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irs accepted return early before the processing date so when will i get it

  • I also was accepted today!  So hopefully I will get my refund early as some of the previous posts stated.  Good Luck to us all and that would be GREAT if I do!!
  • When did you file rissa35
  • The IRS pulled a few returns early to test their system.
  • mine was accepted yesterday (Saturday).
  • Mine was accepted on the 24th...just waiting
  • mine to hope i get payed on 30
  • It is UP to 21 days of acceptance date!  In most cases you will see it with in 8 - 15 days of your acceptance date.
  • I filed on the 21st and mine was accepted on the 25th. TurboTax basic.
  • I filed on the the 15 and got accepted on the 24 has anyone got there returns back ?
  • @tammy, you could call your bank to see if the IRS confirmed your account yet...
  • Mine was accepted early too.  just waiting for them to process now and find out when we will get it.
  • my bank said they are not sure how to tell if they confirmed my account or not ?
  • we will know more on the 30th for most of us mine was accepted on the 22nd
  • or friday the 1st would be good!
  • Because last yr, I called my bank and they actually told me that the IRS confirmed my account
  • I did mines on the 24 and it was accepted that same day. Hope to get mine back by the 31st which is my would be nice!
  • I checked on the status of my refund and for all of us that were accepted on the 24th will receive a refund on jan 31st the lastest feb 14th. But If early like that  I will be happy. I had already set myself to get my refund on the 10th of feb. Either way we will receive our refunds on time.
  • If you don't mind me asking @vanman713, how were you able to check the status.  I don't mean this in a rude way, just curious.
  • Yes, who exactly did you check with. There are just so many stories. It's best to post as much details as possible. Thanks.
  • last year i got mine in 3 days
  • im still pending! =(
  • i filed the 16th and mine has not been accepted
  • They only picked a few ppls
  • Here is what's absolutely pitiful. Everyone is consuming massive amounts of energy, intensely scrutinizing the possibility of laser pinpointing the exact time their refund will be available. Doing this already knowing it may take up to three weeks from January 30th. Many are even seeking false hope in the form of soliciting individual case histories from people that actually got a refund already. Not happening people! I know you are desperate and clinging to any and all hope that your refund will arrive one millisecond earlier, but it will not.It's a shame when we are so broke as taxpaying Americans that we are begging for reassurance that we will get this small windfall. I can safely assume that in a better economy, we would not be frothing at the mouth for tax refunds, as we would have a few dollars at our immediate disposal to pay bills until the return is processed. Good day, and get a better job that enables you to live without daydreaming about tax returns.
  • I wouldn't be watching all this so closely if the military could pay my husbands retirement right now tax refund is my saving freaking grace to not losing all we have worked for so yes my hopes are up it will come early but I am realistic in that the chances are slim to none.
  • g
  • Lol!!! I don't think it's smart or polite to start with the politics. Keep your political opinions to yourself, for you know that's a topic that will spark this thread up.
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  • And that lol, wasn't meant for laughter!!!!!
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  • I filed on the 25th and was accepted yesterday the 27th.
  • David, I think you mean congress...not obama, you can't be that slow!
  • can you tell me anything if accepted on the 25th what date
  • Keep in mind, "accepted" only means that a successful transmission was made. Your return was received. it does NOT mean a time machine was invented to make it January 30th. God bless you all for being optimistic AND desperate. I too am desperate, but I also know the mathematical facts. Plan on Feb 21 and if it does com a few days early, it will be a pleasant surprise. Question, how have you lived all year people? If your life comes down to a tax return.
  • Many of you seem very confused over the terminology "accepted". Think of it this way, car dealers say "all credit applications accepted", they do not say "all credit applications approved", unless there is a high down payment and high interest. My point, "accepted" does not mean go stand by the mailbox, it just means they have the return in their system. You are counting your eggs before they hatch out of desperation. God bless your optimism. Now if it say's "refund issued", get ready to pay those bills you seemingly wait all year to pay with your only income source (tax refund)
  • Filed last night accepted this afternoon
  • Lived great and paid off debts because dh was retireing out planned to be with out an income for the amount of time they told me to, then doubled it.  sorry if I am desperate but when others don't do their job and hold my husband pay hostage for months and tell me it's going to be  months long I NEED this and I will be hopful it comes through some time in feb and any day earlier is a blessing (oh and we are both in school now.) we did everything all year like we were suppose to but when you have to rely on someone else to do their job sometimes it's out of your hands.
  • chad you are rude and a debby downer. i get what u are saying but u dont have to be so rude about it. and saying peoples only income source is a tax return? really how does even make sense when we had to WORK to get a tax return. not every has or can get a great job. and judging by the fact u keep posting negative comments, doesnt seem like your life could be all that great. everyone else, i understand im in the same boat and it never hurts to DREAM, however im thinking not before first or second week of february, i really dont think they are processing til the 30th like they say but shouldnt take too long after that
  • @chadpdubose, So what if people are frothing over getting thier returns early! Who wouldnt? It's not hurting you either way, so why would you even bother making that comment? Anybody in thier right mind would want thier money early  and to possibly find out when they may get it, hell it's thiers!  Now talking about PITIFUL? PITIFUL was your comment and it was rude of you! If these types of things bother you that truly have nothing to do with you, why do you even read them?? Thats the question!
  • Your such a rude man and It makes me ill that your [removed] negative! You must be one sad and lonely person to talk to these people like this! Only source income? Who in the hell do you think you are? Get a life chadpdubose! Stop hating on these hard working individuals and get your life together because somewhere in the near future, its going to be very miserable for you. Noone wants to be around a negative thinking person. I feel for those who have to deal with you. Im pretty sure being around you just brings thier moods down. Im going to pray for you and all of those who are around you because its desperatly needed. Good day and god bless!
  • Dude, you're just a [removed]. Plain and simple, a [removed]. A bitter, rude [removed]. You know NOTHING about ANYONE on here or their situation so go wash yourself down the toilet, PLEASE. There is nothing wrong with hoping it comes early and people are simply asking a logical question.
From what I understand here is what is going on:

