My tax return was accepted, woohoo! Now what happens?

Does this mean I'm on step 3 of the IRS's new "where's my refund?" I keep looking for any announcements on this but I couldn't find any. Would someone mind posting a link to where I can find out more info, pretty please? P.S. I filed my taxes on 1/14/13 :)

  • Me too but I had added the MyTaxRefund app and it says I should get mine BEFORE Feb 15 lol!
  • My return was accepted yesterday :) Got text and email.
     ****(My Tax Refund ) android APP*** states I should expect my refund before Feb 14th.

    TODAY'S UPDATE*** Most everyone who had a estimated refund date of 2/14 has been pushed back to 2/20!!!

  • Yeah mine says 2/20 now too   :(
  • The WMR site is now open up!!! Go check it out people!!! Hopefully we will all have a date around the 1st. That would be amazing!
  • Wmr?
  • @gremlin1 wmr whats that
  • Wheres my refund
  • Oh lol thanks
  • It says it is unavailable right now probably from the vase amount of people trying to log on. I am just going to keep checking back till I get tired :)
  • Im thinking it wont have any imformation on where is my refund until they are processed and I dont know if that starts to nite 7am n the morning or what
  • It just says will stare processing I know generally if I do mine by 11am by the end of the day I have all my info it says if you get accepted ajd processed before friday at 11am no matter what week it is u should get it by that followong Friday
  • We are sorry Where's My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try again later or call the Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954.
  • This mean that the system is down for the time being at certain times of the day the systemsare down and u cant check your status
Saw this on Y! answers thought it looked legit. I think I may be able to shed some light on this matter for everyone. This only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as "Accepted" from the IRS. A friend of mine actually works for the developer of the new Efile system, and has been working with the IRS as an independent contractor for each of the past 4 tax seasons as they h...ave increased the usage of the MeF system. Every year, they have pulled a few hundred tax returns earlier than the initial processing start date to test the system. This gives them a chance to ensure that the system works correctly and can correct any software issues prior to the mass influx of returns on the real processing date. The reason they do this is because the system can become overloaded and crash, similar to a website server crash, and it did in fact crash last year the first day the IRS officially opened processing- delaying some returns by a week. The fixed the system within a day, and everything went smoothly from then on for the most part. So there's a brief history of what they do and why. Now, this year, like previous, they have pulled a couple hundred returns a day beginning this week (a week early) to get a run through, because the MeF will be used exclusively for the first time.

According to my friend, if you've been accepted you have an 80% chance of the return being processed and refund being issued by the system within 3-5 days. The other 20% that don't have typically been flagged by the system and the return needs to be manually gone over to check for fraud or typical errors. Those people can expect a 1 to 3 week delay in their processing. This is why the IRS has not released a refund cycle chart this year, and why they delayed the mass processing until Jan. 30, it gives them a buffer. Previously, people took the cycle chart as the be all, end all when the IRS clearly stated it was not a guarantee of deposit or check dates.

Anyway, with that said, If you've been accepted this week, there is a strong possibility that you will have your refund by next week, before the IRS has even officially opened tax season. I can tell you as well, that most of the returns that were accepted the first day of testing have already been processed and refunds were issued beginning today. Anyone who was accepted by today (Friday, 1/25), could expect to start seeing their refund issued by Wednesday (1/30) even earlier in some cases. Once again, this only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as "Accepted" from the IRS. So, like the IRS I can't guarantee when you'll get your money, but I can tell you that you should feel pretty optimistic (about 80% optimistic) that you'll be seeing your refund quite earlier than you thought if you've already been accepted. The other thing to keep in mind to is that once the IRS has direct deposited your refund to your bank, it's up to your bank when they make that money available. For example, my bank no matter what, makes every direct deposit to my account paycheck, refund or otherwise available at 8 AM the next business day. They could have received the deposit at 8:01 AM on a Friday and it won't be available to me until 8:01 AM on Monday. so just make sure to check with your bank on their policies, which they don't always abide by. My bank claims to release the funds as soon as they receive them; which is a load of crap as I pointed out to you how they make the money available to me.

