is there a phone number i can call to talk to someone?

  • i  need to talk to someone call this number (delete phone number) now
  • I need to know if my taxes went throw. Because I don't wont any hassle like last year, so will someone tex or email something thanks
         Sine: Oscar Martinez
  • I need 2 talk 2 someone about my return is there a # I can call customer service
  • why is it sayn my child is a no dependent
  • (remove phone number) please call me, I have two important questions.
  • please call me I need help !
  • (remove phone number)
  • (remove phone number)
  • This is a public forum.  Do not enter phone numbers or other personal information,  Anyone and everyone can see what you have typed.
  • Call the IRS at 800-829-1040, press 1 for English when prompted. As soon as the automaton begins speaking again, repeatedly press 0. In a matter of seconds it will say something like "sorry, I can't help you with that, I will transfer you to a tax rep who will direct your call" This worked for me yesterday. The first agent I finally got through to was nasty and said no one was looking up personal files until after 21 days. I called again and got a wonderful lady who was very helpful I told her the IRS2GO app was giving me error messages and she looked up my account. She said my return is pending but I should look for a DD notification "VERY SOON"  --- moral of story, if you get a jerk, hang up and call again. The wait is long 15-20 minutes...and when you get a friendly voice, be POLITE!
  • onegroovymama thank you for your instructions. You were right on the money. Turbotax needs to give you a job since you are the only one who came up with the answer since they don't have a number you can call to help everyone out. The should at least offer a help line to put people at ease. Thank you again for all your help. Be blessed. :-)
  • how I print my state return only?to send by mail!!
  • I need to talk to someone,  please call me so i can file my taxes
phone number for those who would like to contact turbo tax or intuit....1(delete phone number) on the phone with them NOW...GOOD LUCK TO ALL.. THEY ARE GETTING WORSE EACH YEAR WITH EXTRA CHARGES .....SALES TAX ON A TAX RETURN......REALLY..........
  • Turbotax is a ripoff.  They don;t tell you that the online version only covers one federal return and five state returns (that I don't want) when you buy the product.
You contact the TurboTax support personnel through the website.

Go to this link
Type in your question and other information and then click Continue
On the next screen, scroll down to Contact a TurboTax Expert and click on it
The screen will now have the buttons for Chat or Call us at the bottom of the screen
  • Y did it say my refound was null and if I cleared all my info is that goin to mess up anything
  • Yes
  • i wish there was a person to call.
  • there is no number anywhere to call
  • I need a phone #
  • Charged my account in November and now trying to charge me when i log on.
  • I thought this was pretty nice but the fact that I can't call someone for help bothers me won't be back next year
  • They seem to be getting worse each year, I have noticed this for the last few years. I will be paying very close attention to this year, since I don't have to pay until I am done. If I'm not happy, I'm gone. I would rather waste a couple of hours now and know that it's not worth it anymore then hate it all year and come back next February back saying the same thing.
    Sorry Turbo Tax, your turning out like every other online program.
  • lemwoh is correct.... its really worth it to spend some extra time going through a couple programs.  Just dont send it through till you find the best refund!!!!!  Ive done this the past few years and sometimes Turbotax is the best... Sometimes its H&R or taxslayer or....
    You can always find someone who loves and someone who hates EVERY tax program.   Instead of writing one off because of a screw up I just always look at both
  • Same hear
I got  an e-mail said iRS rejected my tax retuurn do I have to do it all over
  • You only correct what was in error and then re e-file the return.
what is turbo tax number to talk to some one
  • unfortunately the folks at Turbo tax forgot this very important feature for people who don't know how to use a chat feature or have a hard time putting in writing their question.  HR Block is very easy to contact by phone.  Suggest you try there.
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