why won't turbo tax print?

I bought the over the counter disk at wall mart. I click print & nothing happens
    I had the same exact problem.  Mine wouldn't print either.  So...when I clicked on print, instead of choosing the print button, I chose the preview option and printed from the preview (clicked on the printer icon at the top)  with no problem.

      It looks like it's related to the Microsoft Windows Update that occurred Tuesday.  TT has put up a help article on it.  You can sign up there for email notifications.

      The help article says "Windows 7", but I have seen reports on Vista and XP as well, so that may be revised later.

      • I failed to note in my earlier comment that I am using XP Pro, and it is up-to-date on Microsoft patches. I see there has been an update saying TT knows of an issue with Windows 7 and that there may have been reports of the problem occurring with XP and/or Vista. I can verify the problem does occur with XP, and I did apply patches a few days ago.

      BeSkeptical is correct.  There is a current issue going on with the desktop product and printing, possibly related to Tuesday's Microsoft Windows Update.

      There have been many reports of printer problems with the desktop product in the last 24-48 hours. Microsoft had its monthly Windows Update a couple days ago. I don't know if that is the culprit or not. The cause is not yet known. It's been reported to TT and will be investigated.

      Here's a workaround that you can try in the meantime:

      Click in the right upper corner on the Print Center icon. If the dialog box opens showing the various forms options, are you able to use the PREVIEW button to display a .PDF of your return? You can select groups of forms such as "All official forms required for filing", or you can select a single form to display in the .PDF. You will hopefully be able to print from that .PDF

      Here's another method of printing that doesn't use the Print Center.. Try saving the file directly to a .PDF on your computer, then opening your .PDF outside the TT program and printing from the .PDF.
      In the left upper corner, click on FILE, then in the dropdown, choose "Save to PDF". A dialog box will open with various options for forms you can select to include in the .PDF such as "All official forms required for filing" or "All forms and worksheets", or a single form, etc.

      NOTE: Remember the saved .PDF is also a very sensitive file, containing your personal info and financial info, and must be guarded and archived properly to keep it secure from ID theft, computer hacking, etc.
      • I ran into the same problem trying to print today, but this is the 1st time I have had the problem using TT 2011. I did have some Microsoft updates applied a couple of days ago, and today is the first day I have tried to print in TT since those updates applied. Other products I have tried seem to print with no hesitation or problem, so TT is the only one I know of having the problem. I have been able to print using the print function within Print Preview.
      yes - turbo tax desktop is severely broken. It does not print. The only way to print is to PREVIEW your tax forms from the print option, then print from the PDF file.

      Not sure why TurboTax would let this known problem go on for this long. If they use their normal process it will take them a year to admit they have a problem, then a year to fix it, so we should expect to be able to print again for our 2015 taxes.
        Steve0505 is right. Printing by first selecting print preview, which creates a PDF, does work fine, but just selecting the print command does not send anything to the printer.
        Are you at the "Print & File" section (tab) of the program or using the print command from the File drop down menu at the top main menu?
        • I used print & file the tax return appeares to be in the printer queue but won't print
        • Clear it from the printer queue, reboot your PC, and try again.  It's possible you have a memory issue. Try printing a few pages at a time.
        • Ok i'm getting desparate. I've not wanted to shut down for fear that I would loose what I have done with Turbo Tax, but I'm not getting any where this way.. The printer worked fine before I installed Turbo Tax.
        If you are (were) using a desktop version of TT you have a saved file on your computer, and in addition you could save another copy as a PDF type file. Since you have the saved file, you can shut down and reboot the computer without fear of losing what you've done so far.
          I know for a fact that the desktop version of TurboTax does print because I have it and I have printed the forms.
          Indeed I have. I installed the latest updates yesterday and I just now printed a form. I am running WIN 7 x 64, on 4 machines.
          • I do lots of tax returns on TT and have had no problems printing until today.  So it DID work, now it doesn't.  So if you printed yours already, good for you.  If you haven't, just view it, then print it.  And hopefully TT will work this thing problem out soon.
          I have the same problem.  Selected print, changed printer to 2-sided, hit print button and nothing was added to the print que.

          So, to solve I did a print preview, which creates a PDF file and is presented on the screen.  This prints fine.

            I'm hearing news that the updates are being released even as I type.  So check your updater, and hopefully the printing issue will be fixed.
            • I think TT finally fixed problem!! Kinda late, huh?
            • Congratulations.  I was lucky I didn't do the Microsoft Window Update this week.
            • The printing problem IS NOT fixed!  My Windows 7 (64 bit) updates automatically and so I was once able to print and then not, not knowing that Windows was the problem until now.  I had someone come over who suggested using the "preview" first and printing from that but by that point, half a day was wasted in trying to correct the printing issue.  It was an IMMENSE waste of time and when I tried to print today, I still have to print via "Preview" and this is ridiculous.  But then, when I tried purchasing TT....................HAH what issues there were with that!!  Intuit's website wouldn't even let me purchase TT, online or over the phone - I should have known then there'd be problems, just not at the filing deadline time.

              HUGELY DISAPPOINTED - from start @ purchase and now, this company can't handle a Windows update?  Unacceptable.  I've been using TT for several years now, generally alright but this year?  WORST.
            • Crcbonjour:

              While it appears to be fixed for the majority of folks, it's possible that it isn't for everyone, especially depending on different system hardware, platforms, etc.

              Microsoft acknowledges that there is a printing issue with their recent Windows Update, in the notes of their security bulletin, KB 2671605.  Specifically it was the update for the .NET framework.

              Microsoft reports:

              "We are currently aware of an issue with printing from a Windows Forms application. After the installation of these security updates, certain Windows Forms applications may not print, or may not honor specified printer settings when they do print. There is no impact on systems that do not use printing functionality from a .NET Framework Windows Forms application. The investigation into this issue is ongoing."

              Microsoft goes on to give their workaround, which is essentially the same workaround given early on by TurboTax to this issue.

              "To print from an affected Windows Forms application, print the content to a file on your computer instead of directly printing to a printer device. For example, print to a PDF, XPS, or any other supported format file. You can then open the file that you created and print directly from there."  

              Here's the security bulletin:

            Printing in the desktop version of TurboTax does work.  However, you might have a printing problem that is specific to your computer setup. When you try to print you will see a box at the top of the page that identifies the printer being used. Is this the correct printer? You will also see where you can adjust the Properties of the printer. Be sure that the settings are correct.
            • NO, the desktop version of TurboTax Deluxe does NOT know how to print.  This is a well-known problem, discussed in several different threads.  The apparent workaround is to save your tax return as a PDF.  Then use Adobe Reader to open the PDF and print it.
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