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My e-file was rejected, stating that either my husbands or my SS# has been used on a return already filed this year  I followed instructions (double checked our ss#'s, called Social Security to verify their information matched, and no one else can claim either of us, parents and gandparents are deceased). Do I just re-file my taxes again, even though no changes were made?
    You will have to print and mail your return to the IRS.  Someone could have made a mistake in entering a social security number and filed their return with your SS number or there could be a mistake in the IRS master files.  In any event, if you are due a refund, the IRS will send the refund due you.
    After several months the IRS will contact you and the other party fhat filed and you will be able to verify your SS with them and the other party will have to pay penalties and interest for an incorrect filing.
    It certainly can't hurt but should not be any help
    • We too are getting the error that my, or my wifes SSN is used on another tax return.  I vote that TurboTax gets the wood out and gets to the bottom of why there is such a rash of this issue, with their clients ONLY.  This is NOT happening with other software based tax programs. Hmmmmm Does not sound like a SS issue to me!
    • I have had the same issue with my Federal and State returns. IRRITATING!!! The SS Administration can't do anything. We have had the same SS#'s for a looong time. They don't have a clue if the numbers have been stolen. I believe this is a Turbo Tax problem. The rejection code that comes back is not an IRS code. I had to pay to file my state return and am expecting to be refunded for that, since now I will be mailing by return. This whole process is not acceptable. Like the other customers that have commented, this is a time consuming process to call these agencies. And part of the reason I used Turbo Tax is the filing process.I too believe it is a Turbo Tax glitch. I hope you make this right!
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      You need to talk to the IRS and let them guide you, not the SSA.  The SSA is not going to know if the numbers have been used or not.   The IRS will know and can advise you.  They have a special unit just for these kinds of cases.

      Also read the 5 news reports I linked to about 4-5 posts up.  It's a huge problem all over the country, especially Florida.

      Usually these perpetrators file quite early in the season, since they have to do so before the real taxpayers have a chance to file their own return.

      [Addendum]  See TT Anita's message below and visit the IRS link she has provided.
    If you are rejected by the IRS, its an IRS rejection.  The IRS has again restated the fact that incorrect social security numbers are their number one rejection reason.  This year, in particular, because they've installed new security software to try to catch fraud earlier.  if you persist in the notion that its's a Turbotax bug, that's too bad because it will prevent you from following the steps recommended by the IRS:,,id=251501,00.html?portlet=108
    • I would advise anyone who has had a return rejected because of a SS# issue to call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.  I was advised by SS to call them and I was told that someone submittted a return in my name and it is identity fraud.
    • My federal return was rejected but my state return was accepted so I believe the problem lies between IRS and Turbo tax NOT someone else accidently using my or my spouses social security number.  Turbo tax makes other time wasting suggestions for their frustrated users to no avail.  Intuit better figure this one out or I'm going elsewhere to do my taxes next year.  You say e-filing is faster and easier but what a waste of time it has turned out to be. Grrrrrrr
    Yes, if oyur returns are rejected, your payments are not processed
    • I too got the same message.. more than once.
      I have daughters in college.  They don't make much money but I did choose to file a return for each of them separate from my wife and I.  Minor W2 income, interest and dividends..  However, both are clearly very much my dependents, so I listed them as such.
      is this the problem?  I filed returns for each of them using their SSN but also used that SSN on my return as they are my dependents.  I think that may be the reason for the rejection.
      if that is the case, can I not claim them as dependents?
    • I have read the other comments and I'm thinking that it really could be a problem with Turbo Tax. I also got the rejection this morning and ironically one of my friend's also got the same error. Of course it's my fault for waiting until the last minute to file, but now I'm scrambling to get in touch with IRS (currently on hold for 15 minutes already)
    • this happened to me too.  I double checked my return and tried to e-file it again and got the same message.  We called the SS office, they said they are getting hundreds of these calls and that it's not their issue. I am taking Turbo Tax's recommendation and mailing my return.  Hopefully they are correct in stating that a mailed return that is a corrected return won't be considered late until after 4/22. We mailed our payment on time.  This really irritates me, I have used TT for years and have never had any issues in the past.  I don't think it's fraud or identity theft, either someone sent in a return with a typo, or there is a glitch with TT. It's happening far too often this year. After paying for TT, and paying for the state return, efiling and now having to make a trip to the PO to return receipt a mailed copy of the return, I'm a little pissed.
    • I have the same issue and my returns have been rejected 4 times already. Called IRS and SS office and not a problem with the SS numbers. It's a Turbo Tax issue and I won't be buying this product again. I'll get another highly rated software next time. It's a shame because I've used Turbo Tax for many years but I don't need these headaches.
    It really doesn't even matter if you call and the person answering the phone says they don't show any such record, because their system is still rejecting it.  They began using some much more detailed security software this year because of the number of stolen identity filings in past years.  You will indeed have to file on paper.
    Your state return is usually accepted, because the state doesn't verify identity against the social security data base, only the IRS does.  Better follow the IRS instructions for possible identity theft .
    • My federal return was rejected for the SSN issue. My state return was rejected and the reason was "federal return was rejected".  Also if you owed money and provided for an automatic deduction from your checking account, is that debit rejected as well and you send a check with your paper return.
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