The IRS is using a new system (that has been tested in previous tax seasons) and is ditching the old one. To make sure everything runs smoothly when tax season opens on 1/30/2013 they are pulling some of the returns filed early and using them as testers. Now, none of this is being posted on their website because its being done with a small percentage of people, the official date remains 1/30/2013, and well we all know people would just call them nonstop asking about it. Some folks received an email through TurboTax Tuesday saying their return was accepted and got their refunds Friday. It's estimated that 80% of the people whose returns are being used should receive their refunds within 3-5 days. BUT once again, the official date to process these is as of 1/30/2013 and 21 days or less for direct deposits to go in. Basically, you have a good chance of getting your refund way before expected if your status with the IRS is 'accepted' but can't complain if you don't. Good luck!
  • Also, there is no way to track this since 'where's my refund' won't be activated until the end of the month. The TurboTax app will show an expected date of 2/20/2013 but as I mention a lucky few already have it in their pockets. If you used turbo tax and are having the fees deducted from tour refund you can check which is the bank they use to obtain your refund, deduct fees, then transfer to your account. This is the first place your money would make an appearance at once released by the irs.
  • Another thing, this new system will be able to process returns on a daily basis unlike once a week as in previous years. Great news uhh? That's another reason they did away with the refund cycle chart this year.
  • Will the system process on the weekend also?
  • Has anyone received acceptance of the return on January 24th?
  • I got accepted on 24th
  • yesterday i got a email saying my taxes was accepted does that mean ill be geting it soon?
  • Has anyone been accepted prior to January 24 and received a Refund yet?
  • i have not got refund yet but i did get it accepted on the 25th
  • PER PREVIOUS POST ABOVE!!!!!The IRS is using a new system (that has been tested in previous tax seasons) and is ditching the old one. To make sure everything runs smoothly when tax season opens on 1/30/2013 they are pulling some of the returns filed early and using them as testers. Now, none of this is being posted on their website because its being done with a small percentage of people, the official date remains 1/30/2013, and well we all know people would just call them nonstop asking about it. Some folks received an email through TurboTax Tuesday saying their return was accepted and got their refunds Friday. It's estimated that 80% of the people whose returns are being used should receive their refunds within 3-5 days. BUT once again, the official date to process these is as of 1/30/2013 and 21 days or less for direct deposits to go in. Basically, you have a good chance of getting your refund way before expected if your status with the IRS is 'accepted' but can't complain if you don't. Good luck!
  • There are many different blogs on here, but if you read a lot of them from yesterday there have been people whom were accepted Tuesday and Wednesday got their refunds on yesterday! So based I on this post I saw today by  Fabsgrc, this person knows their stuff! This only makes since, and I am willing to bet there will be more posts on Monday that people have received their refund, if they were accepted on Thursday the 24th and/or yesterday the 25th,!! Idk but patience and being thankful we were apart of this percentage that got accepted early, which means we would get our refund earlier, more than likely by the 30th, if some got theres on yesterday, this post was correct, its being processed with two days, so those that got accepted on yesterday might be lucky on Monday or Tuesday...Good luck to us that are still awaiting!
  • since the IRS will be processing daily this year, will the process on weekends also or just M-F?
  • BUC47, seeing as how this is the dirt year for this process and the testing starting just this week I can't say whether or not weekends count for the 3-5 timeline.

    Once again, this is only happening with a select few and not the general population. Yes, if you have received notification that the IRS accepted your return there is an 80% chance of getting it within 3-5 days. The new system WILL process refunds daily, however it remains to be seen if this means weekends as well or just Mon-Fri.

    Be patient and thankful if you've received this notification since your chances of receiving an early refund are pretty great BUT remember that the official date remains 1/30/2013 for tax opening season and 21 days or less for refunds to be processed (starting on 1/30/2013) so if you do not receive an early refund you cannot complain.

    Folks getting the early acceptance are basically guinea pigs to test the new system to make sure it works, if there are any issues it gives the IRS a chance to fix it PRIOR to tax season officially opening.
  • ok thanks much
  • I will say this, since we days away from the 30th and the reason for the early acceptance is to test the system I would imagine that they'd be working weekends to try and work out any last minute kinks, but maybe they like theirs weekends as much as we do and jut went home!
  • Agree
  • I have seen some post that people claim they recieved their refund but filed with taxact, so I have yet to hear if anyone who filed TT got thiers yet......but time will tell
  • I've seen instances with both TT and TA. All we can do is just be patient.

    *I'm on my phone this morning so I apologize for any typos*
  • It'll really depend on the rep you reach. Some will say its possible. Others will just acknowledge that your refund is being used as a tester. Others will stick to the script and say this year 9 out of 10 refunds will be processed within 21 days. Due to the new system they did away with the refund cycle chart. 21 days or less is the official statement just in case there's any kinks they can have time to fix then without people calling everyday which we should NOT do. It's just wasting time. They are not customer care at a store, just bc we bug them doesn't mean they'll 'put a rush on it' so be patient.
  • Well I got an acceptance on the 24th around 9pm. So I haven't received my refund and im not rushing. People are going bananas.  Geesh... Just be thankful you were not rejected. ;-)
  • Ok thank u I'll just be patient:)
  • Very true I agree totally I'm just going to be patient:)
  • Exactly! Either way if you do not receive it by the 30th at least you know your return was one of those first in line. If you do, thank your lucky stars because as I mentioned before this only happened to a few of us. Mine was accepted yesterday (Friday 25th), I'll keep yall posted on the refund status. I am excited though, I wasn't planning of receiving it until the 2nd or 3rd week of Feb!
  • I am wondering if people who used TT checked SBBT before seeing their refund in the bank, cause I would believe that the refund would go there first.
  • What day did u file Fabsgrc
  • BUC. I wondered the same thing. Is there
    aanyone who used TT and received a refund? Did it show up in SBBT first?
  • I wouldn't. It is a pain in the butt to get thru to someone and they can't really tell you any information other than what has been released to the public. They won't tell you that you will get it early (I called last year because I got mine back later than I was supposed to and I spent forever waiting to talk to someone that could only tell me generic information I already knew). If you got accepted and you have direct deposit & had your fees taken from your refund, and the system doesn't find any errors, I would say you MIGHT get it by Friday(in a perfect world, maybe Wednesday). Just try to be patient and keep your fingers crossed. I think this year we will have a lot of confusion because things are so different. And do not rely on being one of the "chosen few". They might have accepted it yet will not do anything with it until after the 30th. Only time will tell.
  • I believe some did. This is only true for those who chose to have their fees taken out of their refund. The SBBT is the 'bank' used by turbo tax to deduct those fees before transferring funds to your account by the way. Their website is

