My federal return was accepted on 02-06-12. When I check the status of my refund on the Irs website they couldn't verify my taxes were even filed. Do I need to contact the IRS?

    February 17, 2012 - More Information on Nationwide IRS Refund Delay

    The refunds released today by the IRS included only a small number of refunds that were filed in the first week of the month. Current estimates are that about half of all returns filed between 2/2 and 2/7 have not yet been released by the IRS to a nationwide IRS computer problem.

    The IRS has a button at the top of IRS.GOV that says "I'm waiting for my refund". When a taxpayer clicks this button, they go to Where's My Refund and see an IRS message that explains "We are aware that some taxpayers who have filed electronically and received an acknowledgment from the IRS are concerned when the visit Where's My Refund and are told that we have no information regarding their return. This is a temporary situation, and we expect to resolve the matter in a few days."

    It appears that up to 70% of the taxpayers still waiting for their refund who filed in the first week of February are not found in Where's My Refund. This leads these taxpayers to incorrectly believe that their return was not filed. Also, a small number of taxpayers are seeing a message that their refund was released when in fact it was not. In these situations, we have found that if these taxpayer returns to Where's My Refund in a few days, they will see a different message and that this new message (which will now be correct) will either show that their refund was not released or give the taxpayer a new future release date. It is difficult on all of us when the IRS does not show correct information on Where's My Refund.