If you're getting a direct deposit from a 3rd party because you opted to take out the fee to have your returns done by a tax software or professional (i.e. using Turbo Tax and opting to pay via your refund) add another day or 2 to your wait because the irs will deposit the refund to SBTPG (the bank TT uses) and then SBTPG will deposit the refund minus their fees to your bank. And typically banks hold this money longer because it is not coming from a government agency.


Software Developer, Independent Contractor for IRS MeF systems
  • WOW~~ I really appreciate your input. Agreed.
  • Very helpful and informative.

Not sure how many have tried this but I did:

Try going to the TT main site

In the upper right hand corner there is a link: My Turbo Tax; click on that

sign in

it will show you Let's track your 2012 returns

The IRS has accepted your federal return

Accepted on January 28

right below that is a link that says Track My Refund

Click that it will show you the: expected refund delivery date. Mine is showing before 2/19 - refund delivery time highlighted is 2/9-2/19


May be sooner not sure but try it and see ... hopefully it is sooner than mine! good luck

FYI: WMR from the IRS site is showing est 21 days... that site was the only site that gave me an approximate date. Again I'm not sure HOW accurate the time frame is but for those seeking a more narrowed down date...its all I've been able to get thus far. Good luck & searching to all :)

  • Yea i just did this myself. I was accepted on jan 25
  • WMR is showing an exact date for me. DD on Feb 1st got accepted on the 25th.
  • Yea when i go on the irs wmr it shows nothing. Hopefully i get on the first as well. Good luck to you
  • I'm still showing RETURN RECEIVED...LOL no DD yet ... maybe may show different tomorrow.
  • what state are you in ?
  • Mine got accepted the 30th but gives no date but the email said within 2weeks
  • NC
  • Got my DD 2/5 accepted by IRS 1/28. NC state still pending
  • Just got eml state return accepted. Now just waiting for deposits
  • Just a little insight for u guys. I filed mine january 25 it was processed and accepted january 30 at 3:30pm. For 4 days it said still processing now that has changed it now says. February 7th so if u got accepted or approved before february 1st u will recieve your funds february 7th this will be the first bulk according to the irs hope that helps some people
  • @godsgift14   did you actually talk to a live agent at irs?
  • This is a HUGE statement that you are making to the COMMUNITY ( godsgift14 ) concerning " EVERYONE " who got excepted before Feb 1st , 2013 , where did you acquire this information frAnd what State do you live in ? Does this info you submitted to all states ? I live in Richmond , Va efiled 1/17 thru TT ( Fed/State ) Fed got excepted 1/24 and state on 1/30 , will I be in this First Bulk ?
  • @lindakmiller74 no I do my own taxes on esmarttax ive never talked to and agent before I downloaded and app called irs2go and today it just switched to February 7th on irs
  • @godsgift14  did you file a simple form, or did you have any of the credit delays that everyone is talking about
  • @bodeboo the email on says within 21 days but maybe less if u read the acceptance letter u will notice it says will be deposited within 2wks mine was again submitted january 25 accepted january 30th. Im in sandiego california. And alot of my friends in illinois where im originally from have this same date. This is in fact the first bulk if u google it tell u that if you are approved before that Friday of any week u shoukd recieve it the next and now im getting mine. Now if u have education loans credits etc it will take a while because those forms are still not done because I have friends who are waiting on theirs but if you have something like me like a kid and just your regular taxes then yes but download the app irs2go from android or apple and tell me what ir say make sure u put in the amount your recieving exacutly or it won't go threw but the first bulk is February 7 only way it would take longer s if your bank takes a few days to clear my bank clears right away
  • well i am getting the 21 days message, have been since the 28th.  I am happy with that, but would just be happier if I could get a more specific date.  I know it takes a while for the returns to process, and it is much faster then years ago.
