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My tax return was accepted by the irs today what does that mean ?

  • well does that mean we will get our refund 21 days from January 30 or 21 days from today if all goes well.
  • What day did you submit yours? i did mine on Jan 10th just wondering if you file prior to that date
  • I did my one week ago
  • I received a text stating the IRS accepted my return this a scam?
  • thanks i did mine on the 10th and its still pending...did they email accepted earlier today or recently?
  • did mine 1/17 and got accepted today
  • what time did you get the email saying it was accepted?
  • I got the text also and then logged on to turbo tax and said the irs accepted early, wonder when the actually process takes affect?
  • did yours say to check your email? mine did, but i checked it and there was no email...
  • Me to
  • i was accepted today as well looking forward to the early return
  • I got the text the 2 hrs later got the email ans it says it was accepted but will b processed on the 30 and i can expected my deposit before feb 14
  • Im glad
  • same here i think the people on the 10th r delay
  • did mine on the 10th still pending
  • Did yours tell you it would be deposited by the 14th or did it just say it was accepted? Mine shows accepted but didn't give me an date of refund.
  • They just say up to 21 days like every year. The reason why they state that in case of delays and they want get a lot phone calls but it be the same every year you will receive it in a week. Say for instance you was accepted on Wednesday you will get it will be processed the next Wednesday in your account Thursday midnight. Remember Netspend even 2 days earlier. I use netspend every year:))
  • I filed my on the 10th and woke up to an email that my return was accepted by the IRS.
  • I did my return 2 days ago and havent been accepted yet. But last year mine and a friend of mine payments were delayed because the IRS was running behind. I filed as I always do with Turbotax and I acutally have a netspend bank account, and my friend filed through H and R Block and got one of their cash cards. I have heard rumors, not sure how true they are, that we can end up waiting a couple of months this year because of this whole fiscal cliff B.S. Hoping that is not the case.
  • I efiled on the 10th and mine was accepted last night. Remember guys the irs picks up the efiles randomly.  It's not first in first out.
  • I filed on the 19TH got accepted on the 23 Will we get refunds early too??
  • No, I did mine on the 10th and I'm one of the ones that was accepted early.
  • Some people have actually received their refund on today
  • Where did you hear people have received their money??
  • I got accepted 1/23/13 I filed the 1/15/13 .. Just wondering if we will get our refund in 7-10 days like last yr
  • No scam...I got one too and my refund was accepted for real
  • Great info...thanks
  • Where did you hear of people getting their refunds today?  I talked with someone from H and R Block and they said that was impossible.
  • Talked to 2 people on here who  confirmed their friends or family members who got accepted Tuesday and wednesday got their refunds today.....
  • Just because the returns have been accepted, the IRS does not actually process them until January 30th. I highly doubt they received refunds.
  • That is not true!  I know of people who were accepted Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and received their refunds this morning......
  • I don't believe that for one minute. IRS has never issued refunds 2 days after accepting the eFile, let alone in a year where the IRS says, "expect mad delays." I can believe that they filed two days ago, and were accepted today; but not that they received money today.
  • Well actually its been reported 3 people have received their refunds already.
  • Girl these people are rediculous LOL.........don't believe it.......I could care less but people should have correct information not just information believed to be true.......people have gotten refunds and its your problem if you want to make a stink about it
  • Starting in 2012 the IRS started rolling over to a new refund system that is able to process refunds in  a couple of days instead of taking weeks. Last year some people where processed over the new system and they got their refund fast. This year, the old processing system has been retired and everyone is being processed on the new modern system which will increase the speed of the returns.
  • Thank you LOL......thank god for true knowledgeable people ;)
  • The only way someone received money would be if they received a loan. I believe people like to tell stories too. That article is from 2011. This article is from yesterday
  • Beind accepted means that all of your numbers are correct with no mistakes. It still has to be processed in which they will not do so until after the 30th. Then it can be up to 21 business days before any deposits are made. People are going to tax places and getting loans and this is money from that company not from the irs.
  • they did turbo tax......I don't understand people on here....maybe because last year was so bad you all assume the worst.....not me LOL
  • I just checked the SBBT site its the site the handles REFUNDS FOR THE IRS (well when you have ur filing fee's taking out of your refund) and it says they are waiting for IRS to issue my refund and when they do it will deduct the $80.26 it costed me to file THIS YEAR. SO WHOEVER SAID IRS ISNT PROCESSING IS WRONG! Because $80.26 is exactly what I paid this year to file!
  • My Mom, who i filed the taxes of myself, got her refund from the IRS this morning I will post a screenshot if I could, I have a life, I dont need to get on here and tell stories, in the State of NC, you can no longer get a RAC Loan or atleast that is what hrblock said, but my mom got her Federal Taxes DIRECTLY FROM THE IRS THIS MORNING, beleive or not, I dont care LOL
  • I know girl......I am about to get off here because people are rediculous.....
  • I got mine last year exactly when the irs stated I would, allot of doubters out there
  • I understand that everyone has different answers. That even goes for the people who work for the IRS, however when I called because I to have had my taxes accepted by the IRS. The rep who I spoke with was very kind and informed me that some tax returns were pulled early and those people do have a good chance of getting their refunds quickly. So, I am a believer that some folks have received deposits into their bank accounts.
  • thats great i got my return last year in 2 days so people just hating. I got an email in the middle of the night saying accepted and i logged on myturbotax app and it said will be received by feb 14th
  • REGARDLESS OF WHO SHE IS OR WHERE SHE COMES FROM !!!! GOOD FOR YOU LADY !!!! Glad your mother got her return ..... I have high hopes that all of us will get ours within the next six years as well ;) Jk again congrats to you mom and let's hope that tomorrow is WEDNESDAY'S PAY DAY FOR HAVING BEEN ACCEPTED !
  • ty for the kind words, I was just clarifying for a few people I have better things to do than get on here and make up a lie about receiving money
  • Everyone needs to relax lol. Although to be honest, i look forward every year to the forum discussions as they can get really entertaining haha.
  • I agree with you there ... Now your's were accepted yesterday is that correct ? Maybe we will be lucky ( mine was as well ) and see ours in the morning . I paid my fee's at the start so I can't even go look at the other site to see if they have taken there cut :( But I'm in hopes .. I feel lucky
  • Mine was accepted after midnight morning of the 24th, my moms was evening on the 23rd
  • me its really nice
  • I wonder if since they had to make changes to the programming if all of us that got accepted already are maybe the guinea pigs!! hopefully!! because why would they accept returns already if they don't intend on processing them?  
    Every other year they accept returns on the day they say, and remember first it was going to be the 22nd and then the 30th!!
  • No
  • crazy.... i was accepted yesterday by the IRS, spoke today to an IRS rep, receive message from the turbo tax app that said this morning I would receive my refund before the 14th of Fen. Just checked it again a few secs ago and now it says no record. However I am still hopeful because of the conversation with the rep from IRS.
  • I just found this on another page from a TT REP.... I myself was accepted last night and was giving the date of Feb 14th on the MOBILE APP.

        about 2 hours ago

    Hi all - thanks for the feedback. Refunds will start getting processed on the 30th, not sooner, per the IRS. If you got the Feb 14th date from TurboTax' MyTaxRefund app, this is an error, and we are investigating what's happening there. Once you are accepted by the IRS, on the 30th of January, you should receive your refund within 21 days (the official IRS statement is "last year 9 out of 10 refunds were issued in less than 21 days. The same results are expected this year"). Thanks.
  • Mines says the same thing I was accepted this morning
  • I for one didn't use turbo tax this year, that is a typical TT statement and i think it was about the mobile app
  • Yes the mobile app is where it told me the 14th.
  • you said you already heard of people getting refund?
  • My mom got hers, that is the only one I can confirm
  • well that's nuts, I spoke with a rep today at the IRS and she told me
     " that some returns have been selected as a test run on the system ( mine is one of hundreds), However I CANT tell you when to watch your bank account, just start watching it. Their is a very good chance that those selected will receive their refunds early."
    The way she was talking was kinda like read between the lines.
  • Gotcha! Yup its coming early.
  • @ARGOSY-- 5 different people have got their refund that I have seen on the threads all day. Got accepted this week and within 2-3 days had their refund!
  • what number did you call to get a rep from the IRS?
  • Do the irs count the weekends as processing days
  • How did they find out about receiving their refund? I am just wondering because I went to the IRS site and it said that the Where's My Refund will not open until 1/30/2013. It also said that they have tried to improve their site so that we could actually follow the entire steps that they use to show where they are in the system. I thought that was kind of neat.  :)
  • only my state has been accepted..not my that normal?
  • when did she file n how long did it take to process
  • you can check your tubo tax app for a date... or you can go on SBBT turbotaxs bank.. my account is already set up it shows with my amount i owe.. it says waiting for irs to deposit check... my husband used turbotax to and his is still pending when i got accepted... his account isnt even set up yet for sbbt.
  • This is true.
  • Maybe they received state refund . Fed refund won't start until next week
  • Business days only . It's a government agency
  • Last year I got mine 3 weeks late because of the delays.
  • It actually states 21 or less calendar days not business days.....:)
  • Very true lol ^^^
  • Did mine on the 10th and it was accepted today.
  • I expect these were RAL's and not actual refunds.  Once it gets accepted by IRS people can get Refund Anticipation Loans which some companies make a fortune on those who get duped to get their windfall early.
  • Mine wasn't an RAL and it was accepted today. The email did state that it was accepted early but the IRS wouldn't start processing refunds until the 30th.
  • These are not RAL loans. TT does not due RAL loans. I filed it regular and got accepted with the same email.
  • Hi - Just wondering -for those that are lucky :) to have been accepted, what form were you filing.  Such as - what type of return?  1040, 1040EZ, etc.  Just wondering.  TY
  • I filed a standard return 1040 and child tax credit.  No extra deductions.
  • Lala .. was you a lucky that got your refund today as well ?
  • Shadow-- no I didn't get mine today I wish! I got the email from TT saying it was accepted. I went on the SBBT site that IRS uses (when u pay for ur return out of your refund) and my acct was already set up with the fees for filing and it says we are waiting on IRS to send the check. So hopefully soon.
  • I think what cpapai was saying is the one's that are saying they got their $$ were RAL's, not the ones that were accepted.  I was accepted last night but am well aware that they won't even start processing refund payments until 1/30/13.
  • The lady who filed for her mom has said it wasn't an RAL loan and her mom was accepted Tuesday and got her refund today in her acct. she was from NC.
  • I know that a buddy of mine used TT today to file his and he is getting the Visa card and they told him that he should have his refund by the 4th.
  • LaLa . Yes I agree .The IRS Says that it could take anywhere from 24 hours to 21 days ! That is a generated statement to cover there own (butts) ... I do know that several people who got that "accepted" message did receive there Refund today .. Not a loan not a gimmick . Just pure cash from the IRS .
  • Mine said accepted but no date.
  • I hope that this is true that these people have actually received their refunds not RAL's, cause that would be fantastic if I got mine BEFORE the 30th!!  Now you'll have me excited!!
  • yea rt
  • Mine wasn't a RaL either, just a regular - old fashion e-file.
  • Everyone knows few companies do RAL anymore and Turbotax does not nor has it ever done them. Pretty sure us filing here are using TT
  • ??????????????
  • mine too. says accepted but doesnt give me an expected date
  • we received emails and texts. I have used TT for years and RAL is not offered.
  • FYI: I Filed on January the 7th, 2013. I was accepted on January 23rd, 2013 and I was told it will be processed from January 30th and not sooner as the IRS was not going to begin processing until January the 30th 2013! So I'm Hopeful=I hope I spelled it correctly? But I’m also a Doubting Thomas when my name is not Thomas lol. I wish myself and everyone here Great and a Big Grand Luck which is better than Good Luck. I never for one expected to be in the many few who would be Accepted until January the 30th where the Tax Act Software stated that the IRS is using a New Way to be Accepting or Rejecting the Filers this year and since my AGI was a bit strange to the Jackson Hewitt Lady Agent, and she said she does not think I Filed Correctly when the TAXACT stated no Errors and I was in the Green part of the No Audit Meter. So even though Last year I did not file myself and went to someone to do it for Free? This time I went to a real CPA AARP individual in the greater South Florida area and for now I'll be crossing my fingers and dreaming of spending the Refund in many ways. I've been needing a Scooter since I'm also Disabled and l so this time Two Scooters may be Ordered online by me since the Refund is enough to buy two and also a TOSHIBA 3-D Laptop PC with 16GB Memory which I think is the Highest allowed to get at the present time, and an IPAD 64GB Wi-Fi not Cellular Version. I wanted to make sure that maybe this year there isn’t a chance for more Fraudulent people to File and receive Refunds as there were last Year. I just hope I do receive it this time. Last Year the person was employed again by AARP and when I reported him? They Denied he ever worked for them, and since that time, I guess I too was Scammed. P.S. Don't send Money through Money Gram or Western Union to anywhere in the US or the World. I’m again wishing everyone Good and grand Luck. Good Day all.
  • I filed my return on 17th and received the acceptance email/text today at 12:10am, it would be really nice to get my refund in 2-3 days but I'm not going to get my hopes up.
  • That alone to me proves its true! They have to get this info from the IRS. Its all in the works people. CAlm down lol
  • im gUessing they r sending in refunds BC my account said paid and it was coming out of my refund
  • What account says paid? the SBBT one?
  • What account says paid? SBBT?
  • TurboTax
  • By the way? Can anyone Answer Honestly and tell me since I was Accepted ion 1/23/2013? WIll I be seeing my Money on the Morning of 1/26/2013? Unless it won't be starting until the 30th? Thnka a Bunch.
  • Where do you see you fees have been paid on Turbo Tax? I havent seen that yet. Did you choosr to get your payment taken out of your refund through SBBT bank?
  • christopher yes go to the sbbt website i dont have the link just an hour ago though they didnt have any info on me now its saying how much they will take but says they havent recieved it yet. thats the most i can tell u so far
  • Oh ok thanks.  I thought the person meant SBBt says the fees have been paid.  Ive checked SBBt this morning and it has told me all day how much it will take out but ita waiting for IRS so they havent really been paid yet.
  • are you sure they didn't get the loans like H&R does?
  • Ridiculous*
  • Wished I would have filed with tt. I filed with h&r earlyer this month and still no acceptance.
  • I found this on a website talking about the MEF system now in place seems it is expected to be faster for many: Refund processing with MeF begins immediately after the return is accepted. This replaces the old refund cycle that indicated scheduled dates for refunds. Consequently, a refund for a MeF filed 1040 is generally expected within 5 days. Any rejection of a return filed under MeF is received within a few minutes. This permits immediate resolution of the error and retransmission of the return.
  • despmom finally someone is listening!!!
  • @Despmom, thank you for that information. That is what I mean by something factual that can justify the possibility of refunds coming earlier than the 30th.
  • It gives me hope. LOL
  • Good stuff...
  • Sounds like those of us that were accepted early will be getting our refund within a week or so.:) :)
  • i was accepted yesterday and am expecting tomorrow or Monday, mef system also deposits refunds daily instead of weekly!!
  • @slreno1217 Has anyone said if they deposit on weekends as well? That would be great news lol
  • Sure hoping for all of us. I am sure we can all use the money. Just hope the info is correct. Saw it on at least 2 separate sites so hope so.
  • Damn i wish mine was accepted >/ mine still says pending!
  • tonight would not be considered a weekend.. but not sure about the weekend thing.. that's why i said tomorrow or Monday for me.
  • Not that I don't believe in articles, because I truly am in the "wait and see" and have no issue believing that some may have indeed received their refund, but I have zero faith in e-zine articles. I am a professional freelance writer and almost all of my clients have utilized e-zine at some point to promote their site. You can see it in the bio section. I myself have written several "salesy" e-zine articles on behalf of my clients. They may take a salesy or informative approach...but the end result is an article with mostly BS in an attempt to get someone to click the links in the bio or article. But, I am utterly neutral on the whole early/not-early refund debate. I just didn't want this e-zine article to give false hope to anyone desperately hoping to rely on this for authentic IRS refund info.
  • The IRS MeF system releases refunds to FMS 24 x 7 x 365. Most returns this year are processed by MeF. The older CADE system releases batches of refunds on Thursday evening and early Friday morning. (Cade was phased out by the way after 2012)

