I have a new bank and need to change my bank account information in turbo tax before I submit and file my returns. How do I do this?

  • can you change it after it has been accepted by the irs?
  • I have the same problem - I already filed and need to change bank acccounts for refund - how do I do that?
  • I have already filed but I need to change transferral of my refund to another bank. How do I do this change.
  • To Update your direct deposit information:  Revisit   Here's how you chose to get your refund  then go to direct deposit
  • Please help I can not go to the page to change my banking information it will not let me .
  • Please help to change  my banking information cant figure out how to do that and i already filed and was accepted im sorry please help me
  • I already filed I put the wrong routing and account number
  • I need to cancel my bank account on my turbotax
  • can you cancel your bank account and have your refund mail to you in stead
  • Only if you have not filed yet.
  • how do i change my  account information
  • type this into turbo tax surpport and to the bottom page and select Santa Barbara and change it though the bank  Article ID: GEN12276
  • I didn't realize until after I had filed my return that they didn't ask if my banking information has changed since last year.  It has!  So now my refund is going to be direct deposited into an account that has been closed.   WHY DOES TURBO TAX NOT ASK YOU FOR YOUR BANK INFORMATION TO DO A DIRECT DEPOSIT!  I kept thinking it would be the next section but before I knew it I submitted my return, and my refund is being direct deposited to an account that has been closed.  I need to change my banking information!
  • I put one number in wrong on my acct. # and my status is processing can I fix it before the rejection?
  • I need to apply my bankmy
  • cisc.sbtpg.com   log in with you refund information and to left of screen you can change bank info.
When you are in the section of the TT interview under File and Print you will be asked to enter or verify the bank account information before you file.  When that screen appears, you can change the information.
  • is that how i can change my bank account information bc i have a new bank the account information that is on my account is not valid i have a new bank account so is that how i can change it ???
  • when the information was shown i tried everything to change the given information but I was still unable to change my information. Your right I could see the information but I couldn't change my info. i continued because I thought I misunderstood the answer. I'm not happy! Now my refund is going to the wrong acct.
  • I have a turbotax Card and already filed my taxes, but just found out it is going to nolonger be available by the time i get my taxes how do i change this to another account?
You can not change anything after you file.  If you do, it doesn't get sent.  If you put down the wrong bank account number the bank will reject your deposit and send it back to the IRS and the IRS will send you a check.

If you already efiled it, it is just like dropping it in the mailbox and you can't get it back for anything.  You have to wait and see if the IRS accepts or rejects it after Jan 30.  If they reject it for some reason you can fix it and resend it.  If they accept it you will have to mail an amended return.  But wait to amend until your first return is processed and you receive your refund or your payment has cleared.
How do i change my direct deposit?

    In short, you cannot change the information and have it be updated with the IRS prior to them submitting your refund. This is true if your return is Accepted by the IRS. If Accepted, you will want to review the information provided in the link below. 


    If the account/routing number is incorrect, the IRS will try to submit the refund to that account. However, almost all Financial Institutions verify the information on the account with the information included in the deposit and will not allow the refund to be deposited in the incorrect account. This does cause the refund to be sent back to the IRS, which will then issue you a paper check via mail. This will cause a delay in regards to when you will receive your refund, but the article linked to above discusses what you will want to do to inform the IRS

    If your return is Rejected by the IRS, then you only need to correct the information needed and then you can update the Direct Deposit details prior to e-filing your return again. It seems odd to hope that your return is Rejected, but in some cases it is a blessing in disguise. 

    Hope this information helps!

    • I guess my biggest issue, and it is a huge one, is that TurboTax did not even ask me if my direct deposit information has changed since last year.  It automatically assumed that it is the same as it was last year, which it IS NOT.  That account has been closed, because that bank suddenly started charging me monthly fees for having the account.  When I first signed up for that bank account several years ago, I was promised by the bank that it was a free checking account, with no fees.  But suddenly they started charging me $15.00 per month because I didn't maintain the required $15,000 balance to avoid paying fees.  I refused to pay the fees, but the bank continued to assess them, which resulted in several NSF fees.  I told them I was not paying these fees, nor the NSF fees because it was their fault my account was overdrawn.  I switched banks and told them I was not paying it.  But, they have now sent my "account" to a collection agency, and claim I owe them over $500 in monthly fees and NSF fees, which I do not, and will not be paying them.  So my fear is that even though the account is closed, my IRS refund will still go into the account because it's a deposit rather than a debit, and the bank will laugh all the way to their bank because they got my money that I have disputed with them in writing that I owe.  Incidentally, that bank is now involved in a several hundred million dollar class action lawsuit for this very issue.    

      This could have all been avoided if TurboTax actually *asks which bank account you would like to have your refund direct deposited into*!!!!!  It never asked, and I kept thinking that would be in the next step.  But suddenly, my return was submitted and there was no way to undo it.  So then, within like 5 minutes my return was accepted by the IRS and couldn't be changed.  