    Also if this helps my return was accepted on the 25th after I filed through TurboTax Sunday morning (20th). I got the acceptance text/email Friday afternoon and my SBBT account says no refund has been issued as of yet. The TurboTax app says my expected refund date is officially 2/20 (21 days from the tax season opening date of 1/30).
  • you almost think it would of had to, which makes me think it would almost have to be Tuesday at the earliest, because the refund would have to go to SBBT first and then sent out to the financial institution.
  • But is SBBT open over the weekend. I was just wondering because if they got a refund for us over the weekend, then they cant process until Monday...
  • right I agree
  • BUC I used TT for years and also SBBT the good news soon as the IRS releases the money to SBBT then SBBt takes their deduction and sends it straight to your bank. It all happens within an hour or so...does that make sense ? LoL. I have always gotten my refund in my bank within an hour after SBBT gets it. They are super quick!
  • True. Even if banks are open on. Saturday most do not process anything until Monday. I would hope that on a perfect scenario Tuesday would be the earliest. With the refund being deposited to SBBT Monday and then transferred and processed by your bank Tuesday.
  • thanks fabsgrc u helped alot
  • Fabsgrc thank you for the information. I am very grateful that I was in the chosen group that is testing the system. I am a single mother of 3 and if I get my refund sooner thenI am more than happy to wait a few extra days to see if I can get it direct deposited in only a few days. That means I can start looking for a car now, no more walking in the snow and ice for us.
  • I couldnt finish my state bcause a couple forms r not ready until the 30th but my fed went throught and it says pending waiting on approval, do i have a chance for early exceptence or di have to wait all together bcause states not done?
  • Fabsgrc - Thank you the information!  It really helped me to understand the processing and that I don't have to wonder "where's my refund?".  Thank you again!!!
  • No problem yall l, glad I could help. Sjfrtiz, I can't really speak on that as we have no state taxes here in Texas therefore I'm not familiar with the process. Sorry!
  • I think there sep here and they r saying my fed is pending and waiting on approval, idk hopefully they can get to mine early
  • I did them early the 24th
  • You can always call sbbt to see if they have seen any refunds come through yet
  • I do not think SBBT is open on weekends folks.
  • Thats a good idea diamondfaces.  Someone should call SbBT and confirm if the IRS has released any funds to them yet.  Whos volunteering to call haha ;)
  • You do it.
  • There's no reason to call their website is all you need is your filing status, ss#, and refund amount.

    Sjfritz, those who were selected for the early testing process received an email and show a status of accepted. FYI.
  • I show an account on SBBT with correct fees to be taken out but no deposit I was accepted on 1/25 at 2am
  • Fabs...I got that info.  We were talking about asking then if AnYONE has actually received refunds from the IRS through them since they arethe first ones to see the refunds even before we see it in our bank it goes to them first.
  • It would be easy to find out if anyone had received their refund could tell us, but I am not seeing anyone saying that yes they have received their refund......but I hope to see something M/T of this week
  • Question:
    What are TPG hours during tax season?

    Peak Season - Mid January to End of February 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, Pacific, Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Pacific, Saturday Off Peak Season - March to Mid-April 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific, Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, Pacific, Saturday
  • So SBBT is open on Saturdays
  • Today is Saturday the 26th and mine was accepted today. Got email and text saying it was accepted. From what turbotax said in email and what IRS says I will not be recieving my refund until sometime after the 30th though. From what I have read on here some have already recieved theirs and that would be great if we do on Monday but I am not holding my breath since last year my refund was late coming in and so was a friend's of mine. She filed early in Jan last year using H and R Block I filed Jan 27 using turbo tax an I didn't recieve my refund until Feb 25th.  She recieved hers Feb 22.
  • I seriously doubt anyone has gotten their refund yet, if you did, its just hearsay nothing more cause there's no proof to back that claim up. The sbbt website that I'm seeing says its not a secure website so I'm not chancing it. I need the money just as bad as the next person, I'm a single father to a baby girl but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  • sbbt is a secure site it is a banking site never had an issue with them either
  • My federal is accepted and showing in SBBT, just not as recieved. My state, however didn't have forms ready so I was just able to file it  a few days ago and it is still pending and I'm in Indiana. So to answer your question, the federal can be accepted and state still pending.
  • Last year there were glitches and the old system was still in use as well this year on the MeF is being used. Faster and more accurate.
  • I did mine on the 23rd and was accepted this morning!
  • I did my on the 23rd also...hopefully my accepted will be comin round the mountain!!!!
  • See as I said I think they started on the original 23 date LOL
  • "Kstannar"....Can you clarify " showing in SBBT but not as recieved " not following you.  Are you seeing it in your SBBT account, and showing the fees subtracted from your refund?
  • I got accepted on the 24th also.. And my account on SBBT is set up tho
  • I did mine on the 23rd and received an email on the 26th saying mine was accepted but my state is still pending
  • i did on the 24th
  • Chris, yes it will show up in Sbbt first. Mine did last year.
  • @Happy, if I havnt gotten accepted would SBBT have my account set up
  • @Beltwins05, I don't think it would be set up if you have not been accepted yet. Did you check SBBT site to see?
  • @Happy, mine has been accepted since the 24th and Yes SBBT has an account set up for me...So is that tellin me that the Irs have already contacted the bank to confirm the account?
  • Yes I filed on the 24th and was accepted already
  • What is sbbt ?
  • Smith7910 using cap lock and complaining to us will not do any good. FYI.
  • Really hope we get it Mon or Tues. :)
  • @Belt,

