I just received the following TurboTax text message:
"Great News!....Your federal return was accepted early by the IRS.  Check your email for a confirmation message"....I confirmed email message and logged onto TurboTax and confirmed "Accepted" efile status....good luck with your efile........
  • I dont understand this at all! can we start checking wheres my refund at 12am? Maybe we will all be surprised. I got accepted early to by the irs and sbt has my fees ready to be taken out but no refund has been give yet! Im hoping to have mine by friday.
  • when was ur accepted? I was accepted the 25th..paid my fees in advance. callex irs they gave me generalized answer about starting processing the 30th???I am hoping for tomorrow.
  • did any of you claim the education credit? the one that theyve delayed?
  • Does this mean if you went to school then your taxes are delayed? Im reading on it but dont fully understand
  • Guess I am one of the lucky one's was excepted on the 24th of Jan went to the irs wheres my refund says will be deposited in my bank on Friday the 1st yeppppie for me!
  • I was accepted on the 25th also I called the refund hotline and the automatic system said my refund is schedules to be DD in my account 2/1
  • Me too:)
  • i was accepted on the 28th... but nothing updated for me as of 5pm today. If it follows suit, i should be getting it  Monday the 4th. Thats IF claiming 2 dependents doesn't make a difference. Look forward to my  $7200.
  • I was accepted 1/26 I wonder when mine will deposit!
  • It's just going to keep going from the first and so on.  26th most likely on the 2nd if not 4th not sure if they depositing on sat.  I'm set for the 1st.
  • I just checked SBBT website  ( https://cisc.sbtpg.com/index.aspx ) and they have received my tax refund from the IRS! It said on the IRS site it would be deposited the 1st but it's a day early! Now just waiting for SBBT to send it to my bank :)
  • taxjaded did u claim school?
  • Nope.
  • Yea mine did the same thing this am.  Hoping it doesn't take long for them to send it to my bank
  • Well guys SBBT is now showing that they sent my DD to my bank. It has NOT yet shown up in my acct though
  • How do you know it was sent to you bank?  I'm not sure how to check that.  I just went on the site and it says that SBBT received their funds and the amount that will be deposited but doesnt tell me if it was already sent over or not
  • It says on the top.. Bank has sent deposit to financial institution. Then when I click dispersment info it shows sent 1/31 to my bank acct.
  • Ohh ok.  I thought that meant that's when it was sent to them from IRS.  Got it!! Sorry I wasn't quite sure as this is the first year I used Tt and SBBT.  Thank you :-). Although I will cont to use them I've heard good things so I wanted to give it think ill be using them from now on
  • I got the same message saying congrats you have been accepted on the 25th but on the WMR it still says that it was received but not approved but turbo tax says i am accepted? My friend is getting her on friday and we did ours two min apart. When will I get mine??
  • I was also accepted 1/25 and no info earlier so I kept checking and it now says my bank has the amount I called my bank and for sure it was there pending to be released at 12am.
  • Does anyone know why there is a delay if you are to receive the education tax credit...
  • Really @erika?! Have you called the number to see if they updated the date?
  • No.  My refund is in my bank account pending to be deposited at 12am.
  • Could you call?...please?
  • Call who?  I'm sorry a little confused. IRS always gave me a deposit date of 2/1.  SBBT received my funds today this morning.  This afternoon they sent it over to my bank.  I called my bank to verify they received the deposit they did advised that they have received the deposit and it was due to be released at 12am tomorrow 2/1.So my funds will be available to use at 12am
  • whendid u get accepted?
  • 1/25
  • Just an update...I just called my bank and my funds are available as of.now.
  • I was also accepted 1/25 i checked the irs2go app this morning told me they aren't able to provide me with a status of my refund and to call 8008290582 x362 for help well called and waited an hour for nobody to answer the call. Then I checked online and it said your tax return is still processing a refund date will be provided when available....don't have the bar across the top like I did yesterday....its back to the old way from last year. ugh!! so confusing and frustrating.
  • Girl mine says the same thing.........I filed 1/17 accepted 1/24
  • I just checked to see if I can order a transcript and that went through....is that a good sign then? lol
  • my wmr says processing and yesterday an IRS agent said mine was still waiting to be processed and wasn't yet in the system but I was able to order the transcript of the return as well.....maybe wmr is just not updating correctly
  • hopefully thats what it is since its back to the old style of the wmr and not the new one for this year.
  • The automated hotline just gets all it's info from the WMR(I think). And the IRS can't be updating the WMR tool because I've been stuck on the generic "21 days after being received" status for 3 days now, but I was "accepted" on the 26th by turbotax. Wasn't the IRS supposed to approve or reject returns within 48 hours starting on the 30th?
  • I did hear it was supposed to be faster this year......
  • I finally was able to order a transcript as well just now, I filed on the 7th accepted on the 23rd still in processing blah blah... but as of this am the transcript went through! is that a good sign?
  • we are hoping LOL.....I filed 1/17 accepted 1/24 and I was also able to order the return transcript
  • I got accepted on the 27th any knows when i prob will get my refund??
  • I got accepted on 1-26 but the IRS states that they did not receive my refund until 1-29? and They are telling me that it can take 21 days to get my refund.
