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Has return been accepted?

  • are they doing some taxes early
  • yes
  • IRS accepted mine on 1-26-13. When should I expect to receive direct deposit? -Thanks!
  • 2 months
  • why would it take 2 months for direct deposit
  • Most likely it won't be 2 month.Never has it taken that long.Now is the waiting game
  • We filed on 1/10 and accepted on 1/16 our deposit has already been sent. will be available on 2/1 according to our bank.
  • It depends on what state your in. The state of ME does not accept e-file until today 01/30/13. if you filed yesterday you will receive a rejected notification and have to wait 24-48 hours after you log back in to Turbo Tax and select fix.
  • when i logg in it says regected for my efile to go through im thinking on going back to h& r block at least im not rejected there tell me whats going on
  • For the past 5 years the IRS has taken 2 weeks max to deposit my refund into my account (After their approval) . And usually the deposit is on a Friday. As per the IRS web site, the IRS were going to start proccesing returns on Jan. 30th 2013. Therefore, you should expect your refund around the 15th of february.
  • Hello, I file taxes around 2:30 am when will I know if its been accepted or not?
  • I dnt know I file around 2am how can I check
  • I filed on the 11th accepted on the 24th n wmr says approved n DD is 2-5-13. I think it will be DD today though at around 5 or 6 pm like last year.
  • U won't. See anything for two day I think.
  • my return has been accepted however it does not show approved
  • anyone get their return accepted on the 26th and recieved it in the bank yet?
  • Mine was accepted on the 26th and I just received notification that it would be direct deposited on February 4th.
  • WHY
  • Filed on the 29 and it is still showing pending.. Can anyone tell me why it would still be pending?
  • Mine said the 5tg
  • U just filed...check at midnight
  • T hashas not fully processed to be approved it shoul procss toniight at midnight
  • It will by midnight
  • I filed Wednesday morning said accepted now is pending since Wednesday morning. What time midnight? Est, central, Pst? Mtn time? Sorry just anxious need a car
  • about 10 or 11 it will say in the wmr temp unavailable at midnight. Pt u should check no later than 2 am
  • Thanks stanly
  • how did you find out from your bank>
  • negative on the 2 month comment... it'll most likely show up by Feb 15th.
  • @b_luscious... that is dated 1-31-13... not today
  • She posted that 2 days ago dell.t.shannon.
  • My bad, it showed up as a new post for me.   Still that article was just a reprint of what the IRS already had on their own site.
  • Yea I found that the other night when I was looking too. This waiting in limbo stinks!!!!
  • We filed on 1/22 and ours was accepted on 1/27. TT says it should be DD between 2/9-2/19. Anyone else in that time frame? I hate waiting. :)
  • When did you get that info rails?
  • Ours works fine.  But stats still the same.  Return received and processing.  You should get your refund within 21 days.
  • Did u get ur return earlier than the fourth...or on time
  • Taxpro...check the RPG site my DD is 5th n sbtpg received. Mines already.
  • Mine says the 7th. Hope I get it sooner!
  • My federal has been accepted already when i filed today why is it taking so long for state it says pending still? and how long before i recieve my return?
  • Mine was accepted the 25th and expected is between now and 19th
  • Oh yes. I filed on 1/20 Federal accepted on 1/28 processing as of today, but State was accepted 1/30 and received 2/4. Like you my federal gives the window of 2/9- 2/19.
  • My state was only accepted as of today as fed was accepted 25th
  • So if my fed was accepted yesterday how long before my state to be accepted? because it's still pending
  • Around 10 days or so I would guess
  • Thanks now both have been accepted when can I expect it to drop into my direct deposit?
  • Unknown. My fed has been accepted since the 25th and I'm still waiting. Some have gotten theirs sooner, others are still waiting!!
  • According to the IRS website my refund has been deposited yet nothing in my bank account?
  • Did u get a email first ?
  • Yea they emailed me approximately 26 hrs ago saying it should be in my acct in 1-2 days depending on the bank. Which I have TCF bank
  • If its not in your bank by 10am then it will most likely be in there tomorrow.  Your bank may also hold it for 1 day to verify the funds. Each bank is different.
  • filed on jan 15th got acecpted early the 24th. got email said mine would be dd in the 6th now it says its being processed what is going on??
  • yea its been accepted
  • But tell me this if you get accepted on both does that mean your in the clear of everything and garunteed your money?
  • you refferring to my question @jami_zana?
  • mines was accepted on the 31. Still on the 1st bar..... How offend do they update?
  • i went thru the whole bar status it said it sent but that was on feb 1st still havent recieved no refund or email since this is gettting rediculous
  • I just check now its saying the information im giving is notcorrect. Anyone know why it's saying this. I file on 31 it was accepted. But now saying this
  • Try calling the refund line at 800-829-1954  , you may have tried too much online, and it will need to reset overnight.
  • Turbo tax refund is not the same as iRS refund
  • HUH?  what are you talking about?
  • I efiled my return through turbo tax and the refund I received from the IRS is $490 less then the refund turbo tax calculated.
  • Did you have your fees taken out by Turbotax ?   Did you have an offset ?
  • The fees that were taken out were approx $100 and taken into consideration. I wasn't aware of any offset that would have been applied and I have not been notified if one existed.
  • I check to day. Now saying a date will be giving to me. Anyone know wat that may mean?
  • Turbotax says my refund was accepted jan24, and I can expect my refund before feb19, however the irs toolbar says still processing... Does that mean it has not been accepted? And also has anyone else received their money who was accepted jan24?