    I'm not really sure what it means. This is my year really paying attention to such things. I normally file, get accepted then wait for refund. Since my taxes were pulled early; I'm here trying to make sense of what is going in. Lol
  • My return was accepted on the 25th.  I paid my fees to TurboTax (I didn't want them taken out of my refund).  Won't my refund come directly from the IRS, rather thn SBBC?  I wish us all luck.  If you are like me, we can all use the mony that we lent the US government in 2012.  Right?
  • I don't want to be a part of the " beat this topic to death" party. But, I do have a question for anyone who might know a real answer. If you filed and were accepted, this means you should not worry about being rejected right?
  • ruth, they usually aren't rejected after you get the Accepted status, but there could be processing delays once it's in process. If there is, it will say so on WMR.
  • Thanks JuicyGirl.  I generally do not have any issues. But, was curious all the same!
  • smith7910
    If you'll do a little bit of reading, you'll find that the fiscal cliff isn't affecting us any more. If you'll do some more reading, you'll see that the house put a bill up to congress called "No Budget, No Pay", and also put the debt ceiling off until May 18, which relieves the stress on the Treasury to shift money from place to people shouldn't worry about the debt ceiling delaying their refund. It's not a factor ANY LONGER. Complaining about it now just makes you look foolish, mainly for not keeping up with the politics that you claim are going to slow down your refund, when in fact that has been taken off the table and won't affect tax refunds AT ALL. Educate yourself!
  • Are u sure it wasn't their state they got back?
  • i think it was her state
Hi everybody,

TurboTax as well as other tax providers are working with the IRS to start sending returns through the IRS system, in the order we received them, as they ramp their systems up for the official launch on January 30th.Because of this “limited early processing” some customers started (and will continue) seeing IRS notifications of acceptance or rejection.

Please note the IRS does NOT start processing refunds for any returns until the 30th. If you have any questions about this, let us know. We’re here seven days a week to answer your questions.

We'll be closing this thread because it's extremely long and getting unwieldy to view/answer. If you have a specific question that wasn't answered here, please post a new question.
    found this online, gives me a little bit of hope!

    "I think I may be able to shed some light on this matter for everyone. This only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as "Accepted" from the IRS. A friend of mine actually works for the developer of the new Efile system, and has been working with the IRS as an independent contractor for each of the past 4 tax seasons as they have increased the usage of the MeF system. Every year, they have pulled a few hundred tax returns earlier than the initial processing start date to test the system. This gives them a chance to ensure that the system works correctly and can correct any software issues prior to the mass influx of returns on the real processing date. The reason they do this is because the system can become overloaded and crash, similar to a website server crash, and it did in fact crash last year the first day the IRS officially opened processing- delaying some returns by a week. The fixed the system within a day, and everything went smoothly from then on for the most part. So there's a brief history of what they do and why. Now, this year, like previous, they have pulled a couple hundred returns a day beginning this week (a week early) to get a run through, because the MeF will be used exclusively for the first time.

    According to my friend, if you've been accepted you have an 80% chance of the return being processed and refund being issued by the system within 3-5 days. The other 20% that don't have typically been flagged by the system and the return needs to be manually gone over to check for fraud or typical errors. Those people can expect a 1 to 3 week delay in their processing. This is why the IRS has not released a refund cycle chart this year, and why they delayed the mass processing until Jan. 30, it gives them a buffer. Previously, people took the cycle chart as the be all, end all when the IRS clearly stated it was not a guarantee of deposit or check dates.

    Anyway, with that said, If you've been accepted this week, there is a strong possibility that you will have your refund by next week, before the IRS has even officially opened tax season. I can tell you as well, that most of the returns that were accepted the first day of testing have already been processed and refunds were issued beginning today. Anyone who was accepted by today (Friday, 1/25), could expect to start seeing their refund issued by Wednesday (1/30) even earlier in some cases. Once again, this only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as "Accepted" from the IRS. So, like the IRS I can't guarantee when you'll get your money, but I can tell you that you should feel pretty optimistic (about 80% optimistic) that you'll be seeing your refund quite earlier than you thought if you've already been accepted. The other thing to keep in mind to is that once the IRS has direct deposited your refund to your bank, it's up to your bank when they make that money available. For example, my bank no matter what, makes every direct deposit to my account paycheck, refund or otherwise available at 8 AM the next business day. They could have received the deposit at 8:01 AM on a Friday and it won't be available to me until 8:01 AM on Monday. so just make sure to check with your bank on their policies, which they don't always abide by. My bank claims to release the funds as soon as they receive them; which is a load of crap as I pointed out to you how they make the money available to me.

    If you're getting a direct deposit from a 3rd party because you opted to take out the fee to have your returns done by a tax software or professional (i.e. using Turbo Tax and opting to pay via your refund) add another day or 2 to your wait because the irs will deposit the refund to SBTPG (the bank TT uses) and then SBTPG will deposit the refund minus their fees to your bank. And typically banks hold this money longer because it is not coming from a government agency."
    • i like wat i see tellum
    • right? lol
    • lol
    • This is good news but still no reason to charge up a credit card or promise your wife you will buy her a new diamond ring by the end of the week. There still could be problems. This is the IRS we are talking about here.
    • Your friend wrks for a company that builds mef machines . Your info is not credible what so ever !
    • Iv worked for the same contracting agency the info he's describing is correct. Please don't say it is incorect unless u have proof or y are u expecting proof in return.
    from what I have read we will not start getting refunds sent out until the 30th of Jan which is in a couple of for all of us who got accepted early is a true Blessing and now all we have to do is be Patient like we was in waiting to get out of pending and we will get our refunds soon..:) God bless
    • Yes, that is what the IRS has stated - refunds will be processed starting on the 30th, even though they were accepted early, but some people are disregarding that info lol. I am figuring on roughly 2 weeks from acceptance date of 1/24 and anything before that will be a nice surprise.
    • Im still trying to figure out how they started accepting returns then throw them to the side to be processed at a later date? I thought once accepted it automatically processes, this is an computer we are talking about right?
    • It says the refunds will not be processed until the 30th. It doesn't say the return.
      It's not going to have the return processed in a matter of minutes and then kick out a refund instantly, which is why the IRS is stating normal timeframes from acceptance to refund. I would imagine that even if the return is processed, they can halt the refund process if they want to and resume when they choose.

      Noone will know for sure what the actual timeframes are, until refunds start being deposited, which hasn't happened yet.
    • Do you work for the IRS because you act like you know exactly whats going on..
    • some did get refunds...last Friday 1/25 to be exact after they were accepted on 1/22 and 1/23.
    • Agh, no they didn't lol.

      Think about it. If they were accepted on the 22nd and 23rd, and received their refund on 25th, then without a doubt all of us who were accepted on the 24th should have had their refund today. Just think about it logically...