  • I filed 1/17 and got accepted 1/24 and just this am after only processing on wmr I have a dd of 2/6!  Hang in there your's will come :)
  • Congrats Kelbellz! I finally got a DD this morning of 2/6 as well and I was accepted on 1/25.  Hopefully there will be more posts today saying the same!
  • Thanks! same to you LOL......I am sooo happy and relieved.....we just bought a house and are moving March 1 so this money is a huge blessing for us :)
  • I was accepted the 25th wmr online says no info available so I called wmr automated and have a dd for 2/6. Yay!
  • pls i got accepted on the 31st does any one knows when my account would be credited
  • Yay Hayleesmommy :-)
  • Hayleesmommy did wmr ever give you any info?  Everytime I check wmr there is no info.  I was accepted 1/26 and I cannot get info from wmr or the 800#
  • Mine never did.....it always just said processing a dd will be given once it is available.  Never got the new wmr it was the old one for me......until yesterday morning....
  • Online wmr never gave me info. When I called 800 number thats when I found out I had a dd.
  • Thanks, it's just frustrating because I cannot get any information at all.
  • I still ahve not gotten any info about my refund. there is a tax topic at the bottom of wmr status ...tax topic 152. Are they not going to dd into my account? I have been using the same account for the last several years.
  • I have that also with no dd have u got any additional info?
  • I have not received a dd  yet. I was accepted on the 01/28. I spoke to an irs rep on 02/06 and was told that my return was processed and that their is a credit on my account but because I filed the injured spouse form that it will take up to 11 weeks to finish the process. Then the rep stated that I shouldn't have file the injured spouse form because child support takes out their money automatically out of my husband paycheck. I told them that my husbands ssn was flagged that's why I filed the form. the rep stated that as long as child support is deducting money from my husbands pay check then they can not take any money from our refund. Anyways I cancel the form and the  rep stated that the person processing my return has 30 days to delete the form and send us our refund. So we should receive our refund by 03/06. Now I know next year not to file that form....
And before this post gets all crazy I just want to confirm with you right away that I personally have talked to at least 2 people who know over 4 people/family/friends who got accepted Tuesday and Wednesday and have their full refunds already......don't listen to anyone saying nothing is being processed until 1/30 because clearly that is not correct information.....I got accepted yesterday ;)  Good Luck! 
  • Its true its true!
  • mine was accepted yesterday at 7:30 pm. lets hope we get them early.
  • lucknlove, are sure the people you are talking about did not have a refund type loan?
  • nothey specifically said no loans no gimmicks just the plain old refund
  • cool ... hope mine comes tomorrow then. guess we will see
  • a post from another user, found this to be helpful as well so I am passing it along:

    Starting in 2012 the IRS started rolling over to a new refund system that is able to process refunds in  a couple of days instead of taking weeks. Last year some people where processed over the new system and they got their refund fast. This year, the old processing system has been retired and everyone is being processed on the new modern system which will increase the speed of the returns.

  • I checked the tpg site that turbotax uses for the direct deposits by logging in with my ss number and refund amount and it has an account set up for my refund already. Last year I was not able to access my info for TPG until after my returns were PROCESSED by the IRS so it looks as though they are doing things behind the scenes this year.
  • I did that also and it said the same thing for me. It shows the fee's I owe and says waiting for IRS TO SEND YOUR REFUND.
  • me to!! there are a couple people saying they recieved it already?! not sure if thats true..but the irs is using a different system this year to make things go faster =)
  • I' having so much trouble logging in turbotax.
  • how do I get to the tpg site that turbotax uses for the direct deposits.
  • LESLI... you go here:

  • Thanks
  • Mines says it was accepted yesterday at 10 is there any way I may get it early has anyone received a refund?
  • mine was accepted last night but when I log into the tt app it says my refund well be before February 20th... I hope I'm like those others and get mine real soon! anyone get the same message on the app and still get it early ( for the ones that got it already)?
  • Yea true we all got it with a date of feb 20th.
  • hmmm...were you one who got your refund already?
  • No I didn't. But Iam one that sbbt bank has set up and account for and says is waiting for IRS to send the refund. Sbbt is the bank IRS uses when u have ur filing fees taken out of ur refund.
  • I havent got mine it said no later then feb 20 on tt app
  • keep me updated if you get yours early! I need me some money
  • Shiiiiiitttttt u ain't the only one lol I will def let it be known!
  • Filed 1/18, got an email @ 10 am today stating that my federal was accepted. TT app has date of feb 20 or earlier. SBBT account set up with fees to be taken out but still waiting on funds from irs. HAS ANYONE PERSONALLY RECEIVED THEIR REFUND YET? There seems to be a lot of hear say going on. I just want to be able to be legit excited if I actually do get it early. Any HELPFUL info is appreciated. Thanks!
  • I just need the money to get my first car registered, pay the taxes, and insurance. I am so excited, also my first year filing
  • Read this... There is hope.
    Ok for those of you who need proof!

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    I too recieved my refund this morning after getting accepted Wednesday filing with Taxact Online...I was told?