    This coming Monday is a federal holiday. As a result, unfortunately, the IRS will not release any refunds to any banks on Monday. As of today, looking at our statistics of tax returns filed, for returns filed on 2/1, approximately 10% have not yet been released by the IRS. For returns filed on 2/2, approximately 50% have not been released, while for returns filed between 2/3 and 2/4, about 60% of refunds have not yet been released by the IRS. For returns filed between 2/5 and 2/9, about 40% have not yet been released. For returns filed 2/10, about 50% have not yet been released. For returns filed on 2/11, about 60% have not yet been funded. For returns filed 2/12 or later, the IRS has so far released only a small number of these refunds.
      There are issues with IRS computers. In some case refund has been deposited to the account but WMR status is still showing nothing. Wait ot check your bank account if direct deposit into your account.
        I understand people are getting frustrated when they get the due date of March 6th. However, does it say that they have received your taxes and are processing it and to expect it by march 6. It does not mean that will be the day that it comes in. Mine said to expect it by Feb 28, and i checked on it again a couple of days later and it said a direct deposit date of 2/23. I filed on the 2/3 and was accepted the same day. Also, remember that the IRS WMr website only updates on wednesday nights and sunday nights. I hope this helps.
        • I filed on 2/2/2012 and got approved 2/4/2012. I received my federal refund already. But my state is "pending review" and the completion date is 3/23/2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me! This is insane.
        • Filed on 2/2/12.  Nothing on "Where's my refund" at all, despite getting accepted on 2/4/12.  Got everything I owned torched in a house fire over Christmas.  Could *really* use the money back.  Fortunately, my state got that refund in two weeks ago.  Hooray federal government.
        • My federal was excepted on 2/2 and still am not getting any expected refund date from the wmr website......VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!
        • Okay so I filed first thing Feb. 2 morning and my return got accepted within a few hours. I was checking the WMR site for about a week till I finally got a DD of Feb. 14. Great news ! Feb. 14 has now came and gone with no money in site. I called the IRS and was told that the WMR has been giving out misinformation and to continue to check my banking account and if I dont recieve it by Feb. 23 to call back. Maybe im just a little impatient but ITS MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW!!
        • The IRS can do whatever they want. The fact that we need our money is of no circumstance to them!
          I too filed on 2/05/12 and the website says there is no information. That is why I would rather owe them!
          I am changing my deductions and then next year they can wait on me!
        • whats the number to the irs that i can speak to a representative so that i can get some information on my taxes because its saying no information but my boyfriends and brother does have info
        still not getting any response at all on the wmr site, never have, filed 2/3 was accepted the next day
        • I filed and was accepted on 2/4/2012. I've checked my status frequently on the IRS website and they always said to wait another week to check back. I finally checked today 2/20/2012 and it said my refund estimation date is 3/6/2012 which is completely ridiculous.
        • I filed and was accepted on 2/2.  I finally got a date on WMR Saturday 2/18.  My date is 3/6.  That is ridiculous given people who filed on nearly two weeks later have direct deposit dates of 2/24.  Why is this happening?
        • I filed and was acceptaned on 2/3/2012 i checked wmr today (2/20/2012) and it says 3/6/2012 this is crazy that is a month a 3 days since I got accepted. I need my money before than. I guess its a glithch in the irs computer system computer but come on.
        • Filed federal on 2/4, accepted on 2/5, yet IRS website is saying to expect my refund on March 6--VERY frustrating to wait 4 full weeks even though we e-filed. E-filed ohio taxes on 2/10 and already got my refund.  Federal processing right now is EXTREMELY slow, inexplicably.  They want us to e-file but it's no quicker than snail mail.
        • We filed on 2/2 accepted on 2/3 and still don't have a DD date...really frustrating!!!
        • I filed on 2/4 was accepted 2/6 and still I can't be found on wmr. I check back SO often and never get anything back. It's frustrating not to have any answers at all. I haven't seen ANYTHING official from the IRS saying the website is down or that refunds have been delayed. Just second hand information from other people. I needed my refund in JUNE so I definitely don't wanna wait til mid march for my refund. I've NEVER had to wait more than 10 days for my refund. It's not ok.
        • I filed on Feb 6th and it was accepted on the 8th and now I'm getting a DD date of Feb 23rd on the IRS website. They updated alot of other people information that I know over the weekend...because mine was saying the 28th for the longest time.
        • I did my taxes 2/7 and they were accepted that same day.  On WMR we were told we would get our taxes back by 2/28.  I went to check again today and now it's telling me 6 weeks!  Totally TERRIBLE!
        • Deelee, Mine was the same. Filed the 7th, accepted in minutes and till Wed they didnt show any info, then Thurs it showed no later then the 22nd and now today it says 6 weeks??? Not sure if its because of the holiday today..
        • Mine were filed and accepted on the 3rd and I still can't get WMR to tell me when I'm supposed to get my refund.
        I filed my taxes on 2/3, at 9:33am cst. It was accecpted on 2/3 6:37pm cst. The IRS cycle calendar said I should have my return by the 8th. I have been using turbo tax for 7 years, and this is the first time I did not receive a direct deposit date from them. I called turbo tax on 2/14 they told me that I most likely would not receive my return on 2/15. I had been checking WMR for 10 days, It kept telling me I was putting the wrong information. Then finally on 2/13 WMR told me that they did not have any information. I called the IRS on 2/15, after waiting 16 minutes for them to answer the phone. The lady told me that they had my refund, but it was not done beening processed and I should have funds no later that 2/25. I checked WMR on 2/17 just because, and it said my refund date is 3/6. This is out of control, the IRS needs to get it together. This is not Turbo Tax fault. Everyone including H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and Liberty Tax are all having the same issues.
        • I too, filed on the 2nd of Feb.  My turbo tax app on my phone says I have between 2/9-2/23.  Then i go on the IRS website and it says MARCH 6TH!!!! This is unbelieveably frustrating.  They better not be stealing our money to pay their own salaries.  GEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        • I filed on 2/4.  And wmr was finally updated showing my refund was expected 2/29 but I got it on 2/17.  I'm still waiting on my state it's still pending.  I think everyone is having issues with federal and state since they did some software upgrade?
        • I filed my federal on 02/06 and everyday, WMR keeps telling me  they have no info about my refund. I filed single, with no dependents. I've never waited more than 10 days for my refund when efiling and I don't blame Turbotax. I've used Turbotax for four years and love them. However, it does frustrate me that people who filed after me, and are getting bigger refunds back, have already received their money. Here it is 2 weeks later and I have no DD date, no acknowledge my return is even being processed...NOTHING. You can bet if I OWED the IRS money, they would have processed my return quickly! They need to get it together!