    Once FMS receives the money they send them out immediately if there are no offsets of your refund. Those systems also run 24 x 7 x 365 so your refund could be transmitted on any day or time, including weekends and federal holidays.
  • give  information for 2013
  • That simply states the plan was for Cade to be discontinued and I am hearing from tax preparers that only the MEF system is being used from now on.
  • how long after u file can u get a confirmation how long is to long?
  • If you read the information you will realize that it is every bit of relevant to 2013. It deals with the same system used exclusively in 2013 as opposed to partially in 2012.
  • No one knows currently. I filed about two weeks ago but was just accepting today at 2am. Seems they started trickling them in on the 23rd
  • I definitely understand where you are coming from, DespMom, and you have been incredibly helpful and informative to many here in this fiery discussion, lol, but if I were you, I would just make sure and stick to information from legitimate governmental (or IRS) authority sites that way you can be sure you are passing along legitimate info. and not passive info. from fake lawyer sites and e-zines. I am sure the information is somewhat correct in its own right, having been rehashed from a legitimate site or plagiarized. I would just feel more comfortable with everyone seeing accurate info. from legitimate government sites. :)
  • Yes, slreno1217, I do believe legitimate government sites. There is no need to be immature or rude. We are all on the same side here, whether you believe it or not. I was trying to help DespMom, as I'm sure she understands. She seems very rational. Your "nanny-nanny-boo-boo rhetoric" is really obnoxious and pompous. We're all adults here....I thought....
  • ok, am a believer  . It was undated 1/18/2013 sorry DespMom
  • I did read the information, Iron. I am a writer for a living, so I do read things rather thoroughly, thanks. This information from e-zine did not pass copyright, FYI. It was clearly plagiarized. I just ran it through my software. Fortunately, it has shown up on the IRS website, so PARTS of it are indeed true.
  • nanny boo boo? i posted a link for you. from irs.
  • As far as the government website is concerned, no one will get their taxes looked at period, until Jan 30th. But we all know that to not be the case. I'm not getting excited until my refund arrives but it seems to be a toss whether or not early refunds will accompany early refund acceptance.
  • It is OK I am fine with being questioned. Heck I question it but it gives one hope. Mind you I am not spending my rent money. LOL
  • Nanny nanny boo boo....I already read that and referenced to it and then some in the time it took you to formulate your response. Would you like a trophy or medal? Or a "good job pal" pat for finding correlating info. on the IRS site? Nice work.
  • That link is from 2010 when MEF was just being test beyond the business realm of refunds. Good job looking foolish though, you win the prize.
  • As I said let's just hope all goes as planned. I did hear from preparers that the MeF is what is in use now. It would correlate with those claiming to have gotten accepted 1/23 and refunded 1/25
  • Like I said, Iron and DespMom, your information and research has been undoubtedly incredibly helpful to most people here and I'm sure it's appreciated. I definitely am not challenging your due diligence in any way, I just want to make sure that these "faux website and article" creators aren't getting unnecessary credit for plagiarized and copied info...but straight from the IRS...can't argue that!
  • it doesn't matter when the link is from it clearly states how the mef system works and that's whats in question. not when it is going to be fully operational. and it is from a creditable web site so steff would quit whining!
  • Oh understood. LOL
  • nevermind, not going to sit here and argue with someone that calls me a nanny nanny boo boo ? are you kidding me? rofl. talk about adult. some people just cant stand to be wrong. kills their soul
  • Nanny boo boo? If you want to troll someone, you may consider an anonymous handle. One you don't use everywhere else on the net. Lotta crazies in the world. I think we are all anxious for refunds to come in. No need to chomp at each other.
  • slreno1217, "creditable" is not a word...and I am letting you know...(something tells me you won't believe me even if it were right in front of your face) that ezine articles are NOT credible resources for ANY authentic information. I know FIRST HAND. E-zine articles rank high on search engines because most who write them, (myself included on occasion for clients) utilize long-tail keywords with optimized results (way over your head, I know, but maybe this will be something new you can research tonight for accurate info. in your obvious spare time) to rank high in Google and other search engines...that's why they are among the top results...that does NOT make them authority resources on any topic. People vaguely research a topic from a few sources, formulate their own article based on what they read or interpreted, add a bio...and pass it off as legitimate info. As an FYI and disclaimer, I have written many of these, but only for clients who have a tangible product or service that I have personally used or know to be true....I will not align myself in any way with false most of these e-zines promote....
  • Any way sorry this started an argument. I was just trying to give us all a bit of hope and some evidence that it was possible. Perhaps I should not have shared it or should delete the post. Sorry folks. Logging off for tonight. Good luck.
  • Iron, are you referring to me with the "nanny nanny boo boo" stuff? I used that as a playful term, if so. slreno1217 was so quick to jump down my throat for mildly challenging a post made by DespMom who completely understands my point of view. The very childish "in your face" response he/she posted was very "nanny nanny boo boo ish." I have young children....I am privy to the same behavior from them when bringing something to their attention that challenges their
  • Iron, the statement you made, "If you want to troll someone, you may consider an anonymous handle. One you don't use everywhere else on the net, " made me think it was directed towards I use this alias everywhere and I am myself and professional no matter where I go, so I take no offense, lol. DespMom, it's not problem. People should not be afraid to post information here and help others. People should also not have to be afraid of being attacked by childish people who feel personally threatened by knowledge and conversations that have nothing to do with them. We should all be able to direct our dialogue objectively without "welllll, here's info. from the IRS directly......soooooo, do you believe that?" Stuff like that is stuff I expect from babies...not
  • You said you are a writer? Do you always use.... in the many publications you post? I hear commas work well too.
  • No one received a payment from the IRS yet, people are just started to get accepted this past week
  • Professional writing and casual dialogue on a forum are two entirely different things....I do not use modifiers in my day-to-day writing, no. But thanks anyway. Good Lord, I need to get off of here. To those of you that have given me the virtual thumbs up for my recent posts, thank you. It is clear that you understand that I meant no harm or malice. I want everyone to make sure they are referring to authentic government links..that is all, so that people don't get overly excitable over information that is false or copied. To those that wish to be childish or challenge me....perhaps you will believe everything you read and get your panties in a bunch over every post that does not align with your beliefs....such is life. Everyone will get their refund when they get it. End of story.
  • Iron, when you get paid as much as I do for writing, then you can talk...until of luck. :)
  • Isn't it mindboggling how so many people, all at one time, all in one place, can be so clueless?
  • Thank you DespMom for all your info.:) Arent we all here for the same reason?
    Gosh, why the arguments and negaivity :/
  • I did mines on the 10th and got accepeted yesterday
  • Due to recent tax law changes, we will open filing season and start processing individual income tax returns on January 30. This applies to tax returns filed on paper or electronically.
    Once we start processing returns, we expect to issue refunds within normal timeframes. You can generally expect the IRS to issue your refund in less than 21 calendar days after we receive your tax return.
    Starting January 30, you can use this tool to check on the status of your refund. It will provide the most up-to-date information the IRS has. There’s no need to call us unless Where’s My Refund? tells you to do so. Where’s My Refund? is updated every 24 hours – usually overnight – so you only need to check once a day.
  • That's copied and pasted off IRS webpage
  • Last year my refund wasn't expected until Tuesday, but I received my refund early and it was deposited on Saturday Morning
  • once on the sbbc web site how do you log in to check if it has landed
  • Thank u for tht I greatly appeciated
  • @kellysweeney661  Here is the spot you enter your info on the website Or, when you are on the website, go to: "My Account" and then click on "Tax Payer"  and then enter your info there.
  • Amybeamom07 Thank you I agree and thank you for sharing and keeping my sanity in check :)
  • I know, I wish mine was included!!
  • kkubik when did you file?
  • I am really hoping that the early return happens!  I was ecstatic when I got the text and email today!!!  My family is trying to move on the 1st and it would REALLY help us along the way!  My fingers are crossed.
  • If your return has been accepted it just means that they have recieved it and it will be ready for processing. If you added your phone number while filing you will receive a text message stating that your return has been accepted. Regardless of how early we all filed, we won't be seeing them until they have been processed and it looks like that won't start until 1/30/2013. Depending on how you requested to have your returned delivered to you will also affect how soon you will be receiving it. I filed with e-file and have it direct deposited into my account so I will receive my return before those will chose to have it mailed out. Exactly how long? That I am not sure but it didn't take long last year.
  •          Irs Asked tax prepares to send 5 Hundars Thousand efiles To Be Processed before The 30th
  • My sister works for the IRS and basically said that even with the tax returns being accepted, the IRS will not  start processing them until January 30. I hope this information helps some of you. If you guys have specific questions for me to ask send me an email and i will ask her tomorrow. My email is
  • Thanks Heather I sent you an email. LOL Names Debra. I am not quite as Desperate as I was a few years ago when I made this moniker LOL
  • heather what do you and your sister have to say about the people that have already got there refunds in there bank?
  • Exactly what i was going to say slreno.
  • I AM JUST CURIOUS? hope I don't get called a nanny boo boo again! hehehehe
  • Soooooo If your sister works for the IRS then why are you using TT and not having her do your taxes?
  • I say that it is people stirring the pot, like most years. Everyday the number of people being "accepted" grow greater and greater but, no new people saying they got their refunds. It took about half a day for word to spread across the net  that early acceptance from the IRS has been happening. Even that information I was able to track down on H&R Block's page. I have yet to see any of these sites say that any refunds are being deposited yet though. Three days later and none of the people that started posting information in here have claimed they got their refund. Just new profiles with he said she said.
  • plus ive heard people on here say theyve spoken with people from the IRS and they said NO RETURNS ARE BEING ACCEPTED AT ALL WHATSOEVER until the 30th which clearly is false information.......soooo...... yeah. just sayin......
  • Iron, why would anyone come on here and lie about being accepted....really, what sense does that make. i was accepted on the 24th. are you calling me a liar?????
  • well i would assume that most if not all have alot better things to do after they pocket a few thousand dollar deposit then to come back here and try to prove they got it, including me.
  • Truth is once you get your return 9 outta 10 times you don't come back to this site until next year!!!
  • lol i know right, i think i may come up here and post a pic of all my money just to prove to these haters that people are getting refunds.
  • The point would be the same as it is every year. Every year people make a claim of early funds. Anyone saying they have their funds right now is full of it, that's exactly what I am saying.
  • Puck me and u think so much alike... So we got brothers and sisters and aunts receiving refunds and now we got sisters working for IRS. Hope nobody falls for that and gives your ssi number in an email!
  • I can't believe some listed their actual refund amount. That's no good either. Be smart folks, this is the internet.
  • Why ty LaLa! I'd like to know why there's ppl on this forum who haven't used TT this year? I'll be happy when the funds are in my account. My girls are excited to so we can go have a weekend out of town!
  • By my girls I mean my 9 n 4 yr old girls lol. Didn't want y'all thinking something else lmao
  • Trust me puck I know what you mean. I have 4 boys which 2 are teenagers 16 and 14 and they been waiting.
  • Glad to hear I am not the only who gives kids spending money and things from tax refund LOL Mine grew up seeing Christmas more as religious and family even and Tax refund time as the give me holiday
  • Okay this is just getting down right ridiculous first of all let me clear a few things up. Once your return is accepted the mef system releases your money to your bank account if you owe money it's automatically deducted, these people that say they have received there refunds are very true and aren't lying! The mef system is designed to issue the refunds very fast once you have been accepted unless you were audit or something you can pretty much expect your money within 3-5 days of the acceptance date! Not even the irs can confirm or deny if someone received there money because of the mef system! For those who have not been accepted your returns just weren't selected it was done at random however you can be accepted any day any time! On the 30th is when you can go to where's my refund and get information that is if you haven't gotten your money already! So stop the back and forth no one has any reason to lie about refunds and in no state RAL loans are being issued the only thing that is being done is an emerald advance from hr block which has nothing to do with tax returns at all! They give you up to $1000 based on credit and amount you made and what your supposed to get back! Please my friends chill relax check your bank account everyday you may be surprised mef is automatic! Be happy for those who got there money. Look at it like this we weren't supposed to get accepted or rejected till the 30th but alot of us have been accepted notice no one on here who got accepted prior to 24th is on here why because they got there money! We will too very soon!!
  • Lol it's the same in my house-has always been the same story while raising both my daughters-ages 29 and 18-"we'll get it at tax time"!  29 year old grown and with kids of her own-and NOT always having to wait till tax time for things-to her credit lol!
  • Lmao when my 4 yr old n I were window shopping today she found a couple little things she wanted, I half expected her to say "I know, when you get your money" I sound like a broken record!!! lol
  • Tameeka THANK YOU for that honest and helpful info! I was accepted on Friday the 24th at 3:40 in the morning lol. Would be thrilled to DEATH to have money in my account on or before Wednesday! Lol preferably Monday-my day off hahaha!
  • Omg I swear my son says that too...he says yeah I know tax time you will get me it LOL
  • Tameeka, your refund isn't issued as soon as the return is accepted. It has to be processed first. Accepted means all of the preliminary info is correct and it will move to the next step - processing.

    Think of it like this. You complete a test in school. You hand the test to your teacher. You didn't put your name or date on your test, so the teacher "rejects" it and hands it back to you to fix.
    If you did put your name and date on it, the teacher "accepts" it and then grades it...which would be processing it.

    Acceptance just means the system accepted it and they have it and will process it. A refund isn't issued as soon as it is accepted. That would be insane. People could have anything on their return, fraudulently... why would they issue a refund as soon as it is accepted? Think about it. That would be like the teacher putting an "A" on the test before looking at your answers.
  • Accepted generally means yur getting a refund . The IRS does not receive w2s until July . They go based off of the info you provide Tgem . W2s initially go to ss dept where they r then sent to IRS . IRS then compares them to yur tax return . That's y it takes up to three years for them to audit . Theres plenty of info online regarding the process . The IRS uses a some type of tax curve . Example - a person who makes 15-30k should b within a ceratain tax curve . If yu file yur taxes and the machinesores you either high or low your return is pulled for further review . Thats when u they will ask u to send in copies ofyur w2 and whatever info they need .
  • That is not correct at all. Millions of people owe in and/or do not get a tax refund at all. The returns still have to be accepted, no matter what, to be processed. Getting a refund, oweing in, or breaking even - it doesn't matter - it still has to be accepted before it is processed.

