • I was accepted on the 25 at 2:59 am I'm in NC.. I will keep anyone posted if I get any type of DD with SBBt .. My account is also set up with them. I just wished the WMR was up and running. Good luck to everyone.
    • Cindy I was accepted on the 25th too at 3:40 AM and I'm in SC.
    Good luck on the 30th
    • lol we just posted the same thing!
    • Looks legit to me...
    • It's faked if the fees are off sucks someone would go through all that to get our hopes up this baby in my belly was kicking away lol
    • $40 fee for a $7,000 refund. i dont think so. FAKE.
    • ughhh crap!
    • Yeah the fee is only 29.99 for having your turbotax fees taken out of your refund
    • @glammommy3 is this your refund?
    • No someone posted this on Facebook
    • well it must be true if it was posted on FB!
    • Glamm.. unfortunately people are not going to read that you wrote "not real" they are just going to keep reposting it as proof. Can you edit the post to remove the link?
    • Obviously I listed reasons why it wasn't true so people don't drink the kool aid :)
    • @glammommy3 wow ill just wait till i get my email  that say my money is here
    • Yes, I know but people with one track minds will not read it lol - they will just say OH a picture/PROOF and repost it all over the place. One girl posted it about 10 times alone just in one thread :/
    • Ok....wait a sec guys! I'm not saying the picture is real or fake BUT...depending on what level of TT services you choose the costs are different. There are a few levels of services offered that are more expensive than the 29.99 filing amount. Just a little FYI (:
    • siiggghhhhh It's so hard to know what is real and what is not!!!! lol
    • The filing amount is not what is in question.
      Never has been.
      The $40 amount was the amount turbotax charges to take your filing amount out of your refund through sbbt that amount has consistently been $29.99 for the past couple of years. You can google it as well as look up the fee information on the turbotax site.
    • usmc_wife86 you are so right!! I'm going to stop obsessing...i have to limit myself to check the SBBT website once in the morning and once at night!! Lol!
    • Not only that, but the bank wouldn't have the message up right now, like they do and the fact that it says "Bank" instead of naming an actual bank, PLUS the lettering is fuzzy.
    • I agree the bank was prob getting calls or the IRS so they are prob getting annoyed LOL....I don't blame them though.....I am obsessed but all by myself.....I would not call the IRS unless the WMR told me too and obviously its not open I said I will be happy if it comes by Feb 20, the projected date.......:) I think some of us are obsessed and joke about it and some people are just down right having a nervous breakdown.......
    Ah yes the polite message board people can get pretty nasty with their opinions on here!  I hadnt heard about the daily deposits this year im usually pretty utd on these things but this year i am completely lost lol. Now that i know that im am going to be driving myself mad checking the bank account. I hate that the irs site is still down until the 30th grrrrr.
    • Yes they sure can get nasty so crazy we all want our money just as badly as the next person so there is no reason for it. Every year I am glued to the laptop my hubby has to yank me off. lol. I've checked my account so many times since yesterday morning thinking maybe just maybe it might be in there but my bank doesn't do weekend deposits. It is pretty frustrating the wmr is down would be nice to check it and see a DD date! lol
    • I would love to see the WMR too!
    • Yes muhl I have been tappin my darn toes since I've been accepted! I never expected to be accepted until after IRS was opening! I hate when I know I have a nice cash flow coming in and I can't get details on it. Drives me nuts. I have checked the SBBT site a least 10times today soon it's going to say Sorry try again tmrw LOL
    • lol Yes I definitely never thought I would be accepted before the 30th and it's driving me nuts as well that I can't get any more info.
    • I got accepted on Friday at 3am did my taxes on the 8th and when I received the email that I got accepted I checked the where's my refund phone app and it said the 15th which is 21 days after it was accepted then checked it agian yesterday and it said I would get it before the 20th which is 21 days after the official day30th?  just hope I don't have to wait that long to get it last year I waited over 30days after I was accepted lol don't wanna go threw that agian
    • tbone all of ours changed from the 14th and 15th to the 20th...and that was BEFORE all kinds of people started actually getting refunds posted to their accounts! No worries!
    • @tbone320 last year was a nightmare! Sure hope things happen faster for us since we have been accepted already.
