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How do I change from Deluxe to Basic?

  • What is the number
  • i got the woman that i spoke to didnt speak english clearly and i am still waitin on my downgrade code to be sent to my email address.......this was my first and last year using turbotax!!!!
  • Thanks....I will try my luck
  • is that the only way to down grade to the basic edittion ?
  • wow the wait time when i called is 23 minutes. (removed) turbotax? come on i did not want the deluxe edition nor do i need return in very basic
  • I should not have to go thru all these changes.  I've always used Turbo Tax and should be able to go in and change from Deluxe to Basic.  I don't think I want to use Turbo Tax again....have to find another resource.  Turbot Tax has changed for the worse.  It used to be user friendly but I guess this is their way of getting back money from previous years of freebies.
  • I called last ftiday, held forever, got a code, still no e mail with instructions. I agree with the freebies in the past. I think they are trying to see who will just go ahead and still file. is just 75.00....not me
  • I am also trying to go from Premium to Deluxe. HELP!!!!!
  • I'm having the same problem going from Premium to Deluxe.  This SUCKS!
  • I agree! This is rediculous!
  • turbotax yall suck
  • is there no way to go from deluxe to basic - I don't need deluxe this year!!!
  • just from reading this form i will be using H&R block.... there is no reason why you should not be able to downgrade..... Turbotax just wants to make it difficult to downgrade so you will pay for deluxe. Another customer lost.bye.
  • i have been on hold with them to downgrade from deluxe to basic and as previously mentioned, the person i am speaking with does not speak very good english, making this call very frustrating.  they really should consider hiring people that actually speak english.
  • Can I change from turbo deluxe to basic simple form without doing another return
  • same problem 32 minute wait time but just fyi you have the right to ask for a united states representive. :) that goes for all numbers you call with outside call centers
  • too annoying... I got stuck and can't get back to a lower edition. Switching to TaxAct right now because of this.
You can talk to Customer Support and ask them about a downgrade code.  If you qualify, you'll be able to switch and keep your info.  The other alternative would be to clear out your return and abandon that account, then sign up again using a different User ID.  Of course, by using a new account User ID you wouldn't be able to transfer-in information from 2011 return if that is a concern.
See this help article:

 you can talk to Customer Support by phone or chat.  Support hours are  5:00am - 9:00pm Pacific. 7 days a week.

  • At the support page ask a question or use a couple keywords.
  • You do not have to fill out the name/address fields.
  • At the next page, scroll down the page and find either "ONLINE CHAT" or "CALL US."
  • You should see waiting times for each.

  • this is the WORST help setup I have ever dealt with.  Something as simple as changing from deluxe to basic and you have to jump through a ton of hoops and then get a 50 minute wait time to speak to someone.
  • I agree, am trying to downgrade from premium to deluxe and am getting no where.  Turbo tax worked great until you needed assistance!  Easy to upgrade but impossible to downgrade.  Easier to just input all of my information into HR Block!  Fix you website Tubro Tax, stop locking people into things they do not want or need!
  • I totally agree. If this program is design to optimize your tax refund, why can't they start by telling the customer that he/she has opted for a wrong product and automatically pick the right one for him/her. If it is this so difficult to change by the customer, TurboTax will lose a lot of customers starting with me.
  • agreed.  I am so fed up with this.  I have wasted way too much time trying to do this and still haven't gotten a response from anyone.
  • I'm getting really ticked off with turbotax. They push the deluxe version on you, but for me (a college student), it does absolutely nothing beneficial. I just want to go back to free basic and use deluxe when I am finished with school maybe. Nobody helps from turbotax. I have played the game of wait no longer than ten minutes to chat with a tax professional for over 2 hours. Turbotax will lose me as a customer forever if I don't get this fixed soon.
  • This is a total Joke, After clearing all my data I still can not downgrade!!
  • I want to throw my computer out the window.  How hard is it to downgrade?  Make it one click to upgrade, but after clearing all my data I still can not downgrade.  I even wiped out my personal info? (removed) ! fhaiuos fhau9r ory834upwe tgeh8a9r
  • tstatus21:
    The method for downgrading is described in the first answer above.  It is for downgrading to one paid version to a lower paid version.   It is not possible to downgrade from a paid version to a free version, however.   In order to downgrade to a free version, one has to start a new account with a new User ID.    Then one can delete/clear the information in the paid account and abandon it.    If you already have paid, then you would need to discuss it with TT support in chat or by phone.
  • I have not paid... I am not trying to go from a paid to a free.  I am trying to downgrade from Premium from the next one down becasue the Turbo Tax system says my Merrill Lynch and Fidelity Tax paperwork is unavailable.  I have been notified the Tax paperwork is available and I have viewed it after logging into the account.
  • Why should I have to wait on hold or wait in an online Que for a hour to just choose a product and do my taxes?  I have not completed my taxes, I have not paid for anything, I only got half way through
  • I should not have to start a new account and lose all the past information./
  • tstatus21:
    You'll have to ask TT the "why".   If I had to guess, it's likely because an unusually large number of people might use the highest product to finish their taxes, then ask for a downgrade just before efiling.

    If you haven't already done so, you can ask Merrill Lynch and Fidelity if they have the into available to interface with TT yet.  They may have the info available for you to view or download, but might not have yet plugged into TT system.    Because of the delay in tax laws, etc. many brokerages/ mutual fund companies may not be ready with their data even in the customer accounts to view for a couple more weeks.  If yours are already ready, however, then they likely just became available.

