Has anyone filed there taxes and used the netspend card option to receive their refund?

I was wondering because I filed my taxes last week and still as of yet have not received my netspend card through the mail and I want to make sure that the netspend card was legit.
  • netspend is a actual prepaid debit card you will get it ,unless the irs burns everyone
  • i know a few ppl who ordered the card sum got it sum didnt so its a toss up call them
me either but i filed friday and monday was holiday  prob get it today

    When I signed up it said to expect the card around January 30th.
    I did last year. Was legit!
      netspend is legit I use it for work and my other income so its very real and my son has one for his work and you will even receive it probably faster cuz netpsend adds money to it two faster than usual I love netpspend
        I've had mine for 3 years now and I love it. You get the money as soon as it is deposited. No holds or anything. Where banks wait until the next day to release your money if its deposited after 2 pm, Net Spend doesnt. They just release it whenever they get it. It's awesome. I really like them a lot.
          I actually signed up for the NetSpend card, thinking it would be be here quickly. I filed on Jan 30th, still not card yet the IRS already deposited my refund. Now I'm wondering where the heck my card is.
          • The same here i filed on the 28th and still have not recieved my card. My money is supposedc to be de=posited tomorrow
          Donnttttttt get the netspend card
          • why
          • ot an email today that my refund was deposited to the card.....called net spend  got some foreign guy  and he said i had to wait 10 days to get it....i only signed up for it cause it said wild get my refund faster,,,,,they need to metion u get it faster but cant access it....should have used my bank account like always have....the net spend guy would up getting ignorant when i asked for a supervisor  said i had no reason to talk to one,....i asked 4 times  and then he said he spoke 30 languages and was more educated then me and  for that he knew i didnt need a supervisor......i again asked for one   and he said they all went home and i could sit on hold till tommorowbecause they were going home and i could hear others laughing in the back ground....then he told me he makes more money in a week then i get in my tax return...then transfered me to an automated system  to set a pin #.....i called back and they are closed.... this is the kind of service turbo tax is offering?????????????
          • if u have a green dot card already set up in ur name call them have them transfer ur refund to the card my sister didnt get her card but used a card she had from green dot they transfered it instantly it is a damn shame they out source the calls to the foreign countries and jobs r needed here in the states
          • and she isnt the only person that didnt receive her card yet they say they mailed it on the 21st nothing came as of yet she only got her state so who knows about her fed
          been waiting. since january 25 and still no refund. i recieved 2 netspend cards. anyone know what the heck is going on?
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