    I filed my taxes two weeks ago on Taxaxct.com,Got Accepted 01/23/2013 & Recieved My money on my debitcard this morning 01/25/2013,is it safe to spend? AND is this also a sign that for other filers that refunds will be issued two days after refunds are accepted? Because i c others have gotten their full refund also on this test run.
    23 hours ago
     - 3 days left to answer.
  • Hope my netspend card gets here today so I can activate it. They said two weeks to expect my card. that was on the 18th
  • I filed on the 21st and got accepted last night 1/25/13 at 8:44pm. I filed using tax act. I've checked the IRS Santa Barbara bank website but my info isn't found. Maybe cause its the weekend. I've heard some ppl have already received their refunds within 48hrs. If that's true should I be checking my bank around Wednesday? I hope this is true. Like everyone on here, I can really use the money.
  • Your sbbt has to have info before anything. Like the amt of the fees for filing.
  • Once your SBBT is set up with the fees they are just waiting for the IRS to send your refund so they can deduct there fees for you filing then SBBT sends the rest of your refund to YOUR DD acct.
  • Right. But does the irs deposit on weekends?
  • SBBT is a Mon-Fri business so wait until Monday
  • Supposing with the new meF system there using its everyday 24/7.
  • The system is the bank taking fees out is not
  • Thanks for the info about sbbt but I know. I was asking about irs?
  • Yes the IRS system is supposed to be 24/7 but I hear many are getting canned answers from the IRS much like we keep hearing no one accepted before 1/30 LOL
  • I got accepted this morning so hopefully $$$$ soon!!!
  • What is the tpg site
  • https://cisc.sbtpg.com/
    Be careful their is a fake site too. This is the real one.
  • taxact users dont ust tpg but republic bank, www.republictaxpayer.com
  • Mine got accepted yesterday evening but filed with Taxact- republictaxpayer.com I cannot even login to it says nothing on file? Should I be worried I have always used SBBT and  TT so dont know what to expect with tax act and republic bank not having info? Any ideas?
  • i have the same issue i usually use turbotax to i dont think we have anything to worry about though just check back on monday hoping for a early dd
  • Thanks
  • I got accepted on the 25th I'm hoping I receive my DD on Tuesday(tomorrow the 29th). Anyway I can confirm this or check into this?
  • Erika did u have ur fees deducted from your refund thru TT?
  • Yes. I've checked the site as well you've given me previously and all I see are the fees deducted and it saying not sent yet to my bank
  • how can i cheek the site and see if fee deducted
  • Yes no ones is displaying any info right now other then the fees. @ sowell you can go here to check https://cisc.sbtpg.com/
  • Oh ok.  Hoping I get ny deposit tomorrow.  That would be great!
  • Mine had it showing the other day but not now
  • Just hang in there everyone we will start seeing DD on the 30th and everyday after The IRS is depositing refunds this year every week day not just on Fridays! goodluck
  • What does this mean I have an account its saying what I have to pay so how much longer?
  • Ok so i called the wheres my refund hotline it said refund would be sent to bank on feb 1st. I cant get through on website. So i callex the stbg or whatever bank tt uses and she said no they lied. They said it would not be sent to them for 10-14 days from today. I filed 17 accepted 24th. She said after that 10-14 days it would be 2 more before it got to bank. Im comfused why she said they are lying and if my money is actially going on netspend cArd, how long before i see tge money. My fees are coming out of federal. She acted like she didnt know what a net spend card was either.
  • You file with liberty
  • If u file w tt you'll most likely have tomorrow.  Mine was received at SBBT earlier and was sent to my bank a few hours after which its pending to be release at 12am.  So they might be saying that to make sure your bank has time to deposit.  As long as SBBT has received it you should get it tomorrow
I think some people DIDNT get their refunds earlier. Some people just want to give other people high hopes for something that won't happen....#SetUp!!! lol. Just kidding, I don't know about getting it in two days. Or the next day.
  • Next week would still be nice and fast in my opinion. LOL
  • Yes, DespMom, that would be so lovely! "It's my money and I need it now!" lol.
  • They accepted my refund on the 20th. The IRS has been VERY clear about when they will start sending them out. Jan 30th. I think if you were accepted early you are ahead of the game and ahead of the slow polks. I do not believe at all anyone who says they have gotten their returns back already. They just want people to think they didnto amp up the anticipation. #quitlying
  • Filed 1/24 got an early acceptence email and txt on 1/26 with the estimated date of before friday feb. 20
    Also my sbbt bank acc has already been set up and simply waiting on the funds
  • Yes corralecarlos that is around the 21 days time frame the IRS gives.
  • Mines was accepted early as well and turbotax confirmed it but i dont have a date on mines but i feel why would they waiste there time accepting them if they are not going to start processing them i think they just dont want to be bambarded just yet lol trying to secretly get ahead
  • Has anyone got accepted through h&r block I efiled mine on there website
  • I haven't heard of any H&R Block customers getting accepted early.
  • I know damn them lol
  • lol don't you just love this time of year :)
  • mine was also accepted today ... hoping to get the money early.... i mean if they accept and process early, i am certain they will also send the money and not make you wait ... because the system is AUTOMATED ... SO IT WILL SEND OUT THE MONEY AFTER A CERTAIN TIME ... ITS NOT A PERSON THAT WILL SEND YOU YOUR MONEY
  • I efiled mine this morning at 11:13 am. Got the text & email confirm of my return being accepted by the IRS at 2:14 this afternoon.
