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      pantherfan16:  If you are filing a simple tax return (1040 EZ for example but nothing has been set yet so that can change by the Congress & IRS) then you would not have to wait until mid to late Feb to file your return due to Congress late decisions

        You can submit your efile to Turbo Tax starting on Jan 2, 2013. BUT Turbo Tax will just hold them until the IRS opens efiling on Jan 22. After you submit your efile to Turbo Tax you can NOT get it back to change anything.

        The 1st day the IRS will open & begin accepting & processing 2012 e-filed tax returns in 2013 is Jan 22, 2013 @ 9 A.M. Eastern time.  

        You may be able to complete your return with some e-file companies prior to that date, but they will have to hold it until the above date, as the IRS will not start processing stockpiled returns until the morning of January 22. 
          It is usually in mid-January, but the IRS has not yet announced a date. The exact date will depend on what  Congress does to the tax laws in what remains of December.
          • From what I've been able to tell, you can start as early as January 3rd, 2013...provided you have all the information from your employer(s), bank(s), and school(s), as well as any other pertinent information you need to attach.
          • last year they took the return early however, turbotax couldn't actually start sending it for processing till Jan 17th and then it takes 2 weeks for you to get your money
          • Please read the answers below.
          • Last year was a mess, turbo tax and IRS had issues with refunds etc....  The time delay was almost a month for everyone!!
          • Hopefully, it won't be as bad this year, although the IRS has again ramped up its fraud prevention program.
          • I had no issue. Submitted my taxes and got them when I was suppose to.
          • Are you talking about your 2011 tax return?  You can not even submit 2012 yet.  Not until early Jan 2013.
          • It's showing for me January 10th all the proper forms will be available !!!! I live in the state of Pennsylvania, and have already started my return preperation and last year I received my tax return back the first week of February!!!! No problems

          Please wait until you have all of your W-2's and 1099's before filing.


            That is a very valid point. I remember last year, waiting until February 3rd before I received my 1099-T from my school, and then having to file an amended return. That was extremely annoying and confusing! It was my first year in school though and I had no idea that I could write it off since I hadn't made a single payment towards my student loans yet.

            Will definitely be waiting til I receive everything I need this year!
            Doees that include those that file a 1040EZ form? 
              when can i efile my taxes