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NJ i received my federal refund on feb 3. but not my state. any ideas?


i filed on january 19th. and both were accepted.

i receieved my federal on feb 3. but not my state. i called the automated number AND talked to an IRS represenative, they both said its still processing.

did anyone from NJ receive their state refunds yet?
  • i filed mine on 2/3.  i too already received my federal but not my state(nj) as of yet.
You wouldn't call the irs to check your state refund.  YOu need to call nj department of taxation.  Google nj refunds and you will fund the telephone number for nj state.
  • thank you Marly9111 (your comment made me realize i made an error)

    **i called the automated number for NJ tax department. and i also spoke to a representative fromt he NJ tax department. both message and person say its processing.

    did anyone from NJ receive their stat refunds yet??
  • sorry, i recieved my fed return on 2/7/ nothing from nj state either - still processing
  • I also have not received my state, but I received my federal on the 27th of January.... I also called and both the automated and the person I talked to says it's still processing.
  • I am in the same boat, I received my Federal refund on Feb 3. My Federal return was accepted on Jan 18 and my NJ state was accepted on Jan 19. When I call the automated system, it says that there is no record of of my SSN in the system? Doesn't make me feel good. They must be way behind.
  • I haven't received mine either. I called this morning and was told from a rep that it's processing. The same as the recorded message. The rep told me that I just need to be patient. Wow! I wonder why it is taking NJ so long.
  • twiggy42 I was wondering is this something that everyone in New Jersey is experiencing or should we be concerned?
  • Im in the same boat..I was accepted federal 18th  state 19th I got my federal 2-1 and state is still processing...taking long no?
  • Heartsnall I haven't asked anyone that filed their taxes in other ways, but that is a very good question to ask. I will start asking around, and if everyone else is having this problem then it's NJ's fault. If not, something must be wrong with Turbotax.
  • I'm in the same boat also...I keep getting the  message, still proccessing...Is something wrong in NJ
  • I filed with NJ web file and am in the same boat.  There system has been telling me processing for 2 weeks.  Thought it was just me.
  • How Long does it TAKE!!! OMG i recived my federal but still waiting on my NJ refund!!! I was under the impression that it only takes from 10-14 days but its been more any update!!!
  • icha1978  I do not know but according to the New Jersey state website it's supposed to be faster this year.... This delay is no where near fast! Here's the link where they "claim" it's supposed to be fast.
  • My fiancee and I filed within two days of each other....mine was excepted on the 21. I have recieved my federal bt state is still my fiancee on the other hand has recieved both his federal and state.... this is annoying but glad to hear I am not the only one in this boat!
  • candlegirl, your fiance RECEIVED his state! really when?

    also was it direct deposit or a check? cause im waiting for direct deposit.

    cause i got my federal on feb 3, and well still waiting on my state like everyone else here....
  • I filed my taxed on the 15th my federal was accepted on the 17th and the state on the 19th. I received my federal by Jan. 30th but I still haven't received anything from the state. It's been almost a month...anyone know why NJ is taking so long to process returns?
KristenNoel, I really think that they might be backed up or having issues with the system. The federal just admitted that they are having problems and I wouldn't be surpised if the state is too. Here is an article from MSN shedding some light to what is going on.
  • I'm apparently sailing in the same boat!  My fiancee' filed his a week after me.  We both received our Federal but only HE got back his State.  Weird, but not suprising for the lovely ole State of New Jersey...
  • Wow....I actually find all this relieving! I thought for some reason I wasn't getting my nj state refund because it keeps telling me its processing. I got my federal on february 8th and still waiting for my state. Guess they are really backed up cause I only know one person who actually got their check via mail ( which mine is coming the same way) dosnt n.j understand people have bills to pay?
  • Just wanted to let everyone know that I looked at my bank account and today it said that my state refund is in my account! Pending for a clearance of 2/21/2012. So you guys might be seeing yours soon!
  • Heartsnall when was your NJ refund Accepted mines was on the 26 and still says pending!!!
  • icha1978 my state was accepted on the 20th of January. Since you were accepted on the 26th there is a good chance that yours will go out with the next batch if it did not go out with this one. New Jersey is definitely working slow this year.
  • I'm happy to say mine is deposited (no pending no problems) today.