      How ridiculous is it that you aren't even asked for your bank account information at any time while doing your taxes, and just assuming it's the same as last year.  I guess Turbo Tax has never heard of people changing banks?  

      I am now facing the very real possibility that my entire tax refund will be taken by my previous bank, when I never intended for my refund to go to that account which has been closed for several months now.
    • Ditto! This is why I will not use Turbo Tax AGAIN!
    @abebush - 

    I do not want to make it seem like I am attacking you directly, but I wanted to share some information about the refund deposit screen when navigating through the Print & File Section. While TurboTax may auto-populate the information that you had used from last year into the Bank Account fields, this is only done as most users will have the same bank year over year.

    The part I want to point out is that while it is auto-populated, you are guided into that screen to verify that the information is correct, as well as to change it if it needs to be updated. TurboTax would not enter information of importance such as your Bank account number without asking that you verify. 

    To ensure that this is the user experience in all versions, I am going to be testing this out and will be posting the screenshots for verification once I have completed this. Thank you for your patience and also for pointing this out. 
    • I can assure you that when I did my return, it did not prompt me to verify any of my banking information other than at checkout when I had to choose whether to pay by filing my return with credit card, or from my refund itself so I had to key in my debit card number that I was using to pay.  But other than that, I can assure you it did not prompt me at all.  I wanted to update this information before I even got started on my return, but I kept thinking "on the next screen it will" type of thing.  I then saved it and finished it a couple days later but by then, I figured I had already updated my banking information...but I did not and I was never prompted.
    • abebush! It did the same thing to me! I didnt print file...casue I need to go and buy more paper! Look in Google its a PROBLEM TURBO TAX! I found back inJanuary people were reporting the problem..and they never fixed it! I guess I put too much faith in TURBO TAX!!
    To get back to the screen Direct Deposit, click on the File Tab and continue through the screens until you see the option for "How Do You Want Your Federal Refund?" You can select Direct Deposit there and fill out the bank account information (see screen shot).

    Or see

    Or if you have the Desktop program you can switch to Forms Mode, click Forms in the upper right for Windows (or upper left for Mac), and open the Info Wks then scroll down to Part V - Direct Deposit  Information. (See Screen Shot)

        @abebush - I have researched and am attaching the screenshots of the user experience in that section. Hope this helps!
        • Yes, I saw that and I chose "direct deposit to my bank account".  But, it never asked ***which*** bank account.  It only took me to checkout and a couple days later when I finished checking out, I had forgotten whether or not I had keyed in my updated and correct bank information and just assumed that I had.  But then when I printed my return, I saw right away that it is depositing my refund to my OLD account, which is closed, and that bank is probably going to accept my refund and deduct the money they are claiming I owe them out of my refund.  And within I am not kidding, 3 minutes of submitting my return, it was accepted by the IRS and nothing could be changed.  This is just awful!
        can i change my
          Well after Turbo Tax would not allow me to specify which bank account to have my tax refund direct deposited to, it automatically direct deposited it to a bank account that I closed nearly a year ago.  The Turbo Tax FAQ says the bank will just reject the refund and the IRS will automatically issue a paper check to me.

          Well the bank did NOT reject the refund, they accepted it, subtracted over $300  out of my refund because they claimed I owed them monthly service fees and NSF fees as a result of them charging me monthly fees without me knowing it, which I refused to pay and which is why I closed that account to begin with and have disputed those fees, and they then mailed me a cashier's check for the difference...minus over $300 of my refund!

          I am going to pursue legal action because this is fraudulent!  Turbo Tax would not allow me to choose what bank account to have my refund direct deposited into, I kept thinking that it would be the next step including after I submitted my taxes but suddenly, my taxes were submitted and I was never once asked what bank account I would like to have my refund deposited into...Turbo Tax just assumed I would want it refunded into the same account I used last year but as a result I am now out over $300 because my former bank took the money from me!  And because it's a closed account, I have no access to my bank records, all I have is a cashier's check for  nearly half of my income tax refunded missing from it! 

          This can't be legal, and I am I going to seek legal advice regarding this matter because I had half my refund taken from me all because of Turbo Tax!!!!
            Ok so I have time to get a new card before I have to finish and file due to waiting for some forms that the government hasn't released yet.
            • And the IRS won't even start taking files until Jan 22 or later.
            WHERE DO I GO TO
            • I have already filed and my taqx form has been accepted by the IRS is it too late to change my baqnk information so it can go to a debit card?
            • I have the same problem How so I do it to change my acct & routing number ?
            • i tink by reading of all this customers being not happy i  don`t think i will be using them again but will go with h and r block
            I need to change my bank info before i submit this.  how do i do this?
              to change my account 

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