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Cant I just delete my pending return,and go elsewhere?

My return has been pending for days, can I just delete my return at TT and go some where else to do my taxes?
  • No but after you get an answer you can amend your return
  • You are posting on a three year old question.
while you can't delete it you can file somewhere else and if you get accepted when you file with them then TT return will just get rejected for duplicate return.
  • I agree, if you get accepted by someone else they wont accept a second one, i have seen a couple people do this..
yes you can file elsewhere. i filed with another site last night at 11:45 and it has already been accepted with a retun date of 2/1/12. Turbo tax has crashed and is blaming it on the IRS...... Everyone dispute you charge with your bank or credit card and go some where else.
  • yes you can. i filed on the 4th, and  it has been pending ever since. I am aware of the big mess up, but just like most people my family needs the money.  so i efiled with another company, my taxes were accepted with in minutes. also if TT plans on charging me, i will dispute it.
  • I filed my taxes with TT last night 1/19 and they were accepted within 10 minutes. I wonder why others are having problems I've never had a problem with TT.
  • I just filed elsewhere as well, waiting for my acceptance. I spoke with an IRS rep this morning, after explaining the issue to him and him telling me they STILL don't have a return for me (TT claims they sent it on Jan 13th), I asked if it would cause problems if I submitted a new return. He stated it wouldn't, all that will happen is they will honor the one that gets accepted first and any others that get submitted will be rejected.

    I have used TT for years and have never had an issue before, I feel they dropped the ball and that they caused more harm than good with the whole early filing thing. I WON'T be doing that again, I will wait til the IRS start date as I've done every other year!!
  • Just filed with tax axt after reading this and my tax return has already been accepted with 2/1 deposit date... Logged back into Turbo tax and still pending.
You can re-file somewhere else and if the IRS has not started processing your return, they will accept the other one from another company like TAXACT and reject the TT return. However, if  IRS shows they have started processing your return based upon their WHERES MY REFUND information, they will reject the TAXACT one because of duplication. I tried to go to the alternate site and it was processed  within two hours, however, even though TURBOTAX still shows both my Fed and State as PENDING, the IRS rejected the TAXACT one because they actually do have it and started processing the FED return from TT.  There is a communication problem between TurboTax and the IRS... this doesnt seem to be the case with TAXACT which was able to communicate with IRS within hours. Now because my Fed wont update to Accepted, the State wont process mine either.
  • My refund is already pending at my bank. It has never gotten there this early before. The DD date is on the 24th of Jan.
  • Jan.17th
  • I filed my TT on feb 22 and it said was due to be deposited by the 23rd now it says that it will be the 7th, and my daughter filed hers like that and it gave her a sooner date, usually they hold it in case it is to be held for other taxes if nothing comes up they give you a sooner date..
  • I see TT has failed many. I understand that the IRS did have some issues with their "Where's My Refund" , however, TT has had numerous *fails* this year. I have tried talking to service reps and have gotten nowhere with them. Today I open my email and see they want to direct withdrawal their payment though I chose to use their banking system to take monies from our refund. I haven't been able to correctly amend the refun here on TT either. I'm livid and will be reporting them to the BBB at this point.

    I hope more than not have better luck!
No, you can't delete your return. Once you submit your e-file it is just like dropping it in a mailbox, you can't get it back.
  • You need to call constantly like seriously...just keep calling turbo tax and the IRS..back to back..write down what they tell then when you call the one you'll have what u were told..and you are going to get such bs they don't have straight answers..but I'd just keep calling..
I hope all of you guys file elsewhere! Turbo Tax is blaming the IRS! Come on people the IRS would have it posted or you would have seen it on the new by now!
  • Just like they said if it was accpeted on the 19th would be feb 1st i just looked at the irs site they said it will be feb 7th.. I really do thik its the IRS cause even in there direct deposit web site it says the 1st. I have used turbo tax for a few years now never had a problem..
  • Even if filing somewhere else, is it really that simple with TT return just being rejected?  Won't that make the IRS want to go ahead and review both returns even after giving a DD date, therefore deciding to hold on to your refund until both returns are reviewed? Hope my question makes sense lol.
  • I just spoke with a tt rep online and she said their servers have indeed crased and to wait a couple of hours i sent my return on the 9th of jan and it is still pending as well. I will be going to another site to complete this.
  • I efiled with TT on 1/12 and my return is still pending as of 1:56 pm EST here in VA. This is ridiculous...some people need their returns right away and some (like myself) just want to know that everything was transmitted and accepted. The IRS site nor TT is showing anything which probably means I will not see any money until mid February...just sad...
  • Thanks for the infor pl im about to file somewhere else and i dare them to cahrge me for there ignorance, ifiled on the 12th and im still pending wtf??
  • Wow..everyone is having problems, makes me nervous.  I first did my taxed on 1/13 I got a response back on the 1/19 after irs began to process them it was rejected, I then fixed the problem but with the wrong info on 1/18 and received another rejecton on 1/19 I called the irs, they gave me the correct info this morning at about 8am Est and resubmitted and just checked TT and it says that it has now been accepted as of 2:00pm, and I received an email stating I should anticipate my DD on 2/1, but on the irs site it is still saying no info at this time.......
  • I filed on the 17th and have been pending since. I filed today with H & r block online and IRS accepted within 1 hour. I will never use TT again!!
  • I filed with hr block wednesday morning got accepted in 1 hour Irs will just reject TT return. My aunt works for the IRS she told me the problem is TT.
  • I am sooo frustrated! I also filed on the 12th and my return is still pending yet i filed my boyfriends last night and his is already accepted. What is up with this?
  • same here... I filed back on 1/5. when i checked the efile history it says that it was sent on 1/13! it is still pending. Today at 230 i filed on another site and my return was accepted within an hour. I had been using tt for years, after this never again.
  • I honestly believe that TT went wrong when they offered the "early file" thingy, they obviously had not wroked all the bugs out. I did my return at 7am CST on Jan 5th and as of this moment am still in Pending status. After talking to the 5th IRS agent this morn I went to another tax site and filed, my return was accepted in less than 10 mins! I was assured by a TT rep yesterday that my retun (filed thru TT) was received by the IRS (even tho the IRS atates they did not have it!!) and that my return would DEFINITLY be accepted by the IRS today...NOT!!! I have been a TT user for many years, after this mess I just went thru I may never use them again. I have read WAYYYY too many posts on here with the same issue...some with a happy ending, many with a not so happy one...good luck to all of you!!

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