  • I was accepted the same day however WMR says still processing no DD given i spoke with the IRS and they say i shiuld recieve my regund in 21 days if i dont recieve it to then contact them however i will contact them again tommorow
  • I filed my return on January 31st. I just today got a notice that my state return was accepted.So it took 10 days for my state return to be accepted. My federal refund is still pending. I am pretty sure it takes about two weeks to actually get the money into your account after being accepted. (Two weeks for the process of the return being approved and then direct deposited).
  • The ones who file on 31st have u receive any information because I file on the 31st. Its now showing since saturday a date will be giving when one come available. Anyone know it mean?
You have to wait until after Jan30.  The IRS won't even start taking returns until Jan 30.
  • good to know, I was starting to get worried! Thank you for the information. I filed back in Jan. 17!
  • Prob going to get moved again because first it was the 18th then the 22nd and now the 30th
  • The IRS accepted my return today.
  • mine says it was accepted today too....
  • Ours was too....hopefully they will process them sooner!!
  • I've heard that some returns were used as a test run to try there servers but even though yours got accepted IRS won't start processing it until Jan 30th with the rest of them.
  • Did it give you a refund date....
  • My income tax return got accepted today and my refund date is 2-14-13 and it also states that 9 out of 10 will get there refund before the 21 days
  • What day did U file?
  • January 9th
  • Mine was also accepted today.........
  • I filed on the 11th
  • Why is mine still pending if I did mine on the 7th
  • Just certain ones i guess hope you get it soon
  • Yea mines was accepted also but no refund date...and I just filed mine on jan.19th....must be random!
  • I filed mine on the 17th and it said accepted and refund by feb 14th
  • accepted-now what?
  • i did mine on the 10th and it pendin why?
  • I filed the 17th......maybe they chose returns with not a lot of husband and I just do the standard stuff on our taxes........
  • did u get accept?
  • yes
  • My return was accepted this morning so you are incorrect.
  • Yours was accepted today on Saturday ?
  • They won't process them until the 30th so , I think that means they're not going to actually work on returns until then
  • Yep and in truth it looks like it was either a huge test amount or a slow start to the season. I bet the gave themselves the week in secret to get it going. I am sure they hate phone calls. LOL
  • Well i.hope they.accept my state....
  • Yes refunds are being accepted on a Saturday!
  • i spoke to a rep and she said that noones taxes have been accepted....i was going back and forth saying noo chick i got an email and a text and on the app it says it and when i log in it says it too. she said that it is impossible and that nothing has even been efiled. i told her lady i can read it says its accepted and she said no...what is going on?
  • Sorry but I just don't believe the reps at IRS because if no returns were accepted then when is an acct already set up for me for SBBT for my refund and people who have not been accepted dont have one yet? Yeah hmmm thinker!
  • mine was set up to.....i checked it today but i was so c onfused with the he said she said that i called turbotax
  • mine  did  to  got  accepted  but  when  do  we  get  or  money  if  they  open  tomorrow  then do  we get it  tomorrow because  they  accepted mine  on  the 4th on january and im tryna  figure  out  when will be  my  deposit date
  • Mine was accepted on the 21st and the IRS where is my refund tool says I should get it on Feb. 1st.  We'll see if that's accurate though. I was lucky and was one of the ones that got pulled early.
  • Cool. Mines says. It is.  Being processing on the 18008291954
  • why will it not give me the option for a paper check?
  • I submitted mine more than 10 days ago and mine still says pending.  Today is the 30th.  Are there others still in the same boat?  I don't understand why some were accepted before hand but not others and now it's the 30th and mine still says pending.
  • I got accepted on the 24th and I'm waiting too!
  • if  u  where  accepted  on  the  25 u  will  get  ur  check  are  depoist  b4    feb.19th
  • Hope so ^^
  • I just spoke to the IRS and I was also accepted on the 24th having filed on the 17th and my status says my return is still being processed and a dd will be given once it is available.....they said that message means they have my return and it hasn't completed processing once it does complete my status will then change to it is processing and I should receive my refund in 21 days then after that it will show the dd :)  Hope this helps other people out.............they said they are taking the returns in the order received and a lot of us were received the same day but many before us which is why some people are getting dates and some of us are not
  • That's not true . I was accepted the 24th and people accepted on 25th are already
    Getting refund dates
  • It depends on what state you live in! Ex: State of Maine does NOT accept e file until Jan 30.
  • I got accepted on the 24 getting DD on the 5th per wmr.....first. finally.
  • did anybody get there refunds yet
  • I did mine on the 14th and it was also accepted on the 25th, but it is still pending on the irs website. My co-worker did hers on the 23rd and received her refund today. I hope mine will come soon...
  • I did mine too and it was accepted on the 25th and is still processing
  • what does it mean when it says excepted and still dont have a refund date
  • Tonight at midnight. No later than 2am u will see approved
  • Ur refund is not approved
  • What time can you check in Cali to see if your approved it not?
  • I filed 1/17 got accepted 1/24 and after days of processing I now I have a dd!  Just hang in there yall this really is moving fast.......:) Last year I filed early and had to wait til mid march on a simple return to get my money so I am one happy girl today!