     If you wish, you can speak to Customer Support about the issue, but you would still need to wait in a chat or phone queue.   The method for reaching them is in the first answer above.   This is an extremely busy week for phone/chat because so many people are rushing to efile since the IRS starts accepting returns 1/30/2013.  Early AM in the first 2-3 hours after phone/chat opens is usually a good time to reach them.  Support hours are  5:00am - 9:00pm Pacific. 7 days a week.
  • ******ANSWER HERE******
    In order to downgrade, I used the deluxe editions personal voice chat (phone call). I tried the online chat and it kept me waiting for several hours even though it said "10 minute" wait. I had to call them and get a code that you input on the tools menu.
    But you will still owe the $30 state fee
    Also, Turbo tax is sneaky and I don't know if I will ever use them again. They hide a $30 fee if you use direct deposit and they say it is for "BANK PROCESSING FEE"! What a load of garbage!
    Turbo tax severely pissed me off with this load of nonsense. To downgrade it should be a simple click of the mouse. I will be sure to tell my friends and family to never use turbotax if this ridiculous issue is not resolved.  I will just go to H&R block or a family friend and hand him my tax documents.
  • eganeagle500:
    You must have chosen the option to use refund processing by an intermediary bank, so that your TT fees can be deducted from your Federal refund.
    There is no fee for direct deposit of your refund directly from the IRS to your bank account, unless you choose to have the TT fees paid out of it first.   There is a fee by the administrating bank IF people CHOOSE to have the TT fees paid out of their Federal refund.   The intermediary bank that handles that charges the fee called a "Refund processing fee", because they first receive your refund into a temporary account for you, then they send it on to your bank after deducting the TT fee and their service fee.   When you sign up for the Refund Processing Service, your refund will be handled by one of these banks:

        University National Bank of Saint Paul, MN; or
        First California Bank.

    To avoid that fee, one simply pays upfront with a credit card, debit card, or prepaid debit card and does not use the intermediary bank's service to deduct the TT fees from your refund..  The refund then goes directly from the IRS to your own bank account with no fee.  

    When people select the refund processing service, they have to read and accept a disclosure agreement before it will let them proceed on to efiling the return.

    More info on using the optional Refund Processing Services to Pay TurboTax Fees at:
  • I did want to get direct deposit and pay out of my return. I had to go back and select pay with credit card when I saw that. I think I selected paper check to avoid anymore nonsense. I wish I just paid with credit card and did direct deposit but I was so fed up with turbotax.
  • i thought federal was free.....NOT!!!!!!!
  • You just lost a lot of loyal customers by automatically upgrading them to something they never requested. Nice customer service!
  • I am glad I am not the only one dealing with this. I chose deluxe version because I had certain expenses that I thought would affect my turns out they had no effect at I wanted to opt into the basic version since (as it turns out) that is all I really needed. But it is not so easy. The state return fee and the fee to have your fees paid out of your return(!) are bad enough, without an additional fee for an unnecessary product to worry about...all together it would cut about $100 off the top of my (already modest) return. It feels like using Turbo Tax gets more and more frustrating each time I try to file. I get a bit depressed at the thought that I might have to deal with this frustration every year for the rest of my life!
  • I agree!!!! I am going to tax act
  • If you can stick it out waiting for online chat (I was in line for that and phone help, online chat became available first after about 40 minutes), they will give you a code to downgrade to free basic without any hassle.  But, I agree it should not be necessary.  I have been doing this for years and this is the first year that I had any trouble.
  • I agree I switched to HR Block and did their free version in half the time
  • Yeah - I've been using Turbo tax for years and I don't need the premier just deluxe yet it won't let me downgrade... Switching to HR Block.
I needed to switch products.  I called, waited 19 minutes.  Talked to a very nice girl who attempted to help me with a downgrade code but was unable to do so after another 15 minutes.  She was to transfer me to someone else, indicating a 2-3 minute wait, however once I was placed back on hold, the operator indicated a 32-minute wait.  I hung up.   I have been a customer for a number of years, but I am going elsewhere.  
  • me too , that's a bunch of bull you cant downgrade your package
  • bushmstr02:
    People downgrade every day.  By the way, users are usually better served to start their own threads.  You are posting in a 12-month old already-answered thread that few people will see.    In any case, here's how to do it:

    In order to downgrade AND keep the same User ID/account,  you'd need to talk to TT Customer Support and ask for the downgrade.

    When at the support page below, identify your product, then in the search line enter some keywords or question without quotes. On the next page, skip the suggested topic links if they don't help and scroll down until you see two interfaces ONLINE CHAT or CALL US.  It should show the wait times for each.  When Support is closed, those interfaces will not be active.
    Support hours 5 AM - 9 PM Pacific (8 AM - 12 MN Eastern), 7 days/week.
It's like a bait and switch. Click the free version since I have absolutely no property or dependents now and it auto sets me up for deluxe? !!! And when they downgrade me it only goes to basic? Not to what I chose. This economy is bad enough and my income has been cut by half. I can't afford this crap. I have wasted hours here!
  • I just called the 800 number and it was a 20 minute wait.  Not waiting given all the responses I see here that it is pointless.  After years of  happily using Turbo Tax - H&R Block here I come!  Turbo tax fix this if you want to keep you customers!!!
i need to change from deluxe to basic
    • What did I do to get an upgrade?  Have very simple basic income
      i want to try basic

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