    • I also was accepted january 24 th..... So i am also joining this group and praying that everybodys account will have money in there......
    • Good luck to you dianemorton31 :)
    • usmc your little room is BLOWING UP LOL!!! Wish TT had live chat somewhere lol!
    • My acceptance date was the 24th, hoping for tmrw here in Ohio! I'll be keeping a up with you all, good luck! :)
    • lol yes it is! It's nice to know there are polite people who are being so positive about all of this instead of so nasty and rude! I totally agree they need a chat room lol
    • Kudos to the person that created this board!!!!! I am so hopeful we all have surpassed what we thought was impossible getting accepted early. With that being said I just feel strongly that the irs told everyone the 30th but started processing early to test systems, try to take some of the pressure off by millions of people calling on the 30th if some got money already less calls. When I called my bank they couldn't check for pending deposits because that dept. was closed however being that I was accepted on the 25th I believe the money will come this week I will be harassing the banks till it comes lol! Good luck to all of us I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa to come anxious excited and very hopeful and thankful! I pray When we all wake tomorrow or very soon this week we all have money in our accounts! Happy Times! :-)
    • lol same here tameeka88! I truly think they were trying to give themselves some time. Last year was so awful they were so bombarded with calls. I think they were trying to avoid that this year. lol
    • If I worked in that call center I would stick with the company line as well. With the internet if you tell one person "sure we are doing them early" it will catch on like wild fire *hehe*.
      I agree with the others thanks USMC for the thread the others were get a bit.... well you know.
    • no problem. :) Triying to keep this one nice and full of info and just good ole conversation and general freaking out about our monies lol
    • what do you have to complain about at least your's has been accepted, I filed on 10th and not accepted.
    • edited
    • I was just coming over here to post that link usmc_wife. lol. I just saw it on
    • lol I got super excited when I saw that!
    • Can you guys edit the post to remove the link so people aren't reposting it all over TT forums. It is going to lead to a lot of confusion and arguments of people saying it's real/proof when it's obviously photoshopped. I know you didn't realize that when you posted it, but now that we know.. no sense in adding any problems..
    • Sure I will remove mine :)
    • It is reposted about 10 times alone in another thread :/
    • omg! Once it starts it's like wildfire :(
    • It is all over the place now lol. And when you post on it that it is fake, people want to attack you and call you a liar. (Well, me, not you.. I posted on several saying it was photoshopped).  It has been posted into so many threads.
    • I had a feeling something was wrong with that picture. What is wrong with some people sheesh. Anyhow I will believe it comes when it hits MY BANK cuz people like to stir up things and Iam so sick of it already.
    I filed on 1/17/13 and was accepted on 1/24/13 around 6pm EST. I already got my state back last week, I'm in Ohio. So hopefully I will see something next week.oh I paid my fees upfront.
    • sure hope so quisey! :)
    • Gosh I heard so many people on these threads from Ohio who got their state already! Yay Ohio! SC won't start till the 30th...I'd be happy even for my state refund right now lol!
    • Got an appt on the 29th to get my 2 kittens spayed and neutered...$90! Don't want any inbred babies though LMAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    • Yes Ohio is on the ball! Now if on NJ would be sheesh.
    • I have noticed that Ohio definitely seems to be moving fast this year!
    • oh lucky!!!! i heard that TT doesnt send to the state until the 30th, guess i cant count on seeing that til after the first week in Feb.
    • I didn't file my state thru TT I did it for free on and it went thru fast.
    • a lot of people did that and got accepted here too. had i known turbo didnt send them right away i wouldve done the same!!
    • I just read the comments posted on this thread and it was nice to see.  Some of the other threads have gotten pretty nasty.  It's great to hear that so many people have been accepted even on Sunday.  I've been on this site the way I am every year.  I'm still waiting to e-file and I can't do anything until the 31st.  The NYC Depart. of Ed doesn't issue the W-2 forms until the 31st.

      I'm just hoping returns get accepted just as fast as they are now.  Good luck everyone.  Hope you get great news tomorrow or early this week.  Don't let anyone rain on your parade.
