why cant i get the netspend card

  • im getting a decent return why wont you give me my card you did last year and i still have it
  • The NetSpend card offer.....turned down AFTER PAID fees for taxes...this is a JOKE!  Now trying to figure out HOW to get the money BACK.....used TurboTax last year & their card, NO PROBLEM. Won't make this MISTAKE again.....the card site should of been checked out by TurboTax...anyone with a refund should of been able to get it
  • i bont have a bank account,an it won't let get my netspend card why is that so
  • i ment I don't have a bank account and now it wont let me get the netspend card so i won't to know why, I will try and field some where els if not
  • I paid the fees for the taxes online w/personal credit card--then was UNABLE to the JOKE NetSpend Card...Now they WON'T RETURN my MONEY!!  I already filed someplace else & got my refund on "H&R Block" Card!   WON'T USE TURBO TAX AGAIN!!
  • Im going threw the same thing!!!!
    Pissed off####
  • I have contacted my credit card company...trying to get the money back that was "PAID Before"  site saying couldn't get card---already got my refund thur H&R BLOCK on their card! Am contacting our local BBB  and see if they can help in anyway!  THIS IS A JOKE!!! NEVER AGAIN!

A NetSpend Premier Visa Card is subject to ID verification and approval by NetSpend, and TurboTax does not have insight into the approval process, nor can TurboTax reverse a decision.

If you do not have a bank account that can be used for direct deposit, you can choose to receive your refund by check. Otherwise, there are several types of prepaid credit/debit cards on the market. What I can recommend is acquiring one of these and you can then have your refund deposited there. It is a solution that you can take advantage of.

  • why cant i get it
  • brownvinnie81 - please see above.  Turbo Tax is not involved in the approval process at all.  Thx.
  • but the option isnt even the for it
  • The NetSpend card offer.....turned down AFTER PAID fees for taxes...this is a JOKE!  Now trying to figure out HOW to get the money BACK.....used TurboTax last year & their card, NO PROBLEM. Won't make this MISTAKE again.....the card site should of been checked out by TurboTax...anyone with a refund should of been able to get it.
  • I try to get it by check but you can't punch in on it
  • ok what happens to our refunds that have already been deposited there ??? if they dont approve our card ..i can get no answer from netspend and why wasnt we told this upfront??
  • Hi Michael H - I am unsure what you were or were not told.  But, Netspend does their own approvals and TurboTax is not informed of the reasons someone is approved or not.  

    TurboTax has a special number just for NetSpend TurboTax customers, please contact 1-855-646-8848. The NetSpend agents are trained to handle any questions or concerns you have related to your NetSpend TurboTax card.   Thanks.
  • Turbo Tax does NOT advise their clients that they need to be approved before they are eligible for a net spend card, and Not just allow them to sign up for the PREPAID card  in order to avoid this hassle. If i was ineligible, why didnt they notify me b4 i tried to activate my card 2-3 wks after i singed up for it, and even received the prepaid card in the mail??? This is false advertisement on behalf of turbo tax and Net Spend for obtaining your tax $ quicker!!! I will never use turbo tax or Net Spend, nor will i refer anyone!!!!  Now I have to wait for Net Spend to Credit the IRS for my payment that was already transferred to the Net Spend Card, which will take another 1-2 months. This is BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I activated the card withdrew my state refund , all was fine for a month untill my federal refund hit the account , then it was blocked after 2 days and they are holding the rest and wont let me have it , because i dont have a utility bill to send them in my name because they are included in my rent!! they said they they were sending the rest of my refund back to the IRS but it has yet to get there .
  • so because of turbotax and netspend I am back to waiting for my refund , if their rules for approval would have been posted before accepting this card , I would have my refund by now because I would have known not to sign up for it.
  • Found out the BEST way to get their ATTENTION>>> went on their FaceBook site....telling the whole messed up problem....and their customer service jumped on the problem "Right Away"!  FINALLY got my money back that was paid...but was denied their JOKE NetSpend Card for my refund.
Hi Everyone - If you need help with Netspend questions, there is a number I posted above.  If you have further issues you would like help with from TurboTax, you can contact TurboTax Support directly (for your individual situations) using the instructions below.  They will help you out.  Thanks.

Trying to Contact Us or Reach the TurboTax Support Telephone Number?
This is the "How to" contact Turbo Tax:

This is the page to input your personal information.  Please click the link below and enter your question.  Then, you will scroll down and be given the option to either Chat or Call in and talk to someone in the correct department to help you out.  

  • Be prepared to be on the phone with Net Spend for approx 2 hours, and being on hold for 1.45 hours, with someone u can hardly understand!!!! Ohh and who will have to send a request to have your questions answered. Response time to questions being answered is approx 2 days!!!! FYI
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