    Accepted just means exactly that - it's accepted, they have it, and will process it.
  • The SBBT website is....
  • juicygirl please explain how they reject returns without processing them first..... on a whim?
  • They reject them for things like social security number not matching the name, the PIN being incorrect etc. They are basic preliminary items that are checked before the return is processed. It may be just a typo, like you spelled your last name wrong, or wrote a wrong digit for birthdate or SS number. Which is why when it is rejected, you fix the error, resubmit, and it is accepted and then processed.
  • Sounds to me like they have to be processed in order to find an error..... Kind of hard to find an error in my son's homework if I don't look it over, don't you think? Just thinking logically, don't mind me.... have a good night JuicyGirl.
  • The initial "check" is just for basic things, just like I said - if social security numbers match up etc.

    From there it goes to processing where it looks at all of the specifics of the return, the info the employer reported, the dollar amounts, the credits you claimed, etc. It is possible they can still find errors in those other areas. Returns can still be delayed due to errors or fraud after they are accepted. If it is delayed, it will note that on the Where's My Refund tool on the IRS website, once the tool is up and running on Jan 30th.

    If you start looking over your son's homework, you are going to look from top to bottom. At the top should be his name and the date. If it is not there, you should give it back to him to fix it. Once he hands it back, you then proceed at the specifics/answers.

    That is how the returns are looked at. The first info the system sees is the name of the filer, the dependants and all of the social security numbers and the PIN/S. If any of the basic items are wrong, they reject it and won't look at anything else until the basics are fixed.
  • Well said
  • Jucicygirl, is correct my return was rejected , I had to go back and fix it to be accepted, now they will process it for a return...
  • ok i am pretty sure that once it says accepted they arent going to switch it over to being rejected..... just saying. NEVER heard of that happening.
  • Ever since I've been doing my taxes if I'm accepted it's accepted. Being processed to me means processing the refund aka DD.
  • i file my taxes on the 21 and its still pending
  • I never said it could go from accepted to rejected. I said it can still be delayed due to errors after being accepted. If that is the case, it will specifically tell you that the return is delayed on the Where's My Refund tool.
  • It's still pending because you probably were not one out of 500,000 for a trial run with IRS so they could test their systems. So yours will be accepted after the 30th.
  • They start processing on the 30th of Jan
  • The irs is accepting and you should have refund by the 1st maybe even earlyer  Juciy has Discourged EveryOne dont take it personal
  • what if you got accepted a couple of days ago, but your refund is coming in a check by mail?
  • I have discouraged everyone... by providing the truth? lol Ok.
  • You tell it like it is, HappyFace2! Let The Know-It-All=JuicyGirl know who's the Boss is around here! Who does she think she is? The IRS? If what you're stating is in fact a FACT? Then even I have High Hopes in receiving my Refund because I was Accepted as one of the 1 Million Filers through the Testing of the New System Software. So I best not be unhappy and be more and more Positive then Negative. Am I wrong to think this way? Everyone can answer except for JuicyGirl! She even brings me down and I had been Depressed ever since she said she felt sad for me thinking I was not Lucky and all. If I was among the many who were chosen to be picked and my Return was Accepted? I should receive a Paper Check or a Direct eposit soon or sometime in December of 2021! lol
  • Mailed checks take a little longer to receive since they have to actually be mailed. Probably 2-3 weeks. When the Where's My Refund Tool opens on Jan 30th, it will tell you when the return is completed and when the refund is/will be mailed.
  • Mine was accepted yesterday morning. I filed on the 22nd. I heard from a local tax preparer there will be two refund batches; one on feb 8th and the next feb 22nd. Don't know how true that is but that's what I was told.
  • You even put me back into a Depressed Lifestyle JuicyGirl! I was taking my Med's and amd I'm still taking them. I decide when to and if I want to or not. Not you! Do you Feel Me, JuicyGirl?
  • No, you made yourself depressed by stopping the pills. Think before you speak.
  • buzz buzz buzz
  • lucky did u mom seriously get a refund and if so im curious what here tt status  says  does it still say accepted  please ansxer
  • No that wasn't me that was AmyBeamon who's mom got her refund.....I was accepted Thursday and filed 1/17.......still waiting also.....Hoping to come on tomorrow and find we have all gotten our money LOL.....but if I get it before 2/20 like the app says I will be happy ;)
  • First off, Let me say you have no say who comes on this Forum and who does not. Second, I have every right to be here as countless of others who did not File with TurboTax! My Friend Filed with TT and she is allowing for me to be on this Site. (FYI) I did File with Turbo Tax this Year for a Client. So no, you cannot tell me not to be here and I cannot tell you the same. So either you stop this Abuse towards me, before I make you Depressed! Unless you're God? BUG THE HELL OFF THIS FORUM YOURSELF! If I take Med's or not? It's not your Bloody Business. it's between my Doctor and myself. I'm not Crazy! Perhaps, you've escaped from Sait Jposeph Hospital because they had too many Insane people there apart from you! I'm as sane as everyone here in this not only TT Forum! This Forum is for people with Tax Questions either TT or other Software Used. It's not jkust for TT Inclusive! You cannot Discriminate people in being here or not so do not make me more Uptight then I already am! So, think before you open your CAKE HOLE!
  • I just spit soda out of my nose.
  • yes it is a scam. you should not hear anything from the irs until jan 30th.
  • Well I would miss all of the fun here, if I did that, silly. <3
  • Omgosh it has gotten wild on this thread!
  • this is not a scam, many were pulled for a test in the irs processing systems.if u filed and did not get accepted you simply were not randomly selected. and will here from the irs around the 30th. as far as refunds those selecd if ur refund has not been deposited by the 30th then ull be able to use wheres my refund tool to get ur deposit date. I filed 14 th and accepted 25. Each year there are delays with the irs however  most people see refunds 7_10 days after accepted. of course no refunds would be  seen today as its sunday and banks donot post. i was with the group of filers in 09 with the 5040 form 1st time home buyers credit witch delayed millions by months and i do know when calling the IRS reps are gave a script on what to say, So calling the IRS will only tell you what you already know returns will start the 30th this is one to keep reps off the phones and two they cant tell you if others have got a refund do to privcey laws. good luck to every one waiting as iam too we will all start seeing refunds next week,again some delays may happen  but not every filer may be in that delay depending on what forms used and the delay at hand.
  • As for me,I did 4 people's taxes -mine 2 coworkers and my daughters. Only 2 of ours are approved as of the 25th and 2 are still pending...
  • right no need for tv just watch tts question thread. lol
  • Lol you're so right hollr! This has become my guilty pleasure-like it does every year! God help me-I just can't stay off these forums! Be glad when I can post "my money's in the bank" lol!
  • Wild imaginations and multiple personalities make for a wild thread lol.
  • Well we all need the money I guess-some of us worse than others. Hope we all get it soon!
  • i read  tts thread
    post every year waiting for my refund,and every year people disagree on what the IRS is doing. iam sure well start seeing refunds soon. for many filers this is when we catch bills up and buy the things weve needed all year, So we all want to hear refunds are goning out and stedy with no delays or set backs
  • That's me hollr. All year I put off big things I need or things I can't pay yet and by the time tax time comes I'm REALLY counting on it! Year before last I needed to move with tax money...last year my teenager and me BOTH needed cars...this year nothing more than furniture falling apart but that's not as pressing as my past years' needs lol!
  • My point is you are acting rediculous and telling people personal things such as you are off your meds because of them or depressed or clearly need help and this is not the place for rants such as those....this a forum about tax refunds and returns......not your personal problems....get some help that is all I am saying.......I never said you are not allowed on here but furthermore your posts have nothing to do with what we are all here for....I have been on here the last 3 days following all this and there has been some crazy stuff going on here but I really think and not to be mean but I think you need some kind of help......its obvious you are looking for attention and maybe you are lonely but as I said before there are hotlines where you can call and get the companionship/attention is seems you are one feels sorry for you we all have a sad story I am sure but like I said THIS is NOT the place to be airing out your very dirty laundry.....have a little respect
  • Luckynlove I have been look for tax answers and all I see is you being negative to others I think u are off your meds and if they aren't talking to u why the hell do u care u need to get a life and stop worrying about other people's comments. If they aren't help to u move on
  • Oh honey, both of your personalities need help. I never insulted her/you at all.

    Secondly, ACCEPTED and PROCESSED are 2 different things, no matter what you want to believe. Ask a TT agent, ask the IRS. If accepted and processed were the same thing, all of us who were already accepted would have received their refund already, according to your theory. A return has to be processed before a refund is issued. A return is accepted before it is processed. I am sorry you cannot grasp the concept and/or do not want to believe how it works.

  • What's the website?
  • This person seriously has issues. The previous comments are all edited and changed now lmao. WOWZERS!

    NKAOLM you would have had to seen the original comments. They went back and changed them now to look more innocent or whatever you want to call it.. to make it look like they were getting picked on.

    For example, one comment said how they were taking their depression meds but stopped..but now the post is totally different, and made to look like a reply to someone picking on them. However, common sense should tell anyone reading it, that something isn't right, because that post comes before anyone even mentioned meds and so the reply doesn't even make sense now..  if you read down through from the beginning.
  • Dear ??Amber??; I see and feel for you for your Situation and when I do receive my Refund? May I offer some of it to you? Am I being too Forward and Rude? Or am I Generous and Kind. I feel for you and your Children. I have a Neice and I almost saw her Grow to uther Mother didn't allowme to see all of that so I want to be Nice and offer you something to hold you off until you receive your Refund. If I'm nice? Let me know. I don't know anymore that woman who Bshed me because I haveedicine and such? She has no right whatsoever and you teeling her off makes me proud to have read your Chat here. I wish you all the best and hope you receive your Refund either Monday or Tuesday. I don't know when they will Issue mine or yours but I hope you get yone else.
  • There is a God After all and anAngel named: ??Amber?? is her name!
  • I Vote this Bully off the TT and  have already reported her to the TT People and I am going to call  them right now and report her again until she is blocked!
Remember that last year, the IRS started to process taxes on Jan 17. This year, the IRS will be processing on Jan.30. No refunds will be issued before then for sure. There is no anticipated refund calendar for taxes this year, the IRS did away with that. Now there is a "Where's My Refund" page that will go live Jan 30 that will provide a more personal information on when your refund will be deposited.
That page is here A "what to expect" page is found here as well 

My taxes were accepted early as well. Here is the official information I was able to track down from H&R Block. 

"As part of controlled IRS testing, a small number of federal returns will be transmitted to the IRS between January 23 and January 29, 2013. This is before processing officially begins on January 30. If you receive an acknowledgement during this time frame, your return has been accepted by the IRS but your refund will not be processed early.

If you expect a federal refund, the IRS Where's My Refund? tool will provide personalized information about your tax return beginning January 30th. The time frame for issuing refunds will not begin before this date.

The IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days. See What to Expect for Refunds for more information on when to expect your refund."

What this means is if you receive that email before January 30th, your return has been accepted by the IRS. You will be getting the refund you saw when filing your taxes, no if ands of butts about it. On January 30th, you can go to the link I put up and find out more on the time your refund will be deposited. 
  • Very helpful thanks for that! Now people can understand better :)
  • Apparently this post is wrong.....people on here know for a fact people have received their refunds today who got accepted tuesday and wednesday
  • lucynlove explain more cause i haerd that 2
  • explain what??  some people on here have confirmed receipt of their full refunds today in their bank accounts.....I talked to 2 of them who knew of at lease 4 people who did
  • Thank you Thank you Thank you :)
  • I can only report what I see on the IRS website. Yesterday, when I posted this, the IRS stated that while some select refunds were tested, no refunds would be issued before the 30th. If that has changed, I have not seen that anywhere yet. If I do, I will report it here. I'm certainly not going to jump the gun and post something I have not personally heard yet. I like to post facts that I can back up. If refunds are in fact being processed, so be it.
  • People are skeptical of fast refunds due to the lying sacks of dog turd who lingered in here last year...I believe IRS site
  • FyI? Heard is spelled: "H E A R D!" Not: "H A E R D!" Do Not Drop from your High School and do go back to First Grade and learn to Spell right! Thanks for the Typo but corrected it now.
  • u spelled grade wrong after making fun of someone's spelling lol, but honestly spelling errors would probably just be due to fast typing if they are excited. mine was accepted early and i know i am excited. i saw a few people disappointed because they filed early and were not accepted yet. dont get discouraged it will happen soon! unless you see REJECTED thats the only time to get discouraged! hope everyone gets their refunds ASAP including me and good luck everybody!!
  • I have also seen where some people had a false rejection from the IRS due to a glitch. So if someone does get a rejection, find out why first. Most of the rejections are unfounded and the returns just need to be resent.
  • glad to see you paid so much attention to someelses post and didn't correct your
  • i mean who cares about spelling im excited regardless, now its just a waiting game but thats interesting they can give out a false rejection. i was just talking about a few people i saw bummed out because it still says pending but i understand why......we all need our money as soon as possible
******For thoes wondering yes it is really true I did a few returns this year for a few ppl. 3 of them were accepted between Tuesday and Wednesday one person was accepted this morning. The three that were accepted Tuesday and Wednesday woke up this morning with their entire refund in their bank account ready to spend, no loans, no gimmicks ....their full refunds!!
IRS is on a roll this year guys!
Let them do their thing they are still say no processing til the 30th for a reason and expect refunds with in 21 days for a reason and that is just invade font don't meet any promises their phone line don't get blown up. Don't call them! Let them do what they need to! They are definitely making up for last year they are issuing refunds at an all time record.

Just be patient your refund will be on your bank when you least expect it.

If its not there don't call them til after your 21 days is up from the time you were accept.

If your return was accurate and accepted ...your refund will be to you soon don't waste time with trying to figure out dates etc. A waste of time!!

