Is there a standard daily travel allowance for DOT truck drivers?

  • Perhaps the question should be 'Is there a standard daily travel deduction for DOT truck drivers?'.
  • if i leave @ 230 in the morning and get back @ 4 in the evening can i claim per diem?
  • is there a standard daily deduction for DOT truck drivers
  • I work 24 hr shifts. Can I deduct meals
  • yes if you have any type of sleeper berth time in that 24hr period you can claim the $59.00 per day
  • yes if you have any type of sleeper berth time in that 24hr period you can claim the $59.00 per day
  • yes if you have any type of sleeper berth time in that 24hr period you can claim the $59.00 per day
Yes - $59/day on overnight trips for M&IE (Meals and Incidental Expenses). Lodging costs must be actual.
  • Thank you!  Guess I wasn't looking in the right place this year.
  • Make sure you keep copies of your logs with your tax papers for that year. That will be the undesputed truth during an audit. The motor carrier will not keep them past 6 months.
  • Roger that! And you can't back-fill; Must have written records before you file ...
I think I found the place it goes...
> Federal taxes
> Deductions and Credits
> Explore on my own
> Employment Expenses
>> Job-Related Expenses
>>> Start or Update
>>>> Did you receive a W-2 and have any of these expenses in 2012? YES + Continue
>>>> Other Types of Expenses? NO & Continue
>>>> Tell Us About the Occupation You Have Expenses For
>>>>>Choose the person, Ocupatin = Truck Driver, and Continue
>>>> Do Any of These Uncommon Situations Apply to Your Job?
>>>>> Choose You are in the transportation industry. Then Continue
>>>> Did you have any home office expenses because you had to work at home? I chose NO, then Continue
>>>> Did you have any vehicle mileage or expenses for your occupation? NO
>>>> Did You Buy or Own Any Items for Use on Your Job? NO
>>>> Do You Have any Deductions From 2011 to Include in This Year's Return? NO
>>>> Any Other Expenses?
>>>>> Meal expenses covered by department of transportation Rules = 59 * number of night away from home!
>>>> Choose NO and Continue or NO button until you get back to the "Job-Related Expenses Summary" page. It seems to be subject to the 2% AGI threshhold, too (BOO!)
    Q. I work 24 hr shifts. Can I deduct meals

    A. In most cases, No. If you are required to pay for meals as a condition of employment, you may have a deduction. Meals are normally deductible only when you are either away from your 'Tax Home', or at a meeting intended to gain new taxable income. Length of work day is not a factor.
    • 24 hours? This sounds as if you may be a firefighter. I am retired, and ask this same question to CPA over the years.  The answer  was always no, you can't take a deduction.
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