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Why is the child tax forms not ready till the 10th and 17th?

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  • That means?
  • Turbo tax version, so does that mean I could file sooner elsewhere?
  • No, I tried HRBlock advantage and it told me the same thing.
  • If H&R Block is telling you the same thing as TurboTax, that should tell you the problem is with the IRS -- *not* Intuit, HRB, or anyone else in the tax business.  (Ultimately the buck stops with Congress for waiting till January 2013 to pass key bills affecting 2012 taxes, see below.)
  • tax act says you can file yout taxes on the 7th
  • thats TaxAct.com and my sister uses them because they are free and she told me they are saying around the 7th is when we can file.
  • You can *prepare* your return earlier, perhaps, but the IRS is not accepting returns on the 7th.  They are not processing returns prepared ANYWHERE until January 22nd.  Some forms are not available yet because the IRS doesn't have them ready.
  • i filed with tax slayer today
  • have yall had problems with AUDIT HERE?
  • last year, tax returns containing a Schedule A were not accepted by the IRS until the middle of February because Congress passed laws in the middle of December affecting the Schedule A. We will see if the IRS can have the changes signed into law in 2013 ready in just two weeks. NOT LIKELY
  • You may have filed with TaxSlayer yesterday BUT THE IRS IS NOT GOING TO PROCESS YOUR RETURN UNTIL AT LEAST JANUARY 22ND.  All that you did by filing yesterday was ensure that you cannot make any changes, should you need to, to your data.
Congress just passed a new tax law on Tuesday. The IRS isn't accepting returns until Jan 22 in any case.
  • any link on this new tax law you speak of or more info, people get on here and post non sense, not saying ur info is but any more info on this or a link would be great, thanks
  • SweetieJean is right.
  • From the IRS website:
    "Production at Startup on January 22, 2013."
  • The new tax law has been all over the news.  Just Google "2011 tax extenders."  These are provisions that expired at the end of 2011, and (most of which) were just extended for taxyear 2012.  As a result, the tax forms couldn't be finalized pending Congressional acttion,.
  • Lame...
  • It's the bill dealing with the "fiscal cliff", passed Jan. 1 and signed Jan. 2 ( http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d112:h.r.00008: ).  Though the main part of the "cliff" (i.e., higher ordinary tax rates) won't kick in till 2013 tax returns filed in early 2014, several major tax provisions -- particularly, in THIS case, key parts of the child tax credit (Schedule 8812, formerly Form 8812, the one now delayed till at least the 18th) -- expired at the end of 2011 and were NOT extended for 2012 until the "fiscal cliff" bill.
  • Sucks for hard working people, that depends on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I hope you know that you can submit a new W-4 form to your employer to have fewer taxes withheld throughout the year, rather than wait for a lump sum refund.  In fact, the IRS has said this:
    "Don’t count on getting your refund by a certain date to make major purchases or pay other financial obligations. Even though the IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days, it’s possible your tax return may require additional review and take longer."
  • I am single parent who works 45hrs a wk, pays daycare and have 3 kids....have always recieved a good tax refund, who are you to tell people how to claim their deductions?
  • Just offering it as an alternative.
when they take our money they dont wait for nothing, every check boom gone, come tax refund time oh these forms aren't done or this and that, just buying them self's more time , bunch of bull, i think if they can get there money then we should get ours just as easily. yesterday it was the 10th now ones changed to the 17th? then it will be changed again so basically don't count on filing until around feb., seems the govt is more concerned on taking more and more and giving less and less.
  • move to another country!
  • No amount of advance preparation (short of sheer clairvoyance) can prepare for a tax bill passed Jan. 1, 2013, that affects 2012 tax returns.  Besides, most people do NOT get their W-2s till late January or early February; you're just salivating because you've been trained to expect it now by tax preparers trying to TAKE your money via RALs, illegal paystub filing, etc. ...
  • people who are self-employed and kept their records and are ready to file are truly ready to file.  That is why they are on TurboTax and not going to places with RALs.
  • radiance17:  But that doesn't mean the IRS is ready to ACCEPT your returns just yet.  This year, it's even MORE important to WAIT because of all the last-minute tax changes the IRS is just now sifting thru.
  • Thanks.  I was just commenting that there are some people who actually are ready to truly file.  I hope that my comments weren't argumentative, I just wanted to round out the points you had made as to why there are now more safeguards in place.  thanks for taking the time to read my comments.
  • radiance17:  You're welcome.  I understood you're NOT the typical "I wanna file from my paystub" person we normally get this time of year; my point was that's NOT the ONLY reason to wait this year.
The IRS hasn't released the final forms yet.  No need to rush; the IRS won't start processing returns till at least Jan. 22, possibly even later.
    Last year if you filed on the 10th it just sat on Turbo Tax server until the IRS started taking them on Jan 17.
    • And this year it'll sit on TurboTax servers till AT LEAST the 22nd, possibly longer.  When Congress passes tax laws affecting 2012 tax issues (including child tax credit) on Jan. 1, 2013, even the IRS needs time to catch up...
    Ugh, I'm ready to file my taxes!! Can't wait to get that refund... why is the IRS taking so long? Last year I filed my taxes around the 10th!
    To add more to this fire,  the IRS is NOT publishing any schedule for when you can expect your refund.  A combination of having only a few weeks, instead of months, to prepare and check out their computer systems, prepare the necessary forms and instructions (due to Congress passing 2012 tax law on Jan 1, 2013).  Also, there was a lot of tax return fraud last year where someone would file a fraudulent return with someone else's  name, receive and keep the refund.  More safeguards are in place to cut down this theft, which will cause some delays.
    Okay so if it's telling me one form will be ready on the 10th and one on the 17th then I should wait till the 17th?  I am so confused.  This is just crazy.  They have had plenty of time to get all of this resolved and now all them have more than giving themselves a pay raise and us tax raise instead of cut and now we got to wait to get our money back cause they could not make up their dang mind.  Lord have mercy.  The one's of us who keep up with our stuff throughout the year and have it ready so we can file early should be able to early.  Oh the price my brother and grandad and so many other men and women paid for our wonderful country!  Sorry just needed to get that out.  *S*
    • Might as well wait wait wait.  Even when the forms are ready the IRS won't start taking efiles until Jan 22 or even later.
    The Govt has been acting like a bunch of teenager for years. Ahh heck I don't care ill send my efile when they start accepting them and just wait patiently for a deposit . I have got my first pay of 2013 I make ok money and the taxes went up quite bit almost feels like double
    the ss tax.
    • Darn thanks for the bad news my first 13' check comes next week :0(
    • Not quite double the SS tax, but it did go back up to the full 6.2% after it had been temporarily lowered to 4.2%.
    i see someone writing that the irs isnt accepting or processing until the 22nd? i have two forms im waiting on and they say the 10th they will be ready, after that id assume i can file otherwise it would say the 22nd, who ever is saying all these different dates please provide a link to the irs stating this otherwise its false, thanks



    Then after the IRS gets it, it will take them 24-48 hours to accept or reject it. Just be patient. As said before it really doesn't matter if you can't efile RIGHT NOW. Because Turbo Tax is just going to HOLD your return until the IRS opens up on Jan 30. You won't get your refund any sooner.

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