      The returns are not processed that fast. The refunds are not processed and kicked out that fast.
    • The new system is designed to do exactly that. Also the past two days were weekend days... If I may ask, how are YOU so sure you are absolutely correct about all your statements?
    • Mine was also accepted the 24th sttb band shows my fees to be taken out but no deposits yet :( image check first thing tomorrow n let everyone know
    • Mine was also accepted on the 24th. Good Luck.
    • Whenever mine get post in my account I'm letting everyone know
    • keep me updated
    • And my wife also got accepted on the I'll keep yall posted
    • mine was accepted on the 25th what deposit date are we looking at
    • If your are one of the few who got accepted early you will more then likely see your refund sooner. This is     info from the irs. Give you an idea of how long to expect.

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      2013 Tax Season Refund Frequently Asked Questions
      How quickly will I get my refund?
      The IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 calendar days.
      What is the fastest way to get information about my refund?
      Use the IRS2Go mobile app or the Where’s My Refund? tool. You can start checking on the status of your tax return within 24 hours after we have received your e-filed return or 4 weeks after you mail a paper return.
      Will I see a date for my refund right away?
      Where’s My Refund? will not give you a refund date right away. We must first receive your tax return and then we have to process it and approve your refund. Where’s My Refund? will give you a personalized date once your refund is approved.
      How will I know if IRS received my tax return and if my refund is being processed?
      Use the Where’s My Refund? tool to follow your tax return from receipt to issuance of your refund. While your tax return is being processed you can follow it through three states: Return Received, Refund Approved and Refund Sent.
      When can I start checking on my refund status?
      You can start checking on the status of your return within 24 hours after we have received your e-filed tax return or 4 weeks after you mail a paper tax return.
      What is happening when Where’s My Refund? shows the status of my refund is: Return Received?
      This means the IRS has your tax return and is processing it. Your personalized refund date will be available as soon as the IRS finishes processing your return and confirms that your refund has been approved. Most refunds are issued in less than 21 days.
      How long will it take for my status to change from “Return Received” to Refund Approved?
      Sometimes your status may change from “Return Received” to “Refund Approved” in just a few days, but it could take longer and a date will not be provided until your refund has been approved. However, if Where’s My Refund? shows the status of your refund is: Return Received we have received your tax return and we are processing it.
      What is happening when Where’s My Refund? shows the status of my refund is:  Refund Approved?
      This means the IRS has processed your return and your refund has been approved. The IRS is now preparing to send your refund to your bank or directly to you in the mail if you requested a paper check.
      What is happening when Where’s My Refund? shows the status of my tax return is:  Refund Sent?
      This means the IRS has sent your refund to your financial institution for direct deposit. It may take your financial institution 1 – 5 days to deposit the funds into your account. If you requested a paper check this means your check has been mailed. It could take several weeks for your check to arrive in the mail.
      How often does Where’s My Refund? update?
      Where’s My Refund? updates are made no more than once per day, usually at night.
      Will Where’s My Refund? provide a refund status if I filed an amended return?
      No it does not provide information about amended tax returns.
      Will calling the IRS help me get my refund any faster?
      There’s no need for you to call the IRS about your refund status unless Where’s My Refund? displays a specific message that says you should call. If we need more information to process your tax return, we will contact you by mail. Otherwise Where’s My Refund? has the most up to date information available about your refund. Use the IRS2Go mobile app or use the Where’s My Refund? tool. Both are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      What if I am counting on my refund for something important? Can I expect to receive it on time?
      Be careful not to count on getting your refund by a certain date to make major purchases or pay other financial obligations. Many different factors can affect the timing of your refund after we receive it for processing. Even though the IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days, it’s possible your tax return may require additional review and take longer. Also, if you are anticipating a refund, take into consideration the time it takes for your financial institution to post the refund to your account, or for mail delivery.
      Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 25-Jan-2013

