My cousin received her tax refund this morning and was accepted on 01/23

My cousin filed with Taxact was accepted on 1/23 and it was in her bank account this morning anyone else is the same. I went on "" and other people got a deposit to that filed with Taxact received their deposit on today. I surely wish it was me I really need it this moment...;_ylt=AosaACt.xeoTWECAFWXMrNPj5HNG;_ylv=3?qid=20130125061102A...
  • In what state do your cousin live in. It might go by the state ppl live in
  • Anyway happy for her, hope she enjoys it all her way. As ppl say we wait all year long for our money
  • She live in Texas @mickey
I have read that several people have received their refunds today, as well.  Personally, I don't know if it's true or not, but I figure, yay for them if they did!  Why would I want to rain on someone else's parade?
  • 1 of 2 things, if it's federal chances are it was a refund anticipation loan, or it's their state refunds if they live in a state that processes before IRS. Either way, yay for them!
  • No People Din Not get Loans I know Of several Websites where People were Accepted on 1/23 or 1/24 And got there  Refunds Please Dont Like she said Up Above Rain On Peoples Parade Were on here all in the same boat broke and Have waited for This Relief All Year Were Excited And id like to hear abouit others Experiences So dont Ruin it for the rest of us
  • Amber you are a blessing. Some people just don't understand and they so full of negativity where they hate to be happy for one another.
  • I agree Amber-and I'm like you-just as badly as I need it,that's how happy I am for someone else who needed it and got it!
  • Beautiful and yes, let's be happy for people !
  • I am happy for anyone and everyone who gets their refunds. LOL It has been a hard year and I am sure we can all use it. Gotta say I love how year after year we all seem to come together as a bunch of strangers to hope, share, and join in on the wait as neighbors
  • DespMom I agree-I LOVE the comeraderie each year as we congratulate-or console-each other! I must sound like a lonely old woman but I feel a kind of closeness to people I "meet" on these boards and often wish I could get to know one or two of you outside of TT lol...
I'm sorry but there is absolutely no phyiscal way that someone filed on 1/23 and got their refund today.  The processing time for that would at least take 5 days. Do you really think the IRS is just sitting around waiting for someone to push the "submit" button then work overnight to get their money the day after.  Not possible.
  • She didnt say she filed on the 23rd she was ACCEPTED on the 23rd
  • They started the new system last year that allows them to process and DD refunds in about 48 hours. This year they retired the old system. So it is possible to process a return so fast... just saying
  • Thanks Brandi0338 some people just don't have common sense. But why lie about money that every one needs right about now! We paid taxes and all deserve it back!
  • Its possible!!!!
  • I received my state tax in one week, so perhaps the person in texas received her state tax in that period of time.
So many people on here are getting so upset over a refund. I have used TT for 4 years now and i just love to sit back and read what some people wrote. I mean I would love to have my money asap but it doesnt work like that. People act like they are gonna die if they dont get that money i see it every year, just chill out there is no reason to start arguing over something we have no control over!!!!
  • lol im glad you like it its frustrating to argue online makes you angry :(
  • I'm glad your glad!! I get on here just like everyone else and see if there is anything new to find out and just find it amusing what people argue over and from what it seems like AMBER you are one of the main ones!!
  • lol i dont start anything i just dont put up with peoples crap  either and after i get ,my refund i wont ever see any of you till next year i dont get my money and report back because ill just be called a liar like everyone else whos received there return has been called
Hello to everyone here!!  I originally posted on usmcwife 1st post and I see a lot of you are in here also.  I just would like to say......When I receive my DD, I will update everyone.  And I WILL take a screenshot for proof.  Some people can be so negative towards a serious subject, we ALL want our money and when someone comes on here to give us an update that they or someone they know received their return we shouldn't be so negative and say not possible....YOU can BELIEVE  everything the Government says if you want to, lol...their the ones we have to watch out for....sorry to be NEGATIVE, but thats a touchy subject...and different with that being said....I promise I will come on here make you all aware of my file date, accepted date and time, and you will see proof of the DD date so i do not have to come back on here until next year, lol....I can't stand all the negativity!!!   BE POSITIVE, HOPEFUL, AND POSITIVE THINGS WILL HAPPEN SOONER THAN LATER!!!  HAVE A GOOD NIGHT ALL!!!
  • well i had said would keep everyone posted and i was accepted before the 30th like so many and my dd is scheduled for bank feb 1st so good luck to all and god bless...we all need the money so hope everyone has good luck:)
  • to add had few friends do same time accepted early also and they do not have dd date yet so unsure but just updated til next year,take care&god bless..been a crazy 2012 and even started out same in 2013,things are starting to look up,money helps but in all kinds of way,so hope all stay POSITIVE!!!god bless:)
Because people are on here giving FALSE information and FALSE hope. Come on, use common sense.
  • Well, sorry I wouldn't want to get on here to give false information it's not like its's my money I am just asking others that have been in the same situation. LIke I stated below many people was accepted and received refunds today and a family member of mines that stay down the street from me was one of the lucky ones.


  • Thanks Amber for positive comments:))
  • I efiled on 1/14/13 with TaxAct and it was accepted on 1/24/13 by IRS. I'll update mine if I get a D.deposit to netspend account early!
  • Thanks crystalsart-I'll be watching for your good news! I got accepted on the 23rd but no cash in the account yet! I'll post it whenever I do!
  • well mine got accepted as well so will post when refund comes,if soon or 21 days whichever,good luck to all and congrats for ones that received refund already:)
  • I e-filed my return on 1-10-13 and got accepted at 1:30am on 1-24-13.. I'll keep you guys posted too as to when I receive my DD :)
  • Do you all know of anyone recieving an email from tt saying there is a nationwide delay the irs is not ready to accept a refund like yours because it has standard deductions and credits? And if so what does that mean?
  • bodaa mines say the same
  • @missfitkitty keep us updated..
  • will do :)for sure
  • If anyone Knows the use Anonymous Please tell him i am sorry i could not respond JUICY Had me Blocked By reporting me and my Comments of not likeing her Attitude theres this web site called I got my refund they wont deal with Juicys mouth though so hope everyone find this helpful
  • TT closed the thread too.
  • Thanks :)
  • Hope Everyone enjoys their money this year..I myself have spoke to 3 ppl in Massachusetts who have gotten their refunds already..Soooo as far as ppl sayin its not possible..IN YO FACE!! jk...but y act like that over someones imput..we are all here for the same thing..u neva know the person u gave an attitude online could be the person who knows the answer to 1 of ur questions ...respect EVERYONE!! thanks ladies for all the positive attitudes...Hope you all get urs soon...
  • OHH and BTW Ive been accepted since the 23rd...
  • Bichole thank you You give me hope and thanks for confirming ive about giveing up convincing people and defending that people did get there fed refunds :)
Like I stated in my orginal post I didnt know if it was legit or not...
  • <3
  • IRS just accepted my state tax !
  • what state? Im in Oklahoma
  • Virginia
  • johnsonresean i got accepted by state virginia today too so whne do you think our info will be on va check my refund
  • Kenny Im not positive but u can keep checking until the 30th...thts when the wheres my refund opens...
  • o ok cuz im seeing people getting state refunds alreasdy
  • goin crazy..i cnt wait any longer..
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