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What if you did not receive a 1099G. I got a refund from the state last year - should I just take the amount from my last years return?

    Your refund is taxable only if you itemized your personal deductions last year.  If you used the SDM, the refund does not need to be reported.  If you determine that the refund does need to be reported, then take the number from your tax return copy since you did not receive a 1099G.  SDM means Standard Deduction Method.  Now , if you itemized and got a refund back from the state, the refund may be fully taxable or partially taxable. To determine how much is taxable, subtract the SDM allowance from the amount that is itemized.  If the difference is greater than your state refund, then it is fully taxable.  If the difference is less than the state refund, then use  the difference as your taxable state refund amount and list it as your entry for state tax refund for 2009. The Standard Deduction Amount for 2008 is:  Single $5450, Married filing jointly $10900, Married fiing separately $5450, and head of household is $8000.
    • Wait a minute.  You say it does not need to be reported but then say the answer is yes he does need to take the amount from last year's return?
    • Help what does SDM mean. I'm trying to figuare out the 1099-G also.
    • I itemized deductions last year and received a refund.  However, I do not have any record  of having received the 1099G.  Should I take the refund numbers from my 1040 form?  Or do I only need to submit these numbers if I received a 1099G?
    • What is an SDM?  Would we only receive a 1099-G if our state refund was over a certain amount?  Do we take the amount from last year's return or not??
    • The Standard Deduction Method ia a fixed amount of money that the IRS allows as non-taxable income.  Or you can itemize your personal deductions such a medical expense, home mortgage, charity, etc.  If the itemized amount is greater than the SDM allowance, then TurboTax will use the itemized amount as your deduction.  If the SDM allowance is greater than the itemized amount, then TurboTax uses theSDM allowance as your deduction.
    • Yes, you need to report it regardless of whether you got a 1099G.  The absence of a 1099G form doesn't circumvent the tax law.
    I live in New York and was able to go onto their website and print out my 1099-G by providing my SS#, last name and zip code.  In fact, on the website NYS states that they no longer mail hard copies of the 1099-G!  Maybe your state has the same feature on their website
    • I did not get a form 1099G and I did not itemize  last year.  Why can I not e file?
    • Please clarify "best answer." - to determine taxable amount, subtract SDM allowance (which tax return--2008 or 2009?  Fed or State?) from the amount itemized (again, what year return?).  Do we take 2009 Fed SDM allowance and subtract the itemized deductions from our 2008 Fed return to get the difference?  Where do I find the dollar value of my SD to use when calculating the difference?
    • All of your information comes from your 2008 tax return.  The Standard Deduction Amount for 2008 is $10900 for married couple  or qualifying widow.  Filing single $5450. Head of Household $8000, and married filing separately is $5450. (this information can be found by goggling "standard deduction amount 2008 income tax retrun".
    Do I need to pursue obtaining a 1099 G from the state or just go ahead and file without it?
    • No, It is not necessary for you to pursue  obtaining a 1099G.  Go ahead and file your return.  You do not attach a 1099 to your tax return anyway.
    I have an add on question, I live in PA, but work in NY. I have not received a 1099-G.  I had to pay taxes in PA but received a refund for NY.  Would I receive a 1099-G for NY even though its not the state I live in?  Does this only apply to State or local refunds?  I received a federal refund for 2008 that I received in 4/09, will I need to show this as income somewhere?  Thank you.
      What if you did not receive a 1099G. I got a refund from the state last year - should I just take the amount from my last years return?
      • I can not find last years tax return paperwork
      • I live in NJ and they no longer send out the 1099 G.  We received a state refund so I went to site and printed out the form.