1098-T Amount Paid vs Amount Billed

I received my 1098-T from my school for 2012. They only list the amount that was billed for the year (2,572), however I have paid more than the amount billed because I paid for Winter Qtr 2011 (2,572)  in January of 2012.  Where do I enter tuition expenses that I paid out of pocket?  There is no "Any addition expenses" box like others have mentioned.

    I've got the same problem with adjusting an incorrect 1098-T. Turbo Tax is AWFUL in this area - forcing me to make a workaround to get around their software. First TT problem in 10 years. If I blindly stick to their script it will cost me $3000 in additional taxes. Here's my situation. The school billed for spring '12 in Dec '11, but the tuition was paid, credited etc in Jan '12. IRS Pub 970 states specifically to use the date credited by the school. I see no way in TT to account for this. So If I use the 1098-T submitted by the school it shows $6000 billed for '12, but the amount the school actually received and credited in January '12 was $19,000, not to mention the add'l $6000 later in the year. There is no way to adjust for this in TT short of denying I ever received a 1098 (which for the record I did not). Strange that the school records are so clear on their billing system as to what they received / when - yet the Box 1 Payments Received field is blank on their form…. Doesn't TT have some sort of guarantee about accuracy? Cleary they don;'t live up to it in this area!!!!!!!
    • IF you used your 1098-t amounts last year based on printed data you most likely already got your tax break for the spring '12 courses on your 2011 file even though you didn't pay for them until 2012. That is, unless you also adjusted them in 2011. Form 970 also states that the education system reports based on Fall-Spring...not Jan-Dec.  All that being said I am still having the same issue as all of you...my numbers do not add up even when just using 2012 Summer-Fall 2013. I am getting shorted on my Line 2 and can't figure out why. None of the figures add up to create the discrepancy. Frustrated.
    • Not quite.  The deal is that the school  bills one year and collect the next - so a freshman gets a 1098 that shows more billed (2 semesters) than actually paid (1 semester), and a graduating senior gets a 1098 that shows less billed (no semesters) than actually paid (1+ semester). Most individual taxpayers file their taxes on a cash basis. Most do not file on the "amount billed" even though the TT dialogue and most 1098s would lead one to believe that is the way it should be done..  In fact the IRS Pub 970 specifically states that the individual return is to be filed based on when the school credits the PAYMENT - not when it generates the bill.  That is why this is so frustrating that the schools report billed when the IRS requires PAID.

      As to your specific point - no I did not get a tax break for 2011 for this student - I claimed him as a dependent that year.  In 2012 - he was a graduate student - no longer a dependent of mine and the tax break should be his.  In fact it is - he just has to circumvent the TT limitation to get it.  And TurboTax "guarantees" the maximum refund - doesn't work out in this case….
    • I have run into a similar problem. 2012 tuition: Line 2 of 1098 T reports $1223, account by term adds up to $1293. I attempted to make the correction but I receive an error in review. I then went back to dedu
    • oops! deductions and attempted to answer no 1098 T received, which in truth, I did not, TT now has two different answers, line 1 and line2, which creates another error. I wish their was a definitive answer here.
    The education interview has apparently changed this year. The easiest solution is to tell TurboTax that you did not receive a 1098-T, and enter amounts based on your records.
    • It hasn't changed. It will ask if the 1098-t amount was what was actually paid. You then have an opportunity to plug in the true amount.
    • It specifically asks for the amount paid out of the amount billed in box 2.  I paid the full amount in that box. It does not ask me what else I paid.

      I think i will just go without a 1098-T as Linear suggested.

    • I ran into the same situation.  IN that section if I  put in an about larger than the amount billed, I end up with an error in the final review section that cannot be bypassed.  TT has screwed this section up royally.
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