        • What I dont understand is I filed and was accepted before this February fiasco that I am reading on all these Q&A's, JAN 26th to be specific. I got my federal like a week later. I have yet to received my state refund and yet to see an update on WMR. What is going on? Last year in I signed up for the Turbox tax card and got my state refund first and few days later received my Federal. Maybe thats what I should have done again this year. Dont know whats going on but I DO NOT like it.
        • 'Love thy neighbor'! This includes Big Brother and Uncle Sam. Grandma slow but she old and we all know unc is 10 days older than dirt so.....all i can really say now is WHY IT ALWAYS GOTTA BE ME?
        • I filed jan.24 and my dd was feb 14. I still havent received my money.wmr is still sayin it is being processed. I called and they are telling me this week what is really goin on.
        • was filed 2.5.12
          accepted 2.6.12
          nothing, the WMR site says they have no info,gonna make a phone call to the IRS tomorrow, if i see no change, if i dont get my cash before end of month my mortgage is screwed due to excessive heating bills in Michigan this winter.
          just bought a new house, and i can barley afford to ive here cause i owe so much to so many laces.
          I NEEDED this cash.
        • I understand there is a delay and i am very frustrated.  However with that being said, why are the people that are filing now getting their return in less than 7 days?  Should they not be working on the peoples who filed at the beginning of the month?  first in, first out!  I need the money just like everyone else.  this is very frustrating to not know what is going on, or to have a date as to when i will get my money.  WMR has never worked for me, still showing no date.  It would be nice if the IRS put a better message out to all of us.  The message on the WMR website really gives no info that is correct.  We are updating the information and to check back.. i keep checking, and checking and checking and no information.  and from what I have read, the dates they are giving out are wrong anyways!
        • I understand everyone's frustration.  I've always e-filed my taxes and do so for my son, daughter and two nephews as well.  I did the same this year, all on different dates, and everyone but my son has received his refund.  And his was one first.  I know there are issues with the IRS, but I would think they would be working on the returns in the order received.  I filed my sons a week before I did anyone else, he received confirmation that they had been accepted, and yet he does not show up when checking for his refund date.  The rest of us have already received our refunds.
        • I am so done with irs messing with our money due to us! I filed on the 3rd still nothing on wmr~~ Check the bank they use to deposit in shows what they will take out but nothing deposited lol really no deposit date nothing about even having it but says it has been accepted unreal
        • So, what's the phone number in case i dont receive it by the first week of march? i cant find it on any of the sites.
        • mine still states I've entered incorrect information. I filed 2/2 very concerning. I don't know if I should refile
        • I am really upset that I paid turbo tax extra money to have my taxes e-file and no check after three weeks. never in the pass years has this happened to me, always gotten a check with in a week, why pay extra money to get same result I would have if I mailed it in.
        • We filed on February 4th, my parents on the 5th.  Ours accepted on the 5th, theirs on the 6th.  When I check WMR on the IRS site, same thing as many of record, try back in 72 hours.  While we did not plan around our refund this year (first year ever), I am still just as frustrated as everyone else here!  I filed head of household a few years back, which they said was wrong, and made me pay back over 2k - penalizing me the whole time.  Where's the number I call to penalize them for taking my money?
        • My friend did her taxes through turbo tax on the 30th and got both her state and federal by the end of the week.  I fiied my taxes on the 3rd and still have yet to recieve my federal. i thought everyone was behind until a co worker did her taxes last week on a mon and got them on Wed. Really pissed that I did my taxes 3 weeks ago and my coworker who did it so long after already got her money back! I understand being behind but don't pick and choose whos returns get processed.
        • So far this snafu has caused me over $120 in overdraft fees. I just got dinged $20 for some damn charge that went through for $1.62 that I wasn't aware of.  Filed Feb 3rd, accepted 6th. Told March 6th, now Feb 24th. I don't get it. It's all electronic? It seems like this should be in an instant? There aren't that many people in the U.S. when looking at it from how many transactions can occur in a computer in a second. What a joke. Abolish the IRS.
        • this is completely ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! i filed on feb 02, still nothing in the good-for-nothing irs's computer system!!!!!!!!!! every number i called has me going to their phone-in refund status line, wth!!!!!!!!!! so completely beyond annoyed at this point!!!!!!!!!! my husband is on disability and i work full time and cannot pay our bills and feed our children because of rising gas costs and rising grocery costs!!!!!!!!!! i make too much to be considered for government help and the only possible reprieve from this debt was my tax return that should have been deposited today!!!!!!!!!!
        • i am in the same boat at first the irs had no info about my refund, then i get a due date for 3/6/12 now my due date has changed to 2/24/12... WTF... i just want my refund... i called this number to speak to someone 800-829-0582 ext362
        • I have the 3/6 date as well.  I hope mine changes to 2/24.
        • well all I can say is be glad you have a date! I filed 1/31 and just spoke to someone (calling another person now) telling me another 3 weeks from Feb 27!! that will be almost 2 months since I have filed my return...........
        • My taxes were filed 2/1 recieved a dd date of 2/22, then it changed to 2/14 did not receive dd, this morn. wmr saids dd date of the 23rd and if I do not receive by then, wait until 28th to call.
        • What a cluster!! Does the IRS know what they are doing?
        • i filed on 2/4 and accepted hours later, i keep checking the irs website and everytime it says "incorrect info has been entered," wtf, my refund should have been here by now but nothing im constantly checking my bank account for money but nothing, like many of you i HAD plans for my return but looks like im gonna get screwed along with so many others, thanks IRS for being so understanding and helpful
        • I filed 2-2-12, was accepted within a hr per TT. WMR kept showing no info on my taxes. I called the IRS and they couldnt find me. Asked me where / what software I used. Told them TT, they recommended that I call TT and get my DCN submission number from TT, which is proof that they indeed efiled my taxes and call them back. Took 3 calls to TT to get my DCN number as they didnt really want to give it to me (???) as they claimed it was for their records (not mine?). Finally after 2 days, got my DCN number, called IRS back, they said they showed they just received them the day before (???) and were now processing them and gave me DD date of 3-6-12, which would be correct for when they say the IRS finally received them.