    Does being accepted early actually make a difference?
  • I efiled mine this morning at 11:13 am. Got the text & email confirm of my return being accepted by the IRS at 2:14 this afternoon.
    Does being accepted early actually make a difference?
  • Any body efile with h&r block and get an accepted email or text
  • why are you guys making this difficult again this year?  Once you're **Accepted*** ( as some of us have ) and  the IRS  starts **Processing**, (the  30th)  You will fall under the category of "Up to 21 days"... not IN 21 Days....Not AROUND 21 days. But UP TO 21 days.  If you have already been accepted, as i have, chances are we'll be getting an email stating *****EXPECT your refund within 21 days***** NO MORE CERTAIN  CYCLE DATES, BUT A GENERAL "Up To 21 Days"
  • ^ i was asking if it actually made a DIFFERENCE. Not trying to make things difficult. Thank you.
  • sorry, didnt mean to direct that AT  you, but to all in general.
  • thats what mine is saying too!
  • did any of you guys have the education credit form when you filed?
  • I did. I filed on the 25th and mine is still processing:(
Yes, the IRS has been running some tests on their system and accepting some returns.  However, they have warned that their 21-day "semi-guarantee" of a refund starts from 1/30/2013 in these cases, not from the date of acceptance.  So being accepted early is no guarantee of your refund coming any faster.
The automated system is set to start processing refunds Jan 30th. 1.5 more days of waiting folks!
  • if they are testing their system, i would assume they will not just accept the returns ( because what kind of test would that be?) i would assume they would also process them returns ??? awwwww .... all i know is last year i filed early with TT, my return was not accepted until 2 days after they actually accepted returns ... i had to wait 23 days to get my money... friends that filed with Taxact after i did ... received their money EARLY ... not sure why ... one friend actually received the money after 8 days of acceptance ... i did not believe it and they showed me the paperwork and their money in their pockets ...
If you are having trouble viewing online "where's my refund" call the 800 # listed. It worked for me....I was accepted 1/25 and my direct deposit date is 2/1
  • @allhere it takes 72 from the date you were accepted from the IRS it will be there tomorrow but you most likely won't see no pay until next week.
  • I cant see my info but, the phone system says it processing..Maybe just a lot of traffice today
  • *72 hours
  • thank you Lita_B, i had thought it was 48 hours, and after i just checked it says processing ... and i assume tomorrow morning it will give me more info and if i get my moneys next week, i will be happy as a frog
  • Do any of you know about the tax delay? I went to school this year so does that mean I have to wait until mid feb? Tho my taxes have already been accepted?
  • You might just end up missing a portion of the money for the school tax credit.
  • ok thank you
  • i was accepted on the 27th and wmr is stating its processing. that was earlier today. now i can't log on and it did this last year before i got my dd date. did yours do that also? also what date do u think i will get?
  • Yes mowens37013 mines is doing the same I got my return early last year too and the system did the same thing I can only get updates by calling the 1800 number last year I receive my return on 2/3 and it was released on the 2/3 also so I am thinking friday
I filed on the 17th with TA.  I was accepted on the 25th.  I couldn't get into WMR at all yesterday.  I was able to get info from the 800 # but it was just the standard canned answer (said my return was accepted and my refund should be expected within 21 days from the date of acceptance).  This morning WMR says that the return is being processed.  I decided to check the irs2go app out. The app says my refund is being processed.  My return was a simple, HOH, 1 dependent and student loan interest. I am very hopeful that those of us who were accepted last week and have DD will receive our refunds by tomorrow.  So far the IRS has done something different than what they said they would do and it has worked in my favor (e.g. student loan interest form not avail until Jan 18th-not true, avail on 17th.  No returns being accepted until Jan 30th-not true, I was accpeted on the 25th)  and it sounds like most of the people here have experienced the same.  Hopefully the DD of our refunds will be no different!!  Best wishes to you all.  May we all be blessed with something extra in our bank accounts very soon!!!
  • Does anyone's status on WMR that was accepted on the 25th still say processing? I wonder if we will get refund tomorrow. I sure do hope so. Whoever gets their refund tomorrow, pls post on here. Just to give us hope. Thanks
  • My return was accepted early, on the 25th. I checked the wheresmyrefund thing on the IRS site this morning and it said it would be deposited on the 1st. I checked the SBBT site  https://cisc.sbtpg.com/index.aspx  for the heck of it this morning and it said nothing,  I checked a couple hours later and it has been sent to SBBT already. Just waiting for SBBT to send to my bank. I have used Turbo Tax with their SBBT method for many years now and have noticed it always comes a day or two early which is why I checked. To me their services are excellent and very speedy. I have never had any problems or delays caused by either Turbo Tax or SBBT. (Some people just get a wee bit too impatient and have to turn their anxieties somewhere so they post on here panicking lol.)  Also make sure to allow a couple days for YOUR bank to process the deposit once it comes from SBBT to them. SBBT almost always forwards the funds to your bank within 24 hours of receiving them. I've almost always received mine by the evening they post that they received it or the next day. It's up to how fast and reliable your bank is after that. Hope it helps and eases some anxiety!
