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i want to file my taxes with our last pay stub but im not sure how to do it

  • I have my last paystub but have not got my w-2 , so i need to file for my return with my checkstub if i can.
  • Your W-2 should be issued by your employer no later then January 31, 2013.  Please see the answer's below for reasons not to use your pay stub..
  • how do i put fica hi and oasdi
  • You need to enter it from your W2.  Read the answers below.
It is not a good idea to prepare a tax return without the W-2. It is difficult to know what to enter from a pay stub. You must have your company's EIN which is not on the pay stub.  The IRS won't start accepting efiles until around Jan. 22 so there is no advantage to preparing a return so early. You may receive your W-2 by then.
  • they accept returns on jan 10
  • Please provide the source for your statement.  The IRS is NOT accepting returns until Jan 22, and it could be later depending upon Congressional action.
  • See this, where IRS states date in 1/22/2013:
  • Jan 10th is only the date the 1040 is EXPECTED to be finalized for filing. It is NOT the 1st date the IRS currently anticipates taking e-files. That would be Jan 22nd (or later) as Texas Roger mentioned.
  • While you wait for your W-2 you should gather more  information that you will need  such as receipts, bank statements, miles from your car if you use it for business, etc....
  • In reality, the IRS will not be able to process any returns, whether paper or e-filed, until their computers are programed according to the new tax laws that the Senate passed yesterday but must still be passed by the House and signed by the president.  It is still unknown at this time if they will even pass the House. [update] they just did pass the house.

    The IRS commissioner has already said that all previously published dates will go by the wayside if the IRS computers are not ready to accept returns.  Just how long that will take depends on the complexity of the tax law changes and when the laws go into effect.

    I would discourage anyone from transmitting their return to TurboTax before the IRS has started accepting e-filing, whatever that date might be.   Your tax return would just sit on TurboTaxes servers waiting for the IRS to accept them.

    In the mean time, should you discover anything that might need to be changed on your return, you will be unable to do so.  You will not be able to retrieve, change  or cancel your return once it is sent to TurboTax.  

    There is no advantage whatsoever to transmitting your return to TurboTax prior to the date that the IRS starts processing e-filed return, and many disadvantages to doing so.

    Most taxpayers who are W-2 employees will not be able to file before receiving their W-2 form(s) anyway, and that is usually the end of January.
I have always used my last paystub since I began with TurboTax and have had no trouble. If there is an error in any amount that you enter TurboTax will flag it and let you know where the problem is. 
  • TT does not get copies of your w-2, so has no way of knowing if it differs from your paystub, and thus cannot flag it.  The IRS is not accepting returns until Jan 22, perhaps later depending upon Congressional tax law action, so there is no need to rush.
  • they accept returns on jan 10
  • Read the above answers.  The 1040 FORM will be finalized on Jan 10 but the IRS won't start taking efiles until Jan 22 at the earliest.
  • According to the IRS schedule, tax act has for the 2012 tax season, the first day IRS will accept returns is Jan 17th. If you file on Jan. 17th/18th your refund will go direct deposit on January 25 and by mail it is the 27th.
  • No, LADYJOE46, you're reading the 2011 tax season refund cycle chart. The IRS won't even publish one this year.
    Here's what you saw:
  • SOME people are confusing January 10th and January 22nd.  My understanding is that TT won't start accepting returns until 1/10 and even if you file that early, the IRS isn't even LOOKING at them until 1/22!
  • Per the IRS: "Production at Startup on January 22, 2013."
  • @sweetiejean where in that link is it saying Jan 22? I didn't see a date and that was prior to them knowing the house accepted the tax increases ONLY on the people who make excessive incomes.
  • @losaviodavida1:  It's at the end of the first paragraph under "Critical Update Concerning Form 1040 Schema Versions".  And with the "fiscal cliff" fix JUST passing, even THAT date is now in serious doubt; Jan. 22 was assuming we DID go off the cliff.
  • I found the date in that link.  See my answer below for an attachment of it.
  • I used my last paystub before and got my refund. Then igot my w2 and did an amendment later that year and they sent the rest of my return, it was just 100 or so dollars.
  • STILL not a good idea, shmee78.  First of all, amended returns take EXTRA time to process.  Secondly, you were lucky you got more back; many folks who jump the gun actually OWE money, and will likely be assessed additional penalties by the IRS.  (Not to mention it was YOUR silliness that forced me to reopen this now-locked thread!)
I wouldn't recommend this option; however, if you are curious and want to estimate what it would look like, here is what you can do to get close to a figure:

Take your last paystub YTD salary wage total
Subtract the following from it :
The total GTL (group term life) amount, if any
The total 401k amount, if any
The total FSA Health amount, if any
I usually guesstimate any cafe125 amount based on last year's W2
This new total is your federal and state wage amount
The medicare wage amount will be all of the above EXCEPT 401k, same with soc. security wage

This is a good estimate but is not the final
    Not trying to tell you what to do, BUT.....I filed 2 years in a row with my paycheck stub. The first year I had no issues. The second year I was "caught" and had to amend my taxes. I did not receive my refund until JUNE!!!!!  Big mistake that I will never make again. And my taxes are as simple as you can get: I get earned income credit, I do not itemize, don't own property or anything like that. Very cut and dry. This leads me to believe anyone with any filing situation will be caught. So again, I would strongly advise against this, but good luck to you and whatever you may decide.
    • Info on one's W-2 is often different than on the final paycheck stub, due to the tax treatment of certain employee benefits. That's another reason why it's best to wait.
    Tax preparers advertising to file your returns based on a W-2, are not really filing a tax return. They are giving Refund Anticipation Loans (RAL)
    • You mean preparers using a paystub instead of a W-2.
      As others have said, you shouldn't do that. But, you also may NOT do that. It is ILLEGAL to file a tax return without a W-2 or form 4852 (substitute w-2).
       You can't file without an expected W-2 unless:
       1) it's after 15 Feb, 
      2) you can prove you tried to get the W-2, and 
      3) you've called the IRS for help".

