updates wont download

Trying to download the new federal updates and am unsuccessful. Please help

    If you are using the Desktop Version of TutboTax on a Windows computer try downloading the latest update manually.  Make sure you Read all the information on this link and follow all the instructions.
    Hope this helps.

      You can also try.
      Had this problem along with not updating the state side of the program.
      Go into the program files ( drive C: for most people) and open the TurboTax folder.  Left click on the 2012 Turbo Tax version you are running and then left click on either the 32 bit or 64 bit folder, whichever system you are running.  Scroll down to 'turbotax.exe' and right click on the program, left click 'run as administrator'.  This should work, it solved my State issues and as well as updating my Federal forms.  You should not have to start Turbo Tax again this way unless updates are needed.
      • I had to download the fed program manually and was able to use it successfully.  However, cannot update the state prep program.  I get a message "Failed to install update. The profile for the user is a temporary profile".  Tried running as an admin, and then I first get an error 42016 which seems to indicate problem w/ internet connectivity (tried disabling anti-virus and firewall, did not work).  I can get beyond the 42016 error and then the program tries to update the state prep (issued 2/20/13) and I still get the fail to install message above.
      I bought a CD2012 for tuboxtax for Mac
      I put the the cd and loaded and tuboxtax ix on the system but is wont execute
      I am running 4.9.11
      I ren tubostax 2009, 2010, 2011
      But not 2012
        I called Turbo Tax personally and asked for a manual update. If you are a Mac user, you must exit out and quit  the Turbo Tax program. Then go to your Applications folder, and click Turbo Tax 2012. The screen will then pop up and guide you through updating your Turbo Tax. Continue following the instructions and you will then be able to file because your forms will be ready!
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