  • Hi taxjaded.  So it should take 24 hours for SBBT to send to my bank?  Called bank said once they receive there is no hold for it just depends on when SBBT sends to then.
  • I send mines on 29th hopefully I will get the acceptance today ! and I hope it doesn't happens same that last year - system got over loaded and I never got the acceptence until I went to another tax program
  • yea it takes them up to 24 hours to be posted on SBBT
  • Well mine is already posted on SBBT just wasn't sure how long it would take them to send the funds to my bank account. Hmm lol
  • @veronica....you can go to another tax preparer?
  • After saying nothing but processing on WMR for the last couple of days, got a DD of 2/6. So that's about what I had estimated originally, but I was sure hoping for 2/1.  I hope there will be more posts today of people receiving DD who were accepted early and stuck in processing land. Good luck and best wishes! (Filed 17th, Accepted 25th,  remained in PROCESSING on WMR til 2/1, DD 2/6)
So has anyone got it?
  • I was wondering the same. Has anyone received their refund? I was accepted on the 25th. No refund yet.
  • the "where is my refund" page is not available yet ... so i assume by tomorrow morning you should be able to check and see whats happening
  • i dont think anyone received their money yet .... if so they would be posting on here ...
  • Some people have received their refunds iI just dont thnk anyone who was accepted the 25th has as.of yet.  I know I haven't. i
  • i just got my federal but am still missing money from it. where is the rest of my money?
  • when did you get accepted yingtang and did you pay up front
  • update dd for feb 1 on wmr good luck guys there coming filed the 14th accepted 25th
  • they can not find my INFO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! on wmr ..........
  • if anyone received their refund, please post, when you filed and when accepted ............ so the info can help us
  • Feb.1st! Yay! Filed on 10th, accepted 25th.
  • congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • so it looks like they are sending out the money within a week .... i hope this works out like that
  • We are sorry Where's My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try again later or call the Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954 *** thats what happened last year **** now whats going on ????
  • It said that the first couple times i tried. I waited a bit and tried again and it worked. Its probably getting overloaded...lol
  • Yeah Baby Just checked it my refund will be sent to my Bank on the 1st TY TT and The IRS!!!!
  • YAY!!!! FOR YOU GUYS ... I GUESS i will wait and check again in a little, i filed on the 25th and was accepted on the 28th, so i am hoping i wont have to wait to long for my moneys last year for some reason i had to wait almost 4 weeks to get my money and i had filed EARLY .... say a prayer, i really really need the money ...
  • I'll be getting my on feb.3  i got accepted on the 27th yayyyyyyy im going shopppppinggggggggg
  • yay for you !!!!!!!!!!!! and happy shopping
  • So if its sent to the bank on 1st.  (Mine said the same) does that mean funds will be available on the first?
  • it depends on your bank, if they process payments overnight and up until 8am it should be available ...
  • Ok so i called the wheres my refund hotline it said refund would be sent to bank on feb 1st. I cant get through on website. So i callex the stbg or whatever bank tt uses and she said no they lied. They said it would not be sent to them for 10-14 days from today. I filed 17 accepted 24th. She said after that 10-14 days it would be 2 more before it got to bank. Im comfused why she said they are lying and if my money is actially going on netspend cArd, how long before i see tge money. My fees are coming out of federal. She acted like she didnt know what a net spend card was either.
  • WHATS HAPPENING NOW JUST CHECKED AGAIN ( WAS ACCEPTED 01/28) GETTING : You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.
  • I dont have a bank turbo tax sends it to stb or something like that they deduct funds and then put it on netspend card or something
  • I DID ENTER CORRECTLY THOUGH ... Y THEY ALWAYS DO THAT TO ME ..........................................................???????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • I got accepted on the 25th. WMR says still processing. I filed my friends and she also got accepted on the 25th and it says dd on the 1st. :(
  • you got the 3rd off the wmr website?
  • If you have a past debt or something in that nature they can take it out you can call IRS ans they will explain
  • There's an 800 number if you call it will tell you if you were offset for a dept owed to the IRS ie student loans etc.
  • Thayd what I get to what's thst mean. I wss one of first to get accepted
  • If your refund is offset it means IRS or treasury took it to pay a debt you owed.  You have to call and find out who and how much if not all. Mine was offset but not the whole amount.  Even though its still pending in my account to be released at 12am
  • The offset number is 800-304-3107
  • when did she file and when was it accepted? thats crazy
  • AWESOME Shena, i'm happy for you, i got accepted 01/28 in the evening and just now it updated to processing ... so i am hoping i will get my money by the end of next week. my state has NOT been accepted yet for some reason
  • now the IRS mobile app is confusing me ? it says sent/direct deposited ***** $$$ reference number is blank ... is being processed: blank ... how does the mobile app show you what they are doing right now ...
  • That  is great @allhere I guess they are updating as we speak... and you will have your money next week...  Good Luck
  • not for sure but, what ever it is it is a good sign..I'll c what i can find
  • don't be surprise if, it comes this week depending on your direct deposit. cycle.This new irs tax system is suppose to work faster...
  • Did anyone go to school thats getting a refund?