          So for everyone having trouble, call and demand you DCN submission number, then call the IRS so they can track it and verify they actually received it.
        you need to go out to and ckick on wmr and read. you'll get your answer
        • Um, for all those who say JUST CLICK WMR AND IT WILL TELL YOU...wrong.  

          WMR has been down repeatedly for the last several days, and as of this moment is completely erroring out.
        • i called irs saturday, the 18th. i filed on the 4th and still havent gotten anything. the guy i talked to told me probably have my money the 25th..and if i dont get it by match 4th, call back.
        • i just checked my refund site and for then first time since fed 2nd it gave me a date of fed 24 yay i will let you know if it comes the problem must fixed
        They are closed today but the number is 800-829-0582 x 362 :)
        • This is rediculas i understand problems but if they were going to do an upggrade why wait till tax time they have 6 months prior to prepare BS if you ask me i filed on 02/03 accepted same day, refund cycle says 02/15 expect dd i figure one week delay i should get this wed, TT says my estimated refund is between 02/10/12 - 02/24/12 and that has not updated.  I am frustrated be on
        • i filed on feb.2. i didnt get a deposit date until just this past fri. the deposit date said not ill march 6th. sounds like a lot of us are in for a wait
        • I am finally getting hope that someday I will see a date on the WRM site....  filed on 2/3 -- still nothing on WMR.    I am hoping based on earlier posts that I see my refund by AT LEAST this Friday...  or is this just wishful thinking on my part?   I recommend that everyone change their W-4s with their employer -- mine now says Married with 5 dependents -- rather than SINGLE with 0 dependents.   I will save my own money......   Tired of loaning the Federal Government my money -- in the hopes that will pay me back in a timely fashion...  only to find out they are defaulting on their obligation to ME!    Hoping Turbo Tax will do the right thing and refund my money I paid them :)
        • Filed and accepted on the 2/2 and I'm still waiting.
        • just looked up my ma state taxes refund site.....and due to the fact turbo tax made my return a few dolllers more then it should have been's being held up ......not cool turbo tax ...there is alot of problems this year .....hope it's in my mail box tomorrow
        • I e-filed on 1/29 got accepted that same day and are suppose to be getting the check deposited tomorrow (02/21) waiting to see if it really actually happens!!!!!!
        • I filed on 02/19 I check this morning and it said rejected correct errors... I did and resent it again. I check serval hours later and my federal was accepted however my state is still pending. This is my first time using Turbo Tax and although I have read alot of not so good reveiws about the problems that are at hand. My question is is there anyone who filed and did recieve their federal back between 7-14 days?
        • Filed on 2/2 accepted the same day and still no information on wmr. Its going on three weeks and my friend filed on 2/10 and have already received some of her refund on the 2/17, not cool at all.
        • I filed my tax returns on 1/22, accepted same day and in my bank account in less than a week ... next year I'll make sure to file early again so I dont have the same problems as everyone else.

          Now I get to amend my taxes and wait 12-16 weeks for another return but cant complain :) I love uncle sam.
        • I got accepted on 2/2 and turbo tax says it was accepted and to check the WMR site to see what to expect my refund.  So when i go to the WMR site and click through the things i enter my information on the first screen then it tells me that i might have entered my information wrong but then i enter in the second set of stuff and it tells me that they don't have any information on me and to wait 72 hours from when i filled and then only check back in a week and up to three weeks for paper filing.  I am very frusterated, i have used turbo tax and hrblock and decided to do turbo tax this year but i can definately say i will be going to a different site next year.
        So I have been reading through everyone's comments and it seems there is confusion regarding the WMR dates.
        Some things to keep in mind guys:
        1. If your WMR message states, "your refund is processing..estimated date is 2/28".  This means that they are in the process of working on your return.  The WMR date is merely as estimated or EDD (estimated due date).

        2.  the EDD date will change once they have completed processing your return.