    Refund Status Results
     Return ReceivedRefund ApprovedRefund Sent

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on February 6, 2013.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 11, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • see Kelbellz I told ya i had a feeling ours would go thru yesterday and update at night. Mine went thru for the 6th as well...
  • Did the IRS send you that Acceptance letter? Or was it Turbo Tax?
  • Yeah I am so happy LOL....I woke up at 5 am wide away decided to check and then spent the whole morning doing a happy dance........What I just posted is from the WMR on the IRS website..........
  • How many days after you filed with Turbo tax did the IRS give you the acceptance letter?
  • mine was accepted on the 25th and I got the same message as you for the 6th
  • mine was excepted on the 30th and today it says refund approved now all im waiting for is wat day it will be deposited rite?
  • i filed 1/17 and got accepted 1/24 and just got my deposit daye yesterday
  • i filed 01/18 accepted 1/25 and no dd  does antbody know why its showing like this??
    Refund Status Results  

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
    en i check on WMR it doesnt show the orange bar this is whats showing
  • Yes mine said that the whole time until yesterday morning.....
  • I never got the new WMR with the colored bar until I got my dd but mine was exactly like yours
  • Can anyone tell me where to look for on irs website to find out if my information has been accepted. Having trouble finding it thanks. File on the 31
  • @kelbelz
     thank you feel a lil better so you never got the orange status bar ?? just the still in process message?

    33nicholia this is the link hope it helps you :)
  • 33nicholia this is the link hope it helps you :) :)
  • hello, I  went to the website I enter my information my federal amount. It keep saying the information I enter is not in the system. Am I doing something wrong I file taxes on the 31 the lady told me my information was accepted.. So why I cant see if they accepted. Please help
  • means you have checked too many times.. callt  800-829-1954  or wait til til tomorrow.
  • I never got thru at all I check only 3 times differ days. I mean if accepted I would be able to see it by now.... Alright ill call tomorrow
  • You can call now, just keep on the line and listen to what to do.
  • I just try its saying information not in system. To make sure im doing it rite do I enter my fed and state amount together. Or just my federal amount.
  • As it states to do, just your expected federal refund amount.
  • Yeah my information and my refund. Website and I call both saying same thing.
  • @ pinero, yep that is right never got the bar until I had a date for just said Your refund is still being processed and a dd will be given once it is available and I had that from the 30th until Sat. and finally got the status bar and the dd of 2/6 :)
  • Yeah
  • On saturday
  • Anyone got they refund back yet???
Hey everyone.... the IRS opened the where's my refund.looks like they are posting now's
  • did u get ur refund? and it telling me that it unavaliable but the site is open its just saying unavaliable wen i enter in my info
  • Same thing for me. Unknown info
  • We are sorry Where's My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try again later or call the Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954.