  • No one that I know of at this time, per the IRS if you file scholl with 8893 they want process the refund until the mid of febuary because they are checking for bugs in the system.  But, I think that is just another put off so we won't call them.  So keep checking..
  • Mine is saying cant find information now earlier it said the first. Tried to use irs 2 go it says that its from 2011
  • @madwil   thats what mine has been doing, first it could not find me (all morning ) , then it changed to processing, and now it can not find my information again .... i think either the info on WMR changes along the way while they are processing, or the WMR system is having issues.
    you can still use the irs2go app. it found my info also .... but right after checking wmr and saying it can not find me, irs2go did the same thing
  • @shena_B thats what my irs2go showed also ... same thing ... so now i dont know if they are just processing, or if they already send the money and the reference number will update .... ??? how the irs keeps us busy doing all this mess for a little bit of money
  • WMR glitch .... if it said the first earlier then so be it .... they will not change it ... you should have your DD by the first .... or they sending it tonight and the info will update to send DD in the morning
  • Mine is doing the same thing. At firdt mine was saying processing on irs2go now it keep saying I enter the wrong information but when I call its say up to 21 days to receive my funds.
I'm new to this thread but here is what the IRS told me after waiting on 4 25 minutes...some refunds were selected 2 test the new system but not all that were selected early were necessarily processed. I filed the 10th got accepted the 24th & as of 8am PST  WMR says I'm being processed by the IRS but I have no refund date! This is crazy but I'll just have 2 be patient. Last year I got my refund a week after I was accepted hopefully its the same this year. If anyone finds out any other info please let me know. I see some people are saying they have a DD. Every1 have a blessed day!!!
  • WMR ONLY UPDATES ONCE A DAY ...  i had issues earlier today and it could not find my info at all, than 20 min ago it says "processing" and now i checked again and it can not find me anymore ... so i guess the WMR might be having an issue again. Check again tomorrow morning and you might have a DD date
  • yes same here
  • Same here also
  • Last year WMR would not find your info if you had checked the status more than 5times. This year apparently it's doing the same.
  • Well i just called the bank again that turbo tax uses and they said even if they receive the money on the first that it would still be 10-20 days from the first before i get it. What in the world???? I just want to know when i will get the money. Why would that bank need to hold it 10-20 days
  • Why would you use the TT bank????? My bank gets it on the 1st and I will get money on the first!
  • They have never done that in the past.  Not sure why they would start holdilng it that long now.  If they do, they won't have people using their services again in the future.. That's for sure.
  • I really have no idea why i filed my taxes on 17 th choice to have fees taken out of refund and direct deposit to net spend card. I got accepted on the 24 th and hotline says sent to bank on 1st website cant find it now but earlier did. Turbo tax bank shows fees to come out but dosent have date so i called them and they said no matter if tgey receive it on first i wouldnt get it for 10-20 days after but they also didnt know what a netspend card was which really worries me.
  • They are probably just saying that in general to everybody since our personal banks do hold for a few days before becoming available to us.  I'm sure they are saying that so people don't call them the next day asking where there money is when it's already been sent to our bank.
  • Does anyone know whats going on with the education credit forms? I've been accepted as of the 24th but got a email saying there's a delay for form 8863. I did my taxes with the form so does this delay apply to me. As if I'm not already having a horrible day :(
  • I was accepted the 26th, today it says will get with in 21 days and now they can't find my return. Agh if I didn't need it I wouldn't care but wish I had better answers. I hope to get it Friday!!!!
  • Idk about that .... first Cali said today that all IRS dd funds are released as they come in ... so if your money comes in at 4 am ( like 99% of all banks ) you have your money at 4am
  • Mines was accepted on the 26th and now they can't find it.    I hope I hear something by next week.
My god its painful. ..our luck is awful.  I soooo wish I was one of the ones accepted 3 days ago and filed 4 ago that has a dd. I filed the 19th and accepted 25th with nothing. And no ed credits
  • We should have our deposits Friday.  @starfantazy
  • Should being the notable word...lol
  • True well hopefully.  That's wat IRS is saying to me
  • @starfanzy. I filed on the 21, got accepted on the 25th. And this morning my status is still processing. Yesterday I had the worse day with my car. Flat tire, dead battery and stranded. Uughhhhh. Wish I could at least see a DD date. Don't know what's going on. :(  hope you all a great day. God bless.
  • Same thing here still processing. Filed on the 17th got accepted on the 24th and its still processing.
  • @castro and quisey...I hope u both good luck.
  • Thanks starfantazy!
  • It depends on what deductions you claimed, otherwise it's not until the 30th.
I've done 2 sets of taxes and the 1st was accepted on 26th and this morning it has DD For 2/4 It was HOH with 2 dependants  the second was MFJ with 2 dependants accepted on 30 no date yet
  • Yes checked the wmr this morning it worked and so checked the tt bank website and they received it today and it pending deposit to my netspend card hopefully will be there tonight. Question though those that had netspend card, how do you withdraw and where without fees
they ussually SBBT send them with in 24 hours to your bank so if SBBT received them today, it will be in your bank by tomorrow
  • Did anyone receive their refund yet that had a dd date of Feb 1st? Or that just got accepted on the 25th with a still processing status?