  • @lindakmiller724 no mine was not simple because I have a son and had to waite for the earned income credit forms to be updated because if u remember the original date u coukd file was the 14 then the 25 then the irs said the 30th but it accepted a certain amount of peoples irs froms meaning let u submit it. Doesnt matter what state u stay in the irs is the irs lol
  • Thanks godsgift14 for your response , I live in Richmond Va and still NO ONE from my state has commented to my questions but thankful you did , What site do I Google ? I would like to read the information you obtained to get a better understanding ? Please reply , thanks .
  • @lindkamiller724 yes it a pain the but mine was accepted on the 30th amd its just now saying 4 days later when im getting it I think their is a delay with them updating their sites. Because the site I used emaiked me the accepetance early in the day but nothing popped up on till a day later download irs2go if u have smart phone its been helpful to me
  • Bodeboo I just goggled 2012. Refund cycle chart and compared that with my email I recieved that said 2wks honestly irs is gonna keep saying 21 days it doesnt want all those people calling if it doesnt cone that day and is 2 days late lol u really have to infer to be honest download the app and keep checking the chart from last year says get accepted between january 30 and feb1 recieve feb 9th and im receiving the 7th hope this helps I know we all need our money asap
  • well i got accepted for federal on the 30th and accepted for state on the 31st. do anybody know when i will get my refund i live in columbus ohio.(please help anybody)
  • and also my expect delievry date is 02-10-2013------- 02-20-2013 well at lease thats the days that are highlight in my delivery window. im so confused can anybody help me out?
  • from the time accepted which is only step one everyone is usually waiting just two weeks for their money
  • I was accepted on the 28th, filed on the 28th; and the WMR showed my return accepted on the 1st w/a DD of 2/5; and I received it on 2/5. I'm not sure why yours is showing that have you checked the IRS website?
1 you can check and you can check the middle man the bank that sends you ur money type in and they will tell everything you want to no
    Best thing check WMR link from the site to take all speculation & guessculations out of the My iPhone has often disappointed me, says one thing, then the 3rd party site I've choosen SBBT shows another as someone said it has to go from the IRS to the 3rd party to your bank...Best thing is though @ least we are in the accepted crowd :) best wishes and stalking the WMR site... to
      IRS pulled a few returns early to test the system before going live on Jan 30.
        In order to know if a paper return has been accepted, taxpayers must call the IRS at (800) 829-1954 or go to the "Where's my refund" link on the IRS home page. On the "Where's My Refund" page, filers will be prompted to enter the dollar amount of their refund and their filing status in order to get an update on the processing of their income tax return. If the return has not been accepted, no information will be available. Taxpayers who e-file get the added benefit of receiving an emailed acknowlegement within 72 hours of submitting their return

          Taxpayers add to their own frustration at tax time by not understanding the meaning of certain commonly used IRS terms. An acknowledgement that your return has been accepted is in no way an indication that your return has finished processing. To the contrary, an acknowledgement is an indication from the IRS that your return has begun processing

          • I actually called the same day my federal return was accepted and was told by a lady at the IRS that my return was indeed accepted and processed. So I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to feel a little anxious. The number I called was 1-800-829-1040
          • actually the IRS starts processing E-file for 2012 federal tax return on January 22, 2013. Originally it was the 22nd, but it has been pushed out to the 30th because of the late changes. Here is a link to the IRS website that gives you information. Its always best to check the information