    me too
  • Its accessible now but mine said no info yrt
  • Me too. So u put in all info and no info right
  • No not yet.I put in all info n nothing available
  • This is all very frustrating GRRRR simple answers would be nice but you cant get that from anyone these days. My federal was accepted on the 27th got an email and text about it, and TT even says it was accepted. My state is still pending, It would be my guess at this point that nobodys were actually accepted they were simply letting us know that the IRS has recieved our returns. Its always some kind of BS when it comes to taxes. I know not to expect anything soon, but to at least know something that is actually a Fact and Real would be nice. And when I got to check the status of my return it says I have to wait at least 24hours after the IRS says it was accepeted? so there for it was never really accepted on the 27th, why they would do that is beyond me but it sure has caused alot of frustration.
  • Well I got mine accepted on the 25th and its post dated in my bank account already and I will have access to it on the 1st of February.
  • Mine was accepted on the 21st and the IRS where is my refund tool says I should get it on Feb. 1st.  We'll see if that's accurate though. I was lucky and was one of the ones that got pulled early.
  • my said it was accept on Dec.26.when do u think i will have it in my account.It was ditect deposit
  • If it was post dated for the 1st of Feb ( Jeaninne) and (Margie) then it will be there on the first. Last year they gave a date for deposit and it was in my account on that date so Congrats to both of you. In my case and I'm sure many others TT told me my federal was accepted on the 27th and it actually wasn't! as it states on the Wheres My Refund Link that they recieved it today, and so now I am waiting for it to be accepted.  :-( bummer for me lol not sure why they would send me a text and email saying it was accepted if it wasnt? I also used TT tool to check on my federal and it also said it was accepted on the 27th. But oh well I can wait been waiting all year so whats another month lol ehhhh...
  • Mines says on where's my refund they. Don't have info. But the IRS refund. Hotline says it was processing
  • It sounds crazy I got accepted on the 24th but where's my refund says before feb 21 why
Once it is accepted by the IRS, it usually only takes less than 20 days or so. Mine was accepted on 1/26/2013 and says I will receive mine before 2/19/2013, but it never takes that long. Every year I usually get it direct deposited within 8 to 10 days of the acceptance date! Hope that helps
  • Just got an email stating from TT stating Process delay for higher education credits
    Your return has been accepted, but on January 28 the IRS announced that all returns like yours, with higher education credits, will be delayed for processing until sometime in mid-February. The specific higher education credits include the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit, found on Form 8863.
If yur 2012 tax transcript is available via the IRS website it means yur return has been processed already . Go try and see if yur transcript is available
  • not true......mine is processing according to WMR but I was able to successfully order my transcript
  • Its on the IRS website under tools I believe and you just click on order transcripts
  • yes kelbellz it might be...i couldnt get mine this morning and of course it said processing but this afternoon i could so it may be that ours were processed today and will not update on the phone or wmr til overnight sometime.
  • Maybe we can hope right?  LOL   I had a super simple return with standard deduction child tax credit for my 2 kids and EIC only
  • well like i said i tried yesterday and this morning to get a transcript and couldnt...An hour ago i could so maybe JUST MAYBE it will update tonight. I got to have something to hope for.
  • Thanks for that info :)
  • correct
  • U are also correct
My taxes were accepted by the IRS on the 26th of January. I just received notification that they would be direct deposited on Monday 2/4/13.  Woo Hoo, I hope this helps!!
    Customer Question: "2012 Taxes"

    You called today because you received an e-mail stating that your return has been accepted. Your federal return will be filed on Jan 30th. Watch for an e-mail that states your return has been accepted by the IRS or your state. You should receive this 24 - 48 hours after the return has been picked up for e-filing.

    Link below will allow you to check the status of your return. You may need to copy and paste it to your web browser.

    We would like to make sure this has been completely resolved for you. Should you need to contact us again about this, you may use 403198844 as the incident number.

    You may receive a survey from us through e-mail in approximately 24 hours asking you about my performance on today's contact, as well as comments you may have in regards to the TurboTax product. So we can continue with our promise to provide our customers with the best support available, please take a few minutes to complete the survey.

    Thank you,

    Kathryn K
    • I'm confused...the tt emails stated it was accepted by the irs...
    • They are it just wont be processd till 30th.....
    • yes but then it says ill get an email 24-48 when the irs picks up the what does that mean? ive been accepted before the irs even looks at it?
    • very good question! I wonder if all of us who were accepted have a common trait? Lke filing a certain way, status number of children ETC. There has to be some logic to this
    • Your link says "Page not found"
    • I was accepted today as well. I filed the 23rd.
    • DespMom yes its going to say not found because it is a generated link with my information sent to my can call turbotax yourself and see what they tell you. just go to contact us and call the dont have to take my word for anything...i just posted my email so you would see.
    • does anyone know sbbt website?
    • The SBBT website is...

      this is only if you have your fees taken out of your refund and if your return was accepted
    • I was accepted on the 26th Of Jan. I am Expecting my Refund before the 30th. Possibly 29th. If you where accepted early you are a TEST Subject! MUAHA! And will receive your refund 3-5 days! unless you mixed up bank information.. ETC!
    • How do you know it's 3-5 days? Where did u get ur information from?
    • And were did u get that info from?
    • Perhaps they got their information here... it give GENERAL information about what is PROJECTED to happen. HOWEVER, as we know they are still saying nothing until after the 30TH but I still wanted to share. Now we don't know for sure if this is whats going to happens since the 30th isn't here yet and we don't know if deposits have yet to start. But...this says "the IRS expects that refunds generally would be issued in 4 business days for direct deposits and 6 business days for paper checks after IRS process the return..." (Page 11/33)  Its from the US Accountability Office.
    • The IRS isnt going to tell the public some Efile's where accepted early for testing. That would cause them to be horded with question and other nonsence. My brothers return was accepted on the 22nd and he has recieved his refund today. MY return was accepted on the 26th I will post when i get my Direct deposite I have a estimated date that says Befor the 20th of Feb. Of course they are going to give that much time span.
    • Marcodavis930 are u serious
    • No refunds have been issued yet tommie. They should be starting anytime after tomorrow though. Some preparers were told to use "by 10th" or "by 6th" of Feb, as long as you were in the test batch and accepted by today. The test batch ended today.
    • Thanks JuicyGirl.! Well Mines was accepted on the 24TH So i was just concern.! but i was expecting by the 20th.. thats all.. but i hope i get my soon
    • As long as there aren't delays, and all goes well, you should have it before that.
    • Juicy holla at me
    • Where my refund is officially open
    • We are sorry Where's My Refund is currently unavailable. Please try again later or call the Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954.

