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  • how do I file 8379
  • It asked for the information but it is not showing the form when I review.  Does Turbo Tax efile the 8379 form on ANY version and, if so, which one?

- Federal Taxes (Personal for Home & Business)

- Other Tax Situations

- Other Tax Forms

- Miscellaneous Tax Forms, click Start

- Report an injured or innocent spouse claim

- Click Start


If you live in a community property state (Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.), the injured spouse relief may be different than in other states, see the following under Community Property Laws Disregarded:


For more information see the Injured Spouse form & instructions

Form 8379


Form 8379 Instructions

  • why is their not an option to fill out form 8379  on turbo tax? only the relief form is thier
  • yes that is what I am wondering as well
  • If you perform the steps above, and form 8379 is attached to your Turbo Tax return, then why at the end of the walthrough steps does it still tell you to be sure to attach form 8379 to your return? Do I mail it in separately as well? This is rather confusing.
  • i have the same question??
  • Seriously I am following all of those directions. I print it out and it says it's form 8857 and NOT 8379. Those are completely different forms and people will lose money if they use the wrong one given. I want form 8379 where is it?
It does not show in review.  I ended up doing the Basic version because I was not sure.  But it didn't show in review either.  You have to go to the menu bar at the top, to the right and do the print option.  Then you can view your forms.  I will try the free version next year FIRST and do this.  If anyone else does the free version and the form is there, let me know :)