Can't install TurboTax Deluxe 2012 to my Windows 7 Desktop. Please help.

After installing 3% of the software.  It said "Hold on, we're getting all the technical bits together..."  Then a window named "TurboTax 2012 Utility - 2012.0.0.15" pop up.  It says "Oops! The installation hit a snag.  We'll see if we can fix the problem.  When we're done, we'll retry the install from the beginning."  Then it runs successfully "Fix File and Folder", then successfully "Fix Registry...." and one more step.  The last step is "Fix .NET Framework 4.0" and it fails.  Then an error window pop up (please see the attachment).  When I click "Check for Solution" in this pop-up error message window, there is no solution.

So, I CAN'T install the program.  Please help.
    After spending over 26 hours on this same problem....
      i.e. updated windows updates, new malware, scanned, virus scanned, uploaded current drivers,  called Intuit 1 hour, hung up, no answer, called the next day 45 mins, no answer, called again, this time w. new phone I found 888 777 3103, was told by tech from phillipines, that cd I bought from Costco had known production problems and was not updated.
    My computer stated: I had  "d:\not accessible, the request was not performed because of an I/O device problem.

    After several solutions, updating windows updates, making sure I had .net framework 4, and the numerous other solutions on google and this website, the problem was simply a bad Turbotax cd.

    Downloaded software from online w. tech walking me through it and wa lah!  installed, 2011 files transferred.  Couldn't be more relieved.  was about to give up turbo tax for another software.  Spent hours and hours on this!   when All Turbo tax had to do was post this problem on their front page. The phillipines tech guy was excellent, professional and knew exactly what to do.  Turbotax, Intuit, the company sucks!  They had several phone numbers online that you had to search for, but didn't work., was on hold for hours. Their help forums did not address the problem, instead prompted me to the long solutions w. the registry, net framework, etc.  

    Good luck, the problem was not my computer, browser, d drive, hardware, updates, etc, but the Turbo Tax cd!!!!!   thanks for the wasted time Turbo Tax! and the wild goose chase.  Would have been good, if you just admitted it was your production problem!
      Forget about getting help from Intuit. If they cared they'd have posted a fix on their web site, one that has been tested and works. I switched to TaxAct and it installed the first time and worked flawlessly.
        I'm sorry to see you're having .NET issues, but here's some information that should help you get it installed and working properly.

        .NET 4 is required to run TurboTax 2012. To verify whether or not you have it installed simply go into Control Panel and get the list of installed programs from the Programs and Features icon (or Uninstall a Program option) and look for "Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile" or "Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended"

        If those are not there and you are having issues with installing TurboTax, it is designed to automatically install .NET 4 on your system, however in rare cases there are issues with automatically installing it. Some of these can be resolved by choosing the "Run as Administrator" option when starting the installer. Otherwise, you can download a standalone installer from the Microsoft website here:

        If you do have .NET 4 on your system and are experiencing issues installing TurboTax related to that, there is a .NET cleanup tool that was created by a Microsoft employee, Aaron Stebner, and is hosted on his blog here:
        You'll want to run that according to the instructions he provided and then reinstall .NET 4 once it is completed, this should fix any broken or corrupted installations of .NET on your system.

        Note that, since .NET 4 is built into the operating system in Windows 8, if you are experiencing this issue on a Windows 8 system it is instead recommended you try using the System File Checker utility instead. You can do this by following the instructions in this FAQ:

        Hopefully this helps resolve some of these issues.
          Hi again everyone. I wanted to mention an additional tool that Microsoft created recently to fix .NET issues on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. If you're having issues with .NET this can be a quick fix, and takes very little time to install and run. It can be found here:
          • Still can't install on my XP ,machine.
          TurboTax is having trouble installing Microsoft's .NET 4. Please try installing that directly from Microsoft. If that installs smoothly, TurboTax is likely to install as well.
          Joseph Elwell.
          • The above solution DOES NOT WORK. Fix the software because other people seem to e having the same issue!
          • Ditto what  taylor.rick09 said.  I've searched and tried everything I can find to fix this and still no luck. To add insult ti injury, online chat shut down for the night while I was waiting in the cue for 1/2 hour.
          • I'm having the same problem. I've tried everything!  I've used Turbo Tax for over ten years and I'm ready to return it to the store!
          • This must be a hardcore problem, one that demands a fix from Intuit. I quit trying to solve the problem after spending several hours with Intuit's tech support group in the Philippines. I hope Costco will refund my purchase.
          • I gave up and got a refund. I installed TaxAct and it just installed and worked. When anyone purchases software you expect that the developers have tested and tested until they are sure that it works. I never received any help from Intuit on my problem. It was like hey we got our money now go away. I know that their software relies heavily on the DotNet framework but still they could have made their software detect that you didn't have it then install it automatically. Hell Nero installs about 12 other programs from Microsoft before it installs their own core files and never have I had a failure on install. Like I said it seems to me like they genuinely do not care about their install base. If you are having issues I urge you to get a refund any way that you can because you won't be getting any help from Intuit!!!!!!
          • Same as taylor.rick09.  Worker on it 6 hrs. Worked on it with TurboTax reps for 2.5 hrs. Called in the big guns - my son. He spent 5-6 hours on it and simply told me...  it's broken and is NOT EVER going to work on my Windows 7 machine. He fixes broken computers/programs, software issues as a computer tech with a huge hospital. He sees everything!  He TRIED everything! The big issue seems to be that the 2012 package (CD or download direct from TT) are very compatible with Windows XP and earlier, but cannot cope with some of the various configurations possible in Windows 7 and newer Windows systems. I purchased the CD via TurboTax Advantage. Got a refund!  Now I need to shop for a different brand of tax software.  Too bad... I've been using TT forever and really like a bunch of it's features.  TaxAct,, H&R Block software, ??? anybody have other suggestions of what I can check out?  3 other family members have also been doing their taxes on my TT software, so they'll be shopping too.
          • I reinstalled dot net 4 from the Microsoft site. I've been using TurboTax since the very earliest versions and this is ridiculous. If I don't hear from someone at Intuit, this software is going back to Amazon.
          • I had .Net 4 installed on my computer. Then,I tried to install TT12 and it failed.
            I ran all tests and validations listed in this page on .Net 4 installed on my computer. Then I tried to install TT12 again and it failed.
            I uninstalled .Net 4 installed on my computer and re-installed .Net4. Then I tried to install TT12 again and it failed.
            I uninstalled .Net 4 installed on my computer and installed .Net4.5. Then I tried to install TT12 again and it failed.

            === FIX ===
            Finally, I uninstalled .Net from my computer. I tried to install TT12. TT12 detected no .NET on my computer and installed NET 4.0 and completed successful installation of TT12.

            My take on problem: Problem is with TT12 that seems to have problem in working with previously installed (and verified by Microsoft tools to be good) .NET4 on Windows7 systems.
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