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When will I recieve my tax refund

How long does it take for the IRS to process my refund
    IRS accepts your return between...

    Jan 17 & 18 = Direct dep sent on Jan 25th, paper check on Jan 27
    Jan 19-25 = Direct Deposit on Feb 1, paper check on Feb 3
    • what if you got the prepaid card from turbotax?   will you get refund on the same date?
    Here is the IRS Refund Cycle chart …
      Here is the link to the IRS refund schedule. Please remember that this schedule is based on when your return was accepted, not filed.
      • Dont have pdf.....need an answer
      I just verified with TT on when the deposits are going to be processed.  Once you receive your accepted status, it should be deposited 8-10 days from the date it was accepted, this depends on whether your bank holds deposits or not.  I have always gotten my refunds within 6-7 days of being accepted, so hopefully this helps!
        Just because turbo tax said your refund has been accepted you still have to wait for the Irs to process it. Then you will get your correct deposit date.
        • Just checked where's my refund IRS site...they are saying there are delays.  I was supposed to receive it today-25th-now they say Feb. 7th.  Grrrrrrrr
        • Get this.....I just got off the phone with the IRS 1-800-829-1040 .... after a 43 minute hold to speak with a real person, because I had spent the greater part of this morning reading several threads on here discussing refund dates.  Mine was supposed to be today but it didn't arrive at my bank.  I found out from the representative that when the IRS "grabs" our returns from TT or accepts them....they do not automatically get processed.  They go into a holding pattern again and can sit for several days, for example., I filed on the 13th with TT and was accepted or "grabbed" by the IRS at 9:30am on the 17th, my refund date per the chart was the 25th, per the SBBT bank Feb 1st, and per WMR is still says the 31st.    The IRS  system didnt even start working on processing my refund until yesterday.  I definately wont receive my refund until the 31st or the 1st of Feb.  I think the SBBT and TT should refund all of us some of our money because we paid them for a service expecting to receive our return earlier.  They advertised a service for quicker refunds that they shouldn't have promised.  I realize it isn't all their fault but don't provide a promise to consumers that you can't keep.  I have used TT for the last 3 years and this is not the first time this has happened but it is the first time I called to find out what was going on.  I will not use them again.  I will do it for free on the IRS website.  IF i am going to wait 10-14 days I won't pay the SBBT fees to do so.
        • so apparently, nobody got their money today as was projected---sad day, i hate being anxious, got bills to payoff, woulda been nice since i took the day off to do so--damn u Obama-lol--just thought id blame it on him, seems bout right
        • I was suppose to receive my money today as well and was still clueless as to why it wasnt there. After reading these threads now I know. This is so freaking irritating when your expecting something and it doesnt come. ESPECIALLY MONEY!!!! This is just great! I am never using turbo tax again, they have done this to me for 2 years in a row. Last year I didnt get my refund for 16days direct deposit. Now that was frustrating and I wasnt suppose to use them this year but I gave it another chance and get screwed again! I want my fees back from them!!!
        • Call Turbo Tax. This happened to me last year and they refunded some of the fees for me. I hope mine dont take this long again this year. The IRS chart says I should get it Feb 1st. But the email I got from Turbo Tax says Feb 8th. Tax time is horrible bacause everyone is so anxious to get their hard earned money. I need to pay off my car before it gets repo'd at the end of the month! I need it on the 1st!
        • My refund was accepted on the 17th. Anticipated dd was today. Wmr says 31st but TT now says feb 1. What the he'll. This is frustrating in this economy the IRS should have anticipated an influx of early filets. Unacceptable! It chaps my hide that when u owe them they have no problem contacting you via phone, mail, email,or garnishment. However, when the IRS owes us we are supposed to anticipate delays or lay in limbo for our money. I am unemployed and I am in desperate need of my refund to survive right now. I have severe anxiety because I can't sleep. I keep checking my account hoping the deposit will drop any minute. I am so angry I have been holding to speak to a rep at the IRS for over 20 min. I hope I don't get an asshole rep..... Patience is something I don't have when I need MY money! Has anyone received a deposit today?
        • so if you were suppose to be getting direct depoist by Jan. 25 and you havent gotten your money yet what to do.??
        • Mine wasn't deposited in my acct. today and i was accepted on the 18th. So whats up with that?
        • this is just a general comment, what everyone is forgetting is that turbotax is just the middle man, once the taxes have been accepted it is no longer in turbotaxes hands it is nw in the irs' hands. i read a few comments from ppl saying that they paid for tt in order to receive their refunds quicker and tt didnt hold up their end, but thats just the fact tt did hold up their end, they let u file your taxes before the irs was actually accepting them and said u can receive your money within 8-10 days. and usually tht is very true but this yr the irs is having some many problems wit the system. tt is not to blame for tht. i hve been using turbo tax for 4 yrs nw and i never had a prob. you also have 2 remember tht th irs ddnt start accepting taxes until the 17th this yr which is a 3 days more thn they were last yr. once your taxes are accepting and depending on whn they were accepted you will still receive your refund in 8-10 days. the irs cycle chart, rules nd everything changed this yr. thats the govt for ya.
        • i filed on the 6th and was supposed to receive my refund today.  now i know why its not there thank you TT i will never use you again
        • IRS efile Tax Refund Cycle Chart:
          Tax Return Transmission and
          IRS Acceptance Dates