      Here is the website

      Hope this will help some of those who are looking for answer about 2013 refund if you have been approved already you should see your refund coming into your bank act. With the first week of FEB. That is only for those approved already and who set up dd.
    • feb 7 irs only issue deposits on thursday and friday
    • I Guess with the new program they are using they issue deposits 7 days a week so not only thursday and fridays any longer or so I have been told. And FEB 1ST is a Friday some people might see it then. But that is if your return was Approved not just Rec. In that case you will likely have another week or two to go before seeing anything.
    My friends friend who's brother works for another guys that is in the processing dept had said " all Yall calm dwn . You will get your money when u get it "
    If everyone would pay attention, TurboTax tells you the IRS is not processing ANY returns until at least the 30th. Which means you will not get your return before or on the 30th. Once your return is processed THEN you will be notified as to when you should expect your return. The IRS might have accepted your return early, but processing your return is when they look it over for mistakes, etc. Patience is key.
      This thread is worse than a Soap Opera.  I mean really, we all need our taxes back sorry to say, and we all want to believe we will be the ones who get their Refunds back quicker than anyone else in the country.  Well get the hell over it.  You will get it when you get it, if someone gets theirs a few days or weeks quicker then great for them.  Stop trying to argue with everyone in this post.  If you want to do that then go to twitter or Facebook and [removed] your head off.  QUIT ACTING LIKE TINY LITTLE BABIES.......PLEASE
      • Or you can stop reading....just sayin'
      • I did my taxes on the 18th and it got accepted on the 25th .It says that I would get it before February 20th.But I'm hoping way sooner lol I'm get excited already lol
      • I filed on 1-17-2013 accepted 1-24-2013 just checked sbbt funds have not been received yet.
      • Same here on the 17th, accepted 24th, thinking that since its the weekend, maybe we'll get lucky and see something on Mon/Tues.
      • so far most if not all who filed by 1/23 have been accepted. I efiled on the 15 and was accepted on the 25th at 2am. A bit large for a small testing amount don't ya think
      • I filed on January 11th and was accepted at 10:38 pm on the 24th. Hoping Monday or Tuesday ill have a nice surprise in the bank. :)
      • Then again all of these people being used as guinea pigs for this new system, they could find the slightest thing wrong and send it back or make it a total hassle for us. I was accepted on the 24th, I have yet to get any news from then, nor a refund. So I guess it's just a wait and see thing.
        What does the new system entail anyhow?
      • The new system makes it easier to pick up fraud alerts and inconsistencies/incorrect information. If you have a fairly simple return and aren't trying to comment identity theft or fraud you should be fine.
      • I as well was informed about my early acceptance, so is there a real good chance we can get our refund   early! I was also accected on the24th and just wondering could the IRS really release payments sooner than the 30th.
      • im starting to think that the accepted message was an error because it was suppose to be a small percentage and now it seems like everybody has been accepted. so i wouldnt get your hopes up anyone i think tt messed up. from what i understand it was suppose to be around 20000 people and everyone i know has been accepted
      • If anyone knows someone who received their refund, why not ask them when they filed and if they observed any post on SBBT about the refund going that route before hitting their financial institution.
      • what are the fees everyone is talking about?
      • I think the IRS opened at a trickle on the 23 as originally posted and just wanted to keep it quiet to avoid the hassles they get every year. Wait and see
      • SBBT havnt recieved mine yet
      • Who filed their on the 23rd
      • SBBT hasn't received mines yet but it's showing the fees.
      • i filed mine on the 24th... and got a email last night saying it has been rejected, i fixed the problem and refiled , so hopefully it goes through this time and i'm not put on the bottom of the list :(
      • Wow. But has anyone actually received their refund yet. If they are being accepted early hopefully we should receive something by tuesday
      • The amount tested was 80,000 not 20,'s no error.
      • What was tested
      • SBBT just showing my fees also, and from my understanding that is a good sign...
      • I was accepted on the 24th also, and the strange thing I was part of that group that got their refund back late last yr around March....
      • But i'll keep everyone updated...because I'm kinda excited hoping I'll see my refund in my account Monday or Even Friday double payday
      • I was accepted on the 24th and as of today the 27th I have not received my refund. I have direct deposit going into a chase account.
      • Sbbt has my taxes refund info but no account set up why is that
      • I'm not sure this is my first time having fees deducted from my refund..
      • How do i check my refund through sbbt site and what is it
      • should be on tt site
      • I filed on the 10th, mine was accepted on the 25th, and I have no refund as of now. I filed DD just as I have in the past. Will post again if I get refund early...
      • Where did you get the information that you would receive your refund before the 20th since where's my refund is not up and the 1-800 tax refund number aren't working?
      • That is just an estimated timeframe. The IRS is saying even with the returns that were accepted early, refunds will not be processed until 1/30 and the typical timeframe to receive the refund is 21 days. So, that puts you at Feb 20. Again, it is just an estimate. It could come sooner and it could come later if the return ends up delayed for any reason.
      • The tt app
      • nobody's on here with us that got there refund because they are out spending that $$ no reason to be on here anymore:/ just wish someone would let us know:)
      • Noone received a refund yet. Noone.
      • lmao on god
      • I got this message, because I have a small home based business:

        Your federal return is lined up for processing
        The IRS is not ready to accept tax returns that have certain deductions or credits in them - like yours. Your return will be automatically sent to the IRS as soon as they're ready to process it. This is a nationwide delay for all returns like yours - no matter who prepares them.
      • like who's
      • Im waiting for the first person to recieve their
      • I agree that it could possibly be any day now, since they said they would issue them starting on the 30th for early Accepted returns, but I do not believe at all that people already received them. There's just no way.
      • Ikr....its hard to believe
      • Checked my account...still waiting!
      • In previous years, I've gotten my refund approx 2 weeks after I was accepted. I think that is a fair point everyone should take into consideration. Just because it's been accepted doesn't mean you are getting it tomorrow. Plan for 2-3 weeks, but you can hope for earlier.
      • Yes juicy some people got dd on Friday.
      • @Kimmy, I. Don't even have a small business and got that message I filed 1040a, Eic, and child tax...3 basic forms
      • I got my refund !!!

        Jus kiddin !
      • Did you contact TT to let them know you're getting that message?
      • Juicy !
      • L1L_5MOMMY, have you checked Santa Barbara Tax Products website to see if you can see your refund? You will see your refund here before it goes to your bank account.
      • I did talk to tt. Twice. The second lady that took the time to pull and look at my return said that it was because I transferred my 2011 return that the credits and deductions carried over to 2012. Even though I didn't itemize this year just the point that I transferred data made my status still be pending to await those forms (that I don't need this year) from the IRS
      • That sucks.
      When it get here, you'll have it! There's nothing no one can say, nor do on these forum threads to speed up the process! Be patient, I need mines just as well as the next, but running your pressure up, and losing sleep at night isn't going to get you a refund faster and its also not good for your health.
      • People there's a diff between returns being processed and refunds being processed. if you were accepted early your RETURN is being processed already . On the 30th your REFUND will be processed meaning you will Starr seeing DD GOING IN ON THE 30 TH
      What is ssbt?
      • A bank that turbox tax uses
      • Thanks nobody is getting any refund until after the 30th of January
      • How do you know that?
      • He dont
      • irs stated it
      • But some did
      • There is no proof that anyone has received a refund. Only people saying that "someone they know" or someone they heard about.
        There were maybe 2 people who posted that they received theirs, but they were just trolling to get people worked up, which is why they never posted again or answered anyone's questions.

