Is Turbo Tax using Santa Barbara Bank & Trust to pay Turbo Tax fees from federal refund?

What company or bank is TT using this year to deduct their fees from a person's federal refund?  Last year they used another bank which was really Santa Barbara Bank & Trust d/b/a ...  I can't remember the name of the bank.

Is it still possible to deduct the fees for using TurboTax from the federal refund?
Hi! Yes it is. You'll be able to make that selection it the File section. Hope this helps!
  • After IRS accepts return, then it gets processed, then DD sent correct??? Which step will tell me the projected date of DD??
  • That's correct. The IRS opens eFile on 1/30. Once your tax return has been received by the IRS, here's when to expect your refund. Last year the IRS issued 9 out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days, and they are expecting the same results this year. Hope this helps!
  • The media says IRS wont accept returns and process them until jan 30.. Mine was ACCEPTED already. Does that mean IRS didn't find anything wrong with my Efile?;
    Those efiled returns that have been accepted already by IRS , Is there a possibility they will be in processing before jan 30 and just not change status before the 30th? Even if the IRS page says Jan 30?
    Seems the IRS is just playing it safe by saying the 30th but obviously they are already working the returns or i wouldnt have gotten the text " CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR 2012 RETURN WAS ACCEPTED EARLY! YOU CAN BEGIN TO TRACK STATUS OF YOUR RETURN  IN 24 HOURS".
    ????? confused
  • Congrats! All tax refunds will start to process on 1/30, regardless of whether your tax return was accepted early. A subset of customers like you will get their tax return accepted early, ahead of the official open date, as part of the IRS' process of checking that systems are working correctly. But refunds won't start getting processed until 1/30, per the original open date. The accepted message means that you are now done with your taxes. Hope this clarifies.
  • a little. Thanks
  • hello i chose to get my check mailed, but turbo tax deducted there fees from my refund. will i still get a mailed check or how will i get it?
  • You can't get a check with this payment option, so it's either a direct deposit or a netspend debit card. Hope this helps.
  • If The Irs website gives you a date for DD, does it take more time to be processed through the Santa Barbara Bank and Trust
  • No there isn't extra processing time by Santa Barbara Bank and Trust. There could be by your bank though.
  • So netspand card i got. Sbb has my funds how b4 i get it
  • When those sbb release to netspend card?
  • To clarify, our financial partner must disburse the funds by the date set by the IRS, just like your banking institution would if you were to choose direct deposit. So the date that your refund is deposited is set by the IRS. you can check the IRS' Where's My Refund tool to check that date. There could be a couple of extra days processing time, but those would be your financial institution (or card) processing times, not our "Pay with your refund" processing partner. Hope this clarifies!
  • Okay so ur partners can hold funds
  • Srry can hold till than confessed cuz if it got released in they can take theres y cnt i
  • @gbaublitz - sorry, I don't quite understand your question (the words are shortened such that I can't make them out!). Can you elaborate?
  • Sorry it says it got sent out today on ur partners website. I just have wait on card. 1st using tt.
  • *1st time using this site
  • Thank u tt for this year saved me money got my refund back quick il be sending my employees to this site
  • Srry tt employee
  • i changed my bank info 2days before my refund was to be deposited. i origianally went through the irs to be sent but found out after irs accepted it my bank info was wrong. i changed my bank info through the santa barbra bank trust through tt. will i get my refund still in 2days?
  • @gbaublitz Glad to hear - Thanks for the feedback!
    @kimleal74 - best to check with SBBT. Thank you!
  • Thanks for the question...I'll answer the long way as there is conflicting information on how this works. When the IRS decides to fund your account with your tax refund, it provides a funding date to the banking institution. That date for you is Feb 8th. So whether you were to pay with your refund via SBBT or whether you elected to direct deposit straight into your account, all parties must deliver your refund by Feb 8th. SBBT does process the transaction within a few minutes, but it must send the refund on to your bank per the IRS funding date of Feb 8th. Note that Feb 8th is a funding date for your bank, not your bank account. Your bank may take a couple of days to process it. Hope this helps!
  • Great! Then you should see your funds on Feb 8th...the exact time of day will be dictated by your bank.
  • Happy to help and thanks for using TurboTax!
  • I just checked the santa barbra site and its telling me they recieved 1000 less than the irs had accepted and stated my refund would be. how is that possible?
  • Still have not received my DD. Was to go in on the 6th. Can't get any info from anyone!!! I'm frustrated and mad!!!  My bank says to contact the bank you use, but no info on that either.  How the hell do I find out where my refund is???
  • @kimleal74 - this information may help you. If this is your situation, you will receive communication from the IRS.

    The Department of Treasury's Financial Management Service can offset any unpaid federal or government debt against your refund without prior notice.

    Most commonly, the offset is taken for:

    Past due child support
    Federal agency non-tax debts
    Certain unemployment debts owed to the state
    Past due federal student loans
    State income tax obligations
    TurboTax has no control over refund offsets. We do not have information about why your refund was reduced, nor about any disputes you may have with government agencies.

    If you want to find out if your refund was reduced due to an offset, call the FMS at (800) 304-3107. Be prepared to give them your name and Social Security number.

    If you feel that your tax refund was reduced in error by the IRS, you can call the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service at 1-877-777-4778, or visit the Taxpayer Advocate web site at for free assistance.
  • @rikkitik44 - did you get your refund?
  • If I have a DD of 2/12 them Santa Barbara bank will release my funds on 2/12 or does the government release my funds to Santa Barbara on 2/12
  • It means that the funds will hit your bank on 2/12. There may be a delay for your bank to post the money to your account.
  • THANKS TURBOTAXSACHA was wondering how long funds would take ...
  • Log into MyTurboTax (at the top of for lots of tools on how to track your refund.
  • Why isn't there a date on my anticipated refund date?It just says they received them on the 3rd of Feb and they are still being processed?
  • I have a refund date of 2/26 but Santa Barbara tax group still doesn't have my refund and it's 2/24
  • is the DD the same as irs saying being sent to your bank date?
  • Yes thank u. although i never got notice of them garnishing my return. i knew it was coming. they in fact took more than i owed on top of garnishing my work check.....ugh. im now wondering how refund will work. since the treasury knows i have direct deposit will that be how its refunded?
  • I had a question.  I show the WMR site status as Sent.  It says my refund was sent DD on 02-27-13.  I looked at the SBBT site to see if your partner got their funds I owe you for filing with TT and it show as my funds have not been received yet.  Also nothing in my bank.  From reading the posts above shouldn't your partner bank have got my refund from the IRS for the fees already since they said it was send DD 02-27-13?
  • I had the exact same thing, 2-27 as a deposit date from IRS, SBBT doesn't show it yet. Not sure what is going on.
  • If you did direct deposit for both irs and nys will they both go through sbbt.
  • Only your federal return will go through SBBT.  NY State will direct deposit your refund directly into your account.  The only thing SBBT will do is deduct the  fee to file your NY State return from your federal return.
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