          Tax Refund Direct Bank Deposit by IRS
          Deposit Date

          Tax Refund Paper Check by IRS
          Mail Date
          Jan 17 and Jan 18, 2012 (by 11am) Jan 25, 2012   Jan 27, 2012
          Jan 19 and Jan 25, 2012 (by 11am) Feb 1, 2012   Feb 3, 2012
          Jan 26 and Feb 1, 2012 (by 11am) Feb 8, 2012   Feb 10, 2012
          Feb 2 and Feb 8, 2012 (by 11am) Feb 15, 2012 Feb 17, 2012
          Feb 9 and Feb 15, 2012 (by 11am) Feb 22, 2012 Feb 24, 2012
          Feb 16 and Feb 22, 2012 (by 11am) Feb 29, 2012 Mar 2, 2012
          Feb 23 and Feb 29, 2012 (by 11am) Mar 7, 2012 Mar 9, 2012
          Mar 1 and Mar 7, 2012 (by 11am) Mar 14, 2012 Mar 16, 2012
          Mar 8 and Mar 14, 2012 (by 11am) Mar 21, 2012 Mar 23, 2012
          Mar 15 and Mar 21, 2012 (by 11am) Mar 28, 2012 Mar 30, 2012
          Mar 22 and Mar 28, 2012 (by 11am) Apr 4, 2012 Apr 6, 2012
          Mar 29 and Apr 4, 2012 (by 11am) Apr 11, 2012 Apr 13, 2012
          Apr 5 and Apr 11, 2012 (by 11am) Apr 18, 2012 Apr 20, 2012
          Apr 12 and Apr 18, 2012 (by 11am) Apr 25, 2012 Apr 27, 2012
          Apr 19 and Apr 25, 2012 (by 11am) May 2, 2012 May 4, 2012
          Apr 26 and May 2, 2012 (by 11am) May 9, 2012 May 11, 2012
          May 3 and May 9, 2012 (by 11am) May 16, 2012 May 18, 2012
          May 10 and May 16, 2012 (by 11am) May 23, 2012 May 25, 2012
          May 17 and May 23, 2012 (by 11am) May 30, 2012 Jun 1, 2012
          May 24 and May 30, 2012 (by 11am) Jun 6, 2012 Jun 8, 2012
          May 31 and Jun 6, 2012 (by 11am) Jun 13, 2012 Jun 15, 2012
          Jun 7 and Jun 13, 2012 (by 11am) Jun 20, 2012 Jun 22, 2012
          Jun 14 and Jun 20, 2012 (by 11am) Jun 27, 2012 Jun 29, 2012
          Jun 21 and Jun 27, 2012 (by 11am) Jul 4, 2012 Jul 6, 2012
          Jun 28 and Jul 4, 2012 (by 11am) Jul 11, 2012 Jul 13, 2012
          Jul 5 and Jul 11, 2012 (by 11am) Jul 18, 2012 Jul 20, 2012
          Jul 12 and Jul 18, 2012 (by 11am) Jul 25, 2012 Jul 27, 2012
          Jul 19 and Jul 25, 2012 (by 11am) Aug 1, 2012 Aug 3, 2012
          Jul 26 and Aug 1, 2012 (by 11am) Aug 8, 2012 Aug 10, 2012
          Aug 2 and Aug 8, 2012 (by 11am) Aug 15, 2012 Aug 17, 2012
          Aug 9 and Aug 15 , 2012 (by 11am) Aug 22, 2012 Aug 24, 2012
          Aug 16 and Aug 22, 2012 (by 11am) Aug 29, 2012 Aug 31, 2012
          Aug 23 and Aug 29, 2012 (by 11am) Sep 5, 2012 Sep 7, 2012
          Aug 30 and Sep 5, 2012 (by 11am) Sep 12, 2012 Sep 14, 2012
          Sep 6 and Sep 12, 2012 (by 11am) Sep 19, 2012 Sep 21, 2012
          Sep 13 and Sep 19, 2012 (by 11am) Sep 26, 2012 Sep 28, 2012
          Sep 20 and Sep 26, 2012 (by 11am) Oct 3, 2012 Oct 5, 2012
          Sep 27 and Oct 3, 2012 (by 11am) Oct 10, 2012 Oct 12, 2012
          Oct 4 and Oct 10, 2012 (by 11am) Oct 17, 2012 Oct 19, 2012
          Oct 11 and Oct 17, 2012 (by 11am) Oct 24, 2012 Oct 26, 2012
          Oct 18 and Oct 24, 2012 (by 11am) Oct 31, 2012 Nov 2, 2012
          Oct 25 and Oct 31, 2012 (by 11am) Nov 7, 2012 Nov 9, 2012
          Nov 1 and Nov 7, 2012 (by 11am) Nov 14, 2012 Nov 16, 2012
          Nov 8 and Nov 14, 2012 (by 11am) Nov 21, 2012 Nov 23, 2012
          Nov 15 and Nov 21, 2012 (by 11am) Nov 28, 2012 Nov 30, 2012
          Nov 22 and Nov 28, 2012 (by 11am) Dec 5, 2012 Dec 7, 2012
          Nov 29 and Dec 5, 2012 (by 11am) Dec 12, 2012 Dec 14, 2012
          Dec 6 and Dec 12, 2012 (by 11am) Dec 19, 2012 Dec 21, 2012
          Dec 13 and Dec 19, 2012 (by 11am) Dec 27, 2012 Dec 31, 2012
          Dec 20 and Dec 26, 2012 (by 11am) Jan 3, 2013 Jan 7, 2013
        • Just remember tt is not to blame after ur refund is efiled its technically out of tt hands and now the irs's deal. SO BLAME THE IRS LOL
        • Got mine!
        I just posted this, maybe it helps?

