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how will I know if my tax return will be offset?

I was wondering if there is some sort of letter I will get telling me that my refund will be offset. I went to the IRS website and called all the numbers and all it says is that I have a student loan in default and that my taxes may be offset... how will I know for sure? Will I get a letter in the mail or will my refund just not show up? I would rather know if I'm not getting it so I'm not waiting around anxiously for it.
1- off set number 800-304-3107
    Yeh, it does take a while to for them to send a letter, they don't send emails because of scam emails that are sent out asking people for information etc.  Hopefully you will get a letter sooner.  Good luck.
    • If the number says you may be offset, you will be offset. They got me last year for the same thing. Try student loan consolidation prior to filing, unless you already filed...then its too late. Good luck.
    The IRS updates every Wednesday morning, it will say your refund is expeced to deposit on the upcoming Monday, but it's always there on Friday morning.  On Friday it will tell you your refund has been deposited and you will check your bank and it's not there.  Within a few days you will get a letter stating that your refund was used for an offset.
    • Thanks WVGIRL62... Does this apply for both my state and federal tax return or just my federal? I'm not really sure on how it all works.
    You might get a letter explaining what happened to your refund but it could take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.  They will automatically take your refund if there is an offset.
    • wow! 4-6 weeks!! They should save a tree and a lot of headache and go paperless!! An email would be much nicer then a letter on a slow boat from China! Thanks again!!
    • there is a number you can call to see if  federal refund is off set
    make sure your school loan is in good standing before you file taxes cuz they will take it. it happened to me. do a deferment or forbearance or make 1 minimum payment to get it in good standing so they wont take your refund
    • Thanks for the help! I did call the collection agency that my student loans went to and we have a payment plan set up but it was set up after I did my taxes but before they were accepted from the government. I guess we will see... I shouldn't expect to get them back because I filed them on Jan 19. The government didn't look at them until Feb. 15 and I haven't heard anything back so I'm just going to assume I'm not getting them.
      Does anyone know if my state taxes are affected the same way?
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