whats up with the refund cards

  • more details please
  • I tried to apply for the Netspend card and I messed up on the question now im denied how do I go back to answer the question correctly
  • so where do you enter the Netspend card information to get the refund??
  • I had my refund put on a net spend card for the first time, but will the card be sent to me, or what? My refund has already been applied to my account but I have no way of touching it...
  • how long does it take to get the netspend prepaid visa card
  • how long after your money was posted  to your card, was it before you got the card?
  • I received ny net spend card but how do I no the IRS has the numbers
  • i have the same problem as ronatucker i applied and got accepted the whole way thru applying then it asked me how long i had been at my last address i assumed it thought i was still at that address so i went back to try to change it when i realized they had the correct address to mail it to i went forward and it declined me... why?
  • how long did it take to get ur card
  • This net spend company is a disaster. There are a ton of complaints about them. My money has been on the card but I never got the card. You can't understand anyone over there...they just give you the run around. They said my address doesn't exist so the card got returned but they'll reship it...in 10 days! My family was using it to go on vacation. Google some of the reviews on them....not good. I can't believe turbo tax partnered with them.
  • they are horrible never again will i use netspend
  • I had issues with netspend also they said i had more then 5 accounts in my name and one was overdrawn not sure how u over draw a prepaid card found out this the second time I called the first time i called tried too activate a card they sent me and it wouldnt activate then i asked if they could send me another card thinking maybe the one they sent me had sat to long before activating. they just said i couldnt have one. So i ordered one online then tried too activate it thats when they said i couldnt get one and i had an overdrawn card.  Said i had overdraft protection and had spent over what i had thats why it was overdrawn. anyhow couldnt get one........so i called and got one from account now i was nervous about it not being able too activate also then my money would be sitting on it so i waited for it to come before i filed. and the two times I called and the many people i talked too always sounded like i was calling overseas
  • I also got pushed out of net spend card, this company is not a united states company, it is some place in india, i called them 10 times and they hung up on me 10 times because they did not understand anything i was talking about, i asked them why i was  rejected for a net spend card ,and all they kept saying is apply for card with us give me account number, i said have no account , they said apply for card, this is the problem when you speak with people from india or where have you they pay these people 1.00 dollar an hour in thier country and we have to pay for this.
  • get an account now card u get ur rounting number as soon as u apply or go too the store and get a preaid card for like 5.00 make sure though they accpet tax refunds.  i had a walmart money card and read on the website or insert that they didnt accept tax refunds
  • i never got my card the so called sent out on jan 10. The money was transferred into the card feb 7th and noone will help me....pissed of in west palm beach
  • I also asked for the Net Spend card. I've never received it and my refund was deposited on the 6th. So when I called Turbo Tax they gave me the name of the bank they said they are using.  The banks name is Bancorpsouth Bank. Well when I called them they told me that Turbo Tax is no longer using the prepaid card. So my money will be sent out to me in the form of a paper check now, but want be here until now and the 28th of this month. If anyone can PLEASE tell me why Turbo Tax still is offering the prepaid cards but NO one is either receiveing the card or have not received there money PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thanks!!!
  • I recieved my net spend card but they are giving me the run around on activating it!!! My income tax was deposited on their like a weeks ago and i still cant activate their stupid card and everyone is like in 24-48 hours but that was over 4 days ago!!!! Last year I had the turbo tax card and NEVER had any of these problems.... I cant believe turbo tax partnered with them.. but I will NEVER do t his again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Is that feature still working?
  • I was wondering what was going on??
  • it says 7 to 10 days
I am waiting for my net spend card to arrive. I got confirmation that I would be receiving my refund on the 6th. Since I have no card I called them and Customer Service Agent Angel stated that there was nothing that they could do for me it can take 7 to 10 business days.  I am upset. I was wondering about my refund but oh well I have to wait for the card. Could be as long as next Monday. What a joke. So they will collect interect off my money until; I get my card..
  • Me to didnt get my refund yet was going to be on 5th. And still not. They want to charge a day or to intrest. Crooks. Turn them in bbb.
  • I agree, they are crooks. I still haven't received my card either...they're making all kinds of money off us. You can't understand anyone that works over there either.
  • i was scared too put the info in for a card i hadnt gotten yet so waited for my account now card. Was worried about my money being on a card i hadnt gotten in my hands. When turbo tax had a card(i had one through them a few years ago dont recall if they were through another company) i got it before my refund
  • Same here filed on the 31 of jan, accepted and got email in my account the card was loaded with tax refund but still no card. so my money is floating around in nowhere land while i can not touch it. awesome i know what i will NOT be doing next year. i got my card last year a week before my tax refund even came through. My level of irritation is about a 14 out of 10.