        • I filed the 14th
        • Accepted the 17th 11:36 AM PST
        • WMR, SBBT & TurboTax both initially said a deposit date of 1/25/2012
        • My WMR status changed and eventually was stuck on the "1/31/2012 still processing" message
        • SBBT updated with a message on 1/23/2012 "we did not receive your refund as expected, blah...."
        • TT Stayed consistent with 1/25/2012 date
        • On 1/26/2012, I still had not received anything, checked WMR and it was updated and said "Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on January 30, 2012....blah" (GOOD NEWS); no update on SBBT
        • On 1/27/2012 I checked SBBT and they updated as well: "A disbursement in the amount of $* was deposited to your bank/card on 01/27/2012. Please allow at least 1-2 business days for the deposit to be posted to your account."
        • Woke up this morning my deposit was in my account. (Bank with USAA and I live in Washington, DC)

        • don't check WMR too often you will be blocked for the rest of the day, and that will only further upset you.
        • I filed my state(DC) separate from my federal. I went directly through my states website to file and received my state refund way faster than my fed.
        • I freaked when I saw it processing for so long... be patient it WILL update! And when it does, your money will arrive in days.
        • Yea! Thanks to the Obama Administration who will remained we pay them on time... seems to have spent too much of our money once again and so they are unable to pay us back for what THEY borrowed from us.... hmmmm Maybe we'll get it in 2 weeks but, don't hold your breath for those who submit theirs on April 15th. Because of this president we are all screwed!
        • My return was excepted on the 18 and my direct deposit has changed 3 times. 27th to the 31 to sometime between the 27th and 8th of feb.. WHat is going on.....!!!!!
        • My friend filed her taxes on the 24th through tax act and received her federal and state today.
        • hey the government has no issue with charging us taxes to begin with right but we all broke as fuk right now just like to government is too its screwed up obama over spent and we have to pay the ultimate fee of either not getting it when tt promised it only because the usa is broke and now they dnt have the funds to pay every one so they delay it more and more why not just have obama pass another stimulus check around and make us even more broke...........
           i did mine on the 17th of jan and according the the pay out time like i should have received it by the 27 and now the first of feb........ then another email stating by the seventh .............i dotn think we should have to pay that processing fee if they didnt even precess it like they where suppose to so that we would have gotten it on the original promised date ........
        • When it says you will get your refund in x amount of days, does that mean business days? TIA
        when is mt taxes going to be on my card?
          ATTENTION: The irs webbsites on top have a where's my refund button...Don't use the button my comp gave me a huge Warning that they were trying to get personal info from me.
          • how come turbo tax bank says feb 1 and when i call the irs they say by feb. 7th  so which date should i go by
          • IRS always give a few extra days to allow for banks to post the DD.  Most banks will post immediately, while some still wait a few days.  So, the extra days is like a cushion so they are not swamped with WMR calls.

          You may want to check this IRS web page. This is on their web page I will repost the link. The IRS has changed to a system that posts transactions daily rather than weekly. However, some accounts are still processed weekly. Here are some issues that would make it a weekly account:

          1. An ITIN rather than a SSN
          2. Foreign Address
          3. Campus Address
          4. Identity Theft Indicators
          5. Prisoner File
          6. Related MFT 31 Account (i.e, a joint account has been split due to bankruptcy, Offer-In-Compromise, Installment Agreements for only one party, Innocent Spouse)
          7. Criminal Investigation Activity
          8. Civil Penalty Account (MFT 55)
          9. Tax Module History (two years prior) with Criminal Investigation, Exam or Collection Activity.

          A direct deposit should be issued four business days after the tax return posts. Here are examples for a daily account:  BASED ON ACCEPTANCE BEFORE 11AM

          Return is accepted on the 17th and posts on the 18th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 24th.

          Return is accepted on the 18th and posts on the 19th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 25th.

          Return is accepted on the 19th and posts on the 20th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 26th.

          The refund cycle chart is based on weekly processing. Here are some examples for accounts subject to weekly processing:

          Return is accepted between 11 a,m. on the 18th and 11 a.m on the 25th. It is held for posting until the 26th. DD would be 4 business days later on the 1st.

          Here's a word about "Where's My Refund." WMR initially shows a "receive by" date that is the Tuesday following the week that the DD is actually made. Once the return posts, the date is changed to the actual DD date. Since the posting date varies, its possible WMR may be updated after you actually receive the refund!

