how do i go back to free edition

I upgraded to basic and didnt need it how do i go back to free edition
What if I didn't realize I had upgraded to a higher TurboTax version?

If you upgraded accidentally or did not realize you were using a higher TurboTax version and want to downgrade to a lower level product, contact one of our Support Agents to apply for a downgrade:

    Go to the TurboTax Support Contact page.
    Select Buying / Billing / Account > My Account and Downloads.
    Scroll down to the section Looking for additional help?
    Choose Online Chat or Call Us (don't select "Live Community", as our Moderators do not have access to your account information).
    Once you connect, tell the agent you would like to apply for a downgrade.

The Agent will ask you a few questions and briefly review your account. Within minutes, the Agent will either issue a one-time downgrade code (if approved) or explain why your request was declined.
  • It was a waste of time calling to get a downgrade code.  You will need to delete information. I was told to create a new account. (they had no knowledge about a downgrade code. Told me to log out and create a new account after a lengthy phone conversation.)  Have a great day!!
Sorry you can't downgrade.  To go back to a lower version or the Free Edition you have to abandon this account and start over with a new account and user name and re-enter all your info.  And you won't be able to transfer from last year.
  • Thanks, Looks like I will be starting over!!!!
  • I thik this service has been tweeked to frustrate clients into paying at least the $19.99 PLUS TAX!  Time for another online service that IS free!!!
  • This answer is not true. I have used the same account for several years and was able to use the Freedom Edition this year as well. Please follow instructions under PM29 below on how to use your current account and Freedom Edition. You do not have to create a new account.
  • PM29:
    Be sure you are not confusing the FREEDOM Edition with the Federal Free Edition.  They are 2 different free products.   This question was about the Federal Free Edition.    Your post from last year  is about the FREEDOM Edition.    This year's FREEDOM Edition didn't even open until today.
There is a method to downgrade, for instance from Online Deluxe to Online Basic, by talking to a support agent for a downgrade code.  (see chevytruckdood's answer above).   Here's the link to support, then follow the directions given above in chevytruckdood's post:

However, if someone wants to downgrade to a Free edition, that's when one has to start a new account.  However, if one elects to start a new account, he/she can no longer transfer a 2010 tax file into it, since the ID will be different.

You can chat/phone again and if the agent is not aware of the mechanics of downgrade, ask to speak to a supervisor.   If you want to downgrade to Free edition, however, that is when they will likely tell you to start a new account.  Were you trying to downgrade to Free, or from your Online Deluxe to Online Basic?
  • this is the biggest scam from turbo tax, they tell you, you can make it easier by upgrading and when you upgrad half the time what they said makes it easier they cant provide. then you have to delete all your info make a new account and start all over because they wont let you downgrade back to the option you initally wanted. Just a  b.s. way for turbo tax to screw over there customers and try to maximize profits. This is the last year im using turbo tax they are a (comment deleted) and make my verry simple tax return become a pain in the (profanity removed).
  • I "can't" make a new account.  I can't even access this acct except through a link through my bank.  I also cannot find information on how to sign straight into the acct.  And of course, no help from support.  I do have a seperate acct that I used before this one was made available.  Guess I'll have to go through it to get what I need.
  • Went to the free version and still was charged at the end, because of the 11 am dead line had no other choice but to pay, even though I clicked on the free version. And of course my fees are for the deluxe version so I can be blamed and they won't have to be held accountable for charging me for a free service
  • Is it not free because i used the free version last year? Do you only get one free file per account? It never mentioned a fee till i got to the end.
  • annoyed201,
    your question shows you are using the online Basic version not the Free version.   Either you started out in Basic or upgraded somehow when prompted.

    With Basic you can prepare and file 1 federal return for 19.95 per account.  State is extra 36.95..

