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TurboTax 2012 - Error Code 65535 on Install -- and I think I tried everything

Windows XP
Logged in with Admin priviliges.
Anitvirus disabled.
Alll XP updates installed.
Any ideas??? This is very frustrating.
If installing the newer version of MSIExec does not work you might want to contact TurboTax suppot (this is a user to user forum), they may have more information to help you.    You can contact TurboTax support at the following website: type contact us in the Ask a question box, click Go, there should be an option for Online Chat or Call Us ( Open 8:00 am - 5:00pm Pacific (Monday thru Friday)
  • Thanks.... I appreciate your help. I was planning to do that anyway, but was wondering if I missed something obvious. Thanks again.
Sorry you had to go through so much to get the software installed but I am glad it worked for you, I have found that even if you are logged in as Administrator you still have to grant full permission to some keys.
    how to correct a mistake
      I to had Error Code 65535 on Install, and I spent several hours trying to install TT 12.  Nothing worked.   I later noted that when i used Win. task manager to end the installation, I got a note indicating that the installer was waiting for for me to start installation.  I then recalled that Norton Ghost attempts to do an incremental back up prior to a program installation, and  that the installer was probabily waiting for Norton Ghost to tell it to start.  I began the installation again, but each time NG popped up (three or four times) asking to proceed with the incremental backup I prevented it from starting by clicking on the pop-up.  Installation was finally SUCCESSFUL!! 
        I found that TTAX 2012 would give that error code and also fail to completely uninstall.
        After reading web  comments I entered registry and found that the TTAX 2012 uninstaller was left behind. I also noted that even though I was administrator I could not access the uninstaller registry entry. I changed permissions for that entry to full control and left the uninstall entry in the registry with the modified permissions. I also changed permissions to full control on an earlier edition of TTAX. Then, I was able to install TTAX successfully. 
          Error Code 65535: "Unexpected error (it states for a different year but it may help you)

          Also, Do you have Windows XP (32-bit) Home/Pro with Service Pack 3 or higher

          System Requirements

          • Thanks for getting back so quickly. Yes, I tried everything in the first link (not including the NET utility tool, but I did reinstall NET4 from the file on the turbotax CD. Yes, I've got XP home with SP3 and all updates. I'm currently installing the newer version of MSIExec, but if you think I should go in a different direction, I'm game.....
          • Actually, the NET4 from the turbotax CD didn't reinstall, but rather offered repair which I did.
          OK.... I think I got it. I tried installing the newer version of Microsoft Installer and that didn't work.
          One of the Intuit suggestions was to uninstall TurboTax 2009. I did that, but it remained in my Add/Remove Programs ... so .... I got somewhat diverted to solve that problem.... and I think I resolved this problem as well.
          I looked online and found this solution to the uninstall problem:

          OK I tried to uninstall 2009  there (right-click / delete)....and it didn't work !
          If I right-click / showed 'special permissions'. Even though I am logged on as a User with Admin Priv., I didn't have permission to delete the key. So.... I changed permissions there so I did.... and I could delete it.
          Just for kicks, I looked at the key for TurboTax 2012.... which was there... because I'd tried to install it before (multiple times).
          I changed those permissions to allow my Admin Priv user to have full control, tried to reinstall again.... and IT WORKED !!!

          I know that's convoluted.... believe me .... I wish I hadn't had to go through it.
          My only conclusion is: TurboTax says the user has to have Admin Priv to install, but I believe the ONLY User with Admin Priv that can install has to be the one named Administrator. I could be wrong on my conclusion, but... these are the steps that worked for me.

          • Attempted this approach several times and it did not work. Wondering where you found the key for TurboTax 2012. Though Turbo Tax icon appears on my desktop it fails upon starting, indicates that  I should uninstall the software and the software will not allow me to do so..