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windows 8 pro 64bit installation problem

Is there an update for installing turbo tax 2011 home and business edition? For some reason, I can't install Turbotax on my Windows 8 pro 64-bit system. Thanks in advance.
    Hi tqnth2011,

    Installing TurboTax 2011 on to a Windows 8 system should work just fine. I know we provided a warning at the beginning of the installation process that said Windows 8 was not support, but that was done because at the time of releasing TurboTax 2011 Windows 8 wasn't fully available to all consumers. Since Windows 8 has now been out in circulation for a while, we have tested our 2011 TurboTax products for compatibility with Windows 8, but have chosen to not update our installer to remove the messaging.

    At this point, you can run the installer for TurboTax 2011 and when prompted with the warning you can press the Yes button to continue the installation.

    Please let me know if you have any problems

    • I just got turbo tax from Costco and it is not installing on my windows 8 machine. In fact the machine wont even recognize the disk. I am able to install other programs from CD. My wife's machine is able to read the turbotax CD with windows 7.
    • HI Dont_Spam_Me,

      That behavior is strange, if it is at all possible, please contact me at and add "TurboTaxChristian" on the subject.
      So that we can investigate what is happening.

    The 2011 desktop software was not developed for Windows 8, you might want to try the option to to run programs made for a previous version of Windows (Program Compatiblitiy), that might work.  2011 System Requirements

    For more information & help you can contact TurboTax support at the following website: type contact us in the Ask a question box, click Go, there should be an option for Online Chat or Call Us
      2011 and updates went smoothly for me on windows 8.  If needed, will 2010 or 2009 install as well?

        • Having the same problem; was this solved?
        • Took it back to Costco and got a new disk and it worked. Not my machine at all.
        • Having a similar issue with Windows 8 and the 2012 edition of TT -  appears to load and then hangs up in the updating software process.  It's been "checking for solution" for 30 minutes.