        3.  If it clearly states, "Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited to those accounts on February 23, 2012. If your deposits are not credited to your accounts by February 28, 2012, check with your bank to find out if they have been received. Please wait until February 28, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then."
        4.  The key sentence in step 3 is "your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited".  That is the the date that you care about folks.  the EDD is a moving date and will change.  DD(direct deposited) is the firm date.

        I hope this helps.

        Also, if you have a direct deposited date, you will not receive your funds prior to that date, unless your bank makes the funds available the night before.  You would have to check your banks direct deposit policy.

        For example: i get paid twice a week on fridays. with my Suntrust back the money doesn't show up as availble till Friday morning.  However, with my credit union, the funds show up the night before(thursday).
        • I submitted my taxes 1/31st and they were accepted the same day. WMR said the money was direct deposited into my account on Feb. 15th, and not to contact them until Feb. 20th if I don't recieve it. I did not recieve it so I went back to the WMR website. It then still said that it was deposited Feb. 15th and that I should contact my bank or filing agency. My bank said they have no indication of a refund being processed.
          I went back to WMR today and (2/23... 8 days after it was supposedly deposited) This is what is says now:
          We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund. For more information, please continue.

          Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
          Tax Topic 152, Refund Information
          If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
          A copy of this page.
          A copy of your tax return.
          The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
          The date you mailed your return.

          Please mention reference number ---- to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
          IRS Hours of Service:
          Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

          1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 362.
          From outside the US call 267-941-1000.
          TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

          WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????
        • amberd0 - call the IRS tomorrow.  do not wait. you need to find out what is going on. also..their new hours are 7 am to 7 pm. good luck.
        • Has anyone that has posted about not receiving their refund received it yet???
        • I have a ddd of 2/27 so we will see tomorrow. :-)
        For those who were told to wait the 3 weeks and not to call the IRS until after that. CALL. I  filed on 2/3/12 and it was accepted the same day, still haven't received anything and my info isn't on the where's my refund website. To my surprise today the IRS has no record of my information and have not received it. Of course when I contacted Turbo Tax it was all the IRS fault. They can give you a confirmation number for the IRS and you can go from there. But I would definitely call just to make sure they have yours.
        • I submitted my returns on 2.9 and received an acceptance about 10 minutes later. I was supposed to get my refund on 2.17. I didn't. The the WMR said 2.21, that has come and gone. Now the WMR indicates they have no record of my return. I guess the government is keeping my $3600 this year and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it.
        • i filed 2/2 and was accepted 2/3 and still waiting. no info on irs website(go figure) hope it comes soon. turbo tax charged me twice last year and never refunded me anything and i paid again this year for it(MY OWN MISTAKE) and people who mailed their refund are receiving theres already. i kno i will not be getting my refund that turbo tax owes me but i will be trying my best to let everyone kno just to mail it in and find somewhere ele to use this *wonder website* might as well just get rid of the e-file option and just send it in ourselves. and i kno if i was the one that OWED the government that would have been ALL over me to get THEIR money. thanks government. will be filing exempt from now on and i will be doing the saving myself.
        • Alright finally of the phone with the IRS. This was my 3rd call to them. First time was told it had been rejected, 2nd time it was being held up in processing could take 6 weeks, this time was told I was missing the form to make my payment for the first home buyers loan. Now being told 6 to 8 weeks while they decide to fix it or send me a letter asking for the paper work. They wont reject it so I can fix it and make it faster. So guess I will have to wait awhile longer. Do have to say that the lady I talked to was very nice and helpful.
        • To the person who received overdraft fees. Nothing like spending money you don't have. No sympathy from me.
        • i filed mine 2/1 received at 11:26am accepted at 11:33 am my deposit date says 2/21 but yet no dd yet :(
        • I filed on the 1st accepted the first, went through tt.  Have yet to receive anything but supposed to be dd tomorrow, so well see.  What bothers me is I have a friend that also used TT but she filed on the 5th.  She got her refund today!  What the hell.  How are returns processed and why arent they processing them in the order they come in!
        • obama sucks, the government is holding all of our refunds to the last possible day! they want to use our money for as long as possible. we should all be paid interest for each day that they are holding our money! this is crap the web site is not down, they just don't want to give out the information. your kidding the irs can't maintain their website properly? bull crap! this never happened when George Bush was in office.
        • I also filed on 2/4; return accepted the same day.  My state (Michigan) was accepted on 2-14 and I already have the money.  I've checked the WMR and the SSBT site, and no information is available.  I am more than frustrated and feel that Turbo Tax is making over $100 from my return and they should be doing something to assist us.  I get junk email from them, and yet not a word about this situation.  I'ver used TT for about 10 years, and next year... I can't say that I will.  Turbo Tax, what are you going to do for you customer?
        • Filed Feb. 2, no info on wmr, no info on sbbt site, nothing at all after nineteen days. Every IRS number people state is a recording and every anyone has posted on here states info is unavailable. It is simply not worth anyone's time to even read these posts.
        • This comment space is depressing to read, for several reasons:
          - Most of you are functionally illiterate
          - You're clearly having a hard time with the complex issues of:
             - Why you pay your taxes
             - Who you pay your taxes to
             - what role TurboTax has in this process
          - Just how close to the financial edge many of you seem to be