      The only way to do it is to lie to TurboTax(TT) and say you got a W-2. Although lying to TT is usually not the same as lying to the IRS; in this case it is. Filling out the W-2 screen in TT tells the IRS you have received a W-2. By the time the IRS starts accepting returns, they may already have your employer's W-2 in their data base. If you make a mistake that causes a computer mismatch, the result will be a delay in your refund, not an earlier one. If the IRS catches a mistake after they get your refund, you risk getting an IRS follow up inquiry. Not only will that be a hassle for you, but it wastes the taxpayer's money. The IRS could be using that time to go after the fat cats.

      If you follow the correct procedure correctly and  file with form 4852, the IRS will reject you because it's too early to file. One of the questions you have to answer on Form 4852 is "Explain your efforts to obtain Form W-2, Form 1099-R, or Form W-2c, Corrected Wage and Tax Statement." The instructions for that box say "Explain what you did to get Form W-2, Form 1099-R, or Form W-2c from your employer or payer." I don't think think you can say "I didn't make any effort to get the W-2. I just wanted to file my return without waiting for the W-2." if you are unable to get a W-2 from an employer, you are supposed to call the IRS before you file Form 4852. They attempt to contact the employer. When you file Form 4852 you are making the following statement, which is printed on the form: "I have been unable to obtain (or have received an incorrect) Form W-2. I have notified the IRS of this fact."

        Filing without a W-2 you should have is NOT the correct IRS procedure. You can use a Form 4852, Substitute W-2, in the following manner:

        "You should always attempt to get Form W-2, Form W-2c, or Form

        1099-R from your employer or payer before contacting the IRS or

        filing Form 4852. If you do not receive the missing or corrected form

        from your employer or payer by February 14, you may call the IRS

        at 1-800-829-1040 for assistance. You must provide your name,

        address (including ZIP code), phone number, social security

        number, and dates of employment, and your employer's or payer's

        name, address (including ZIP code), and phone number. The IRS

        will contact the employer or payer for you and request the missing

        form. The IRS also will send you a Form 4852. If you do not receive

        the missing form in sufficient time to file your income tax return

        timely, you may use the Form 4852 that the IRS sent you."

        • The IRS discourages use of 4852s unless it's April 15.  Too many tax preparers were misusing the 4852 to file from paystubs.
        I can say this I get my forms ready based on my final check of the year and then wait till I get my w-2 to file. This way I can ensure I have everything correctly entered and not get audited or flagged back. I am pretty sure this fiscal cliff stuff won't affect me much as I make less that 35k a year but we will see. 
        The one year I did file based on my check I had to file an ammended return to get  an extra $500.00 refund.
          how do i put on my tax fica-oasdi  and fica-hi
          • FICA-OASDI is Social Security; FICA-HI is Medicare.  Remember, this should be only an estimate; DO NOT FILE till you get your W-2.

          Filing a tax return before receiving your W-2 form(s) is not only discouraged, it is probably illegal as well.  When you sign your paper return (or e-sign your e-filed return) you are certifying that your return is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge, under penalty of perjury.  If you paper file you must attach the W-2 to the tax return, if you e-file you must have the W-2 in your possession.


          When you e-file you are certifying under penalty of perjury that the W-2 information came from your W-2 form and not from your paycheck stub.



          [Paraphrased from IRS rules]

          Can you file without having received your W-2?  Yes, but ONLY if you have not received it by January 31, AND you have contacted your employer and attempted to obtain it, AND you still have not received it by February 14, AND THEN you contact the IRS (see the link below), THEN if the IRS is not successful in getting your W-2, you can use form 4852 in place of your W-2.


          Also see this:


          In addition, the IRS will not be receiving e-filed returns until January 22 at the earliest (maybe later depending on what Congress does).


          There is no advantage whatsoever to transmitting your return to TurboTax prior to the date that the IRS starts processing e-filed return, and many disadvantages to doing so.

            Looks like IRS efiling starts on Jan 22.  See this attatched IRS article from this link
            • But that was BEFORE the "fiscal cliff" fix; the 22nd was if we DID go off the cliff.  Now that Congress' bungee cord has pulled us back, it may take EVEN LONGER for the IRS to launch e-filing.
            H and r block you can file on 01/04/2013
            • Maybe you can SUBMIT a return at H&R but the IRS won't take it until Jan 22 at the earliest.  It will just sit on H&R until then.  I think you can even submit a 1040EZ return on Turbo Tax on Jan 3.
            • Alos, the various 1040 forms won't be ready (as of now) until January 10.