    If you elect to have the fees deducted from your federal refund, there is a 29.95 refund transfer fee charged by University National Bank of St. Paul.    The way to avoid that is to pay with credit card, debit card, or a prepaid debit card/moneycard like those sold at WalMart, grocery and drug stores, etc.
  • I'll be leaving TurboTax and switching to H&R Block due to this garbage. Can't downgrade to free edition after I touched deluxe? thanks.
  • I am really upset with this new upgrade BS.  I already efiled my taxes with Turbo Tax and I could have use the basic package and would have enter all my info from the begining but oh well.  I think they shold allow us to use our information that they store and carried it over until the following year.  I have always used Turbo Tax but I think that was a scam.  If they wanted to charge a price for housing info left from a prior year thats all they had to say.
  • I had the basic last year and was stuck paying extra and since I upgraded I now have to start a new account and lose access and the ability to transfer MY information into this year for free or pay the fee.  This is a huge scam and I have since made the switch to H & R Block, which gave me the exact same full refund amount and using their free edition, which shows that the upgrade was a total WASTE OF MONEY!
  • The purpose of an upgrade is not to get a higher refund.  The calculation should be the same on any level.  The free version doesn't prepare some of the schedules that the higher versions do, and the higher versions offer more tools and guidance in certain areas.
  • I did my 2 kids taxes 1 went thru with schedule c the other said i had to upgrade and pay. GOOD BYE TURBO TAX HELLO H&R BLOCK.
  • exactly.  really silly
If you want to go back to a lower version or the Free Edition you can contact customer service and ask for a downgrade code. You can contact Customer Service here 5am - 9pm Pacific time..…


Or if you don't care about transferring from last year you can just abandon this account and start over in the Free Edition with a new account and user name here…

Or there is the Tax Freedom Edition, which is a separate free product from the regular Free Edition. The Turbo Tax Freedom website is free for federal AND free in 22 states. In order to use the Tax Freedom Edition, you have to start it at a special website:
  • Same here.  Accidentally chose basic and no going back.  H&R Block here I come.  Turbo Tax blew it.
  • Does anyone have the support phone number?  The live support link conveniently isn't working
  • cris897:

    I just tested it and it's working.  You may not have followed all the steps to get to the Chat or Phone interfaces.  Read the following carefully.

    This is how you talk to Customer Service in Chat or Phone.
    There are at least 4 departments, depending on the type of question you have--billing, software, tax issue, etc.

    Here's how you get routed to the correct one to speak to a representative by Phone or Chat.
    Read all the steps before going to the link at the end of this message.

    You will first arrive at a page that says CONTACT US.

    You MUST choose a topic on the LEFT (choose one close to your problem), then a topic on the RIGHT to get the page to expand and make the contact boxes appear. That routes you to the correct support department. If you don't choose something in both columns, the contact boxes lower in the page will not appear.

    In your case, I would choose BUYING/BILLING/ACCOUNT on the left, and QUESTION ABOUT CHARGES on the right.

    You can disregard the help articles. Those steps above were just to get the page to expand and route you to the right support department.

    By then the page will have expanded. SCROLL DOWN a little past the yellow notice of the IRS Delay.

    You will now see contact boxes for CALL US or CHAT, with expected wait times.

    Support hours: 5 AM - 9 PM PST, 7 days a week.
Tax My Dad, the Basic edition can figure a Schedule C.    The Basic version is 19.95.   The regular Free edition can NOT handle a Schedule C.

There is another choice for you, if desired.  TurboTax has another free product that CAN handle a Schedule C, called the TurboTax Freedom Edition.   

Only ONE of these qualifications is required::

1) the AGI is less than $31,000
2) active duty military with AGI less than $57,000 with a military W-2 (also National Guard and Reservists)
3) eligible for the EIC (earned income tax credit).

You can read more about the product at:

It includes free Federal preparation and free efiling.
It includes free State preparation and efiling in 22 states. If your state does not participate in the Free File Alliance, then your cost would be $14.95 for that state.
The website above will show you the 22 states that are free.

The TurboTax Freedom Edition can prepare most forms. At the website there is a link that will show you what all it can prepare.