          I also sense a real undercurrent of victim mentality in your comments and outlook.  I understand that, if the world were such a mysterious and incomprehensible place to me, I'd probably live in fear and paranoia as well.

          I simply fear for this country.
        • steph - show are little compassion.  you do not know what circumstance put people in the position that they need their money ASAP.  It's apparent that you are in a good financial position and that you do not need your tax money to catch up on other bills but others do.  A person's financial circumstance can change in a  heart beat.  One day you have your finances in order and the next you find yourself in a financial nightmare.
        I filed on 02/04 and it was accepted on 02/05. I checked the IRS website and it had no information for about 2 weeks. Then on 02/22 I checked and it said it was processed and would be dd on 2/27 and it was actually deposited on 02/24. It really is taking 10-21 days after u have been  accepted.
        • Did you have it deposited on your tt card?
        • Our return was accepted on 2/6/12 and it was first stated on wmr that we would get it on 2/22 then it changed to 2/28 now its changed to "your refund has been received and is being processed, with no date as to when we will get it. It was set for direct deposit.
        I suggest you call the IRS to see what is going on, here is the number that will get you straight to an agent. Be prepared you will have to wait 10-15 minutes before speaking to some one 800-829-0582 ext 362
        • I am just greatful to have this blog, let's me know I'm not the only one experiencing this and that it in fact is an IRS issue/problem....thanks for everyone's contributions.  Let's hope this gets resolved quickly for all of us.  I, like most of you, am dependent on this refund to pay some bills.
        • I too filed on the 2nd and was accepted on the 3rd,  WMR has no information on my refund.  It does bite but I am glad I am not foolish enough to depend on a lump-sum every year. I encourage other mothers to stop depending on it as wel, and live as if you don't expect it.  Continue to pay your bills and feed your children as you have done all year around.  when you get your refund it can be a bonus instead of catch up on my bills money.
        • I am in the same boat as you darkchild... ;) I wish they would fix the the good news is on facebook they have a site you can go to and alot of 2/1 and 2/2 filers have just received there tax refund last night and this morning. I guess that means they are working to correct the problem. Many of the IRS agents also worked the federal holiday a lot of people were able to get a hold of them and talk to them yesterday. They also said they were making deposits every day this week so hopefully we do not have to wait long..... I need to move with this money and it would be really helpful.
        • Filed 2/3 accepted by IRS 2/4.  WMR has no information on my return nor does automated phone system.  Reached the IRS this morning by phone 800-829-1040 and was on hold for 25 mins.  Finally got a representative who assured me they have my return as she was looking right at it.  No errors, no debts to be garnished and no other issues however my return is still processing with no projected DD date.  Was told to check again on 2/26 (next Monday) as the IRS only updates the system on a weekly basis.  She said that anyone that filed the first weekend on February no matter which service was used, TT, HR, etc. those returns are taking the full 3 weeks to process.  No explanation of why either!  Very frustrating.  Changing my exemption status immediately to get more money in each paycheck rather than wait for the nice big refund every year.  No longer will Uncle Sam be getting extra interest on my money.  Suggest everyone else do the same.  Good luck everyone with your returns and hope this information helps.
        • 2/1 and 2/2 filers got theirs today??  What about the 1/23 filers??  That's when I filed mine and they were accepted on 1/27 and I still have nothing!  Anyone else file theirs this early too???
        • So I call the IRS and use the 362 extension, and I'm told that due to extreme call volume they can't take my call today and to call back on another day?! What am I paying them for if they can't get the refunds straight and can't even take my phone call?! This is total bs, I guess they forgot we pay their salaries!
        • I filed 1/30/12 and still have yet to see my refund!! I have check the WMR and it tells me DITTLY SQUAT!! On the flip side, glad to see I am NOT the only one have issues even though we could all use the money!!
        • Supposed to be deposited by today according to the WMR site but no deposit. And the site is down so I called the refund hotline number and that's down too. Getting frustrated.
        • I filed 2/3/12, I still show nothing on the check your refund website.  It is very fustrating as I know we can all use the money :(   However a bit of good new I did receive my state refund today - its not much but it makes me feel just a little better.  Fingers crossed for Friday 2/24 since that will be the "historical 21 days"  haha.
        • i filed my return and was accepted on feb 2 and i have not recieved my refund yet, i called the irs repeatedly and when they answer it sounds as if they were drunk or on drugs i am very tired of getting the run around i have never had this much trouble its either turbo tax doesnt to there job right or the irs doesnt care about giving us our money. i looked in the irs website wmr and my information does not come up this is rediculous!! FIX THIS FREAKING PROBLEM IRS!!!
        • This is the link to the bank that your money will be deposited to before the deposit it to your bank. Just enter your information and you will be able to see if the IRS has released your funds. I hope this help, mine was deposited to that bank today and WMR said it will be in my bank on 2/22/12. We shall see. Good luck!
        • Filed and accepted on 2/3. Have never showed up wmr or phone check. Called Irs twice today...first time on hold 21 min.,explained when filed,played dumb about knowing about issues going on...she started checking said she couldn't find "can u hold PLZ " phone disconnected.  Called right back spoke to a man this time, said they do have it, it's. Still in processing phase...I asked y, he didn't know that refunds are taking longer to process due to upgrade to system that detects fraud. Could not give a projected dd date. He had no clue when I might the money. Said that wmr is not an accurate tool.    So at least I know they have it,just don't know when I'll get it. JUNE,MAYBE?????? UGH this sucks, at least I'm not alone. Frustrated ....
        • I filed on 2/2/12. Just this morning 2/21 I get a response from "where's my refund". It says I can expect my refund March 7th. JOKE or what. Turbo should give my 90$ back.
        • I filed my taxes through Turbo Tax on February 5th and it is now Feb. 21st. The IRS site still does not acknowledge that my taxes are being processed. Nice to know our government is still operating as normal.
        • Am I the only one who feels like with all the problems they've been having, the least the IRS could have done is work on President's Day so that the taxpayers who pay their salaries can get their refunds?
        • Hello everyone,