      this is the message i get when trying to access... anyone else?
    • Its open...u can log in but mines said nothing yet
    other people for other tax agency also stated early exceptance, also anything after 12 on a day is considered by the IRS to be accepted the next day...Mine was accepted 1-24-13 emailed time 9pm so figure that counted as the 1-25-13
    will post if i get my refund
    also calling the irs is like going on wheres my refund they can only pull up what info availabe thourgh the where my refund site so figure the IRS tax reps do not really know anything on anyone returns

    where my refund will be up and running 1-30-13 and i did not file my taxes any different this year than previous years,

    I received an email and a text from turbo tax saying my refund was accepted on the 26th but  my state is pending. Turbo tax has accepted them but they will not be filed until tomorrow Jan 30th. I just hope everyone that has been accepted is done first and will at least receive a refund by Friday February 9th, even though they say up to 21 days. Let's hope it doesn't take that long!
    • Turbo Tax sent a text and email accepting my state today. It doesn't give a date when I'll receive either of them, but I will post as soon as I receive Federal!!! Hopefully at least by next week! That's just a guesstamation! :)
    • IRS is open refund info
    • I received a text that my efile had been accepted, but no email, I am wondering if I should be worried since there is no status in the wmr site.
    Why won't it allow me to check the box for a paper check when I'm not allowed to get a prepaid card
    My friend works in San Bernardino IRS......system updated daily at 10pm or 11pm
    • So taxes have to be accepted or received by 11 am on the 30th to get them by tomorrow? Mine were received at 10:45 am and accepted at 9:30pm according to email and processing now
    • I would like to clear up some questions that some people may have had. First of all you need to remember that when you recieve the accepted text and email from TT it is only letting you know that the IRS has recieved your return nothing more ( I know I got all excited), until you see accepted on the wheres my refund link through the IRS you are not fully accepted. It may take up to 48 hours to be accepted or up to 10 days. Once you have recieved the acceptance through the IRS you can breath (lol) after that you are in the clear. Also I wanted to let everyone know that the IRS always gives you the estimate of 21 days to recieve you return but it usually never takes that long maybe a week tops and sometimes earlier. I was accepted last year on the 7th of Feb and got my return on the 12th of Feb. Everyone's situation is different, it is first come first serve. I would guess that those of us who filed before the 30th should expect to see our refunds by the 9th or 15th maybe earlier as long as the IRS has accepted our returns within the next few days. Good luck to everyone and I hope that everyone is lucky and gets accepted by the IRS very soon.
    • Yes you are right....I spoke to the IRS and I too got the accepted on 1/24 having filed 1/17 and the rep told me that he didn't have my return which meant that it was waiting in line with thousands of others to be processed.....the people getting dd are the ones that were first in line......acceptance date means nothing and some people who were accepted along side me filed 1/10 and I filed 1/17 so they should be processed first than me.......I will be a happy girl to see it any given day in Feb :)
    • I dnt know is there anyway of finding out
    • I called the IRS twice once yesterday and once today but yesterday I got a generic response so I called back today and they were super duper nice....if you have any doubt as a taxpayer you have the right to call...:) if you get in touch with the personal income tax dept they can pull up your file instead of giving you generic information......hope this helps you.....the number I called was 800-829-1040........I know it gave me piece of mind for sure
    • When I check where's my refund it states it was received and approved this was on the 30th and that it will be directly deposited on Febuary 1st. I filed on January 18th and was accepted thru TT on the 24th.. Will I really see my return if that's what the IRS website is saying?
    • did u get ur refund on the 1st or soonet
    • thank you Kelbelz
    • same here this is really messed up i still havent received it
    Yes if your information said that.
      Thanks I will call them in the am.
        What is the status of my return that I filed 3 weeks ago?
          i want to know if you made the correction on line 36 of the Mi-1040CR?  i have not received an