They are on the job this year!!
  • You are awesome!  Thanks for confirming because there are so many people on here posting things they really don't know LOL....
  • Lucky me and u think alike LOL
  • Oh no problem I know how much of a headache that can be.
  • My mom just called me I did her taxes a day before mine, hers was accepted on the 23rd, mine was the morning of the 24th, said the generic irs isnt processing refund or returns until after the 30th, well she checked her bank about an hour ago and her refund was in there, i mean she only got back a few hundred but I was actually shocked, I am not lying either, so my only understanding is the ones that was tested and got accepted early seems, the IRS is testing out the refund system too, they have a new refund system this year
  • See you all should be the only ones posting about getting refunds......sick of the people on here acting like they know and all it does it just worry people on here
  • I dont count my chickens before they attach, I dont set dates for my refunds, I dont pre spend it either, it will come when it comes, if its before the 30th then so be it, if not, then i will get it within 21 days of the 30th
  • Girl me either.....;)
  • I didnt either beleive my own mother LOL, i had to check her account and I was like dang it really did come
  • maybe we will get to see ours next week ;)
  • one can only hope girl, but until i get it, bills dont stop coming LOL
  • Amy what state are u in?
  • Me and my mom are both in NC
  • We are too....where in NC??
  • I live in a small town called Concord and my Mom is in Hamptonville
  • I filed on the 10th and was quite sad last night reading about all the folks that just filed and were already accepted.  Got up this morning and checked my email and WOOHOO!!!  I hope everyone who went ahead and filed will get processed early.  Take that for all the folks who thought we were crazy for efiling before the 30th:)!
  • Oh ok....we are from Jacksonville :)
  • We lived in Jacksonville for 4 years, must be military
  • No LOL....Most people think hubby is city police ;)
  • we wasnt military either, I worked at the walmart for 4 years there
  • Almost neighbors LOL   Good luck on your refund ;)
  • same to you
  • I really hope that you guys are right because I could use the money. My sons birthday is on the 31st. It would be nice to be able to celebrate it properly. I got an email saying that I was accepted today. FINGERS CROSSED!
  • seriouslly
  • @AmyBeamon07...I see the dates that you returns were accepted, and I may have missed it, but could you tell us the dates that you and your mom filed? Thanks so much...I'm happy for your mom btw...that's great!
  • Ur mom got less than what Turbo tax estimated? ???
  • @moxy Moms was the 23rd mine was the 24th
  • @amyBeamon07 When did you and your mom file you taxes??
  • I am wondering if it is just the "smaller" amounts that were sent early or just simpler tax situations? Anyone know?
  • mine was 4500.00 not sure if that would be considered small? mine was accepted the 24th at 10:30 pm
  • @angieb5 my refund is 8759.00 and was accepted yesterday at 8am so don't think the amount matters.
  • My girlfriends was accepted last night and her's is a few hundred with no EIC. Mine was accepted a few days ago and was quite a bit more and was a schedule C with EIC.
  • Mine was accepted the 24th. I have EIC and CTC with 3 dependents and mine is around $8,000. I don't think it's going by that.
  • My Bad! I made a bad here I wrote the same twice!
  • What a Coincident. I had a slightly Higher Amount then yours and still was one of the Few who when I Filed on January 7th, 2013? I was Stunned to death that I was shockingly and Suddenly Accepted by the IRS (On January 23rd, 2013 and I do believe it was at (Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 07:24 PM) I had no doubt but had my own Fears along this Process of the Return. I cannot say what that large Amount is due to Privacy Issues with me and the person who prepared it for me? I will say that I'm being more and more positive than Negative towards receiving the Full Refund into my Account. Mind you, in 2007-2012, I only received Checks and not Direct Deposit since there was no Option that I saw available for me back then. I used to work for a Super Market Chain from 2005-2012 and Retired myself for Health Issues. So all I will comment here is good luck to me and everyone here in the TT Forum. Don't be Nasty to one another and keep the Positive Attitude everyone. There's no Murphy's Law when it comes to getting a Tax Refund. So that was my Acceptance E-Mail except they didn't give me a DD Date into my Account. Although in the Past I did receive a Check, I don't think since this is a Bank I have been with since 2007, that would reject the Funds into my Checking Account. I know I inputted the ABA and the Account Numbers correctly. So unless the IRS thinks the Amount is too large for a DD? I'll get a DD. If no DD within 21 Days? I won't bother the IRS after all they are Human too and mostly have Family Members to be seen and they need a Good Night’s Sleep as we do. I have not had a Good Night's sleep ever since I was accepted and before I was accepted. So Next Week will be the Answer to all or some Questions here as to the Asking: Will I be receiving my DD Next Week by the end of Friday? Or the following week instead? The Answers are always Blowing in the Wind!
  • Slreno Mine was accepted the same exact time and date that your was
Lucky you!  The IRS pulled a few returns to test the system prior to the Jan 30 opening.
  • does this mean we can our return a little sooner
  • i want to know that too
  • Everyone is reporting the IRS is saying still within the Jan 30 timeline for refunds and such.
  • One can hope thought. I just want to know we won't have the problems we had last year
  • no they won't process returns until january 30th. If you have had yours accepted already it just means you are past step one of the process and waiting til the 30th to get to step 2.
  • so on the 30th if your taxes got accepted early does that mean that we will get in on the 30th or a few days later?
  • The same timeline as everyone else who will be accepted on the 30th or so they are saying
  • a few days after the 30th will be when people start getting refunds..if all goes smoothly
  • Mine was accepted too. Cant be scam. Why cant Turbo Tax deduct fees from my state return, instead of me paying now
  • i filed the 21st and mine are still pending
  • nwdt73, The IRS only pulled a few returns to test their system. Some were accepted and some were rejected. No one will get a payment processed until the 30th and beyond though.

    angbull2, you can have your taxes removed from your return. Either direct deposit into your checking or on a pay card. The money is removed from Federal not state taxes. So if you get a federal return, even if it is all EIC, you can pay later, so to speak. When the return is sent to you from the IRS, it goes to a bank contracted by TT. They take their cut and send you the rest.
  • What is EIC? Thanks
  • I just contacted the irs and was told

    Friday, January 25, 2013 10:53 AM


    "IRS Web Site Help Desk" <>
    Add sender to Contacts

    removed email address


    General Info

    Chat start time  Jan 25, 2013 1:49:53 PM EST
    Chat end time  Jan 25, 2013 1:52:28 PM EST
    Duration (actual chatting time)  00:02:34
    Operator  Joseph

    Chat Transcript

    info: Thank you for contacting the IRS Web Site Help Desk, one of our representatives will be with you in approximately 0 minute(s).
    info: You are now chatting with 'Joseph'
    info: Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK5440297004296X
    Joseph: Thank you for contacting the Web Site Help Desk.  How may I help you?
    Visitor: There have been rumors on the turbo tax site stating that refunds are already being sent out is this true
    Joseph: Free File does not open until January 30th and the IRS will not accept returns until they open, on the 30th.
    Joseph: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    Visitor: Yes so this is rumor and bears no truth to it
    Joseph: Correct.
    Joseph: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    Visitor: Thank you have a nice day
    Joseph: Thank you for chatting with me. We welcome your feedback. Please click this survey link to complete our online customer satisfaction survey.
    Joseph: Thank you for contacting the Web Site Help Desk.  Goodbye
  • thats a typical IRS paper reading automatic statement
  • yes i agree!!! if you said your mom has already recieved hers they you already know thats BS! its on the irs web site that things are happening more quickly this year! called 1-2-3 step..file...accept...refund.. the people who recieved there acceptance already are apart of the process to test it. the irs phones and turbotax statments are only telling you one thing... obviously they know nothing because look at all these people who are accepted already..when we were all told at first not until the 30th...just wait and see
  • I really think the IRS just wanted to avoid the calls and nonsense of past years and so is keeping it quiet.
  • Amy...does your moms refund info show up on the wheres my refund tool?
  • refund tool is not ready til the 30th...if yours is accepted just check your bank account daily the irs is not taking calls they put a general message on 800 829 1040 number and it hangs up afterwards
  • I do believe after talking with Amy that she was informed of this when her mother checked her bank account this morning . After calling her bank to make sure it was not a mix up and confirmed that it was in fact from the IRS ... The where is my refund is not up and running . It was a matter of the mother checking into her bank account and seeing the deposit in the account .
  • So I wonder if the IRS is only deposits on Friday? Sure would be nice to wake up with my money in my account.
  • Oh so someone actually did get their refund money from federal is what you are saying @theshadowace?? Im curious
  • Yes . It was not state . It was not a loan it was not a gimmick . There have been several people stating today they did get there refund check today ! They got there "accepted" message on Tuesday and there refund was in there bank account this morning .
  • no chris it doesnt, the Wheres my refund dont open till the 30th
  • I guess we will know more if more start posting over the next few days about getting refunds. I am guessing deposits are being made Mon-Frid so we may know more Mon and or Tuesday. I was accepted at 2am today so I am hoping for Wed
  • Here;s what I have understood...the Irs was accepting a few returns more as a test.  Problem is because of tax changes the most up to date forms were not available until the 22nd.  They are processing a few basic returns, to test laws and whatever else they decided to do differently.  
    There is a possibility that some people recieved their returns, as well as the acceptance, however the majority of tax payers cannot be processed until the 30th.  So Kudos to those who got theirs early, and it is now a waiting game for those who are still pending.  Unfortunatly, only some got lucky to start, but the ultimate date to be accepted will probably be during the night of February 1st....atleast this is what was explained to me
  • I dont believe not one single person REALLY got their refund!!! SERIOUSLY!!??? Its people starting rumors just like last year!! GULLIBLE!!! And they DO send out DD's all times of the day Mon-friday!!
  • I have heard the same and am not counting on it but it would be nice to get refunds so soon. We will see in time. Looks like so far all who have filed are getting accepted slowly. I was accepted at 2am today
  • Despmom it is truly a blessing to have it early:))
  • Amen
  • Why are you always starting an argument :) Just kidding. Don't let people get to you. They act like your the IRS, All information is good information. Apparently these people do not want to put in any work on their own and so they try to get someone else mad and do the research. They're lazy and you do not have to deal with it. Keep the info coming and upon further research on my own I'll either prove or dis-prove the alligations on my own. At least you've given me a starting point. So Thanx
  • I did not free file, so that is the difference.  I paid to do mine, so that is probably the difference between people being processed or not.
  • that males no difference, once it's submitted the IRS radomly picked the returns
  • I believe that the IRS asked a few e-file sites to randomly send some returns to them. If it still says "pending" then the file is still in the stockpile waiting until the 30th.
  • How do u find our account number for the sttb website?
  • go to the tax filers tab then enter your info like you would for WMR
I just want to say I think WE MIGHT ALL BE CRAZY :) I get so sucked into this BS that it ruins my day just like it did last year. I have actually read this entire thread in the hopes that there would be some tangible information on the refunds. I filed on the 10th, got acceptance this morning, and there is an account ready at SBBT, but obviously no deposit. It originally said Feb 14th on my TurboTax app, and now it says the 20th. This is Turbo Tax's number, based (in my opinion) on the readily available information from the IRS (Jan 30th + 21 days = Feb 20th). I DO believe that there are folks that had acceptance early and got their money today and I am happy for them and hopeful for me and the rest of you as well :) I DO believe that the IRS is giving themselves some cushion here by pushing the date out to the 30th, and that those of us that were accepted this week will get out $$ either today or next week, but only time will tell. I wish everyone the best and please just take a step back and breathe!! I called my wife earlier and she laughed at me for getting so swept up in this AGAIN just like last year. I'm happy to be in the first few, and again, I hope everyone gets theirs sooner than later. I wish folks would just post valuable information instead of wasting so much time in judgement or speculation with others. Happy Friday everyone!!
  • Brian, this may be a dumb question but with the new MEF system does it send out refunds every 3 days because the people that have received there money already were accepted Tuesday and Wednesday no one has reported receiving there money today that was accepted today.. i know it sounds dumb Im just curious it just sounds like those who have been accepted will get there money like in the next few days... I hope there is no delay to mine because I split it in a few accounts.. what do you think.. anyone?
  • I am going to do something I haven't seen much in this thread and simply say I have absolutely no idea, but I wish you all the best :)
  • with the MEF they do deposit on a daily basis
  • Brian-best post :-) we are all crazy and have to laugh at the nonsense that has happened in the last 24 hours:-D Just proves what money can do to people LOL
  • Thank you all I gotta go.. I will be back later please if anyone actually got there money please comment on here after your done shopping ;-)
  • I use turbo tax every year for past 10 years and this happens every year. you get these no it alls every year. with Mef it clearly states, ackowledgments in less than 24 hours "almost instantaneous" so tax preparers can fix returns on the fly, and refunds in 2 to 3 days and deposit on a daily basis..and can upload pdf files to the Mef system. and it also says irs is using this new system entirely this year. so instead of Thursdays only for refunds it will be any day of the week. and yes the irs web site does say it wont process until 30th but you can bet your butt they are processing now. I could be wrong! but i'm not! hehehe
  • 1
  • @slreno this is what I found on the IRS website: Modernized e-File Production System downtime  (Posted 1/23/2013 at 8 pm, Eastern)
    The Modernized e-File Production System will be unavailable from approximately 1:00 am to 3:00 am, Eastern, Thursday, January 24, 2013 while the IRS conducts maintenance to their systems.
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this timeframe. Thank you in advance for refraining from accessing the MeF Production System during this period.
    Scheduled Maintenance Build
    A routine system maintenance build is scheduled every Sunday from 1:00 am to 7:00 am, Eastern.

    So I'm wondering when the system went down last night is that when it was processing returns. It could mean nothing tho
  • now that is some pi work good job  jsut show they are doing some kind of accepting possibly processing hmm
  • Wow a couple of hours ago SBBT showed my account with them and amount to be paid to TT but now it is showing no record. Odd. Anyone else seeing this?
  • They must be updating or something, Mine has said "No Record" all day and finally just now says amounts to be paid.
  • @slreno I like the way you think!!!! @despmom it could have just been an error in your entries?
  • No I tried again and rechecked my amount plus my pc saved the info
  • wat is the sbbt website
  • It is the company or branch TT uses to take their fees out of refunds before they pass them on. Last year and those before they seemed to "know" before we did when the refunds were coming.
  • Many were processed using Cade and many with the MEF last year. MEF was super fast. I was processed using Cade. It is my understanding this year the new MEF is all they are using so it gives us hope of faster refunds not unlike some are reporting.
  • I definitely agree with you. I got the acceptance e-mail on Thursday and was pretty shocked! I think like so many people, I'm hoping my refund will come quick, but I'm not going to get my hopes up, IRS says they won't start processing until the 30th, and the TT App says "before February 20th." So I'm expecting my refund between 1/30 and 2/20. If it shows up early, that will be awesome, but I can wait.
    If the "IRS is testing things" is true, I'm happy to be part of the "test" group this year. Hopefully the IRS can get off their old system! Good luck everyone! ;)
  • Well I recieved the text message and my TT account say accepted but i didnt recieve the email... what does that mean?
  • It just means the email is coming. Nothing to worry about.
  • Ok for those of you who need proof!

    Open Question
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    I too recieved my refund this morning after getting accepted Wednesday filing with Taxact Online...I was told?