          Bottom line: Be patient. You should receive the DD by the date shown on the refund cycle chart--but you very well may receive it earlier.
          • Hey guys/gals,
            My cousin did her taxes on the 16th of January and recieved by the IRS on the 18th and was told to expect her refund on WMR the 31st of January....She got her refund on the 25th and it was posted to her account on the 27th of January...All I can say is be patient.. It might be there sooner than you think! Me on the other hand, I did mine on the 20th and was excepted by the IRS on the 21st my refund dd date is the 1st of Feb but WMR says Feb 7th. Im Praying that i get that dd tomorrow!! I'll keep everyone posted hope this helps!
          • I just called the bank that takes your return and it says they were to receive my refund on Feb 1st and they are awaiting on the IRS to deposit my refund. There is nothing anyone can do. This is a IRS issue. The number you can call to get even better answers is 18779087228 it will give you a better date and also states when you should call and file a complaint. I received my state in 3 days it is the IRS that is running behind. No one by an means should rely on their tax refund for anything important. I mean I do want my new sectional for the super bowl but will not throw a fit if I don't. Also clearly with your gansta talk and horrible spelling it leads me to believe you are waiting for your 10gs bc you have 5 kids from 5 baby daddies and sit on unemployment enjoy your money I hope it takes till April for you.
          • i posted mine last friday, i was hoping to get it tomorrow feb 2 which is 8 days, but im having trouble finding a date as to when it will be here, im getting the card shitpped to my house, the debit card!  would be nice to get some of the $27 back too. i"ll try the 800 number posted above
          • @redsoxgirl..lmao the last part of your post had me cracking up. I called the 800# after reading several posts and for some reason the IRS doesn't have my info yet. I filed on the 27th and was accepted a few hours later. 72 hours according to my math was Monday today is Wed. apparently the IRS calculator is a bit off. Has anyone out there that filed last week  received any info yet?
          • Hi I filed my taxes on the 31st any idea when I will recieve with doing turbo tax state refund is still pending...?
          • To nasha2012 looks like it could be up to 21 days from looking at what a lot of ppl are posting. I file the 27th and im still not in the system
          • i filed on the 8th and was accepted on  the 18th, still nothing and when i access wmr or call it says it cannot give me any information to check back in a week..... wtf is really going on i was given a date by tt of the 25th then  2/1 and still the irs has no info.....grrrrrrr
          • Alright so I filed my fed return on JAN 19th it was accepted on the 21st, was not able to file my state until the 28th, still have yet to receive any money, again like many of you TT said the FEB 1st is when I should get my federal, WMR says the 7th, but just giving you all an idea that just filed, it seems like as you have probably read... its going to take a little longer than what was originally told, I don't wanna complain too much about TT though they saved me alot of money if filing, went to H & R block first they wanted to charge me 280$ for the same thing I did on here for less than 60$, but in any case hope it gets here soon, IRS get your head in the game...
          • My taxes were accepted by the IRS on 1/19. I filed early so I could get my taxes back early b/c I have a loan to pay in full. I was SUPPOSED to receive my refund on 2/1...guess refund DD into my account. The IRS chart said 2/1 if your efile was accepted by Jan.19, which it was. What is the deal? I have read other posts, it seems that we all are having this issue!! This stinks!! I want to know why!?
          • I am having the same issue.  I submitted via TT on Feb 1st.  My first return was rejected because I messed up a SS #.  I corrected it within an hour and got an acceptance.  It's now Feb 7th and WMR has no record of me.  I called the IRS today and they only have a record of the rejection, but not the acceptance.  As of now they don't have me in their system at all.  TT told me to wait and be patient and the IRS would update soon, but this is ridiculous.