            • Filed 1/31 got a dd of 2/8
            • I filed on 1/21 and got dd of 2/4; recieved refund on 2/1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I filed on 2/5 and it said processing until 2/10; then said DD is 2/18.  I got my refund on 2/12!!!!
            • I just got my transcripts and said processing Feb 18th refund April 15th.. what is goin on..??? Today is 15th
            • On the TT website it says accepted jan 24... But irs website says still processing... My refund progress bar has also been gone for I think about 5 days.
            • yea so does mine this is messed up
            i just spoke to the irs it a scam
            • TT does not pull scams. I have used TT for over 10years and have never had a problem with them.
            • Yeah, if this is a scam then I think that tt would be in a bit of trouble considering those of us accepted got an email and it states right under our turbo tax account the same information as in the emails......if you called and just listened to the recording that is not speaking to a live the IRS even open this early for phone calls??
              The IRS has accepted your federal return.
              If you're expecting to get money back this year, be aware that the IRS will not begin processing tax refunds until January 30.
            • i spoke to a live advisor.
            • Well I am choosing to believe turbo tax over some random person.......if it were a scam I would imagine emails would go out but Turbo tax accounts would not reflect the very same information as the emails.....the fact that my personal account under my social security number on a SECURED website states the same that is what I will apparently if you are right then someone would have had to hack into the Turbo Tax SECURE information to scam those of us lucky people who have been accepted early change our accounts to reflect the same info in the emails they were scamming people with.....also, many people from last year state the same thing happened last year as far as early acceptance before the IRS says they are think we all should just sit and wait and if we get our returns in the next week and a half having been accepted early than all the better
            • "Amen"
            • Not a scam.....some returns were chosen for a trial see if the system works. A lot of jackson hewitt customers as well have been accepted with a refund date of 8 to 15 days....
            • Not a scam.....some returns were chosen for a trial see if the system works. A lot of jackson hewitt customers as well have been accepted with a refund date of 8 to 15 days....
            • Thank you!  LOL I hate people who post nonsense ;)
            • Haha! Yes this is true
            • why is it pending?
            • I heard that if you got accepted early that they picked you for an audit
               So all the returns that got picked today are flagged for review.makes sense before they al hit on the 30th
            • I dont belive that RICKY so 19,000 people got picked for an audit? Whoever told you that tell them to go pound salt!
            • I wouldn't believe all you hear.....our return was accepted but is a super simple return and all we take are standard deductions nothing reasons to be flagged for an audit.........I heard they are testing the system and I also know they did the same thing last year and those people were not audited and received their refunds earlier than most.......
            • I dont believe.thats.true either....
            • Also not everyone received an acceptance if you read more posts....some people received rejections in the last couple days.....
            • 19 thousand out of 300 million people?sounds about right to me!
            • There was a test run are you not up to date with whats going on?
            • I think he is trying to get a rise out of people......let him be an idiot and we will be rich LOL
            • Not a scam. Apparently they either started early or are doing a very large test run
            • Or thebeginning of a very large audit
            • I doubt it because it looks like everyone is getting accepted and most of us file the same way from the same address for years. Trust me the IRS is not interested in auditing me as I make less than 20,000 and file the same way year after year from the same job. LOL
            • Dont be so sure! Mauybe they think you're lying!
            • LOL They can check anytime of that I have no worries but doubt this many simple returns would be flagged
            • I filed on the 17th and received notice today that was return was accepted. Downloaded the myturbotax and it said that I would receive my refund by the 20th of Feb.
            • Actually my refund posted today and I was accepted on weds. So be looking for your refund anyday after you've been accepted!
            • Woo hoo goes along with what I found online about the MeF system.
            • @katkaty12 did they that date??
            • thanks kat! see people proof right there :)
            • So far it seems those accepted on the 23 received deposits today. Time will tell.
            • what's mef system?
            • The system they are now using exclusively.
              he IRS MeF system releases refunds to FMS 24 x 7 x 365. Most returns this year are processed by MeF. The older CADE system releases batches of refunds on Thursday evening and early Friday morning.

              Once FMS receives the money they send them out immediately if there are no offsets of your refund. Those systems also run 24 x 7 x 365 so your refund could be transmitted on any day or time, including weekends and federal holidays.
            • thanks
            • The FMS is testing it's new way to audit people-this whole tax year has been full of changing  filing dates,changing refund dates, no schedule for refunds and now this early accpeptance bs. I was accepted early in 2006 and got audited iin 2009 for that tax year
            • Wow old you realize that there is a totally new system this year....and people will be getting refunds within 2 to 3 days od!
            • So katkaty if I got approved on the 24th maybe I will get deposit on Monday
            • MeF system is not new for this year. They started using it last year and phased out CADE.
            • Yes but it is being used exclusively this year. Last year Cade still handled some. Mine was Cade last year and they were weekly only MeF is 7 days a week 24 hours a day no holidays
            • Yes, MeF will operate just like it did last year...
              CADE did not kick out weekly refunds only. They were done throughout the week, which is why people received their refunds on various days of the week.
            • So can you get refunds on the weekends?
            • Doubtful, as most banks only handle direct deposits M-F.

