How can I amend my 2012 Tax Return?

I completed my 2012 Tax Return using Turbo Tax; I recently just received a 1098E form that I need to add to it. It currently is still in pending mode. How can I add this to my current tax return? This is my first time having to make any changes to an already submitted tax return. Thanks for the help in advance. 
  • I did not receive a 1098E form   I just need to amend my 2012 return and ad my son as a dependents
  • I did not receive a 1098E, I just need to amend the amounts I entered from my W2
  • I received a 1099C and need to amend my 2012 return
  • incorrect filing status
  • The IRS told me to Amend my return because i filed head of household and married how do i do this
  • I just got a 1098 in the mail and already filed, what do I do?
  • Received another w2 that I forgot about working at. What do I need to do? My tax have been accepted
  • How can I change the personal exemption box 6a from claiming yourself to not claiming?
  • I entered my state and local taxes incorrectly for 2012.  How do I correct?
  • my husband and I file jointly but I am not listed as an exemption on our return.
  • I put my T-1098 2011 form on my 2012 tax e-file when I meant to put my 2012 T-1098 form to deduct education expenses. Now my efile was rejected and it still says pending so I cannot amend the return. I have tried calling and looking up answers and nothing is working. Someone please help! This return is a huge help in paying my housing costs while I am still in school. I'm in a panic!
  • Don't Ask Turdotax, you won't gett an answer
  • how can I amend oregon state return form 40 line 24 there is a typo.
Where do I get a 1040x?
  • The 1040X (amended return) for 2012 will not be available until mid February.   Once the form is available you can amend your return within TurboTax.  Federal Taxes tab, Other Tax Situations, Amend a Return
  • We have passed the date of 1/24/2013.
  • I need to file an ammended form also and haven't been able to find it on Turbo Tax
  • Does submitting the 1040X cost money too through turbotax?
  • UPDATE: You will be able to amend your 2012 return around February 7. Although Form 1040X has been finalized in TurboTax, the in-product amendment experience is not yet complete. Be sure to come back to this article on or after February 7 for 2012 amending instructions. Thank you for your patience!
  • then don't send the email out until it is fully completed, I got a sence of false hope and it ruined my day.
  • I agree with raymondryan.mora. Don't send out a form notice until it is fully implemented! Sending notification of availability for an incomplete product or service is just poor customer service IMHO.
  • I agree. Why email us the forms are ready for us when then are not?!
  • cuz turbo tax sucks
  • I amended my returns today ( add a dependent). Is the 2 sheets of 1040x the only sheets i need to mail to IRS? and will IRS mail check to my address since it doesnt ask for banking info on 1040X?
  • When will the 1040X be available to do online at TurboTax?
I filed with Turbo tax both state and Federal and left out $  6000 in paid sick wagers. Received this W-2 form a day after I filed with Turbo Tax.....I understand once you file with Turbo tax it is like dropping it into mail box and cannot be  corrected ....At least I think it works like that. Please give feed back as to how this matter can be corrected...Thanks
    we have a rejected return,the information entered is correctthe only thing I see incorrect is that I am not listed as a dependent on our return,just my husband is.
    • What about my 1098-E form where do I get a form?
    I put in the wrong year for my dependents birth I need to do an amendment?
      I need to amend my 2012 return.  How do I do this?

      • Me too! But I was reading around and it says It wont be ready untill Feb 7 ...
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