  • I got mine today!! :)
  • I got mine last night about 10pm.  In my account and available for use
  • What about those that say still processing and that were accepted on the 25th?
  • When I checTT it says Feb 20 still. IRS hasn't switched it to refund sent yet so I'm guessing that would.mean processing even though I have and used some of ny refund.
  • @erika so u did get ur refund even tho it still say processing in WMR?
  • Yes. It still says processing as we speak.
  • Mine does too :(
  • i was accepted late on the 24th and I have recieved mine refund yet?
  • me too I filed 1/17 accepted according to tt email on 24th and still processing this is what mine says on wmr:

    Refund Status Results
    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
    IRS Privacy Policy
  • mine too. My boyfriedns says the same thing. Just frustrating. Everything i have checked the wmr, santa barbara the irs site no dd date. Soemone help when will i recieve my refund?
  • its anyone's guess :(  I hope I get it by the end of the month at the very latest.......I seem to get stuck for some reason or another every year.....
  • Filed mine on 17th accepted on the 25th, Money in the bank this morning. Anyone who's dates are similar to mine and have not been paid yet might want to call the offset number. Maybe you have offsets
  • I agree @carrjason.  Same acceptance date and mine was available in my account last night.
  • I did call for both me and my husband and there is nothing for us....no debts to be paid
  • what is the offset number?
  • i dont have any debts to be paid i filed a simple return.
  • 800-304-3107
  • yea  nothing
  • so i wonder when i will get my refund?
  • It really doesn't make sense how they are accepting returns this year.....its obvious it is not in order of date filed.
  • lol yea its not because i filed my boyfriends taxes a week after i filed mine and he was accepted before me. Only by a couple hours but he was.  There isnothing on his refund either. :(
  • do you know what time the wedsite is updated? i know they say once a day but was wondering what time of day?
  • i have family who recieved theres today, that was accepting 1/24 & 1/25 i was accepted the 25th two. my fiance did his 2 weeks after i did got accepted 2/28 and has a DD already 2/5 !!!! so confused!! ugh
  • Yeah I just double checked and nothing for me or my husband.....I think truthfully its just random
  • @Kelbellz   Hi so yours says still processig etc... but you did get your refund..mine says the same i was accepted on the 23rd.. but i just tried to get my transcript for 2012 refund and it finally went through is that a good sign?  please say yes lol
  • nope no refund yet....yes it does still say processing....I filed on 1/17 and got accepted 1/24 but I too was able to get the transcripts ordered today......
  • and just out of curiosity I ordered both return and account transcripts and it went through on both
  • how do you get a transcript ordered?
  • Im sure they would not send a transcript of a return that was not fully processed... that would be pointless and fraudulent... lets cross our fingers.. what the hell im crossing my toes and eyes as well ha ha
  • go on irs.gov and I think its under tools  you just put in your social birthdate and address and it will either go through or tell you its unavailable at this time...
  • Yes it le me order the transcipt. Not sure what that means but it let me lol
  • I got accepted on the 27th any knows when i prob will get my refund??
  • I was too and just this am I have a dd date in wmr for feb 6 so hang in there peeps it will come.
  • What's a transcript & how can this help in determining if you tax return was aporoved
  • -I was processing all day for the last couple days! I was accepted 1-26 and had no DD. Checked this morning on the off chance and it showed a dd of Feb 6th
  • Sweet the transcripts is paperwork for your refund that you can order from irs. If it doesnt let you order one your processing won't be done but if it lets you order one it should be done...I was finally able to order one yesterday checked wmr online this morning said no info available at this time so I called wmr automated and I have a dd for 2/6.
  • My fed taxes were approved the 25th and I still dont have a dd. I did my taxes before my sister and her taxes was accepted on Jan 29 and she has a dd which is the feb 8th. Annoying! Hope my dd is coming up.
  • I jsut got my fed taxes accepted on the 1/27 now i just got my state accepted on the 2/1... does that mean i can get a dd
  • hotgirl don't listen to any dates anybody throws out there because i was accepted the 26 of Jan and still haven't got my refund.  there are a lot of people who have already received theres that were accepted after mine so it's just a waiting game :-(
  • I haven't got a dd date but according to irs my refund is being held due to further review. I filed 1/17/2013 and got accepted the 25th. All WMR says it is processing. I think the irs is full of it honestly.. Have to wait it is a waiting game.
  • That sounds like a auditb I had a state one last yr
  • Not sure. Why would they accept it in the first place.. I never had this happen. According to Jackson Hewitt irs completed my return the 25th with no more info needed. I'm clueless. And the guy from irs stated I'm still in the 21day time frame so idk
  • Does yours say delayed?