    I filed my taxes two weeks ago on,Got Accepted 01/23/2013 & Recieved My money on my debitcard this morning 01/25/2013,is it safe to spend? AND is this also a sign that for other filers that refunds will be issued two days after refunds are accepted? Because i c others have gotten their full refund also on this test run.
    23 hours ago
     - 3 days left to answer.
  • Thanks for clearing that up. I'm going to copy it and paste it.
I Believe That Refunds that Were "Accepted" With in the Past 72 Hours and Here on out that Refunds and Processing will Begin Now They said Irs will Not Except Tax returns until Jan,30.2013 But Some Have Been Accepted So there Dates and There Creditably Means Nothing Keep Yous Hopes up Everyone Never Know You May Wake up Next week With A ot more Money Then You Had Today :)  Just Because there Testing Whats to say There Not Also "testing" There refund Systems and they are Doing Test returns to Make Sure The Whole 3 Step Process Is Working :)
  • I like the way you are thinking LOL ;) I thought the exact same thing....
  • I got the "Accepted" email as well and this is what it stated:

     ** Your Federal Return Has Been Accepted!
    What this means: Congratulations! TurboTax was able to have your return accepted early by the IRS. You're finished with your taxes.Even though you've been accepted early, please note that the IRS does not begin processing refunds until January 30. **
  • Exactly. no one can be sure what the IRS is going to do. they arent going to say ''oh ya if you were accepted today youll get your refund in two days'' then their phone lines will be blowing up! They of course are going to give themselves the maximum time allowed so that they arent being bombarded with phone calls. Good luck everyone, and you'll get your money when you get it!
  • I did too! I feel the same way @ankflaherty, you never know, if they said they were not rpocessing till the 30th, like last year was late and started ont he 17th as stated publicly then at that time returns wee being accepted, so why would they start accepting returns for them just to sit there till Jan 30, that is not right, if anything I feel refund might be deposited by next week!!
Ok. Seriously people. Whatever the case is...CHILL THE F*** OUT....There is no contest to be won here. WHY THE HELL IS EVERYONE SO DETERMINED TO WIN ARGUMENTS ON HERE.

Cant we all just get along and be happy for those who get their returns or just ignore the people determined to destroy the hopes of anyone thinking they may get an early return?

Plus this thread is about to crash my
  • Basically the few returns accepted before the 30th are test runs. The email states that returns were accepted. It sass also that REFUNDS will not be processed until the 30th. The IRS nor Turbo Tax is going to flat out say: yes we processed early yes we are refunding in record time. They are not putting themselves out there like that to get flooded with millions of calls from people not getting this same thing and asking why. They are not even doing the RAL's this year because of issues in the past. So those uf US that got accepted early congrats. To those of you that didn't you still may. To those of you that have received your refunds already, heeeeey!! To those of you that believe this a huge conspiracy, get over it because green(envy) is not your color.
  • The IRS has accepted some returns early, however, the return will not be processed until the 30th.  If you chose direct deposit, you could have your refund as early as the 6th
    check this site if you used torbo tax.....this is the bank they use
  • Lol my phone sings "you've got mail" so many times that I changed my notifications settings today lol!
  • its getting annoying for yall to keep posting about the30th when its obvious that they already accepted some
  • if ppl have got accepted b4 the 30th what makes u think they didn't get the refund early
  • The fact that the IRS sent notice to the preparers, stating they were taking early returns, but would not process refunds before the 30th.

    Notice it doesn't say process the return, it says process the refund.

    So, the IRS stated that they will accept them early (and process them) but not release the refund until after the 30th.
  • ashly, might as not even try! some people on here are dumb as box of rocks.. its useless.. i talked till i was blue last night and finally said i am done!
  • Another humourus day in the TT Community!  LOL
  • Yall can calm down cause i got mine today
  • I know its hard sometimes to sit and wait because  there are things that we need to pay but we need to all just be patient we will get our returns in due  time when we really need them
  • bollee08 does your bank deposit on a Sunday? I've never heard of a bank doing that at least mine doesnt which suckkks. lol
  • got what bollee08??? Your refund
  • Got your refund on a Sunday! Wow that's news to me! Did you pay for ur filing fees with your own debit card or did u have them taken out of your refund? Who did u file with?
  • bollee08 did you get your refund and if so please prove these people wrong
  • Bollee is trolling...
  • was tired of hearing all this crap from you nuttz so i just talked to my bank, mine is pending from friday (saturday morn 2:30 am) because my bank dont do direct deposits on weekends. will be there monday morn she said!!!!
    didnt have to pay any fees was free for me. so didnt use sbbt! and i am going to do a screen shot of my deposit and post it in the morn. for all you nay sayers
  • he lien
  • who all got they refund
  • Dang bollee-don't drop that bomb then desert us! Lol we want DETAILS man!
  • siren when were u accepted tx
  • accepted on the 24th jan just wish i would of called bank yesterday to ask, instead i sit around here listening to the ones that kept reposting the not until the 30th crap.
  • Just copy this from another post....PLEASE don't beat me up!!! LMBO, but seriously, believe what you want to's your right!!!

    I think I may be able to shed some light on this matter for everyone. This only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as "Accepted" from the IRS. A friend of mine actually works for the developer of the new Efile system, and has been working with the IRS as an independent contractor for each of the past 4 tax seasons as they have increased the usage of the MeF system. Every year, they have pulled a few hundred tax returns earlier than the initial processing start date to test the system. This gives them a chance to ensure that the system works correctly and can correct any software issues prior to the mass influx of returns on the real processing date. The reason they do this is because the system can become overloaded and crash, similar to a website server crash, and it did in fact crash last year the first day the IRS officially opened processing- delaying some returns by a week. The fixed the system within a day, and everything went smoothly from then on for the most part. So there's a brief history of what they do and why. Now, this year, like previous, they have pulled a couple hundred returns a day beginning this week (a week early) to get a run through, because the MeF will be used exclusively for the first time.

    According to my friend, if you've been accepted you have an 80% chance of the return being processed and refund being issued by the system within 3-5 days. The other 20% that don't have typically been flagged by the system and the return needs to be manually gone over to check for fraud or typical errors. Those people can expect a 1 to 3 week delay in their processing. This is why the IRS has not released a refund cycle chart this year, and why they delayed the mass processing until Jan. 30, it gives them a buffer. Previously, people took the cycle chart as the be all, end all when the IRS clearly stated it was not a guarantee of deposit or check dates.
    Anyway, with that said, If you've been accepted this week, there is a strong possibility that you will have your refund by next week, before the IRS has even officially opened tax season. I can tell you as well, that most of the returns that were accepted the first day of testing have already been processed and refunds were issued beginning today. Anyone who was accepted by today (Friday, 1/25), could expect to start seeing their refund issued by Wednesday (1/30) even earlier in some cases. Once again, this only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as "Accepted" from the IRS. So, like the IRS I can't guarantee when you'll get your money, but I can tell you that you should feel pretty optimistic (about 80% optimistic) that you'll be seeing your refund quite earlier than you thought if you've already been accepted. The other thing to keep in mind to is that once the IRS has direct deposited your refund to your bank, it's up to your bank when they make that money available. For example, my bank no matter what, makes every direct deposit to my account paycheck, refund or otherwise available at 8 AM the next business day. They could have received the deposit at 8:01 AM on a Friday and it won't be available to me until 8:01 AM on Monday. so just make sure to check with your bank on their policies, which they don't always abide by. My bank claims to release the funds as soon as they receive them; which is a load of crap as I pointed out to you how they make the money available to me.

    If you're getting a direct deposit from a 3rd party because you opted to take out the fee to have your returns done by a tax software or professional (i.e. using Turbo Tax and opting to pay via your refund) add another day or 2 to your wait because the irs will deposit the refund to SBTPG (the bank TT uses) and then SBTPG will deposit the refund minus their fees to your bank. And typically banks hold this money longer because it is not coming from a government agency.


    Software Developer, Independent Contractor for IRS MeF systems
    2 days ago
  • I got to say I don't know what's more exciting, waiting for my refund or reading these threads. You guys are my entertainment. Wish everyone luck getting their money. Happy Sunday!
  • YAY FOR YOU STRENO!!! CONGRATS!!! Can't wait till I can say the same! When were you accepted?
  • Congrats Siren I called my bank PNC but the dept that can check is closed. They usually don't posts direct deposits till about 630 am Monday morning. Mine was accepted on the 25th but I paid my $29.99 fee with my card. Looks like juicy you were wrong! We already beat the odds being accepted prior to the 30th! Siren when was your return accepted and who did you file with? I used TT. Again SAWEET!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thats awesome!  Thanks for putting a little peace of mind and focus what this thread was really for ;)
  • Dang i can't check my bank-not open today-it's Wells Fargo. Nothing is showing up as a pending deposit but I don't know if it would. Got my acceptance email Friday at 3 40 AM and would LOVE to log on in the morning & see that money in there lol!
  • Laurie did you pay the fee upfront also??
  • I wonder if those of us accepted on the 24th and had the fees deducted have our funds waiting til tomorrow to be deposited in SBBT :)
  • Yes I did...for the state cause federal was free. Used the free edition.
  • Oh ok :)  Well hopefully as of tomorrow we can all walk away from the crazies on here and maybe splurge on a nice big Margarita LOL
  • i was accepted on the 24th and filed it on i think the 12th? and my bank is open 7 days a week (woodforest) but they only direct deposit on wekdays :(
  • Lo money tomorrow would be AWESOME! Time for rent and I'm a little short lol!
  • LOL I hear that Laurie......we just bought a house and are moving March 1 so the money would def come in handy ;)
  • oh and we have to keep our rental til April 15 so we will be paying for 2 places because they wouldn't let us out early :/
  • yay!!!! congrats!! It was free for us to file as well and our return was accepted 24th at 10:38 pm. My bank is also closed today darn it!! hopefully tomorrow morning ours will be in the bank!! I will definitely be up at six am checking lol
  • lol me too......
  • Oh man that's terrible luclynlove! Congrats on the new house though! You BOUGHT it!? Lol you're DEFINITELY in better financial shape than I am lol! Working on my credit report now hahaha!
  • LOL Girl we have been working on our credit over a year hubby is in law enforcement and I am a stay at home mom now due to the economy ;) so we are in no way shape or form rolling in the dough was pure luck and a great real estate agent who got us into our house......Good luck with your credit I know how frustrating it is to work your butt off to fix things and have them take forever to reflect on your credit score......
  • I'll be up early checking my bank too!
  • Good to hear so here is to hoping we get ours next week.
  • Yes it will be a blessing:))
  • agreed. i dont see why anyone would lie in the first place, especially so many. besides anybody going by the irs words they should know they dont want to deal with the calls and have to cover theirselves. not to mention anyone who hasnt filed yet would all be rushing to file tomorrow if they thought it could be accepted early so they are trying to avoid everyone filing at once is my thoughts
  • blessfulgrad ive commented on a few of your posts keep it up we al need people like you to keep us going :)
Now that We have all argued and Called People Childish names I would Like to State I am NO IRS AGENT But The Cold Hard FACTS Are... Alot Of Everyones Returns Have Been "ACCEPTED EARLY" Even Thoyught the IRS Said NOTHING WOuld Happen Untill January 30 2013 But Peoples returns have Been Accepted And Some Even Recived IRS RETURN MONEY NOT RALS No One Even Really Offers Them Anymore most HJave Filked With H&R BLOCK OR TT,TAXACT Ect......But The New System Which ALL Returns Are being Ran Through As Last year there Was 2 Systems And This Year there's ONE..........This System Process Refunds After Acceptance and Processes Returns A Few Days After So The IRS Said The 30th And they Lied to Stop the Heavy Flow Of Communication From People Wondering WMR They Dont Want To Be Bombarded nThey want Some Extra Cushion Of Time to cover There BUTTS ALot Of People Have Been Hopeful And Positive  And Alot Have Been Hateful Negitave ANd Jealous So Lets Start Discussing Each Others Positive Info With Each Other And Leave The Negativity  Info To Yourselves A GOOD Topic Is That Alot Of Peoples Sbbt Accounts are Set up This Account Is For People Who Have Turbo Tax Fees Taken Out Of  Your Federal Refunds I Would Like to Hear Peoples Stories On There Refunds Also This is The Link To SBBT     
  • Very well said ! I agree I have seen the post that "NOTHING WILL BE DONE UNTIL THE 30TH" . Let's all try to remember who we are dealing with here .. ( IRS ) ...Much like any and all systems . They are going to do what they want ... Instead of verbally bashing someone about weather they are telling us the truth . How about we post .. THAT IS GREAT !!!  Lot's of people have been "accepted early " That being said . We all know it is a wait game for your refund ..Knowing that the IRS is working on them BEFORE THAT DATE OF THE 30TH Should give us all hopes that the systems are up and running TO SOME DEGREE ! I myself KNOW OF several people that HAVE received there refund this week !!! Again no loan . Pure cash from the IRS in the full amount that was submitted in there original refund ! So please be thankful that you have been accepted . If you have not as of this time . Please be thankful that so many others have and you are moving up in the line for your refund ... ~~~ Happy Shopping to all the lucky people that have got there cash and here is to those that will have it soon enough ~~~~~
  • someone received a new update on this day SBBT?
    enter SBBT and has new information that says # of transaction but it says the number
  • What do you mean Anna? Im confused by your comment..what transaction number? As in the refund was deposited to SBBT today?
  • was not deposited today
    fees only appeared before but now see a column that says # of transaction but no number yet
  • my SBBT account is set up what does this mean? Has my return been prosesed?
  • @powell when your sbbt acct is set up it means you will be getting your money SOON. However until you see that IRS has sent your refund to the SBBT bank with a date to be DD in ur own acct it's a waiting game.
  • :)
  • I believe that if you sbbt account is set up its on its way as you said a waiting game
  • I have a sbbt account setup already and it shows how much they r gonna take out bu say IRS hasn't deposited the money yet: (
  • I have a SBBT account set up correctly as well and did yesterday
  • Does that mean it's gonna b deposited soon?
  • could be anytime from when your accepted til the 20th, no way to say. it just means they know your getting a refund and that you owe them money for processing the returns and such..........
i got an email about two hours ago that said mine was accepted. i filed on 10 jan. the email also said that the irs starts processing returns on 30 jan. which is 5 days from today. checking the turbotax app on my phone, it says i should expect my refund before 14 feb. woohoo! perfect!! :D so 19 more days!!  i love you turbo tax.
  • The ones who got the estimated 2/14 date all got pushed back to 2/20,,,go re-check your app
  • still says: "Estimated Refund Date Before 14 Feb, 2013"
  • Yep your right !
If anyone is trying to stop notifications there is a little picture at the top right corner with a drop down arrow. Go to notification settings and uncheck the box that says to notify when someone responds to the post (it should be the top box) and then save. I was hoping for useful information on this discussion board but instead there is simply childish bickering. I am happy that there were some people who replied with useful information especially about the mef system. Do I believe that people have gotten their refunds, absolutely, but I won't hold my breath until it hits my account. The way I look at it is we were lucky enough to have them accepted early and should just patiently wait and see when refunds are deposited. It is frustrating to see people getting so worked up over being right. If people are lying about refunds being in their account then so be it, you can chill out because it means they don't have money either lol. I seriously don't know why people would lie about it. The government said they wouldn't even accept us until the 30th and look how that worked out. None of us know the inner workings of the IRS and I'm sure half of their employees don't either. I hope that everyone gets a quick return, we all need our money. Just relax, breathe, and wait for your cash money lol! God Bless!
  • I filed Jan 15th and was accepted Jan 24th...I believe the 24-48 hr time frame is refering to the official start date of Jan 30th. If you filed before then and your return has been accepted, you are among the lucky few.

