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can i do my taxes with my last pay stub?

  • how do I update my W2 information?

Filing with a pay stub is not a good idea, usually there is a difference in total wages from a W2 and a pay stub if you have any 401K and/or Life insurance, Cafeteria Plan etc you might contribute to, you won’t have the correct amount of Social Security Taxes or Medicare wages you need to enter, you would also need the amounts and codes for any 401K plan or Life Insurance Plan.  The IRS also gets information about your W2 and will match the information to your return and if they don't match they could send you a notice for more information which can delay your return, or you could have to amend your return.   


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I start mine every year with my final pay stub. I've worked with the same company and have all my paystubs stored online. When I do get my W-2 I re-check my return and submit. Haven't found any issues yet. 2 years ago I didn't even wait. Returns took forever that year for me so I waited the next year. If it's all simple and have only had one job all year you can at least start it to see what your return will be. 
  • Often the final figures that go on the W-2 will not match those on the final pay check.  If the IRS catches that difference it can delay your refund for months.

    Filing a tax return before receiving your W-2 form(s) is not only discouraged, it is probably illegal as well.  When you sign your paper return (or e-sign your e-filed return) you are certifying that your return is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge, under penalty of perjury.  If you paper file you must attach the W-2 to the tax return, if you e-file you must have the W-2 in your possession.

    When you e-file you are certifying under penalty of perjury that the W-2 information came from your W-2 form and not from your paycheck stub.

    [Paraphrased from IRS rules]
    Can you file without having received your W-2?  Yes, but ONLY if you have not received it by January 31, AND you have contacted your employer and attempted to obtain it, AND you still have not received it by February 14, AND THEN you contact the IRS (see the link below), THEN if the IRS is not successful in getting your W-2, you can use form 4852 in place of your W-2.
  • ok, I have that form & then I have my w-2's for the new company that I currently work for, will I be able to enter the 4582 information along with my w-2's from my current employer?
  • leanleme - Your previous employer has until the end of January to get the W-2 to you.

    Read the directions for the 4582 form.  You can ONLY file that if the IRS has approved you to do so after you have talked to then but not before February 14.

    Follow the IRS directions here: