How do i calculate home office expenses?

I entered the total my total home expenses and now it takes me to the home office expenses.  I thought the program would calculate this for you?!?  Please help me determine what my home office expenses should be. Do I have to take a portion of the total amount?
  • Where is this "section" in turbo tax per your response below  "You may want to go through that "section" again to review...also, pay attention to the blue text links for additional details and information."  I can't find the "section"
  • ellerym - is it for a business you own or for a job that you get a W-2 for?  Also, what version of Turbo Tax are you using?  Thx.
  • I'm wondering the same question. Do I need to calculate the home office expenses? It's in a room that is not a seperate meter. My business is 1099-MISC...home marketing business.
  • jj_love2run - you don't need a separate meter.  The software calculates the business use percentage of your utilities based on the percentage of the total home. For example - if you use 100 sq ft in a 2000 sq ft home, the business use percentage is 5%.  When you enter the information in the software, you enter the total amount paid.
  • So I enter the total amounts for:
    Mortgage Interest
    Mortgage Insurance Premiums
    Real Estate Taxes
    twice? Once for entire home, and once for home office?
  • I still dont see the answer to the question. at the top of this page.
  • answer anyone??
  • For an employee receiving a W-2:
    To enter Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses in Turbo Tax:
    • Federal Taxes tab
    • Deductions and Credits
    • Explore On My Own
    • scroll down to Employment Expenses
    • then, Job-Related Expenses
  • When entering the rent paid or utilities, for example, am I entering the monthly cost or the total (annual or total of months applicable)?
  • it's not calculating it for me. i put in all home expenses, then it brings you to home office expenses. i was assuming turbotax would calculate this but it is not.
  • erockel - you will enter the total annual expenses and those will be "indirect" expenses.
  • allikat7 - It will calculate it for you.  What are you seeing that makes you think it is not?
  • first i input my total home expenses, then it asks for home office expenses, it isn't calculating those for me based on what i input for total home expenses. if i don't calc myself and enter an amt for home office on each item and click continue, then the home office expenses are all still zero. how do i get it to calculate w/o me entering my own calc?
  • allikat7 - Do you have a loss on your business income?  If so, that may be the reason they are zero.  The Home Office deduction only applies if you have a profit.  If not, you will need to contact TurboTax support using the instruction below for help with your personal situation.  Thank you.
  • no i don't have a loss. i'm trying to get tt to calculate my home office expenses based on my total house expenses. it isn't calculating them for me. how do i get tt to calculate for me?
  • allikat7 - Unfortunately, I can't see your return so I can't tell why it is not working in your particular situation.  I also can't duplicate it in my software.  You will need to contact TurboTax Support using the instructions I posted for you earlier.  They will be able to help you troubleshoot what is going on in your situation.  Thanks.
  • i am having the same problem as allikat7.  in the home office section it does ask for square footage of home office and house.  then it asks for total utility bills and mortgage interest, etc. for the WHOLE HOUSE.  after entering the data and clicking CONTINUE it now says ENTER THE EXPENSES FOR THE HOME OFFICE ONLY.    but it does say to only enter expenses for home office ONLY IF the expenses were paid and measured separately from the whole house expense.  It did calculate the expenses based on the initial square footage assessment.
  • Where?
  • i am having the same trouble.  can someone from turbo tax please fix this?  i have used this system for several years and it has always calculated for me.  not now.  very troubling.
  • I am having the exact same issue.  Everything comes up $0.  Did anyone get it to calculate or do I have to do that on my own based on percentage of square footage?
  • Seems like I am having the same issue.  We only need to know if what we input on the total home expenses is equivalent to what we put on the total home office expenses on the next screen.  We are 1099 not w-2.
  • No no no everybody is asking about 1099 expenses filing issues, why would they ask for W2 stuff. I think TT has changed it from the last year and it makes all of us confused as I could not find a way to enter the rend deductions for my home office area in my rented apartment.
  • In answer to AKORTZ:    you take 100. sq. ft. DIVIDED BY  2000.. = 0.5 %.
    100. DIVIDED BY 2000. = 0.5
  • AKORTZ:    Im sorry! YOU DIVIDE THE 2 NUMBERS!!!!!!   100.  DIVIDED BY 2000.  = 0.5
The software does calculate it for you based on the space used exclusively for your business in relation to the total square feet of your home.  There are some expenses, such as utilities, that apply to the whole home (Indirect Expenses) and those use the percentage that is calculated.  There are other expenses that may directly relate "specifically" to the office space itself (Direct Expenses), that may be deducted at 100%.

You may want to go through that section again to review...also, pay attention to the blue text links for additional details and information.

If you need more help, there are excellent users on this forum that are here for you.
  • Thank you :) I get it now.
  • HOW do you get it now? it's not calculating it for me
  • allikat7 - If you want, you can contact TurboTax Support directly and they can help walk you through it.

    Trying to Contact Us or Reach the TurboTax Support Telephone Number?
    This is the "How to" contact Turbo Tax:

    This is the page to input your personal information.  Please click the link below and enter your question.  Then, you will scroll down and be given the option to either Chat or Call in and talk to someone in the correct department to help you out.
  • I also have the same question as allikat7. I also enter the whole house (indirect expenses) then I get to the section of (direct expenses). So as an example, if my indirect expense of electricity is $3000 a year and I have a 200 sqft office in a 3000 sqft home, when the indirect expense section comes up, do I do the calculations per sqft of the total electric bill of $3,000? So in this example would I enter $200 for the indirect expense for utility?
  • I work from home via my employer I don't have a separate meter I do get a W2 from my employer am I able to deduct Utility exposes
  • ** expenses
  • JC1023:  TAKE 200. DIVIDED BY 3000. =0.6666666% OR 0.7%
If you entered your square footage end then enter the whole house expenses, the program calculates it for you.  The questions about home office only expenses are for expenses that relate only to the home office and not the whole house..  You may for example, not air condition your entire house, but may put an air conditioner only in the home office to keep your computer cooler.  If you put it in the whole house section, you would only get a percentage of the cost.  If you enter it as home office only,  you would correctly deduct the whole cost of air conditioning
    If you mean you already entered your mortgage and property tax under Deductions and credits, and now you are entering a home office under job related expenses, you can ask to have the program calculate this for you but, when you're done, you shoudl review your mortgage interest and property tax entries to make sure you didn't duplicate anything
    • How do I ask the program to calculate this?
    • Exactly my questions, HOW do you ask it to calc for you?
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