    I started following this community hoping to get some useful information. Needless to say it has been an interesting experience. I have used TT for years and will contnue to do so. But I do not see myself following this nonsense in the future. Mixed with valid information are crackpots throwing a monkey wrench at people who are easy prey to fall for conspiracy theories and lies just for kicks and giggles.
  • I filed last week and got accepted the 24th. Called my bank yesterday and there wasnt any pending deposits. They also told me it would take 24 to 48 hourbefore anybody would even be able to see a pending deposit. Hoping for the best.
This thread needs to be closed and a new one open because there's over 200 comments it's hard and aggravating to find the new one ahhhh....
  • Girl I have been off and had over 200 notifications in my email lol
  • lucky u are lucky
  • lucky me too they could avoid emailing people with every single comment thats crazy. people (myself included lol) are going to comment alot because we are excited at the prospect of an early return. but this will be my last until i get mine then i will make my last comment then!
  • Change yourr settings it right next to notifactions
  • Lol you're right Lala...and there are several discussions going on within the same page-I find myself spending a LOT  of time trying to make sure I haven't missed anything! And I have like 140 notifications and can't see how to erase them lol! Changed my option OFF from email me when someone comments lmao!!!!!
  • This Site is better then Afternoon Soap Opera's!
  • LoL! Yes it is...
  • ....
  • Wow this place has gotten crazy LOL
Mine was also accepted today.
  • What day did you submit yours i did mine on Jan. 10th
  • Jan 15th
  • I filed on the 23rd and received an email today a little after 2pm est time that my refund was accepted by the IRS. I also filed my mom's and sister's returns for them. I submitted my mom's on the 22nd and an email was received earlier today around 9am est that her refund was accepted by the IRS. I wasn't able to file my sister's until Friday, and as of this point no acceptance email has been received.
  • Amanda we must have been in the same batch, I, too, filed on the 23rd, and I received a text and email yesterday (26th)around the same time as you saying mine was accepted.
Well I kept hearing about many others being accepted early and woke up to an email and text sent at 2am this morning to say mine had been accepted early. You got to wonder if the IRS started on the original date and just gave themselves some time for a cushion.
A note to people who had direct deposit AND had the fees for using Turbo Tax taken out of their refund. The bank that will receive your refund first and then take the fees out and forward it to your direct deposit is going to be University National Bank of Saint Paul, MN; or
First California Bank. That information can be sourced here 

However, there is a page that is linked from the website I posted that can tell you if they have received your refund so you will know to be expecting it soon. That site is here Just enter the information asked and you can see if the IRS has sent your refund to the bank yet. 

The way it works is the bank charges you a 29.99 fee to have the money removed from your taxes. Then there are your Turbo Tax fees. When your return is accepted, the bank pays all your fees to Turbo Tax. The bank then gets your refund first, takes their cut, and sends you the rest. This can hold your refund up a day and it may not if the deposit and transfer to your account is swift. I talked to them and they did say that they send to you the same day they receive. 

This information will allow you to get a day to a few hours heads up to be on the look out for your cash. 
  • Santa Barbara is showing an account set up for me with fees listed so are you sure it is University? Perhaps they are part of the Santa Barbara group
  • Oh and in the past it has never been delayed by them
  • Santa Barbara gets the information regardless of which one of the two banks that will get your refund. The first link I posted goes over that. The second link is to Santa Barbara where the info is entered. Everyone who had fees taken out and direct deposit can skip the mumbo jumbo and go to the Santa Barbara link I posted to see their status :)
  • I checked that site and it says no record found.:(
  • Jakenmichelle, make sure the information is 100% accurate and also give a couple days for the information to post. It will show once Turbo Tax get their fees and the bank holds the note on it. You can also call them if you want.
  • Thank you :)
  • of course theres no info...your return hasnt been processed ...
  • I show an account with expected fees but no deposit so will watch
  • I paid my fees with a credit card do I go to Santa Barbara too?
  • Then Tameeka probably not
  • Mine shows that "no dismemberment have been recorded." That just means that they have not received your refund yet. When they do, it will show that and also show when they sent it to your direct deposit account and an electronic tracing number. It's the waiting game at this point.
  • Tameeka88, no, they will not go to Santa Barbara because you don't owe them 29.99, you paid upfront. Your return will come directly from the IRS. Unfortunately, their "where's my refund" website will not go live until January 30th.
  • mine was free and that refund site cant find me yet either but why would they when i just got accepted today im just hopeful for the 1st which is the first friday after i was accepted
  • iron keep checking because mine said the same thing about an hour ago and now it shoes how much it will take but says they havent recieved it yet......
  • If your taxes were done free, that site will not have any record of you. It's only for the people who had fees from Turbo Tax and opted to have them removed from the refund itself. Anyone who paid upfront will get their refunds directly from the IRS.
  • ty that is helpful im broke and waiting
  • Your welcome @pnutbutternellie. @ beck.jessica99 , yes, mine says that too :)
  • Oh Iron, no dismemberment... Thats a good thing. I have a feeling you like your limbs. HAHA.
Here's where my boyfriend and I are at. I e-filed his return on the (Sat) 19th, his was accepted 1/25 @ 6 a.m. I e-filed my own on Wednesday 1/23 and mine has been accepted (26th). I truly do understand why some are believing their refunds will be early as well, because their return was accepted earlier than what the official source (IRS) stated. And this makes us wonder and it would be logical to believe that all of the accepted returns are not just sitting idle in a computer somewhere just to have an overload of work to do on the 30th. It is not unreasonable to think this. However, if you've believed that, then also believe the part about the testing and the possibility that some accepted returns ARE being processed early, while others ARE NOT. Why? because it is a test. Always expect the worst case scenario (which is what the IRS if they were smart would give to the general public- and they did), but be hopeful for whatever you wish to be hopeful for. I do promise to add another comment if he receives his refund before the 30th only. Otherwise, happy and smart spending to all when you do get it. BTW, we used TT for both and his fees are coming out of the refund, while I paid my fees beforehand...
  • My husband and I got accepted yesterday Jan.25 2013...I hope we get ares early...We filed on the 22nd...but if we do get it early I will post a comment if it helps anybody..
  • Hello... again... I see you took my advice...
  • So I checked to see If i have an account set up  on the sttb websites and it shows  that 63.00 $ will b  taking out what does this mean
  • It just means that your return has been accepted and that means that the bank paid your fees to Turbo Tax. Now when the IRS sends the refund, it will go to the bank and they will take their cut and send you the rest.
  • So if the bank paid the fees to TT Already does this mean that the returns are ok they cant be rejected there done Processing i cant imagien bank putting money up for TT if a guarnteeed retun wasnt comming
  • Amber there is small print when you file taxes that said if your return is rejected or refund is denied, then SBBT can deduct the fees from your checking account or whatrver deposit method you chose.

Hi everybody,

TurboTax as well as other tax providers are working with the IRS to start sending returns through the IRS system, in the order we received them, as they ramp their systems up for the official launch on January 30th.Because of this “limited early processing” some customers started (and will continue) seeing IRS notifications of acceptance or rejection.

Please note the IRS does NOT start processing refunds for any returns until the 30th. If you have any questions about this, let us know. We’re here seven days a week to answer your questions.

We'll be closing this thread because it's becoming too long and getting unwieldy. If you have a specific question that wasn't answered here, please post a new question.

  • what do u say this tyson
    j.a.m.922 about 4 hours ago
    My niece filed on the 18th, the IRS accepted on the 21st and she got her refund Friday the 25th. However, her return is very simple (no children, mortgage etc). Maybe this will help some folks..maybe simple returns are being processed before the 30th....
Mine was too :)
  • does accepted means they accept the amount of the return was filled or it just mean the file has been received?? anyone know the difference :)
  • Just means on initial check there were no obvious errors and it will go through further checkpoints and was received.
  • They accepted it.. then I think they send another email or text saying refund approved then another one saying.  refund sent.
  • ok,,thanks for the reply,, i guess they will sending out emails by the 30th and then we know
  • how do you know it has been accepted?
  • I got a text and I also went to my account on TT where it tells you the status.
  • Does anyone know if they are going to go ahead and start processing them since they have accepted them? Their website stated that they would not accept or process until the 30th so I am wondering if they finished with their updates to the new system and are starting earlier than anticipated.
  • It just means accepted for review, they will reject it if something does not jive with their records.. We are all stuck in limbo till the 30th... Good luck to all and happy shopping!
  • What day did you guys that were accepted today file?
  • what date did you guys submit your return to turbo tax????
  • We got a text and email
  • what day did you submit your return? i did mine on jan. 10th just wondering what day did u do yours?
  • I was Accepted Today and filed on 1/17/13
  • I got mine accepted today and filed the 14th But added onto It the 20th. All went through and was fine.
  • I think some were chosen at random to test the system but refunds will not be initiated until after the 30th
  • They do not start processing payments until after January 30th. you may begin checking "where's my refund" on Jan 30th but no payments will be processed prior to that date. - I spoke with someone from the IRS hotline.
  • Since the taxes were already accepted, I wonder if that means that we will get the refund sooner since all thats left is to process the refund?
  • those that were accepted will get your money soon if all is well i got mine within two days last year filed on jan 10th 2012 and it was accepted on jan. 17 2012 and i got it  on my account on the 19th 2012 on my netspend this was last year not this tax year...
  • i filed on the 10th this year but mine still says pending...sad face
  • me 2
  • I was accepted today as well early but the email from TurboTax says the refund day will be 21 days from January 30th as they will start processing on that date but its been accepted early in the IRS systems.
  • I got the "Accepted" email as well and this is what it stated:

     ** Your Federal Return Has Been Accepted!
    What this means: Congratulations! TurboTax was able to have your return accepted early by the IRS. You're finished with your taxes.Even though you've been accepted early, please note that the IRS does not begin processing refunds until January 30. **
  • Thanks nice to know someone talked to the IRS.
  • dont be sad if it wasnt accepted yet! doesnt mean it wont be very soon!
Yup Ive heard 4 people from OHIO who have got their state refunds and Ive seen about 5 people who have just been accepted this week and have received there FEDERAL withing 2-3- DAYS!
  • Girl me too ;)
  • I know one thing as soon as mine hits the bank I won't be on here so if you don't see me anymore you know why! LOL
  • haha me too :)
  • DID U SEE what I said somewhere about when I checked the SBBT site for my refund? I forgot where I posted it lol
  • yea, its up at the top of the original question
  • Oh ok thanks!
  • Ladies ppl that are saying oh the IRS would never do this that and the other, don't even pay attention to.....I don't see anyone in here with a job title as a IRS Rep or otherwise so you don't know what the IRS is capable of, heck for all you know if you were accepted early your refund could be sitting in your account while you on this form talking about what the IRS wouldn't that b.s for the birds! Like I stated earlier ...four returns I did this week were accepted by the IRS and three received REFUNDS(NOT A LOAN) in their account this morning.
    Get off your high horses and stop thinking you know everything and every move the IRS makes .....its really not a good look for you.

    Ladies I wouldn't even argue with these ppl...they are a complete waste of TIME!!


  • LOL im cracking up its the truth.
  • @luckynlove thanks for the info I was thinking because it was accepted that just maybe we will get it a little sooner. Because the IRS did say they were not accepting or processing anything til the 30th and I got accepted this morning. When I seen the text I thought someone was playing a joke on me than I got the email. To cover their butts they wont say they starting to accept them now just in case things are delayed. Keeping my fingers crossed that we get our refunds soon too.
  • you tell em Mickey1010 lol
  • LOL :-)
  • Man, I hope you guys are right, I could sure use the mullahhhh!!!
  • got email today 1023 est time saying return accepted  hopin for the best lol
  • Wish screenshots could be uploaded
  • im from ohio and have been accepted so thanks lalafromjerz, thats quite comforting!
This is directly from Although I was accepted early and a lot of others were too, I highly doubt anyone has received a refund yet! 

View help topics for tax-year 2012

Topic:  Federal Returns Accepted Before January 30

As part of controlled IRS testing, a small number of federal returns will be transmitted to the IRS between January 23 and January 29, 2013. This is before processing officially begins on January 30. If you receive an acknowledgement during this timeframe, your return has been accepted by the IRS but your refund will not be processed early. 

If you expect a federal refund, the IRS Where's My Refund? tool will provide personalized information about your tax return beginning January 30. The timeframe for issuing refunds will not begin before this date. 

The IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days. See What to Expect for Refunds for more information on when to expect your refund.

  • Mine was rejected due to a mis type in  my daughter social. I wonder how long it will take now to find out if they reject it or excepted this Tim :(
  • Now see if they were sitting around in storage as some claim awaiting true IRS acceptance none would have been rejected.
  • For all of those who are still having doubts. This is the page that I have from Santa Barbara Tax Product Group. This is the bank that takes out fees for Turbo Tax. 2 days ago I did not have an account with them and yesterday my account showed. I have used them for 5 years and this only happens when a return is scheduled to post to your account. I know that IRS was "NOT SUPPOSED" to start until Jan 30- but they obviously have. To the naysayers you can't trust everything that is printed about a definitive start date. 1000's have been accepted and they are not refund loans. No one even offers them per LAW! HR Block offers a line of credit, but only up to 1000 dollars. Hope this eases some tension. And YES! this is from today!
    Account Status

    You filed your return with TurboTax and requested a bank product from Bank.

    Bank has not received your IRS refund.

    Income Tax Refund Status

    To find out when your refund is expected to fund, visit the IRS site at and click on “Where’s My Refund”. You can also check on the status of your refund by calling the IRS at (800) 829-1954. The Bank will process your refund as soon as it is received.

    Refund Deductions

    The following items have been, or will be, deducted from your refund (Bank Refund Processing Fee is only paid when the corresponding Federal or State refund is received).



    TurboTax Fee(s):


    Bank Refund Processing Fee:


    Applicable State Taxes:


    Total Refund Deductions:


    Summary Information



    Total Amount Received By Bank:


    Total Amount Paid On Your Behalf:


    Total Amount Paid To You:



    This means that they are expecting a return to your account to be disbursed to the bank.
  • Mine was rejected also for the same reason. I resubmitted yesterday just a few hours after it was rejected but I haven't seen an update since.
  • @ CCCx3 That just means that your return has been accepted and that means that the bank paid your fees to Turbo Tax. Now when the IRS sends the refund, it will go to the bank and they will take their cut and send you the rest.

    You won't see an account set up unless you have had your return accepted by the IRS and they know they will get paid if they pay your Turbo Tax fees. I also received my Audit Defense information at the same time I saw my account was now created. None of this happened until my return was accepted. After my return was accepted, things started happening.