            Anyone else get a TT acceptance more than 72 hours ago, but still have nothing on file with the IRS?
          • i also filed on the 31st of jan and got the emails saying they were accepted and wmr is not showing anything. i filed my bf taxes the week before and his had a date of feb 7th now adjusted to the 8th. i am just anxious , how do i know if they really got my return???? i called the irs # and the recording says the same thing the wmr says. arghhhhh.
          • Hey Everyone! I filed by my federal through the free edition on 2-1 and was told by TT that it was accepted on 2-2. On 2-5  TT said my State was accepted and I just received it today. However, on 2-2 I checked on state website and they had accepted and processed it and gave me an 2-8 date off dd into my chase account and it went through. I checked WMR and keep getting prompts stating like I enter incorrect info, or it can take 3 weeks for anything to show up. I call the WMR hotline and still no information, it acts as if they never received my return. I was told from TT intitially I would get a Refund date of 2-8, but now I don't know what to think because its already 2-8 and I'm not starving or facing eviction or trying to big 55" LCD TV I just would like my money to pay off my student Loans. This is just crazy that you can't get any answers and also, with us late bloomers we shouldnt have such a delay.
          • ok ... so this is the 1st year i used turbo tax, my return was approved, and the IRS WMR said by the 14th, today i check, and WMR is saying they cant give me any info on my return. so i called the IRS, apparantly, there is a delay in processing all accross the board. now they r saying 4 weeks!! WTF GRRR.. oh, and FYI, when i was accessing WMR, my computer kept trying to reload the website, but was showing some page stating it was checking my system compatabillity. I think the site is getting hacked. i immediatly went on TT and changed my password. ... and i agree, TT should not promise things that they can not keep. sure its the IRS thats delaying, but TT should know the possibility of IRS delays and not make promises. Some people i know went through H&R block, and they were NOT delayed in their return... so, is it REALLY the IRS causing delay i wonder ??????
          • Guess it would do no good to complain since it appears we were all mislead. However, I agree we should be refunded due to false advertisement. Im done with turbo tax.... What happened to the turbo part?
          Just spoke to a CPA who does my companies taxes and this is what he said "Anyone filing personal tax returns should expect a 7-10 day delay based on the current refund chart being circulated" his reason was because the IRS swapped systems to offset fraud. The IRS actually sent his firm (KPMG) a memo advising that personal tax returns would be delayed because of this reason. Not good news but atleast something from a reliable source if there is such a thing.
            There is a delay in the taxe refunds this the IRS does not know that every year ppl. file their is  the link about the delay.....
            • I understand all the delays with new programs and not blaming is not the answer sit it out and wait!!!! However when I filed and told the 1st of Feb and now on the 7th of Feb I smile and accept. However, my daughter used another online program which I used a few years back taxact and she filed on the 26th and is getting hers on 3rd of Feb. So it isn't the fault of online filers it is the irs and their programs ????? Who do you believe ??? So I sit and wait without my smile now I am fully discouraged with you turbo and won't be back next year.
