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how long does a refund check take after mailed?

we were mailed a refund check on nov. 26, 2010.  Its been a week and havent got it yet.  is it normal to take so long?  We are in Florida.
    I wouldn't work for another week - especially as there is nothing that you can do now.
      It shouldn't, but I've seen often that when a company says it "mailed" a check, what it really means is it set up the check to be mailed.  If this is an IRS check, you might check with them.   The main number for IRS contacts is (800) 829-1040.  See,,id=96730,00.html for additional contact information.
      • we called the where's my refund hotline but untill its been in the mail for 28 days they wont tell us anything.  
        so should we be worried that its been a week already?

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