  • No it says processing. And on the irs app for 3days is has said sent/direct deposited for the amount and your refund is processing
  • No it says processing. And on the irs app for 3days is has said sent/direct deposited for the amount and your refund is processing
  • No it says processing. And on the irs app for 3days is has said sent/direct deposited for the amount and your refund is processing
  • No it says processing. And on the irs app for 3days is has said sent/direct deposited for the amount and your refund is processing
  • Well for my situation Jackson Hewitt is saying that everything with my return got accepted and in their computers it is saying all I'm waiting on is my money. She said irs would let them know by now if it was something wrong regardless irs is suppose to aware them... She also stated that maybe irs is just saying that. I've never called irs this has been the 1st time.. It has only been 7 days since I got accepted so I won't be happy till it is in my account. Last year I got it back in 12days.. Wish us all luck
  • Also last year I was stuck in processing mode for like 5days after my acceptance
  • I filed mine on 1/29 got accepted later that day and now have a dd of 2/6 hope its right but my boyfriend did his1/3 just got a dd on sat for 2/6 so who nos
  • I filed 1/17 got accepted 1/24 and I also have a dd of 2/6......I don't think they are doing these in any kind of order LOL......
  • No they are not doing it in any kind of order - just remember if your tax return was affected due to the changes on the tax credit thanks to our wonderful president then you will not be seeing or hearing anything until the middle or end of february- so do not panic - you are fine - if you are not affected by any of the tax law changes then panic LOL. I am sorry - then use another tax product and hopefully it will get accepted right away. I made my nephews taxes yesterday on taxslayer and got accepted by the IRS like in seconds after submitting- Mine has not been transmitted becuase I have the american opportunity credit and tuitions credits
  • Well in my situation irs said mine refund is being held due to further review... They couldn't give me a reason why. And I was accepted 1/25/2013  I've filed with Jackson Hewitt for 3years now. So from what I heard it could take 60 days after I recieve a letter. Or it is possible that within the 3weeks of processing they will pass it on threw with no more info needed. Has anyone ever had ths happen
  • @ brandygilliland8, how did u find yours was under review. Was it on wmr, or you called them
  • Also Jackson Hewitt said is that all I'm waiting on is the money says their computers... And that irs approved the money we are just waiting so idk. They said their is nothing in the computer from irs
  • Also Jackson Hewitt said is that all I'm waiting on is the money says their computers... And that irs approved the money we are just waiting so idk. They said their is nothing in the computer from irs
  • I called... Idk if it is true cause Jackson Hewitt said their computers are showing the money and everything was approved. But we are just waiting according to them
  • Wmr only says processing
  • @brandygilliland8..I spoke with IRS this morning and they told me that if something wrong with your return it would be a msg on WMR. Pertaining to what it is or telling you to call IRS
  • Yea thats true. And mine doesn't say nothing but processing.. And Jackson Hewitt is saying everything is fine. What does yours say
  • Ok I have a question if it lets  you order your 2012 return transcript does that mean processing is done. It wouldn't let me do it over the weekend but it did like 5 mins ago
  • @ brandygilliland8,...mine still say processing, I just dont understand how they process returns. Well mine is still kind of early, it just got accepted in the 31st.
  • @ brandygilliland8.. I was told if you can order a transcript,  then your dd, date will follow very soon.
  • I was able to order mine Friday and saturday am I had a dd after my wmr kept just saying "your return is still being processed, a dd will be given once it is available" Hope that helps you Brandy :)
  • That's What I was told too. I've been told so much don't know what to believe. It still says processing. But Jackson Hewitt is saying we are just waiting for themoney. For some reason I think the irs has delays idk. Confusing and aggravating. Have you tryed to order one. @sweetaliv
  • Ok I hope so
  • @brandygilliland8...yes I hv, but I think since I moved it's not registering. I tried new & old address,  but saying can't find records.
  • Well I spoke to the irs and they said my transcripts for my return went threw and there are no errors on my return. They are just holding my refund due to review . That it's nothing to worry. Idk I think the irs is bs
  • Ok again Jackson Hewitt is saying their is nothing in their computer saying my refund is being held due to further review... she is stating that if something was wrong they would know so they could help me threw it. She said their computer is saying we are just waiting on the money. That irs approved everything. And that irs hasn't awared them of further review
  • My husband and i both filed joint Jan 25, and 1 education credit for me. We filed with H&R block in person. We had our fees automatically deducted from the return. And we chose the option of DD. Ofcourse filing didnt help us b/c the gov't pushed dates back for so many credits. Our taxes finally were received Feb 14 via email letting us know saying we should receive our refund within 21 days. I have checking everyday WMR and the bar was showing at first. But last couple weeks just says "still being processed, date will be provided when available". 2 days from today will be "21" days. And we haven't even received a date or anything. Im so pissed, its been over month and half since we filed and almost a month since they received. Has this happened to anyone else, am i alone?
  • hate to tell you this yaboyhip, continue to keep waiting. I filed 1/22, accepted 1/30 but tuition credit accepted 2/14, still waiting. Was told by H & R block there was a software glitch in the system with IRS and two questions were deleted from many clients returns. This "error" or glitch in the software was suppose to have been corrected this past Monday, the 11th.   Taxes should be within 21 days of the 11th, however my H & R block manager said possible within 8-10 days from Monday but he really doesn't know for sure.  I am with you about being angry, and you are definetly not alone.   I would call your preparer from H & R block and see if this pertains to you, but my guess is yes it does.  Good luck
  • filed and accepted on 4/6 but the irs wmr or whatever says "We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS" when i check, and they havent pulled any money out of my bank yet. can anyone help? lol im freakin out. i havent gotten an acceptince email from the irs eather
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