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How do I get 50% off?

My Turbo Tax advantage documentation says I can get 50% off of  Quicken Edition. I have no idea how to do that. I can't find a link - I can't contact customer support, what gives?
    TurboTax Advantage members will receive e-mail notification when their Quicken Special offer is available and ready for download.

    You can choose your Quicken product and download your order directly from your TurboTax Advantage account. Sign in to your TurboTax Advantage account at and click on the Quicken offer box in the top right hand corner of your personalized site. You can choose to download either Quicken Starter Edition or purchase a more powerful Quicken product download and save 50%. Your choice! And thanks for being a loyal TurboTax Advantage customer.

    Copied directly from offer……..
    Once your TurboTax Advantage order has successfully processed, we will notify you via email that you are eligible to select your Quicken Product. You will need to redeem your special offer through your TurboTax Advantage Website at by the date specified. Good for one Free Quicken Starter Edition or 50% off one Quicken product: Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, Quicken Home and Business, Quicken Rental Property Manager, or Quicken for Mac. Download only. Limit one per member. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

    If you're having trouble You can contact Customer Service here during regular weekday hours…..
    • What is vfrustrating is it seems the combined Turbo tax Quicken price is usually cheaper at Staples or the big box stores.  Intuit should price protect their loyal customers.
    • Will the email notification come seperate from the order confirmation?
    • What is even more frustrating is that even after I got an order confirmation email, I still cannot find any link to get that 50% off Quicken Edition.  There is really something wrong with the integration of  Intuit's promotions.
    • I'm having the same problem and this 50% is main reason I stay with advantage. Are we being Scammed?? The link described above takes you to a page that's not working!! Customer Care is also not available!!
    Did you read the answer above telling you that you will receive an e-mail when your Quicken product is ready fro download?  Customer Service is available from 8 am to 5 pm Pacific time, M-F.  Please try again
    • I am having trouble getting the link for the 50% off Quicken discount as well... Have tried IE and Firefox. Same result with each. It just keeps asking to update credit card information and returns back to seeing Just for Your - learn more page I started with.
    • If one email will be sent out to every subscriber, when?  How much longer do we have to wait?  And, how much time do we have to take advantage of this 50% off promotion before it expires?  Your faithful subscribers like us are losing patience. Occupy Intuit!
    • I got my email and downloaded Turbotax today, but no sign of where to get the Quicken 50% off download. Every page I visit mentions the offer, but it does not seem to be available.
    • Same here.  It really seems like we are getting the electronic runnaround here.  Is this a scam?  I find that hard to believe from Intuit.  Has anyone successfully received the 50% off?

      Additionally, when I log in to thier site it says that my card is about to expire (September of 2012).  What gives Intuit?
    • I never received an email with a redemption link (despite receiving several emails and one physical mail notification letting me know that my Turbo Tax download was ready, and promoting the 50% offer) but the link in the answer above worked for me.  I think maybe you have to already be logged in, and have to have already downloaded Turbo Tax.  Maybe I'll receive an email with the link later on, but just wanted to let everybody know that it does indeed work, at least some of the time.
    • I received the email as well and get no response when I click on the Quicken box in the upper right.  It tells that I can get it and won't allow me to get it?  What's the deal?  Had the same issue last year.
    • Hi janet.peterson:  You're posting on a 2 year-old post.  I'm going to close this post after answering, so if this doesn't help, please post your question as a new question.  That way your question will be at the top of the list and someone else may have a better answer.  :)  I saw an answer earlier today (I believe) that mentioned a specific time frame in which this offer would be available.  Please read the offer carefully and make sure you have signed into your TT Advantage account.  If I understand correctly, the discount on the Quicken product is offered along with TT Advantage renewal.  So you may have to choose to renew before you can access the discount. Please also note that it applies to the Windows download only.  See this link:;jsessionid=OZ8fx62MOHIw2Bz8AaMUNQ**.p53-4?_requestid=16924

      Hope this helps, but if it doesn't, please post a new question.  Thanks so much!

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