          I filed 2/4 and was accepted 2/5 and just like most of you-the WMR link is not working properly for me other. After many calls to the IRS just to gat the automated system, I FINALLY was able to speak with a LIVE rep just a few minutes ago. I only had to wait 20 min on hold but she was vey helpful. She told me that they had my refund and was looking at the information in her system but it had not yet been processed. She informed me that the IRS has implemented a new system this year without any clue that it would cause these issues that most taxpayers are currently experiencing with the delays of their refund. She told me that I needed to give it the full 21 days to process and that I should have my refund by the 26th. I won't hold my breath for it but at least I got some form of reassurance that they did have it because the WMR site is showing no info as if I never even filed. Good luck to ALL and I'll keep you posted!
        • I filed mine in beginning of February I checked the irs website and it told me my date when would be direct deposited and i did get my money already
        • If they would pass the FairTax we wouldn't ever have to worry about this again and the IRS would be NO MORE. If you are not familiar with the FairTax, I suggest you look it up. It is the answer to all of our problems, from economic growth to personal financial freedom. We will all have to get involved to get something done about it before it will become a reality!
        • Why is everyone in such a tizzy?  You shouldn't be relying on tax refunds.  Are you really that hard up that you need a few thousand like, yesterday?  If so then maybe you could use some money handling classes and/or counceling.  Seriously.
        • Some people lost there jobs that why they need to have there money. It hard out here to find a job for some people. I understand how everybody feel. I just hope everybody get there money soon. i know how the government can be i serve in the military and it not easy. So i thinl they should just stop trying to hold people money and give them what people work for....
        • I filed Feb. 7th and got accepted Feb. 8th. Original date for my return was the 28th, now it says within 6 weeks, has anyone who filed around the same dates as I gotten their return??
        • sounds like a real smooth goverment operation must be printing the money!!
        • Steph...maybe you do not have to rely on your tax refund and I do not either, but I have a pretty good job and my children are grown, but a lot of people are struggling and need that money to take care of things that they have been behind on.  The bigger issue is that the IRS cannot seem to get their act together.  Every year it is something.  Last year people with Education Credits were delayed because as the IRS put it, they were waiting for congress to vote on the tax credits.  The forms had been used for several years prior so what was there to get ready?  The IRS is a mess!  I agree with many other people have posted and that is: Why did the IRS wait to test a new Fraud detection system at the height of tax season?  I feel very sorry for those who desparately need that money and are not getting it as planned.
        • I filed on 02/04/12 got accepted on 02/05/2012 and stil same thing as everyone else wmr has no info on me to check back next week, this friday will be 3 weeks hope something happens before then.
        • Actually stephdeck......I don't need the money for bills but there are people out there that have lost jobs and are in situations out of their personal control, which obviously you are privileged to not have to its probably best not to judge people when you do not know their situation......... some people work their butts off at crummy paying jobs because right now that is all that is out there, doing the best they can to make ends meet......
        • I can understand backlogs (although hello this happens every year - the IRS should be prepared) and I suppose I can even accept computer glitches.  What is hard for me to accept ( down right infuriating) is people in my close circle of family and friends who I KNOW for a FACT filed after me have already gotten their refunds back!!  What processing order are the refunds done in?  It's absolutely ridiculous.
        • I didn't file until 2/17/12, no info on IRS website. Looking through these comments are discouraging. I'm relying on this money to pay my parents back for funds they loaned to me to buy my house. It's not the fact that I can't live without the money, I just want that loan off of my back! I know it's been a rough year, and it's only going to get harder, but all the negativity isn't worth it. The gov't will process at it's own speed no matter what we say. Doesn't anyone remember when you couldn't check when your refund was coming, it just came???? Apparently we have all gotten too used to todays technology. Relax, it will come.
        • I was on hold 24 mins and Mrs. Nickelson told me that they have 21 days to process it and she couldnt even tell me when i was getting my dd.  She said they don't have to do a speedy return and that they can take the whole 21 days!! Rude as he##! I filed and was accepted on 2/3 and no info on wmr!!
        • My girlfriend did mail and got her check quick, fast & in a hurry, while I still wait.  TurboTax needs to give refunds, wouldn't you agree?
        • I filed on 2/2 also and was accepted hours later. Up until a few days ago I wasn't getting any help from WMR, now they are saying 3/6. I've called 800-717-7228 and they told me 2/15 which has obviously came and went. Everyone else seems to be getting the 3/6 date, checking a day or 2 later and getting 2/24. I hope this happens to us as well.