              I don't know of any bank that processes direct deposits on the weekend because even though it is something that is done electronically, the department that handles those types of transactions (oversees them) only work M-F. That's where you get the term "banker's hours" - M-F 9-5
            • Yes, MeF sends out refunds 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No holidays. :)
            • Thanks JuicyGirl maybe I will get a present on Monday! Thanks for info everybody! Have a good weekend!
            • We shall see tonight come midnite...if u filed will get a text or email funds r on the way
            • We shall see tonight come midnite...if u filed will get a text or email funds r on the way
            • We shall see tonight come midnite...if u filed will get a text or email funds r on the way
            • No date, they just said my return has been accepted...2days later bam! Money in my account! (No lie)
            • I don't know but based on my refund it is very possible! But don't go put yourself in a bind thinking that your money will be there Monday...we just don't know!
            • Did you get the text that funds were on their way or you just got the deposit?
            • I won't I appreciate you clearing up all the drama about it being a scam or us being audited!
            • i got a text from my bank saying that $$$$ was deposited to my account! Then I shifted it to my other accont just in case they made a mistake! :)...I never got a message from turbotax that my refund wad available!
            • Lol I'm glad it worked out for you some people on here was a little negative. Spend well!
            • The word fromTT and IRS is up to 21 days,and they keep spinning this 1 week late start but for the last few years it was 8-15 days and half would make it in 7-8 ,and start date was 17th last year not 23,and 14th the year before that.So it is 2 wks late start and 3 wks wait instead of 2.I hope they r just giving themselves a cushion for error and they go full on early( as in now) and send DD in a week from acceptance as usual.Last year it was a fraud sting delay,wonder if this is some new ploy.all acceptance was filed jan 9,hope today they do jan 10 or more
            • I was accepted and didn't file on the 9th. I filed on the 22nd and was accepted the 23rd. I've seen people post many different file dates.
            • I filed not quite two weeks back and was accepted today. I am thinking they are really accepting all slowly not just early filers. When seems to bear little effect on it.
            • They still could end up with fraud delay this year too. They are doing a lot again this year to preent fraud. There have been a lot of reports about it again.
            • ..Oh gosh people not system....if u got rejected it probably fraudlent...they are able to check medicaid food stamps..etc....and it better match what's on other words.....don't claim other peoples childrn....then u have nothing to worry about.......its working fine....return accepted my refund today! Amen
            • ..Oh gosh people not system....if u got rejected it probably fraudlent...they are able to check medicaid food stamps..etc....and it better match what's on other words.....don't claim other peoples childrn....then u have nothing to worry about.......its working fine....return accepted my refund today! Amen
            • Normajean when were you accepted? I was Friday 1/23 at 2am
            • This for the people who don't believe IRS is issuing refunds......

              Ok for those of you who need proof!

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              I too recieved my refund this morning after getting accepted Wednesday filing with Taxact Online...I was told?

              I filed my taxes two weeks ago on,Got Accepted 01/23/2013 & Recieved My money on my debitcard this morning 01/25/2013,is it safe to spend? AND is this also a sign that for other filers that refunds will be issued two days after refunds are accepted? Because i c others have gotten their full refund also on this test run.
              23 hours ago
               - 3 days left to answer.
            • My state return was accepted the morning after I filed 1/23 and its still saying my federal is pending... I know they don't process until AFTER jan 30, but other people are saying theirs got accepted .... What's going on
            • Some federal returns were accepted early as part of a test batch.
            • Mine just got accepted
            • imshadyxx when did you file?
            • Mine has been accepted since the 24th.
            • Mine has too maybe we will see ours on Monday!
            • Hopefully we will have a present on Monday!
            • I filed the Jan 23rd and my state was accepted on the 25th...why is my federal still pending. My co worker filed the same day and her got accepted. I hope nthn is wrong wit my federal.
            • Ye my state is still pending but my federal got accepted on the 24th....
            • HAY "sugarbosschick" "YOU'RE SO FULL OF IT!!!!!!" DO U FEEL ME, sugarbosschick????
            • Don't feed the Troll my friends....
            • It might just be a scam. why else would they accept early returns? the Where's My Refund site is not even open yet
            • I don't think it's a scam. I think they merely accepted it. I don't think they're working on ANY returns .. Until the 30th .. So they're not processing it but I think they're just saying there was nothing wrong with how it was filed and when the 30th comes, they're going to process it
            • Also I filed on the 23 , state was accepted rip right away ... Federal got accepted today
            • Right away *
            • I really would not put it past the IRS to have given themselves a week cushion time just in case there were glitches like last year. Looks to me like a slow but sure start
            • i spoke to a rep and she said that noones taxes have been accepted....i was going back and forth saying noo chick i got an email and a text and on the app it says it and when i log in it says it too. she said that it is impossible and that nothing has even been efiled. i told her lady i can read it says its accepted and she said no...what is going on?
            • That is craziness how have people received their refunds unless people are lying
            • i dont know....i was confused and had to call the turbotax number. you guys can call yourself and ask them yourselves the lady said even if it says accepted that just means that turbo tax has them and it was submitted correctly, that it doesnt mean its really been accepted. that turbo tax hasnt even sent out the taxes and the irs hasnt even looked at anyones. so i dont want to say people are lieing...but i was on the phone for a while with the laady who looked up my account and said no even though it says accepted, nothing has been done to anyones taxes
            • Whats the number you called???
            • Sorry but I just don't believe the reps at IRS because if no returns were accepted then when is an acct already set up for me for SBBT for my refund and people who have not been accepted dont have one yet? Yeah hmmm thinker!
            • Ye its wierd huh???? Thats why asked for.the number she called so i can see if what shes telling is truthful....
            • How come my sbbt account is already set up as well? This didn't happen last year until my refund was ready to deposit. Even the IRS pub PDF file said they were accepting 20,000 federal returns from each third party /0 maybe the rep you spoke to hasn't done the research and doesn't know what's going on in there own company
            • [Phone Number Removed]

