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Can you file a free state return with Turbo Tax?

  • I know I was able to file my state return last year and the year before. I don't remember what the program was called.
  • If you purchase the download/CD version of TurboTax, the state return preparation is included in the purchase price but not the actual efiling. You may have used the Freedom Edition of TurboTax which may give you access to free state tax return preparation. The Freedom Edition is not available until Jan. 30.
  • It is January 30th and I am still not able to file a free state return...it wants to charge me 27.99 to file
  • To prepare and file a free state return, you must start with the Freedom Edition for federal. http://turbotax.intuit.com/taxfreedom/index.jsp
    Click on the I qualify! Start Now button, then choose Create an Account.
    Enter your information to create a new User ID.
  • Use turbotax.intuit.com/taxfreedom/ it is up and running now
  • Use turbotax.intuit.com/taxfreedom/ it is up and running now
  • Ive done it more than once and it still wants to charge me $19.99.   How do I get around the fee?
  • You must change your user ID and password to downgrade to the Free Edition. If you are trying to use the Freedom version try this: http://turbotax.intuit.com/taxfreedom/index.jsp
    Click on the I qualify! Start Now button, then choose Create an Account.
    Enter your information to create a new User ID.
  • slmcneil02, if you are being charge 19.99 for e-filing a state return, then I take it you are using a desktop version of TurboTax. Only the state prep program you download is free. All state e-files cost 19.99.

    Or are you talking about e-filing a federal return? If so, you are using the online version of TurboTax Basic, which is not free.
  • According to the "free file aliance" with the Missouri Dept of revenue, you are supposed to be able to prepair this and e-file this for free.
  • My experience was that I had to initiate the Freedom Edition from the link hosted on my state's free efile link to TurboTax.  Even though I had already started a return on the Freedom Plan directly from TurboTax in order to obtain the free state filing I had to start my return from scratch.  Name address, etc from scratch.  All along the way Turbo Tax was tempting me with upgrade offers, offers for advice, offers for basic return, offers to store my return, etc.  Accepting any of these offers negated the free filing.  Just stay the course and ultimately you will get to file both federal and state for free provided you qualify along the income and complexity guidelines for your state.  The key remember was to initiate the return from your state's dept of revenue free file link.  

    I'm a New Yorker, that link follows:


    Good luck!

  • i did that and it still is saying i have to pay 27.99. i even went to mo state and clicked on turbo tax on the free file
  • States wont accept return til after 2/1. i tried again then and it worked. I got charged 29.99 ans 27.99 = 57.98 and trying to find out why as I used free Fed return & state
  • You can click on Tools & then Fees to see the breakdown, but I think I know. As advertised, the federal return is free. A state return under Free Edition is 27.99. The option to have that state return paid from your refund is 29.99. That refund transfer fee is avoidable by paying with a credit card.
  • I wasnt asked for a charge card # even tho I picked the $27.99 edition and still don't know what happen to my state tax refund....didn't show it was submitted via email.....don't get it....help??????
  • My son already used turbotax for fed, we see now the link at the SC dept of revenue website for free state. if we create a new account and re-enter the information so we can file state, will it refile fed?
Yes and no. If you have the desktop version, you can prepare state for free, print, and mail it in. You cannot e-file it for free.
    For the free state filing I had to connect to the Freedom plan from my state's Dept of Revenue page.

    For New York its starts here:


      No. The state return is $36.99.
      • Under Free Edition, the state is discounted to $27.99.
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