    Now usually the IRS opens up and you can send your taxes in and as soon as you get accepted, your refunds starts to be processed and not long after, you receive your refund. This year there is a hold up until the 30th on refunds. So comparing this year, to any other year in that aspect won't work.
  • And there are a few million people who have been tested from different e-file site. I saw today where a new e-file site was asked for 500,000 refunds for additional tests alone. For all the people that say they got accepted early, you would think there would be more than just a handful claiming that they or someone they know got a direct deposit already. But I digress, the 30th is just 3 short business days away. So most in this discussion will get their refunds quick and first regardless.
  • I am well aware of the Jan 30 date as I have been processing tax returns for years. I know how SBTPG works have used them for the last 5 years. Just saying that when they set up account it is because they have received notification of an impending return. Don't know when, but it is coming. I hate that everyone needs to feel like they know exactly what the deal is. No one knows but the IRS. The only thing for sure is that they definitely started accepting returns before the stated date that has been copied and pasted a million times! And for the post @Iron. This is from this year when I logged on at 7:30pm 01/26/2013 central time. Thanks!
  • NOT TRUE IRON, SBBT WOULD IN KNOW WAY SEND TURBO TAX THERE MONEY UNTIL SBBT KNOWS FOR FACT THAT THE MONEY IS ON ITS WAY. meaning that sbbt has info that the refund is about to be deposited. just because it was accepted doesnt mean you are going to get a refund. there could be offsets or anything. do you really think sbbt would be sending out money to turbo tax if they didnt know for 100% certainty that the deposit was going to be made?
  • If anything happens or changes I will definitely post to keep everyone updated! (WITH PROOF) Lol
  • Yea, mine is from this year as well. Everyone already knows that returns are selectively being done early (note this entire topic.) There is also a difference between the IRS testing their codes and direct deposits. Nothing has changed with how a direct deposit is conducted. The fact that they are testing their codes does not mean anyone will get an actual refund any sooner than the 30th.
  • Well if IRS is only testing returns doesn't that raise a flag up for concern that's like saying our TAX returns are Guinea Pigs?
  • slreno1217 Yea, and they know it will be on it's way when the IRS accepts the return. Anyone who's return that has been "accepted" will get the refund already noted when they did their taxes. Now the IRS may actually go through your refund in a couple years to fine tooth comb it but that's a non issue at this point. If your return has been accepted, then a refund will be issued. The question then becomes not if, but when it will arrive. Any Turbo Tax fees are already known and the bank makes an extra 29.99 off anyone who had Turbo Tax fees removed from their taxes.
  • iron, so in all honesty , you really think the irs is going to accept somewhere between 500,000 to 1,000,000 returns and just hold them until the 30th, the same day they are going to get bombarded with millions of returns, to process the early returns?
  • that is absolutely wrong iron... just because it is accepted doesnt mean you are going to get your return. talk about spreading wrong info. buddy you are off your rocker!!!
  • this is exactly why this crap gets started in these forums, because of people like you that like to think they know whats going on but have no clue. please do some reading and use google before you stir anymore crap here with wrong info
  • a few years back i forgot a w2 and ended up owing the irs 300.00 bucks ..well the next year when i filed my return it was accepted by the irs!! great huh! well they took there money before they issued my refund. if it would have been my whole refund they would have took it. so dont tell me if your accepted that means your getting a refund. absolutly not true!
  • One place had 500,000 requests. I would think around 2 million taxes were tested recently given the fact 5 e-file sites were called on to submit as many. Google processes hundreds of thousands of payments via direct deposit every month during the first week of every month. There is nothing special to that.
  • slreno1217 Yes it does mean you will get a refund. Get a grip, this is how it is. When the testing was done, you either were "accepted" or "rejected." The ones accepted get a refund. The rejected ones have to resubmit.
  • slreno1217 Again, are you listening? The IRS has up to six year to go through your refund and look for discrepancies. That does not mean they will take that long. They caught up to you and took it out of the following years refund. But that didn't effect or hold up the refund you received that year now did it? :D
  • what does google have to do with it? anyway, i stand behind what i said. sbbt created the accounts already because they have and acknowledgment or something from irs that deposit is coming within 48hrs business hours, there is no way sbbt is going to setup account and send turbo tax there money without knowing this first. if you think diferent then your nuttz
  • Well now as tomorrow is Sunday we will know nothing further until Monday so see you then. Hope we see our refunds next week. Play nice I am off to work to pay some more taxes to fret over next year. LOL
  • It has a lot to do with it because you seem to think that the IRS won't sit on money as long as they can and release it after the 30th. As if there is some new system set up for direct deposits. The point was that Goggle can send hundreds of thousands or direct deposits every month in just a few days. It's not unthinkable that the IRS will do the same.
  • So Mr. Iron or is it just plain Iron? I Filed on Jan 7th, and was Accepted Promptly on January 23rd, the first day they pulled the Filers Return into the IRS's Machine to either Accept or Reject. I was accepted! Does this mean, I am 1 Billion Percent going to receive my Refund sometime in the near future? Or are you one of those Floridians who says: "Don't Go There!" "Get Over it!" and my least and most hated Saying is: "NOT ANYTIME SOON!" I swear on a Stack of Bibles as high as the Empire State Building, until I arrived in the State of Florida which is Tampa? I had not heard these Sentences in my entire freaking lifespan! Even my Sister who now is a Stuck up Blank? Says: "Don't go there!" (Go Where? To the freaking Moon?) I have a question. When they say Don't Go there? Can't they make it smaller and say: "Stop the Conversation or don't talk about it? Give me a freaking time living in the Northern of the New England Snow and Ice any day because we New Englanders don't go saying these dumb words to people! Don't Go There! Where do they get these words from? Now the Tampa News Casters use the Phrase: "We won't be getting rain Anytime Soon!" Just say there will not be rain in the near future for crying out loud you weird Floridians!" This is not about a Tax Filing but I need this known to all. What does the Sentence: "You're Making a Dickens of yourself!" Mean exactly? Can't these people in the State of Florida use the English language in plain English like the Brits? They have Manners. No one in the Tampa area has a single decent manners at all. I was pouring the Magic Shell Coco on an Ice Cream Cone and this Old Sr. Citizen said: "You sure are making a Dickens of yourself!" Say What, lady? Come on already people! We're not on the Mars? Except there are so many Aliens in this Country that we might as well be! LOL. In Case no one knows my name? Here it is Sir. F. F. Abolfathi! So there!
  • anonymous2018 Yea, you will be getting a refund, 100% for sure.
  • This is the email everyone is sent when their returns are accepted. *** "Your Federal Return Has Been Accepted!
    What this means: Congratulations! TurboTax was able to have your return accepted early by the IRS. You're finished with your taxes.
    Even though you've been accepted early, please note that the IRS does not begin processing refunds until January 30" ***

    If there was something else I had to do to get my refund, Turbo Tax would have mention it. Not long after my email, my SBTPG account was set up and my Audit Defense email came too.
  • OMG i'm out! its like talking to a brick wall
  • GOD BLESS YOU, IRON! Thank You and Hope you have a grand 2013 Year the rest of your Life! I think I can actually maybe sleep finally and be less Stressed out for a change now that someone answered me!
  • Thank You Once again from the Bottom of my Empty and now Full hear! LOL! :)
  • I mean lets put this into perspective has anyone here on this forum been accepted prior to the 24th that didn't receive there refund? I guarantee not one person can say they have why because there so happy they got there money they could care less! Lol! Someone anyone if your out there put me to shame prove me wrong tell me you were accepted prior to the 24th and you didn't get your money!!! PLEASE!!!

    No one will guys because they got there money... Out of all of us no one here all of us got accepted 24th and later....

    I rest my case
  • Dear Miss tameeka88. Guess What? I was Accepted on January the 23rd, 2013! However. . . I have still yet not been told that i will receive a Refund as of yet! Did I, Prove you Wrong Ma'am? I'm Sorry! :(
  • Wrong, tameeka88! I'm about to Put you to Shame! Just tell me Not to Go there! I dare you! I Double Dare You! I was Accepted prior to January 24th and still have not received my Refund. That was the exact Question you dreded. Right?
  • Hello everyone,
    I've been reading most of these post for most of the day, (truly didn't have much to do today), and I must say there is a lot of tension here on when we will get our federal or state refunds. We will get it when the IRS release it. No if's, and's or but's about it. For the most part, I am hoping it is this coming week also, but if not, what can I do but goes on. Let's not jump down each other's throats and result to name calling. In the 7 years I've been filing my own taxes, I have never had a problem with TT or the IRS and has always come on time or even ealier than expected. And, it was any day of the week, not just Wednesday or Fridays. I have my guess on why the IRS what they're doing but, I'll save that conversation for a different time. Please relax and be patient. We will have are $$$ sooner then we think. Just my thought.
  • Anonymous I guess your just unlucky was accepted prior to 11am but I rest my case out of all these people here you being the only one who have not gotten a refund and was accepted prior to the 24th don't you think that's strange? Any others we have 1 out of a 100.... Did you check your bank account? I don't argue I go by facts and numbers don't lie my friend.... Again any others I can admit to being wrong but not likely I'm usually right!
  • Anonymous have you checked the SBBT website to see if your refund had been received by them yet?
  • I Don't go to SBBT I go by Bank of America and they Credit by Midnight or 7 A.M. either a Business Days and if any Depositys are made the Week Before and there is enough time, they Credit My Account sooner. If the IRS is slow in sending the Refund, the bankj will Credit the Funds by the latest of 7:00 Sharp and no questions asked. In the past it was at 2:45or 1:30 or so. By BOA Standards, the Credits Sent to the BOA is Credited on Tue-riday and not ever on the Weekend unless it is a SSI or SSDI which is the Social Securit Checks each Month. If the IRS has already send my Refund to my Bank? It has to be going to them by their due dates of the Wek. Like not Monday but Tue-Friday the Bank makes it in the Pending Mode. Now it will not skip putting it in the Pending Position if the Refund is tere like Friday? It is Pending by Saturday A.M. SO that is how they roll. So, I'm not going to be Negative. I did not pay a Fee either it was a Free Tax Act.
  • Again I don't know how to check with SBBT to find out this. How do I do this exactly? I call them Monday Morning? I did not pay a TT Fee I Filed with TaxAct. Updated as of right now being it is 1:36 A.M., I now know I don't go to SBBT.
  • @anonymous-- if you did not file with TT then the bank SBBT is not the one you would have to look into. SBBT is a bank that is used thru TT when u have your filing fees taking out of your REFUND. Since you files with tax act I believe they use a bank called "republic" or something close to that. If you didn't pay any fees to file then I'm pretty sure IRS would just DD it into your personal acct as there is no fees to deduct.
  • Plain and SImple People. Don't say that you've received your Refund. Because: "That would be Telling!"
  • it is posted on irs .gov they will not be accepting returns till 01/30/2013
  • ncmoose68, obviously you didn't read anything on here! Returns are already being accepted and processed, they have to, to test there computers to make sure everything is running smoothly!
  • some of these people r just [profanity removed] plain ignorant they don't read or etc but wanna try to tell someone they r lying or keep quoting the irs why not shut [profanity removed] n wait n see ijs#
  • Yes because we ALL know that the IRS is ALWAYS 100% upfront with everything that they do... Last year I called them 4 times. I got them same info...even on the day my DD went in they keep giving me standard script... Come on people have a mind of your own!
  • I was accepted on the 24th and I have not seen any refund. However, I had education credits and as of today the IRS released a statement saying that they are freezing any returns with this credit. This happens every year so I am not expecting anything anytime soon. If it comes great if not there is nothing I can do but wait. People are saying that if a account is created at TT's bank SBBT then a refund is coming very soon. This is also not true . My account was created 8 weeks before I recieved my refund last year.
  • Angel where did you read irs freezing education credits
  • Here is the website.
    This was just posted today. I am not surprised it happens every year.
  • Sunday, January 27, 2013

    IRS Efile News -- Delayed processing of Form 8863

    The IRS announced on an industry call with software vendors participating in the Controlled Launch this morning that they would start rejecting any e-file that contains Form 8863 (Education Credits) effective immediately.

    What does this mean for returns that you have already sent to the EFC, but have not been sent to the IRS?

    Any return that you have sent to the EFC that has NOT been transmitted to the IRS that contains Form 8863 will be rejected by the IRS with either Reject F1040-419 or F1040A-419 Form 8863 is not being accepted by Modernized e-File (MeF) at this time .

    Will the EFC reject any e-file that contains Form 8863 to the ERO instead of sending it to the IRS?

    No, we do not crack open the e-files at the EFC, we simply batch them and send them to the IRS.  Any efiles already at the EFC will be transmitted to the IRS.

    Will you be issuing an update to the US 1040 module to prevent the e-files from being created?

    Yes, we are working on creating US 1040 v 4 that will prevent you from creating an e-file if the return contains Form 8863

    What will happen to the e-files that the IRS has already accepted that contained Form 8863?

    The accepted e-files that contain Form 8863 will be held for processing by the IRS until internal IRS programming can be made to accomodate the processing of these returns.

    Will this impact when the taxpayer refunds are processed for any accepted returns that contain Form 8863?

    Yes, the accepted returns are being held, which means they will not be sent to refund processing.

    When will the effected returns be processed?