  • same things is happening to me. i just hope it doesnt go somewhere else. it was deposited today and i still havent gotten my card. im very unhappy right now
  • Did any of you receive emails telling you your card was sent out to you? We did get this, saying your card was sent on 2/4. Wondering if anyone waiting 2+ weeks got that email too and still past the date?? Thanks!
  • Yes I did get that email saying my card should have been here and to activate it, but how can I activate a card that I have been waiting on since Jan. 26. When I call they never help, I wish I would have gone another route for my refund, its been deposited and I cant even spend it was planning a small trip.
  • I can surely agree with you, the turbo tax card came right away last year, I just dont get it and the netspend customer service is a joke
  • where is my netspend card
  • I got an email saying my money got deposited on my card buy still dont have my card! Can't get through to customer service either.
  • last year was good got card before the money was on it. this year where is my damn card. they should pay for being late...
  • Ive had netspend for a few years now. Ive never had a problem with them. However when I filed my taxes it made me order a new card and I havent recieved it yet. Hopefully before the 12th because thats my dd date!
  • i pissed because im calling about the card and they cant even find one with my social number or account number...what could this mean
  • See above posts for where to get Netspend cards...also at Ace Cash Express locations...you get a card issued to you and an account and you are good to go. If you have an account but no card yet, try this. They can activate the card to your pre-existing account. I've used them for a couple years, and except for the fees, never had a problem.
  • Fees, that is.
  • Got mine today took 8 days & my state & federal were already deposited on it,
If you're having issues getting one through Turbo Tax, go to any Wal Mart, Wal Greens, or CVS. They carry them. I got mine from Walmart. I've had mine for 3 years now and I love it. You get the money as soon as it is deposited. No holds or anything. Where banks wait until the next day to release your money if its deposited after 2 pm, Net Spend doesnt. They just release it whenever they get it. It's awesome. I really like them a lot.
  • i understand how to get a netspend card from on of these places but how when i get one will i be able to link it to this account?
    if this is possible then this is a great answer to my problem so please respond if you get this ...
  • I;m not sure if this will help anyone, but i filed my federal return online with Turbotax for the first time this year. I wanted to have my refund Direct Deposited on a NetSpend Debit Card too, only I didn't have one and didn't really want to have to wait 7 to 10 day's to have one mailed to me before I could put the account info in online with Turbotax and complete my return. So per (My2Babies9806) suggestion above, by the way,  ty My2Babies9806, I went to my local Dollar General Store 2 minutes up the rd. and with $24.95 I purchased a NetSpend Debit Card. $20 of that $24.95 went on my card as soon as I got home and called and activated it. the $4.95 was what the Dollar Store charged to buy it.  I went online to NetSpend and entered my card# and accessed my account info and there I got the routing# and account# for the card,  So I then got back on my account with Turbotax and choose Direct Deposit for my refund method and entered in the required info it needed. ( choose CHECKING for account type), then enter the ROUTING # and ACCOUNT#, and then continue. now Which ever tax service you are using has your Direct Deposit Info that they need. I hope this help;s someone... Good Luck.
  • would that be the same as the walmart money card? mine is a greendot visa debit
  • No..this is netspend visa. Sadly, I am not reading any good customer feedback about this company. Still hoping all will be ok!!
For 2012 Turbotaxis offering to deposit refunds on the "Net Spend" Visa Prepaid Card.  See http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/iq/Tax-Refund/More-Information-About-the-NetSpend-Premier-Visa-Pr... .  (Similar to other prepaid card there are fees involved so I would only consider it if I did not have a checking or savings account.)
  • how come i cant get a net spend card
  • i filed my taxes and tried to get a net spend card because i dont have a bank account and it said i couldnt get one why?
  • Im having the same problem...Dont understand why?
  • i had toruble with netspend also ordered one got it then it wouldnt activate claimed i had 5 cards in my name already whcih i dont. not sure where too get a prepaid card that will accept tax refunds at. With net spend they said try in 4 hrs too activiate said theyd remove the block that was over 24 hrs ago whenever I call sounds like im calling overseas
  • i thought it was a turbotax card not net spend
  • how long till the refund is deposited on it after you activiate the card
  • TurboTax customers will order their NetSpend Premier® Visa® Prepaid Card via the TurboTax program. Cards will be shipped to their home address within 7-10 business days For any questions about the card, fees, how it works, or if the customer is having trouble activating or using the card, please call NetSpend Customer Service Line.

  • it said the same for me..said i wasnt eligible....idk why?
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