          Oh this government, they can demand we pay them on time but when they have to pay us they take their sweet ass time. I'm pretty aggravated. If the IRS had a face, I'd punch it!
        • Oh, well if you OWE money, they'll be sure to contact you right away. But money DUE to you. Ah, they'll take they're time. Who knows if they even have it to send.  What a joke.
        • IRS has jokes I was transfered to a representative that pretended that she could not hear me and hung up.  I recieved notice that my return was accepted, but there is nothing on WMR as of 2/21/2012.
        • LOL, we owe $143 from 2009 of which we were unaware of and if I received a bill would have paid it a long time ago, but now I am getting a refund more than 4 times the amount I owe them and they are holding it hostage for as long as they can....I filed 1/31 and today I was told it would be 2 to 3 more weeks from 2/27 until I receive it!!! So, do I get to charge interest for the money they are holding onto that is owed to me?  :/
        • Why isn't this massive and irresponsible matter on the news!  Come on NEWS MEDIA, you need to be reporting this problem so that everyone knows what is going on and People hound IRS until they get their lame act together!!
        • You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.
          Please confirm your Social Security Number, Filing Status and Refund Amount shown below.  
          Social Security Number

          or IRS Individual Taxpayer
          Identification Number:
            Filing Status:

          If you think you may have made a mistake when entering your personal information please select Re-Enter   
          If your personal tax data is correct, please answer the following questions:
          Approximately when did you file your tax return?

        • I filed on 1/17/2012 was accepted on the 18th. I have been given 3 different deposit dates thde last one on the 14th. when I didnt get it I called the IRS 2x and was told the first time I had been rejected twice. The second time they said I was held up in processing and it could be up to 6 weeks. I have been checking the WMR site every couple of days and continue to see its processing. Checked today and now they have no information on my return. Currently on hold with the IRS.
        • Accepted on Feb 3rd and as of today NO ANSWER on website and the hotline workers are clueless. Give the full 21 days to deposit but what happens if they dont meet there Historical 21 day turnaround. Penalties should be awarded to those that have to wait longer thatn told by our great IR service. Do not need the money but the principle of the matter is that if it where reversed we the people would be penalized as well as harrased! GET RID OF THE IRS>>>>>>
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