        The IRS started receiving transmissions on the 22nd. They were accepted starting the 23rd into the 24th. They are not processed and completed and refund issued *that* quickly.
      • The only people that have gotten their returns  are the ones that filed with some place like H & R Block and then H & R Block "loans" them the money right there because they are positive the return is done correctly and when the refund is processed, H & R Block ( and like companies) get the clients return in lieu of the check they 'fronted' for the client...
      • kimmy1964, do you know this for a fact? No you don't!
      • Noone, not even the RAL from HR block will see a refund until Thursday. This happens every year and someone starts a rumor that their sisters friends parents friend received a refund and it explodes from there. The IRS has indeed started "Accepting" Your tax info but that does not mean anything at all as far as them approving anything. When they say they accepted your return, that just means they didn't see any immediate flaws in your return. Most of you will have money in the bank by Feb 4th . Don't spend it already. :)
      • Yes, Bill, right. Some people want to believe their own theory ..or what they want to believe, and that's it lol.
      • I called the hotline for SBBT and they stated that the IRS has given them a projected time frame of 10 to 21 days from the date of acceptance, not the 30th. I will just be happy to get my money.  I would love to wake up and have the surprise of it being there earlier but I'm not counting on it.
      • Not that I think the IRS is always truthful lol. They originally said not to expect to hear from the IRS until the 30th for acceptance as well and look how that worked out :)
      • They didnt lie. They ran a test.
      just because it was accepted early IRS still wont process them until Jan 30th so you can check where is my refund then or after that date.
      • That information is incorrect onlytanya48 the test this year consists of 80,000 test returns 80% or so will have been deemed as perfect returns and processed for their refund imediatly after acceptance. The need to keep flawless simple returns backing up the storage is not idea so the irs is alowing the system to do the return immediately after it wasn't red flaged. Imediatly dosent meen expect your money imediatly it means you should get it with in 5 days of your aproval. I unlike alot of the other posts have no problems proving my employment status with the company and will if needed
      • @krizcole that is good news to hear, as per another post someone posted earlier on here I read this morning, saying basicaly the same thing. That last staement you said make it much easier to swallow a posting easier, instead of ppl just posting things on here, I was accepted on Friday at 2am so I am sure mine will be within that 5 day frame from Friday, Tusday being the earliest!
      • Yea it seems today no one is Geting there returns. I could be wrong but tomaro they will start refunding again if any one got there money today, Monday please speak up ... If ure on of couse who wants to be here when u already got your money lol
      • I was accepted on 1/24 in the evening and no money as of yet.
      • Same day as me my recruiter said word is Maby tomaro or wensday on the Thursday accepted people
      • I was also accepted on the 24th , but no refund yet.
      • Same here, but yall could call the bank to see the IRS have confirmed ur account...
      • mines was sent to a rush card i called now they don't want to answer that's crazy they answer every other time smh.
      • I use Rush Card also and they normally would tell u everything, but since they not saying anything...meaning it probably on its way
      • so they wont answer for you ether.
      • Mine going to turbox tax bank first to deduct my fees....but after sbbt shows mine, then im calling rush card
      • ok
      • i thought rush card normally deposit early to your acct anyway, I have netspend and I know they supposed to be able to see something if they dd up to two days early!!! I would state that if you are with rushcard...
      • yea they do last year i got it 2 day's earlier they also told me i had pending deposits.
      • They work all day today. So cross your fingers and hopefully we  get it soon. As from what I hear if you useIf you're getting a direct deposit from a 3rd party because you opted to take out the fee to have your returns done by a tax software or professional (i.e. using Turbo Tax and opting to pay via your refund) add another day or 2 to your wait because the irs will deposit the refund to SBTPG (the bank TT uses) and then SBTPG will deposit the refund minus their fees to your bank. And typically banks hold this money longer because it is not coming from a government agency."
      • Which I have done can take a little longer:(
      • @david you are right.....they told me the same thing last yr and i recieved it early
      • david, ive had a bad problem with rushcard i stayed on the phone with them for TWO days!!!  have you had any problems?
      • so where its coming from
      • yea just like now they wont answer man the irs playing with us so is are banks lol
      • Kriz I'm Srry ,but if u wrk for a company that assist the IRS in processing returns but your spelling and grammar is that hideous .No telling what is going on now. Machine might mistake correct info as incorrect info .
      • i dont like them, they had my account is someone else's name and would not let me change it everything eles was right just the name i was pissed
      • RushCard?.....iv using them only for my refunds...
      • wow
      • Just hope I get mine b4 superbowl,...saw this big ass tv that I dont want to spend my savings on....I want that IRS money
      • lmao
      • I have no bills to pay, dont need a car.....just want a bigger
      • what size are you getting?
      • A 60' because I have a big living room and this 42' got my head hurting...
      • I dont see why there would not be any refunds on today, maybe noone is posting it! Looks as if they would definately be getting those early acceptances refunded!
      • lol
      • right!!!
      this year IRS has said, advertised etc. that they will begin processing of returns  on the 30th of Jan 2013.  They have also relaxed the  "within three day requirement" on return transmitters i.e. transmitters are allowed to hold client return till the 30th  and then transmit these for processing.  Just wait till that day to file your return --- you are not going to get your refund any earlier .
      • That's not true some people have been excepted and got a refund!!
      • Do you know anyone personally that has got their refund? I am reading a lot or Malarky on this site>
      • I got accepted this morning so that's not true.
      • When did u file wil311?
      • i filled a week and a half ago and already got accepted for my refund.
      • Mine was also accepted this morning, but turbotax states that although it was accepted early, the irs will not begin refunds until the 30th!
      • I filed  on Wednesday
      • Please see post below for more information.
      • I filed Wednesday also. Hoping I'm n " that number" !! Lol
      • I was accepted yesterday.
      • Honestly I think I will get my refund next Friday, but am not counting on that. IRS has always issued refunds on Fridays.
      • As I mentioned, the new system is set to process refunds daily (not sure yet if this includes weekends). Refunds will no longer be issued once a week on Wednesdays as in previous years. You may say Friday since it usually takes a couple days for the funds to travel trough the tax preparer then to your account.
      • mine was accepted this morning!
      • Ok, but in previous years the IRS always released funds on Fridays.
      • mine was also accepted well federal atleast
      • mine was accepted early also so looking to get them on friday also cause they said they are not processing them till the 30th but if the do come eariler i'll be suprised...
      • Can anyone even pretend to use correct grammar and spelling on this? The posts on this site are disgraceful. Have some self respect and speak like you at least got through elementary school.
      • Hey Caitlin.peaslee Wtf does anybody's grammar have to do with anything? Did it ruin your day to log onto TurboTax, something people use like three times a year, and see that people didn't care enough to use proper grammar? I mean really... I'm pretty sure they're twice as concerned about their money.
      • Mine was accepted early too.ijust did them Friday night and got accepted Sunday night.
      • brittscearse good answer lol!!!!
      • I really hope we get It Mon or tues
      • my return is still pending????  what could be happening
      • It just didn't get picked for early transmittal ...yet. It could still go through before the 30th.
      • Its the future in grammer....and Facebook...oh my!
      • thank you
      • @juicygirl...would I have any delays because I owe for my student loan?
      • It is hard to say for sure, but most likely they would just take out what you owe and then issue your refund for the remainder.
        Once Where's My Refund opens on the 30th, you will get more specific info as to the status - it will tell you if there are any delays with your return.
      • Because I got accepted on the 24th and that SBBT says that it is waiting on the irs to send the money does that mean the irs have already confirm that my account is open or set up....I'm new to this paying fees
      • It just means that SBBT knows that you owe fees, basically, and that the return was accepted. You can't always go by when the account shows info because sometimes the refund comes with a week or two, but other times people have waited a month or more due to delays. SBBT knows the return was accepted, but it is waiting on the IRS to process the return and issue any refund due.