    • I'm honestly not even looking at the other posts taxhater16 they had gotten pretty out of hand. I definitely think it's great they are accepting them on Sundays this year. I sure hope you get yours accepted quickly and your refund super fast. Good luck to you! :)
    • I saw on some boards pplhave already received they refunds.... Is that true??
    • YES Jennifer! That's why we're all so excited lol!
    • Oh that's awesome. Mine is still pending but what a nice surprise
    • Ive seen several posts myself that people have received refunds this past friday. I can't confirm if that is totally true but I would hope they wouldn't come on here and spread lies there would be no reason to.
    • exactly. and i heard they dont process dd on weekends so im really hoping we see some kind of activity tomorrow in our banks!
    • Wish I lived in Ohio, Wisconsin seems to be waiting until the 30th, my federal was accepted 1/24 but state is still pending.
    • Mine was accepted today!! Will be anxiously watching all of your posts this week to see about when I can expect mine!!
    • yay! good luck hjdaniels7 :)
    • I filed mine on Jan 7 and my Fed was accepet on the 24 but my state is still pending. I live in GA and I'm praying that I get some kind of money from them this week. I even have an alarm setup on my emails and phone for Wed the 30th. I'm going to find out when I'm going to get my I hear people saying on here that they have pending DD on their account I wish that was me. But ill let you all know if I get anything. But its crazy because I use to work for the IRS.
    Hi all, I have a question.. I filed on the 17th got accepted on the 24th at 9pm. Still no refund, sadly :( but I forgot my exact refund amount and cant check the sbbt, does anyone know how I can retrieve that amount?
    • You can upload on TT your will have the number on it that you need
    • Just log in to your turbo tax account and the page opens to your status and amount...
    • also if you log into your tt account it should have the amount of your return in the top left corner. :)
    • go back to your return.  once you login you shld see your refund amt
    • How do I do that kellbellz, I did file through tt
    • Thank you so much everyone! :)
    • Log back into turbo tax and it should say the amount
    • when you log on I think you go to my account and there should be an option to review them
    • I think when I log in it says how much my refund is too in the top left hand corner of the main page after I sign in.....
    • You find it Sweitzer?
    • You find it Sweitzer?
    • Sweitzer04 you have to get out of this page; perhaps logout then back in again.  you shld see your refund amt after that.
    • When signing out of this page,  in order to see the refund you hv to sign into turbo tax.
    • I found it, thanks very much all, I appreciate it. Sbbt is set up but nothing in there.. Hoping within next couple days for all of us! :)
    i too was accepted the 24th around 2:45am (I'm in Ohio) i can't even access my bank account online,  i can but it's sooooo slow doesn't update until Tuesdays a lot. I'm glad I'm not the only anxious one! i hope we ALL get good news SOON!-Laura
    • yes good luck to you beaglemummy! Hopefully this week we will all have money! :)
    • I hope for that too Laura!
    i got mine accepted on the 24th at 10:41pm but still no money
    • Hopefully tomorrow or at least this week we will see it. Yours was accepted a few minutes after mine :)
    • still no money? the 24th was just 3 days ago!!!! isnt that being a bit too optimistic?
    • I think now that people have said they received money whether it be true or not now we all hopped on that crazy train hoping our cash comes too.....but lots of people have said the new system is meant to get things done in 3 to 5 days instead of weeks :)
    • This is true Kelbellz! We got the taste for it on our tongues now lmao!!!!!!
    • I think we're all being optimistic at this point... Nothing wrong with that :)
    • Girl yes! Optimism is all we have to get through the waiting game :)
    I just got an email 5 minutes ago that my taxes were accepted and I filed on the 24th
    HOw do you follow a thread LOL?
    • Just by answering or commenting I think :)
    • at the top you should see a box that says follow I believe just click on that. :)
    • You're already following it since you commented  :)
    • Thanks, I never responded on the other thread, I was following and then they closed it.  I am just curious like everyone else :-)
    • Mine was accepted 1/24 at 1am. Checked and it's not in there yet!! I'll keep you posted!