    The IRS is working diligently to get the programming in place to process these returns.  They will be issuing a Quick Alert regarding this situation, but cannot commit to a resolution date at this time.,
  • What is form 8863?
  • Form 8863. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service (99). Education Credits. (American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits). If you have paid tuition in 2012 you could be due a credit either the American Opportunity or Lifetime  Learning Credit. This is my 3rd year claiming this. It is never much, in fact it has never been more than 1000. This is all I ever get back  anymore. Used to get EIC but not anymore.
  • I got an accepted text message on Saturday I promise I will come back to your post and let you know if I received ANY taxes
  • Did you also file this credit?? If so when where you accepted?
  • I really don't think this is true. When have you EVER heard of the IRS putting out statements on a Sunday?
  • No the IRS is not always upfront, I made 3 consecutive calls last tax season and received 3 different answers. Everyone just hold tight and be patient its coming.
  • I know but all I am saying is that I am not surprised because something happens with this credit every year. Last year it was late March before I saw any tax money and I was accepted the first week of last years filing timeline. I will let everyone know if I do see any money this coming week (accepted on the 24th).
  • No i don't have that. Never even heard about it until now.
  • Lol they are very annoying :-) If you notice most of those people are not ones who were accepted early.........
  • IKR @lucknlove...I mean don't reply if it's negative because if it was them, they will be totally upset if someone call them liars...Just be happy for one another. Everyone in need of their money so why take time and lie about money we in need of, if it was me I will be jumping inside colorful balls right about now lol...Have a great day luckynlove.
  • Hey we could have it early next week or maybe just after the 30th either is good. They would have to make massive DD on or after the 30th though judging by all that were accepted early
I just got a text and double check TT and mine was excepted today too! I filed a few weeks ago! :)
  • What day did you submit yours i did mine on Jan. 10th just wondering
  • I filed on the 10th, mine was accepted this morning around 1:30, according to the text and email, however, it says will not be processed until the 30th, so there's no need to get excited or anxious, because other than knowing that you were accepted before the cutoff for the first refund checks, there's no added 'bonus" in getting accepted early.
  • The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.
  • Accepted mean the return is good to go, for now. It can always be audited but those that got the initial email have an, at this point, approved tax return and the next step is the refund.
  • sugarboss***  That is the automatic message turbo tax gives you when it is trying to send return to IRS. That is NOT the accepted message.
  • If the email says "accepted" then it is. When you first send your taxes in, the status is pending. After pending it is either accepted or rejected. If accepted, you wait on your refund from the IRS.
  •          Irs Asked tax prepares to send 5 Hundars Thousand efiles To Be Processed before The 30th
  • Good read Amber, thanks. Looks like the IRS is testing some more. I would guess, that this is because they had some false return rejections the first couple days of testing. Now they test their codes some more. I would think that is at least part of the reason.
  • I think they said so many from each vendor not sure if its 5000,000 total or each vendor
I filed Jan 15 and was accepted late yesterday-no word on refunds but
i will assume we will be among the first as soon as they start processing them, I expect a refund as early as 2-8-2013 if everything goes according to plan
  • You could see your funds  as early as within 48 hours or up to 21 days.
  • The IRS is testing their systems and a select few that filed were accepted early however they will process only starting on January 30th and the refund will be within 21 days from that date.
it said that my state return has been accepted not my federal it like that for the rest of you?
 My federal return was accepted today.
said i would receive my refund before Feb 15, now says before Feb 20
  • thank you
  • Mine was accepted today at 2:37am this morning, and first it said I would receive my refund before Feb 14th, now it says the 20th . but hey, that's alright with me !!!
  • Mine also Twiggy.
  • Should get refund within 7 days of jan 30. That's what irs goal is just not showing that now bc they aren't open for business yet. Will get exact refund date on jan 31
  • Since I Filed on Jan 7th, of this Year, Received an Acceptance Notice on Jan 23rd,. Will I too be receiving within 7 Days? Is this correct or your Assumption? Don't Assume. Never Assume when it comes to the Refunds as important as the one I'm about to recive please?
Sooooooo who's fonna win the Super Bowl? ;)
What are all you people going to do for the remaining nine months of the year after your refund has come and gone (spent) ?  Hope you can handle it.
  • well for me, I havent spent a dime of my tax money in 7 years, Im saving up for a house, almost there too
  • Well for me I pay my rent in advance for 3 months then pay all the bills then I give my  2 teenagers $500 each to shop for themselves (and the 2 smaller ones go to toys r us) and the rest of the money I spend on me. :)
  • Struggle ????
  • I was accepted 25th but I have pnc bank the ach dept. closed on weekends I am thinking the money will be there Monday. Based on what I've read and heard in my state fl we don't have state return we have federal only. I will be back Monday to let everyone know if I personally received my refund moving and buying a car and paying some tickets and bills! Plus my daughter bday on the 7th she wants to go to Lego land.. I pray were rolling in dough next week!
  • my return was accepted on the 24th but I'm not expecting my refund until at least mid Feb.what makes everyone think they will have their refunds in a few days? that sounds crazy to me. i hope so but it seems like wishful thinking with not much basis in reality.
  • LALAFROMJERZ i know a girl who calls her self lala and shes from jersey but shes only got 1 small child i am in MD
  • Ahh ok Amber. Yeah I'm from Jersey with 4 sons :)
  • hey we manage we just enjoy a break from bills
  • Oops wrong place for that post. I work fulltime this is just the only time for extra purchases, emergency savings, and things like dental work or such. Also as my kids call it Tax Return is the big gift time not Christmas. LOL
  • DespMom, there's too many posts here and I can't find where you asked your question!  but I filed on Jan 20.  I'm not particularly lucky, so it' snot surprising I wasn't selected for early processing, since it sounds like it was random!  :-)  but I'll keep hoping my return does get pulled!
  • Well my daughters love tax time they get new room decor, $50 to spend, new clothes and whatever else along the way. Im also getting a new car because i had a baby 2 months ago and now ive got 3 kiddos i need a bigger car!!! And also to pay ahead on bills so ive got extra money then too. Also saving this year to buy tix to a Patriots game next season!!!!!
  • You are I might say: "ONE FINE LADY!" I too am a Pat's=Patiot's, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics Fan! It's wonderful to have seen you here as there are not that many Fans from Boston. I moved here in 1992 after Resigning from the old Bradlees Department Store before they went Belly Up! lol! So I am happy to be seeing you here caring for your children. They are the True Gift to all of us as long as they Obey! Either way I am sure the Sox and the Boston Sports teams will one day all win in one whole year to make the Spankees ()Yankees, and the Rays which are Losers and the Unluckyneers to shame.
  • Im a Pats fan too and I live in FL
  • Happy that there are a Total of (3) New Englanders in the State of Florida! LOL!
  • Well, im a diehard Pats fan, but im from CT. lol.
Just because a return has been accepted does not mean it has been processed. The IRS has set a "FIRM" date that no returns will be processed until Jan. 30th. there has been no refunds issued to anyone regardless of what may hear. I heard the same and asked a family member that works for the IRS and she stated there has absolutely been nothing processed let alone a refund issued. 
  • No the refunds and all are not processing yet but most likely we will see deposits next week or the week after
  • so all these people have been lying about their refunds???????????????
  • As far as I have seen it hasn't been one person who says "I have my refund" It's always my friends sisters aunts brother or something. So maybe they are being mislead if not down right lying.
  • Surprised? Happens every year.
  • Well @angie read this link someone posted on Askyahoo....

    Ok for those of you who need proof!

    Open Question
    Show me another »
    I too recieved my refund this morning after getting accepted Wednesday filing with Taxact Online...I was told?

    I filed my taxes two weeks ago on,Got Accepted 01/23/2013 & Recieved My money on my debitcard this morning 01/25/2013,is it safe to spend? AND is this also a sign that for other filers that refunds will be issued two days after refunds are accepted? Because i c others have gotten their full refund also on this test run.
    23 hours ago
     - 3 days left to answer.
  • That person received their refund it wasn't and aunt uncle brother sister mother or father.
  • Nope not at all. It's just a sh*t storm of fun LOL
  • I have seen three that claim they, not a family member, received theirs but in truth we cannot know if they are truthful
  • i dont know why anybody would lie, i for one wouldnt so that might be why i wouldnt understand it. now if they are asking for your info then obviously dont give it. when i get mine i normally dont come back to this site but i think this year i will. we all just need to sit and wait. but i did see someone on here a TON of comments ago who said they had got theirs. i dont believe if u have been accepted its going to wait until the 30th to be processed, they have to say that to cover their butts. but returns in a matter of days is honestly kinda hard to believe but  guess we will just have to wait and see!
  • I have in the past come on and made a post but you are right most are quite busy afterwards until the next wait LOL
  • I will DEFINITELY come back on and report it when money is in my bank lol!
why would they issue refunds early?  excuse me, i'm all for an early refund. lord knows i need the money. but let's be realistic:
the people who have been posting about getting their refund early or knowing someone who has gotten it early, have also been posting information links from last year. i'm pretty sure these "early refunds" are actually refund anticipation loans, which h&r block offers. not sure of anyone else who does. now: i've been up since 5am searching online for some kind of proof of early refunds. i found nothing & it's now 6:23 pm. if the IRS was issuing refunds early, i'm sure there would be more information about this somewhere online.

this is a copy/paste from the irs website:

"Where’s My Refund opens January 30, 2013.

Due to recent tax law changes, we will open filing season and start processing individual income tax returns on January 30. This applies to tax returns filed on paper or electronically. 
Once we start processing returns, we expect to issue refunds within normal timeframes. You can generally expect the IRS to issue your refund in less than 21 calendar days after we receive your tax return.
Starting January 30, you can use this tool to check on the status of your refund. It will provide the most up-to-date information the IRS has. There’s no need to call us unless Where’s My Refund? tells you to do so. Where’s My Refund? is updated every 24 hours – usually overnight – so you only need to check once a day."

so i'm sorry, but your false information is nothing but your silly minds wishing for something that isn't going to happen. in the next 4 days, people will be complaining about not getting their refunds before the 30th & then you will realize, it's because it isn't going to happen.

  • so are the people who swear that their family members or friends have their refunds today delusional?
  • jessyka, this same thing happened last year with earlies.. and they got there refund in a few days because they was put through the Mef system, which gets refunds out in days instead of weeks. and guess what this year they are using Mef entirely! so you are the one going to feel pretty stupid when all these people start reporting back here tomorrow and Monday that their refunds are back including me. I was acceoted yesterday and I am betting my refund will be in bank in the ,morn or Monday for sure. read up on the Mef filing system before you go spouting off :)
  • clearly. it may be a website that helps you file taxes, but it's still the internet. people can say whatever they BELIEVE to be true. yet have no proof to back it up.
  • I agree with this. I got my refund accepted early as well. I will believe refunds are actually being sent out before the 30th when I see it in my account. Until then, I will be waiting until Jan 30 when I can see on the IRS website.
  • LMAO...... Sounds like you know what you are talking about.. <3 I sure hope your right slreno1217.. my return was accepted today at 11am... so with this new system it issues refunds super early? Do you know anyone personally that has received there money already? I like what your saying... in all honesty I couldnt believe I even heard people saying it was accepted until I checked it for my self, to me thats a huge step because it wasnt projected to be even looked at until the 30th, I do believe people have received there money I dont know anyone personally though... I am always positive so God will take care of all of us! God Bless you all and stop this fighting and bickering were all going to get our money in due time... mucho luv
  • irs is taking test returns and there is no way they are going to let these sit until the 30th. you can be assured these are being processed and will be out in a few days. they are doing this to relieve some of the overload they are going to get on the 30th by letting these sit till the 30th would be putting them in the same boat as not taking any early.
  • well if you were really reading the thread you would realize your post is completely retarded......this first of all is a turbotax forum not H & R Block.......second the people who reported on here who I have spoken to werr tt customers as well filed with tt and received a refund today after being accepted Tuesday tt does not offer such loans.......and finally just because early refunds arent in the news does not mean its not actually happening..........
  • I just want to say I think WE MIGHT ALL BE CRAZY :) I get so sucked into this BS that it ruins my day just like it did last year. I have actually read this entire thread in the hopes that there would be some tangible information on the refunds. I filed on the 10th, got acceptance this morning, and there is an account ready at SBBT, but obviously no deposit. It originally said Feb 14th on my TurboTax app, and now it says the 20th. This is Turbo Tax's number, based (in my opinion) on the readily available information from the IRS (Jan 30th + 21 days = Feb 20th). I DO believe that there are folks that had acceptance early and got their money today and I am happy for them and hopeful for me and the rest of you as well :) I DO believe that the IRS is giving themselves some cushion here by pushing the date out to the 30th, and that those of us that were accepted this week will get out $$ either today or next week, but only time will tell. I wish everyone the best and please just take a step back and breathe!! I called my wife earlier and she laughed at me for getting so swept up in this AGAIN just like last year. I'm happy to be in the first few, and again, I hope everyone gets theirs sooner than later. I wish folks would just post valuable information instead of wasting so much time in judgement or speculation with others. Happy Friday everyone!!
  • you can bash my FACTS all you want with your "smiley face emotes (:" doll, but learning the facts first may help you: they're all over the irs website, which i posted a link to up there^. there are still 4 days until the 30th. i'm sure millions of people will get their refund early, but it will NOT be before the 30th. just call the irs & ask them yourself. then bow your head in shame as you are proven wrong. now: if you DO receive your refund early, feel free to screen shot the proof in post it here. then i will believe you.

    @Iron: i'm right there with you. if i don't see any proof of these early returns (EX: BEFORE 30 Jan) i'm going by the irs website.
  • seriously right? what would be the have to laugh at these idiots who think they know best when clearly this girl has no clue :-P
  • The point is that every year, people get of on stirring the tax refund pot. I see it every year. People claim this or that with the intent of getting peoples hopes up. It's called a sad life. There is no point but people do it every year just to be mean. Are people getting money early as well? I personally don't know, I am just not getting my hopes up until I have real life proof about it.
  • i personally believe lucknlove but my past experience is i get my refund 10 days from the tuesday it was accepted its been like that for yrs if i file on or b 4 tue 22n i would always get direct deposit  the next friday the 1st  example been that way for 6 yrs
  • How many of the year did the IRS not start until the 30th? Most years it is the 17th. So if you filed previous years after the 17th, there would be no hold up now would there?
  • Looks to me like they started slowly on the original 1/23 date at least in part for testing and just wanted to cushion the time as they usually do in other areas.
  • yes peanutbutternellie, but previous years they didn't use Mef system entirely.. the refunds are going to be very very quick this year. I would bet we see a 3 to 5 day turn around this year because of the new Mef system
  • So just spoke to TurboTax and they indicated none of their customers have currently recieved refunds only acceptance.
    I love the stories people create this may be a forum worth visiting every year.  Great entertainment!!!
  • Yes and the IRS and TT and many others claimed no one is being accepted until 1/30. Apparently few know what is going on. Watch and wait is key I guess
  • turbo tax has no clue when anyone gets there taxes unless they use sbbt to pay turbo tax fees. once my return is accepted by irs turbo tax knows nothing about it from that point on.. I don't know what kind of mis information you are trying to spread but its deep!
  • Well I dont believe people would lie about refunds received......I will choose to be patient and hopefully  we can prove the nay sayers and if they still think its lies it means they dont have their refunds and it sucks to be them lol
  • prove them wrong *
  • honestly people. you need to get a life. why in the world would people just come on here and make it wont be thinking the same thing if you wake up in two days and your refund is in the bank now will you?! Just because TT says something, doesnt mean they know what they are talking about.... how would TT or anyone else know what the IRS is going to do. My friend got accepted 2 weeks before ''open filing season'' last year and had her refund in 5 days, even when everyone said ''oh no you wont get it'' because you all know everything, right!!!!
  • Amen Mama :-P
  • According to this article the returns that were accepted early will be processed for a refund right after acceptance...

    "Refund processing with MeF begins immediately after the return is accepted. This replaces the old refund cycle that indicated scheduled dates for refunds. Consequently, a refund for a MeF filed 1040 is generally expected within 5 days. Any rejection of a return filed under MeF is received within a few minutes. This permits immediate resolution of the error and retransmission of the return."

    Article Source:
  • thanks for some useful factual information jakenmichelle!!!!!
  • despMom posted that article originally :)  Good luck to all for a speedy refund!
  • same to you!
  • I have been reading this forum/post since it started and I just had to reply. Its better for Turbo Tax and the IRS and just about everyone other Tax preparer to say that no one has gotten their refunds yet because they will have just about every person who has filed their taxes already asking why theirs hasn't been accepted, why theirs wasn't picked and when they are going to get their money. They longer they can keep the phone calls and emails at bay the quicker they can test their system and do their jobs. For me, my tax return gets here when it gets here.
    Sure its possible that people have gotten their returns already. It benefits the IRS more to get that return out the door and move on to the next one. If they want to hold on to it until the 30th then fine. But its not worth it to call someone you don't know and never met a liar. Truth is they have been slow to roll out a new system and this year is their deadline and we have no clue what they are doing. They are running late and we are in the dark with out any sort of timetable to guide us. All we have is a bunch of old information and posts from what people say happen and that's all we are going to get until it happens to enough of us.
    So sit back relax and be civil and if you must be on your moral high horse clean off the clean fans get a jump on spring cleaning :)