0239 - Form 2441 - Dependent care issue

0239 - Form 2441 - If Street Address 1 or Street Address 2 equals "SEE W-2", then SSN/EIN 1, SSN/EIN Type 1, Amount Paid 1 , SSN/EIN 2, SSN/EIN Type 2, and Amount Paid 2 must be blank.

I only put $$ into a dependent care account but TT sees it as me having daycare in the office, which I do not.  How do I fix it?
  • Return was rejected with the same code. I had put money into a dependent care FSA and there is no daycare in the office.
  • Just sat on the phone with Turbo Tax Support for over 1 hour & 40 minutes and they still can't figure it out.  They will get back to me when they figure it out.
I too had the same issue....I was using the Turbo Tax ONLINE version..and there is no way to edit FORMS,  the only way I got it to work was to DELETE my W2 and then manually enter the W2 ,,, this way it does not  set a default employer as a care provider  when box 10 has an amount.

Once you enter W2 it will ask if yr employer provided day care @ workplace ..you can select 'No' if not the case and then you should be fine.
    After you're don entering the W-2, you have to go through the interview to answer the followup questions.  If you imported, edit the imported W=2 and when you're Done looking at the form, Continue to answer the questoons
    • ok. so my wife did recieve child care at one employer then we had to pay for it at the other two employers that she had this year. So they rejected it just makes me mad
    • Thanks for help with 0239 Form 2441 error. I'm filing last minute and interesting that TT did not fix this bug.
    • Thank you BarryD. we got this note today and going to w2 and answering No to company provided daycare and yes to FSA did it. Federal accept
    • I had the same error using the online version.  I read through dozens of discussions on the community forum:
      - deleted and re-entered all my W2 information and correctly answered the following interview questions
      - deleted and re-entered all my Dependent Care information

      Regardless of what I do, TurboTax keeps adding my wife's employer to the list of Child Care Providers on Form 2441 with "See W-2" in the Address field.  What's strange is when I e-filed and printed a copy for my records, my wife's employer is incorrectly listed as a provider, but when I print the form for filling by mail, it's not there, the form is correct.

      I've been using TurboTax for ~10 years now, and their online version for the last several years.  And we've had dependent care expenses for at least the last 5 years and never had a problem.  Comparing my 2010 TurboTax form with this years, it's clearly a bug in the software.  TurboTax needs to improve the regression testing of their software!  This has been an incredibly frustrating and time consuming issue.  I'm going to use a different tax software/service next year!
    go to child and depandent care section to make sure 2011 total amounts is  less or equal 6,000.
    If you have any questions, you can read form 2441 instructions. I believe this is a TurboTax bug and they should fix it pretty soon.
      I called the irs and they said use another tax program and that turbo tax has an apparent glitch. turbo tax program cannot be used by people who are using overseas info on supporting tax documents.
      • I called both Turbo Tax and the IRS and they agreed with me that my DOMESTIC employer provided ONLY a dependent  care account with NO provided daycare onsite or elsewhere.  On my own, I check what Turbo Tax IMPORTED on to my W-2, and I figured out that not only did it import the $$$ on my W-2 for my FSA, it also checked the box that it was onsite and it never asked or told me to accept or reject that comment.  

        As soon as I went and changed the yes to a no for employer provided daycare, it made enough sense to resubmit my rejected tax returns.  Viola, they were then accepted.
      • I received the error.  TurboTax incorrectly checked "yes" to onside daycare benefits. I did what BarryD did ...on my W2 Part IV # 5 manually un-check the box on my W2 for "Provided on sight Benefits" to "No"
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