    • I hope everyone that has been accepted get their refund soon. Good luck to us all
    • good luck to you as well sugarsweet46! :)
    Mines was accepted I got a email on the 25 stating my fed was accepted and state still pending I check the SBBT and I had a account set up already but when I call the number it says my return was accepted on the 23rd  so I'm waiting as well :)
    • Yay! Thanks Sassy  :)
    • yay! good luck sassy88 :)
    • Who did you call
    • Who did you call Sassy88?
    • On the SBBT page go to contact and it have a list of numbers
    • 24-Hour Automated Customer Support: 1-800-717-7228
      This the number to check it
    • hello again, glad to see someone created a new thread to get away from that madness and looks in that other mile long thread.
    • Thanks sassy for that info! 2 thumbs up :)
    • You get good news from that phone number LaLa?
    • Yes I did it said your taxes were filed and accepted! It says 10-21 days to expect your refund but I just blocked that out LoL I know it's coming sooner :)
    • Me too LOL just called the number too....but still would be happy with 10-21 days :)
    • I just called and it said I was accepted on the 23rd as well, according to SBBT. I didn't get an acceptance from TT until the 25th..
    • Yes it will! Lol now I ALMOST wish I hadn't paid with my debit  card! But I filed with the free edition anyway and only paid for state...
    • woohoo!!!! definitely sounds like good stuff! :)
    • i just called the number and my fed was accepted on the 24th and i should get it 10-21 days!!!! maybe tom. i will have it in my account!! im getting excited now!!!! thanks for the number  sassy!!!!!! and good luck everyone!!!! :D
    • yay amber!!!
    • No problem.. I've been watching these comments all weekend and found a lot of helpful answers happy these. Are all positive things on this one good luck to y'all as well
    • yeah me too im so glad i seen this board, the other one had so much drama and crazy ppl lol :D
    • Thanks for the number :)
    what is SBBT? i keep seeing it around, but still unsure of what it is??
    • it's santa barbara bank and trust its the third party tt uses if you chose to have your fees deducted from your refund. :)
    • ohh!! i did that! is there a link someone can give me??
    • it is I believe :)
    • here ya go
    • thanks pucknut2003 I just realized I gave her the wrong one! lol sorry about that :)
    • thanks! aha :D
    • I kinda sorta bookmarked it yesterday
    • Everytime I go to sbtpg website it says it has no record of my refund. I don't understand
    • did you opt to have your fees taken from your refund when you filed with tt?
    • if u used free edition then u wouldnt be on that site  like me im not on there  i used free and i mail my state in
    • When were you accepted? Did you pay for ur filing fees thru TT? You may not be set up now but u should be this week. People that can view the filing fees should get money this week! The meF system IRS uses supposedly does refunds in 3 to 5 days!
    • i just checked it, blah. it says: "Bank has not received your IRS refund"
    • last year when I did my taxes sbbt did not change that message until the day I got it. So i guess as soon as they get it they send it out. I checked it on a tuesday night last year and got that same message you got but my refund was in my account Wednesday morning and i checked sbbt site and it had my refund up there.
    • well that gives me some hope! i've never filed my own taxes until this year, my mum has always claimed me because i lived with her for so long. so i'm not sure how long the process actually takes. i did my ex boyfriends taxes for him last year, & he got his back in a week. although he wound up paying h&r block over 400$ in fees. yikes!
    Het peps! Im so pissed at uncle sam this year , I usually have my taxes filed by the 15th and back by the 28th but since i found out they were delaying the process this year I havent even bothered to file until the window opened for them to process it... but after reading through 175 post about how they are still accepting them , i shouldve filed to expedite the process :( well good luck to you guys keep us posted
    • it was definitely a surprise to have my return accepted I almost didn't believe it at first until i saw other peoples were accepted as well. Hopefully yours will be accepted quickly and your refund hits super fast :)
    • essence I have seen several people who filed today and got accepted today! Get in there!
    I filed the 17th and was too accepted on the 24th...  unfortunately I checked my bank account today and nothing yet..  ill check again in the morning as my bank don't DD weekends...  I live in Florida so no state taxes..  will post as soon as I see $$ in bank account!! good luck and god bless!!
    I was also accepted early Friday morning will be checking my account in the morning good luck everyone
    • yay! hopefully we all see nice surprises in our accounts in the morning and if not then at least sometime this week. :)