          • Can someone please clear something up for me... I hear both sides. Why would multiple sources tell me my taxes are accepted by the irs if its not true? Or am I missing a piece of information?
          • “Why would multiple sources tell me my taxes are accepted by the irs if its not true? Or am I missing a piece of information?”------?Basically, as said previously, It means that you will most likely get your refund on schedule.But that doesn't mean it's right. There are additional steps it will go through, and if anything looks questionable, you could still hear from the IRS with a request for more info to prove something you claimed - if you don't provide it to their satisfaction, you could have to pay back some or all of the refund, or even more than that, if something is disallowed. This could happen a year or more after you file
          • I dont knoww what the rumor is some sites are saying that it's accepted when in reality its only submitted how can something be accepted before it is processed it says it in bold letters on the website so you guys should really read before you are sadly dissapointed it was the 15 then the 22 and was officialy changed tp the 30th. However u can submit it which means that when its time tp process they will go in que and when they get to yours accept and give and eta on refund
          • It can only be submitted not not accepted because they don't start processing till the 30th now depending on how early u sumbitted yours you'll get it back quicker maybe but thats it
          Hold your horses-it's still going to be until the 30th until the IRS processes the returns but you should get it before the 21 days they quoted this year if you used DD.
            Checked the sbtpg website....Yesterday only the state taxes showed under refund deductions. I just checked ad it now shows a bank refund processing fee and a turbo tax fee.
              WRm is now open so lets hope it actually works and we can all clear up dates and what now! 
              • Did it work for you? It says its unavailable. Lame
              • same here probably from the vase amount of people trying to use it all at once. I am going to keep checking back till I get tired lol :)
              Appreciated reading all these answers so I'm good to I can go to Disneyland and get me one of them fried ice cream thing a ma bobs...yum!  I'm arranging a flash mob dance at the disney Disco area on Feb 14th, y' much do you love this? I know, me too......So I'll have us hip hop dancing to. Songs by Niiki Minaj, bring your very revealing booty shorts and your best Flashdance torn at shoulder tops (prefer lime green, wouldn't you?) as well as your best thigh high boots, white please.....leopard print is ok but a bit risque aka "sleazy" so behave, ladies, Disneyland is a family place afterall.....ok great then, . Thanks
                Where's my refund says I will have my money Feb 1st!!!!
                • When did you get accept? and what state do you live in?
                • Accepted on the 25th filled on the 10th. Florida, but it is my federal that will be here on the 1st.
                • How did you get through on wmr?
                • Nevermind, I just called the hotline and it said Jan 1rst for me too!! Yay
                • has anyone got thier comfirmation on WMR or just the hotline? Do you speak with a live person on the hotline or is it recorded?
                • Recorded
                • Online
                • Got nothing keeps saying not avaviable
                • On the TT app,  'track my refund" they have calneders of Jan and Feb.  They black out the dates of the 9th thru the 19th of Feb- It's 27 days from JaN 24TH to Feb 19th.........What gives? It says that 9 out of 10 get it within 2 days but have given me a window of 27 with the 9thru the 19 th of Feb blocked out WHO KNOWS?
                • Gives me the same info for me. I dont know when this money is coming
                • efiled 1/17 accepted 1/24 / Fed. - State accepted 1/29 , WMR and Auto by phone says refund recieved still processing and still today 2/1 says the same with NO DD date like others that I am reading that say they have gotten accepted after my dates and som e even say recieved there refunds already . How can this be , I am in Richmond Va , does it matter what state I reside in ? Why haven"t I recieved a DD date like a lot of others have , so damn frustration
                I also received the message saying mine was accepted early. This is what the E-Mail said. 

                Congratulations! TurboTax was able to have your return accepted early by the IRS. You're finished with your taxes.

                Even though you've been accepted early, please note that the IRS does not begin processing refunds until January 30.

                • I got my Email last night and all it said was:
                  What this means:
                  Congratulations! The IRS has accepted this return, and you're finished with your taxes

                  On the TT app it says:
                  ERD before feb 14

                  IRS2go app:
                  No info found yet

                  I filed 1/18 and accepted 1/24.
                • Go check the app now...all who had the 2/14 date got pushed back to 2/20...
                   THIS BLOWS!!!
                • I know, I hate anticipation. My family and I could use the money.
                • Joshuagordon my household could sure use mine too! Hope we all get it soon!
                • Best of luck!!
                • To you too!
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