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Unable to print Tax Return

I am unable to print my return for my records. The instructions do not provide the options they mention. Here are the instructions I have followed:

Print Your 2011 Return to File by Mail

1. Sign in to TurboTax Online, if you aren't already signed in.
2. In TurboTax Online, select the Print & File tab.

Not seeing this tab? You won't find it on this screen. Make sure you're looking in
TurboTax Online, which should be running in a separate window or tab.

3. Select Continue and proceed to the Get Ready to E-File Your Returns screen.
4. Select the File by Mail button.
5. On the following screen, select the desired returns (federal and/or state) you want to print for filing.
6. Continue following the on-screen instructions to completion. TurboTax will print
all official tax forms required to file your return, along with your filing instructions.

At this point they ask you to pay again. I have already paid and filed and got my refund. I just want to print a copy.

Should it be really this hard to print a copy of what you have paid for, WTF?

Have tried the small hammer and wrench symbol in the top right hand corner and the "Tools" link which makes you run around in circles. The Print and Save Center screen is never available because it is some how flagged that I have not paid yet.
  • I have E-filed paid and system continues to tell me that there is an issue with TTX printing. Can I try again next day. I need to get copy for my records but wont print. Tried changing my printer settings but still wont print. You already got my money now I want my copy.
You don't want to print a copy of your return through the File a return interview, see the following Print Your Return for Your Records After You E-file
  • bluedeb - The steps that I have listed in my post are from the link you have provided. Click on the link and go to "TurboTax Online" and you will see these steps. I have been there and the option they talk about "Print and Save Center" screen is not available. Second, I can't even get a question answered by Turbo Tax let alone pay them again and go after a goose chase to get it back as Texas Roger suggests.
You are most likely still not inthe return you filed.  Under the Print and File tab, select check e-file status to make sure this is your filed return
  • TurboTaxAnita - I did check and it is my correct filed return. After I checked the status and the clicked "Done", however; it is asking me to pay $20 for turboTax Online - Deluxe.

    This does not make sense since I have bought, filed, got my refund and just want to print a copy.

    After all this, the option "Print and Save Center" is never available.
The link I gave does not state Number 3 thru 6 in your above post, those steps are for filing a return.   The link I gave you states to click on the Print & File tab, then Print/Save for Your Records which is how you print a copy of your return.

Usually when the program asks you to pay again when you have already filed and paid it means you may not have used the exact UserID you used to create the return.  You can check to see if you have other UserID(s), see the following to get a list of your UserID's by your email address
  • Thanks for the response, I have one User ID and in Turbo Tax Online when I click on Print & File, then Print/Save for Your Records and it takes me to the page that asks for payment which I don't want to take a chance of paying and not being able to easily get it back. I have used Turbo Tax for years but this is the first year I did it on line.

    I think there is bug in their logic some where. I did not keep track of the steps how to reproduce it. At this point, no matter which route I take, I end up in the payment page. As an alternative, I have requested a copy from IRS.
Go ahead and enter your payment information again. You will only be charged once. If for some unexpected reason you do get charged twice, you can contact TurboTax and they will credit you for the 2nd charge.
    I don't personally know a lot about the Print and file tab except I know most people have not had this problem.  Your best bet is probably to contact support at, under the support tab, contact Us.  Choose just one category and one topic, say it's a program problem if asked and then scroll down immediately to start to make a call
    • TurboTaxAnita - I discovered something interesting. When I logged into my TurboTax account, in the Home page, I clicked the option "View your returns from prior years" and downloaded the 2011 PDF file. When I opened the file, I noticed the information for me was incorrect. The information belongs to another person who I was trying to demonstrate how to use TurboTax and it may have inadvertently been saved. This was done after I e-filed. I am assuming that IRS has the correct information but TurboTax does not. I have made the corrections and can see them when I launch TurboTax online but the saved TurboTax PDF file on line does not.

      Could this be the reason why the Printing is not available to me and it was asking me to pa again? Although, as you suggested, I checked the status of my e-file and it was correct but the printing option still not available.
    • It's not clear what PDF you downloaded. A 2011 return would not be in the prior year PDFs yet. 2011 is still the current year, so you could not have downloaded a 2011 PDF from prior year returns. And you said this is the first year that you used TurboTax Online, so you should not have any prior year returns in TurboTax Online.

      You said you have one user ID, but did you actually check using the procedure that bluedeb suggested? If not, please do so. A lot of people are surprised to find that they have more than one ID. If you have more than one e-mail address, make sure you check all your addresses.
    • I had to get a Promotion Code from TurboTax to get passed the payment window and then printing was enabled for me. Money talks and the rest is B.......

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