            • I also received an email telling me to expect my federal refund on Feb 1st but did not receive it. The strange part was I had an error on my state return but ended up getting it on the Jan 31st yet have still failed to receive payment from my federal return. Wish ya'll the best of luck in getting it back soon tho.
            • my friend used h&r block and just got his return now and i filed b4 him in turbo tax and still haven't received anything.  I'm so mad right now.
            • Redsoxgirl...BWAHAHAAAAA I don't see anyone talking "gangsta" thought you must know something about it? What are you wanting with YOUR tax return? I can only imagine but... Nobody cares.  It takes all kinds of people to get off on starting petting, juvenile stuff on an income tax site of all places. smh LOL poor thing!
            • This is the 2nd time that this has happened to me too with TT but I certainly can't blame them or President Obama for the b.s. that we're in. Sorry to turn this into a political debate but shame on the dumb*** for saying such a thing. Remember the guy referred to President Bush? It sickens me that Obama is blamed for EVERYTHING when It took several terms to get us in to this pile of *hit.  If he's out I'd hate to see what happens next year.....we may not get a f***ing refund! Good day. I guess I'll wait the additional week for my $$$.
            • everyone keeps on blaming Turbo Tax, but really its ther IRS that is taking long, there are no guaranteed dates even the IRS website says that. It says not to depend on the money because you never know how long its going to take. I have been using TT for many years and have never had a problem.  I understand that you want your money but it is not money in the bank till it gets there.
            • mine was accepted on the 31th but it is still not updated in where my refund. It stills says there is not infor available each time i check it not sure why it says that anybody else having that same problem
            • @wstitley yes I am having the same issues mine was accepted 4 days prior to yours and still no news
            • Mine showed Accepted through tt and wmr doesnt even show received
            • So my refund was accepted on Friday, 3 Feb according to TT, but when I log on to wmr, it says maybe I entered info wrong.  Is anyone else having this issue?
            when did u file? cd83
            • yes when did you file?
            • I was suppose to get refund the 1of Feb.   Now the 14really now.
            • I just spoke with a friend of mine that works for H&R Block and there was some internal issues with the IRS they are supposed to be starting to do the refunds next week. I am not sure but I understand the frustration with everyone as I was also supposed to receive mine on the 25th and now they say the 7th.
            • they gave me the date 2/7 and i was accepted on the 19th at 12am do they have a new chart or something
            • I noticed that a comment was made that this is only happening this year.  When I filed with Turbo Tax last year the same thing happened to me.  I did not get my taxes until three weeks later and I e-filed and paid the fees.  I agree that if Turbo Tax is going to advertise that you will receive your tax refund within 7 to 14 days from the acceptance date then they should be accountable for that date.  M&M Tax service advertise same day refunds and they have been honoring that from what I heard.  Turbo Tax needs to do the same thing.  I like their service but I don't like the fact that the refund date is never the date that is advertised.  Does anyone have a phone number for Turbo Tax?  I would like to speak to a representative about my concerns.   This is not the first year that this has happened.  It's definitely a pattern.
            • I filed mine on 1/22 i already received my state just waiting for my FED!