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What is the earliest date that the IRS will begin to issue refunds in 2013 (for the 2012 tax returns)?

I have read a million different answers on this as well as when the IRS will accept returns so I was hoping to hear from someone who knows for sure what date returns will be accepted and when refunds will start to be issued. Thanks!
    The IRS got off to a bad start last year when they first started accepting efiled returns.  If I remember correctly,  the past few years the IRS always started their tax season a day or two before Martin Luther King's birthday.  Last year was bad because the IRS had problems with their system and efiled returns that were transmitted to them were lost and all the tax preparers - including TurboTax had to resubmit the efiled returns again.  That caused a backlog of efiled returns and refunds were delayed by several weeks for some people.  I  think that is why the IRS isn't issuing a Refund Cycle Chart this year.  People were using that chart like it was gospel.  As soon as the date passed and a person didn't receive their refund, including myself, I was on the phone with the IRS.  My form happened to be one of the lost forms that had to be retransmitted.

    I read on this site that people that efiled after I did were receiving their refunds, but it also delayed the sending of refunds to some people.  The IRS was so backlogged on processing the lost returns.  The IRS kept changing refund dates on WMR for a lot of people.

    Hopefully the IRS gets off to a smooth start when it opens on January 30th.  Since the IRS also  stated that refunds will be issued within 21 days, I don't think people should count on getting their refund too much before that.  On January 30th the IRS is going to be flooded with transmitted returns,  We have Congress to blame for this -- it's not the fault of the IRS this year if our refunds take 3 weeks or even longer.  The IRS was getting better in their refund time.  They had it down to 8 to 10 days for most e-filers except for last year.

    Good luck everyone.   

      simply put if you are one that is able to e-file on Jan 30 you should recieve your refund via direct deposit 3 weeks later (Feb 21) give or take a day depending on your bank.  (there are a several types of people who will have to wait  for further forms to be available but a simple 10140/ez. 

      E-file with direct deposit = 3 week turnaround
      E-file with paper check = 3-6 weeks to revieve
      paper file with direct deposit is = 4-6 weeks
      paper file  with paper check = 6-8 weeks
      ***(of course if there are any errors who knows when you will see the funds)*****
        The IRS has also said it will take up to 21 days, even when they released refund cycle charts. I really doubt it will take 21 days. IRS is just saying that like they have every year.
          Be smart and responsible this year-don't write checks on money that isn't in your bank yet.
            No one has the exact answer, the IRS has stated they will start accepting returns on January 22nd (that can change if the IRS cannot get their systems ready due to Congress late decisions).  The IRS is not issuing a Refund Cycle Chart for this tax season, they say that most people will receive their refunds within 21 days from the date their return is accepted.

            What to Expect for Refunds in 2013


            UPDATE:  The IRS changed the date they will start accepting returns to January 30th, see the following

              IRS Plans Jan. 30 Tax Season Opening For 1040 Filers


              IR-2013-2, Jan. 8, 2013

              WASHINGTON — Following the January tax law changes made by Congress under the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA), the Internal Revenue Service announced today it plans to open the 2013 filing season and begin processing individual income tax returns on Jan. 30.

                The IRS has said refunds should be expected up to 21 days after filing.  They have not said you won't get your refund before that.

                  Per IRS Publication 2043: 

                  Don’t count on getting your refund by a certain date to make major purchases or pay other financial obligations. Even though the IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days, it’s possible your tax return may require additional review and take longer.

                    I think you will probably recieve your refund by direct deposit on feb. 9
                    The IRS will be accepting returns on January 30.  The IRS has stated that they want to issue refunds within 21 days after a tax return has been accepted by the IRS.
                      today i read jan 30th so im confused as well.
                      No one shoudl count on getting them faster than that though.