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Can I create a dummy tax return so I can try "What If" scenarios

Can I create a dummy tax return in Turbo Tax Deluxe 2009  so I can try "What If" scenarios. I already created and file my taxes but I would like to know if I can create a ficticious tax return without altering the "Original" return. I want to know what will be the impact of a 401k and various contributions, adding or deleting a home business , change in income etc etc.

I will appreciate your input.
    If you go to and click on Start for Free and then Try it First without signing on, you should be able to create a return using your social security numbers without being taken back to your original return.
      If you are using the desktop version, you can create a new tax return or you can use some of the what if features built into the desktop version on your original return.

      If you are using the online version, it would be best not to alter the return you filed but to open another file using a different user ID and password and enter your information. As long as you don't want to print it, you don't have to pay for using it. However, it will go offline around Oct. 15 so you don't have much time left to do the what ifs. Once it goes off line, any files on accounts not paid for will be lost and any changes to tax returns on accounts paid for will be permanent.

      You could also use the taxcaster tool on Here is a link:
      • Thanks Texas Roger for your Input.  
        Previously I try a dummy return by using ss # 123 45 6789 and spouse 987 65 4321 unfortunately the system DO NOT do some calculation because SS are not correct.
        If I use correct SS then the system send me back to the original return, which I don't want to override.

        Hmmm How would you do it? please explain with details.
      Also, don't use SS numbers outside the normal range.  Just start the number with a 5 or 6, for example
      • Just want to say THANKS to Texas Ranger and Turbo TaxAnita for your valuable information