        (By fees, I mean filing fees and not your student loan payment).
      • The most accurate info will ALWAYS come from the IRS/Where's My Refund. The banks/SBBT and TurboTax always go by estimated timeframes. Where's My Refund will give more specific dates and status.
      • Ok...thanks
      • I just hope they move faster this yr, because I filed last on the 17th and got accepted on the 21st...but didn't get my refund until last march...
      • I know it sucks to not have more specific info right away. Everyone who was accepted early is just in a limbo right now since Where's My Refund isn't even open yet. People are hoping (and many believe) they will have refunds in the next day or so, but noone will really know until WMR opens or the deposit hits the bank, whichever is first.
      • Lol...just hope I don't get stuck again
      • so who staying up to 3am to see if they got a deposit i know i am i was accepted on the 23rd ma brothers was the 24th
      • Surely not me lol. There is no indication that the refunds will be issued any more quickly than previous years. The IRS is saying within 21 days, just like every other year. I am figuring 2 weeks from the 24th, since that is when I was accepted.

        beltwins, I hope you do not get stuck!
      • didint the irs say they accepting on the 30th i don't believe nothing else the irs say
      • i think if you filed last year an you got a 5 digit pin you  getting it quick
      • You set up a PIN the first time you efile and must use a PIN every time you efile. That has nothing at all to do with how quickly the returns are processed or how quickly the refund is issued.
      • @juicygirl...I'm going to be positive this yr, because caught me off guard, which was my first yr using turbotax
      • i'm going to stay up til i get tired.......& keep checking my email for the conformation of my DD xD
      • @jessyka, when were u accepted
      • people thats not first time filers got theirs an 5 days last year what you mean
      • What I mean is that having a PIN has nothing at all to do with processing times or how quick the refund is issued. You HAVE to have a PIN or know your previous year's AGI to efile. You cannot efile without a PIN or the AGI from the previous year... the PIN is the alternate verification of the previous year's AGI. It is part of identity verification and has no affect on how quickly the return or refund is processed.
      • but how much you getting back lol juicy
      • Lol...
      • lmao mines 5,333
      • Im not sure why that would even matter...
      • lets play a game how much we getting back lol come on every body
      • Juvenile. I'll pass.
      • Mr. David you are the epitome of ghetto. People already look down on early filers and think we're uneducated, low income, lazy government leeches just because we get money back and we rush to get it, even though the majority are honest hard working people. You however, are just the irrevocable shining example to prove that un favorable opinion to be correct.
      • i just don't want people to be down we gone all get are refund that's all that matter im a hard working young man myself so dismiss me wit the bs thank you like [removed] it was just a joke god.
      • Yes, I know someone who did get their refund, but they filed a 1040EZ. Which could have something to do with it.
      • Anything new yet?
      • Thank You Bittercearce!. I was going to post a similar response but you saved me the trouble. Some people are simply too pathetic to differentiate between someone who can't use proper grammar and someone who doesn't bother with such meticulous details on forums pertaining to tax returns....or I will translate to annoy Caitlin....We don't care about no proper grammar! We just wanna know if we're gonna get our money!
      • I don't think most of us are going to see a refund before the 1st of Feb but hey someone could get lucky and if you get it then that is wonderful. I am not sure how getting a refund would make you a leech? My husband and I work hard all year and we are always happy when we end up getting something back instead of paying.  And grammar I agree who cares? We are not writing a novel or doing a English paper!  And I'll share the little info I got when I called the IRS. I filed with turbotax online this year. on the 19th on the 25th I got a text saying it had be accepted early. Then a few hours later another text saying refund dates should be Feb.1st or Feb 8th.  I like everyone else thought that they where not doing anything tell the 30th. And worried it was a scam or something I called the Irs. which right now is very hard to get through to a real person but after a lot of run around I got through to someone. I gave her my info and she told me. Yes they have been accepted some "basic" returns and testing they new setup. Your refunded is more likely to come sooner if you are one of the early birds but why your refunded could come in early doesn't mean it will. She said to please allow up to 21 days before calling looking for it.
        So yes if we are lucky those of us that got in early might just have or return in our banks by first of Feb. So instead of name calling lets just give helpful info we have all learned and be happy for those who do get it early! =)
      • Best news have gotten all day...
      • Glad it brought some sunshine to your day =)  I think all of us who got accepted early are just trying to figure out what it means! lol After all we all have the 30th timeline running through our heads then we get accepted early and we all start thinking refund early!  So its only normal everyone would be asking if any of our fellow tax payers know anything more then we do.  The news of a early refund is happy making now does it mean I will go spend all my rent money on a new pair of shoes? No but it gives me hopes my husband and I might be able to have a happy , happy V- day!!! lol
      • Im in Vegas so i know my wife and i going to have a Very good im happy that you called the IRS and got some real info
      • Vegas is a good place to have fun that's for sure! lol  Yes my husband is one of those who is always worried if you do anything online someone is hacking you! So when we got the message  our return was approved already he was on me to call IRS and make sure someone hadn't hacked our info or something. lol  Was not easy getting a person on the phone but was glad to reach someone who could say for sure that yes it was really the IRS. =)
      I was also accepted onthe 17th.  I am not 100% sure but haven't seen anything yet either.  People just be patient.  I was surprised that mine was accepted so early as I thought the 30th was the first day they will be accepting them.  So that was a nice surprise. 
      • I was accepted on the 24th..
      • Mine was accepted on the 20th, that being said , I was told to expect a refund around feb.20.  So, ill just wait patiently and be surprised if its early.
        in the morning im gone be like,WHO GOT THEIR REFUND TODAY!!!
        • yea
        • I'm in Nevada....we don't have state tax...
        • o wow that suck's!
        • Yea I know
        • David you should edit your post.... You just gave small time crooks the  last 4 of your social, and guess what? In order to commit identity theft that is all some one needs.
        • yea you right

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