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i lost my turbo tax 2011 return. Where can I print a copy

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If you want to access a current year return, log into Turbotax using the exact name and password you used to prepare the return select "continue my tax return."  Do not look for the return in the prior year return bank as it is not there yet.

Turbotax Password Help:  If you do not see your return, you may not be using the same account.  Go here, it will help you to find your passwords:
  • My hard drive crashed before I could back up the tax file. When I went to log into Turbo Tax to get my filing information it asked me to file a brand new return. Did Turbo tax lose my return after I filed it when the data on my hard drive was lost? Is there a way to recover the info from the Turbo Tax web site? I got email that the return was accepted, but on the Turbo tax web site it cannot be found.
The 2011 Online version will shutdown on Oct. 22, 2012 5:59 AM PST, you would need to get your copy of your return before then or you will have to wait until TurboTax moves the 2011 returns into the prior year section, after Oct. 22nd you would have to wait until TurboTax moves your 2011 return into the prior year area in order to get a copy.

You should save your return as a PDF file then you can view/print your return without going Online (need Adobe reader) and also as a .tax file in case you ever need to amend your return after the online version has shutdown, then you can open your return in the desktop version using your .tax file.

To save your return as a PDF file
- Print & File tab
- Print/Save for Your Records
- Click on View/Print button
- On Your Tax Documents screen, click the floppy disk icon (Save) top of screen
- Specify the location to save your return, select Save
- to print your return and all worksheets, Click the "+ Show Advanced Options" Check the Middle Option "* My Tax return Plus all WorkSheets for my Records"

To save your online return as a .tax2011 file to your computer:
- Click the Home tab
- Under "We can help you..."
- click on Save your 2011 return to your computer
- Click Save.
- In the Save As window, browse to the location where you want to save your backup, and then click Save.

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