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how much did i Pay you last year?

I paid the cost of turbo tax and auto deposit fees   how much did you charge me for last year please
  • how much did I pay for turbo tax and auto deposit fees last year
  • See Volvogirl's answer below.
  • how much did I pay you last year
  • How much did I pay you last year
  • How much did I pay in 2011 for fees for both federal and state tax
  • Also, I would like to know how much I was charged by turbotax kast year for federal and state?
  • where would it be on the tax form from last year?
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  • i paid turbo tax last tear how much did i pay auto debit from my account
  • why dont turbo tax auto enter i use last year and this year
  • SAVE & EXIT...then go to the front page of turbo tax  go to upper right hand corner and click MY TURBOTAX - it will ask you to sign in....when you do, go back to MY TURBOTAX, and chose ORDERS...it will show what you paid last year
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!! helped me out a lot!
  • Thanks
  • you are the best thank you
  • This doesn't work, I have used this service for over 10 years and they will only show me last years returns but not the order or payments I made for them.
  • I don't remember what you charged me you, should know that

You can deduct the Turbo Tax cost or any tax preparation fees you actually paid in 2012 on your 2012 tax return no matter what year it is for. But it is a Misc Deduction and only the amount OVER 2% of your AGI is deductible so it might not be worth putting it in. So if you paid $50 in fees your income would have to be less than $2,500 to be able to deduct any of it and then only a portion of it is deductible. And then the total of all your deductions has to be more than the standard deduction to give you any benefit.

  • I found Volvogirl's reply helpful, but also agree that if, you use turbo-tax every year, they should be able to fill this in automatically.  They auto fill your refund/payment amounts are for the previous years.
Check the email address you used last year. TurboTax sent a receipt. That's how I found mine.
You need to save/file that info every year on your own.
This is a user forum, not customer support...so we don't have access to that info.  (not sure that they do either)
  • i think his/her point is that it would be nice if turbo tax would autofill for your approval this info since they know if after all.  perhaps the law prohibits them from keeping that information?  anyway, volvogirl below made it clear that it's not likely worth the effort for many.
  • the help section states specifically if you used turbo last year they will provide that info.  And they aren't!!
  • i also noticed that although i manually put in my turbo prep costs for 2012, at the end when they show your summary of deductions compared to last year's, the tax prep costs for 2011 shows up correctly ($57), but it doesn't for 2012; it shows as $0. (and it's not the case that the tax prep cost was over 2% of AGI last  year but not this year.)  odd.
How much did I pay Turbo Tax last year?
    • Everyone pays a different amount, depending upon which version they used, wehtehr they filed a state return, and which additional services they purchased.
    • but it was still funny
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