The disadvantage of the TurboTax Freedom Edition is that it cannot transfer in any 2010 tax data from a prior year return, and in 2012 will not be able to transfer your 2011 tax data into it. But it's a good deal for low-income taxpayers with relatively straightforward returns.

I hope this helps. Good luck!
  • This sucks. it says free and when you get to the end there is a charge.
  • I would make this your last year using turbotax. I know i will not be using it again. Like some i used the free addition last year and the year before, we do file a schedule C and never had a problem, but not this year. Also dont ask for a refund, if you use the online version YOU DONT GET A REFUND OF FEES, because they say some one is still filling it out.
  • Buyer beware!! You can't go back to free easily!!
    I don't plan to sue Turbo Tax again and will be sure to tell my fellow workers to be ware.
If you qualify based on the following:
1) the AGI is less than $31,000
2) active duty military with AGI less than $57,000 with a military W-2 (also National Guard and Reservists)
3) eligible for the EIC (earned income tax credit).

You can go to > choose TurboTax > log in using your existing username and password > you will be given the option to continue with the Basic Version and keep your existing information OR lose existing information and continue with Freedom Edition

You will just have to enter all personal info, it will not be transferred from last year.
  • I was charged 68.70 for Federal and state and still can't figure out why
  • KBair, it shows you are using Online Deluxe.

    Charges in TT Online Deluxe are:

    Federal preparation and efiling:  29.95
    State preparation and efiling:  36.95

    That would be 66.90 plus some sales tax, most likely.

    An OPTIONAL fee of 29.95 is charged by University National Bank if people choose to have their TT fees deducted from their Federal refund.   That fee can be avoided by
    1) not choosing it, and
    2) paying upfront with a credit card, debit card, or prepaid debit card/"moneycard" that can be purchased at many retail stores.

    To view your TT fees at any time, click on the TOOLS icon in the right upper corner. In the popup, choose "My TurboTax Fees".

    You may want to use that Tool to confirm your charges.  But I suspect you are being charged 66.90 plus tax.
  • I've been using Turbo Tax for the past 4 years, and found it very easy when I was single.  I liked that your information was carried over each year!  However...I was married, and have a step daughter, and find it is impossible to proceed as before.  After I filled out everything in Basic and got to the end, and saw a fee, I phoned and was given a downgrade code because I assumed it would be FREE as in previous years.  When I clicked to enter the code, it just kept "processing...", but never got to the end where I was to enter the code.  I then used "Chat", and was told to pay, and then contact Turbo Tax for a refund.  So I did, but then it would not allow me to file electronically since my wife did not file in 2010, and could not get a PIN, even though 0 was entered by Turbo Tax in the AGI area of the form!
    SO I thought I'd start over, and file as an individual, but it would not allow me to CLEAR ALL THE INFORMATION...get this...BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY PAID!!???
    Right now, I cannot file electronically, I cannot start over, and I cannot get a refund!  If this is what a customer gets after using Turbo Tax for four years and then getting married...this will be my last time.  H&R Block has a free version I see.
  • Complete Bullshit... I upgraded to Home&Business by mistake and it won't let me downgrade to Deluxe or Free version. Good By TurboTax...

TurboTax has 2 different free versions.  The more advance one is known as TurboTax Freedom Edition.  It does have the ability to prepare a Schedule C.   The regular Free Edition does not.

Turbotax Freedom Edition is accessed at another website.  You have to mee ONE Of the 3 qualifications to use it.

It also includes free state prep and eflining in 22 states.  In the other states it will cost $14.95 to prepare and free efile.

Also read the information in my previous answer above.
    TT "Free" cost me $39, with only $2500 total income for 2 people in 2012.

    The joos really got the dumb goy where they want em, with a non-existant income tax offshored to the private foreign "Federal" Reserve Bank owned by the queen of England that counterfeits all so-called "US dollars" out of thin air, then bill the fed govt $1-billion/day interest. Sukkas!
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