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            • Yes mines was accepted yesterday..and yes they are also processing refunds early.....yall get believing the government if you want to lol..they already started tax season unbenounced to us---they told the public that, but in reality they really did start tax season on 1/22/2013....they told us that so it wouldnt be a big rush like last year when they did this same bs...YES THEY ARE ACCEPTING RETURNS AND ISSUING REFUNDS BEFORE 1/30/2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....
            • my sbbt account is already set up as well thats why i called....
            • yes app on the phone said accepted my website says accepted the email says accepted everything but when i called the rep said everyones taxes havent even been sent to the irs that its been received but didnt go thru
            • Well whatever the case may be with IRS I was NOT expecting my refund till around Feb 20th so if it comes early that's a blessing if not ill just wait until it does. No matter how many posts you read on here or online no one unless u work for the IRS knows what's really going down in that building. So it is what it is. We just have to wait shoot we all need and want the money but all the fussing and arguing and disagreeing on here isn't helping any darn thing. When the 30th comes we should start seeing more progress I believe.
            • Im on hold with them now...
            • Did you try calling the IRS or just TT? I would call IRS and say you are confused because you saw the late start of 1/30, but then recv'd acceptance notice, so you just wanted to be sure. Maybe they will be more likely to give you correct info if they understand you're concerned about the legitimacy of the acceptance notice.
            • hopefully cuz this crap is annoying...
            • I just got off the phone with turbo tax...... And the rep looked up my account and said my tax return has been accepted and will be processed on the 30th.....
            • how long normally to process?
            • the reps for turbo tax are freakn [Edited for Content]....they are telling some people one thing and other people something else....she even sent me and email...hold on i will get it and post it

              [Edited by Moderator]
            • how is your response helping anyone? no one here is worried about racism, only money. if you have an issue please stop wasting our time and post elsewhere.
            • Ye they sent me an email also.... Stating why i called and what the conversation was about...
            • Everybody needs to get a life, one question has people arguing and acting like kids everyone just wait and see please! If you get it sooner yeah and congrats if not wait until they send it to you!
            • lol....just leave it alone...dont waste your time argueing with someone going on a tax chat board arguen about what people say then either helping us out with answers bout our taxes or getting answers ....
            • I'm trying to be Honest and Decent. You don't need to be Sarcastic. I too am waiting for my Money but am High on Diet Coke and am Prepped. SO I am waiting to see who can tell me if I am Accepted/ Will I be Processed as of January 30th Forward and receive my Refund Direct Deposited or I need to wait a long time? Be Polite and Honest. Honesty is the Best Policy around this orum too.
            • well if you want to talk about 'honesty' why don't you at least have a first name on your profile instead of "anonymous"? jeez. put down those sodas!
            • Thank you DianeMorton31 and all calm down. Again we get mixed messages as to acceptance which means I will go with the text saying I was accepted. IRS just wants to be left in peace and not hassled. Cannot blame them and looks like they work better when left in peace.
            • Your welcome...
            • Leave the IRS in peace? Are you freaking kidding me? You've obviously NEvER had the IRS in your life=if any gov't agency doesn't need to be 'left alone" it this one. Starting with the fact that income taxes are constitutionally illegal !
            • I mean when we are not bombarding them with phone calls Ricky
            • there are a lot of people who really are waiting for those refunds and are depending on them. imagine if you are in finacial problems and you get that text or email saying your refund has been selected early and your getting a refund soon.....whether you want to or not your hopes are going to go turbotax needs to stop giving mixed information and if these emails where sent out by mistake then turbotax should address this and send out another email explaining. obviously they have been getting a lot of calls about this...i know i am not the only person who called concerned. i have my own sob story to tell and i am one of those ppl who have been waiting for tax season to come and filed early hoping id get it early...and when i received that email it was like my prayers were answered...not trying to be corny or i have people they received money others saying its a scam....its really frustrating...
            • As a note some banks/credit unions do release funds or deposits on weekends (my bank does) oddly they don't do it on Saturdays but they do on Sundays. Yes, they are special but I love them ;)
            • U got it
            • where did you get your refund date
            • The IRS refund is open
            • has anyone 3 fun been approved as of yet?

              my status is still showing return received...
            • My refund was approved my DD is 5th of the month. I was accepted on the 24th
            • Check at midnight
            • mine has already updated for the night about 5 minutes ago and guess what it is still pending accepted on 1/28
            • Mine said accepted and has been processing since 2/4 but yesterday WMR says dd is 2/13.
            • What is wmr
            • Wmr = where's my refund,