    I guess NJ is really slow this year

    Keep checking guys you'll be getting it soon enough
  • Hi Careena when did you get accepted, i was accepted on the 26 and still processing
  • @icha1978

    my state was accepted the 19th of january
    i constantly called the automated number 800-323-4400 to check the status of my refund. or if you wanna talk to a person call 609-826-4400

    i knew last week that i was FINALLY gonna get my refund.
  • Careena, sorry for asking but when did u find out on monday or tuesday what day of the week....
  • My state was accepted on January  23, 2012 and I still waiting for the refund. I called the automated number and it said that my social  security didn't match the amount of my refund. Then I spoke to a representative today and they said it is in process but they can't give me any additional information. It seems that is taking a while.
  • @icha1978

    i found out on wednesday. just keep calling.
  • I called NJ taxation Friday and they said sorry still processing most likely i told them I dont wanna hear that please actually look into my account...was placed on hold...she then told me it's a new policy this year for people earning EIC for nj state taxes will receive a letter in the mail for further information required...they stated that my letter was sent out the beginning of last week but of course STILL no letter in the mail...NJ is funny as hell lmao. BOO! Governor Christie do something with yourself! Your son sucks at hockey!
  • What letter for EIC?

    Explain the delay but don't worry you will get your refund. I'm just happy I got it in time for my sons first birthday party
  • Nope nj sucks. I a letter today saying I need to submit more info for my earned income credit. Bunch of bull. And it takes 90 days lol
  • This is crazy! I'm counting on this stupid state check to pay my rent. Does everyone have to receive a form and mail it back? I've never heard of such a thing. I know people with uic and received their state check without filling a form out. Can anyone clarify this? T.y
I received the same letter in the mail asking for copies of my son and I SS card, Birth Certificate and W2. I have a family member (and she has friends) who also filed taxes with Turbo Tax & got this same letter. Nobody else we know who filed using another method received this notice. We believe that this request for information is only limited to Turbo Tax users. This s__t sucks. I need my money & this will be my first and last time using Turbo Tax. This has been the worst tax filing experience I have ever had!
  • I qualify for EIC they asked me for copies of all kinds of info.  Sent it to them in March STILL  have not recieved my refund and get no help via phone.
  • has anyone who got the letter about eic sent the info and got their refund??? How long did it take?  Woman Friday told me I should send it all in AGAIN another 90 days?  Criminal!  She did not look into my accout either.  And I did not use Turbo Tax....
  • Glad to know I'm not the only one.  Filed 28th of Jan.  No problems with federal return, but NJ is holding my return due to the EIC.  Have submitted additional paperwork twice(March & June) at their request,  and they still do not show it in the system.  Sent second one certified, return receipt and have gotten nothing back.  What is their problem?
  • I didn't use Turbo Tax either.... used H & R Block.
  • I dont know what their problem is.  I wish there was someone who could check and see if everything was received and answer WHEN it will come. Its been way past 90 days, and  I have emailed them many times....response says will get an response in 45 days....If you get it would you let me know?   I will do the same.
When you send info like this by mail, you should ask what form to include in the mailing so that you get a receipt from the post office when it is delivered.  If you send it again, use this method.
  • They told me which forms to include in mailing and I sent them all.
I'm talking about how you mail it.  Tell the post office you want to know when it's received by the state and they'll show you what to fill out so you'll get a card back in the mail telling you when it was delivered to the state, so you'll know they received it.
  • Oh gosh I am sorry, I misread.  Well if I have to do it a THIRD time I will. Thank you. I am just so frustrated.  Its something I am eligible for and have received before.  I have no doubt I qualify. I need for tuition for my kids.
  • Finally got an anwer from an email I sent in May....they said they submitted my paperwork in July 11!  I sent it in March. I asked if it meant that now I have to wait 90 days for refund....she replied they appreciate my patience.  I am so angry. Need for tuition.
  • Just received another email from nj state......YES I need to wait 90 days from when the paperwork was put into their system! July 11th.  Sent the paperwork in March.  Does anyone have any idea who/where we can talk to someone about this?
  • @ tanfeets: See link for contacting NJ Division of Taxation -
  • THank you Rainman....I have emailed many times ....  Finally got an answer yesterday.  It takes 45 days for them to answer you back.  I am about ready to go to the Asbury Park Press. I have not even gotten back my state refund less the EIC.
  • I just need to know has anyone received their NJ State refund including the EIC who was asked for additional paperwork?
  • I am still waiting for my state return.  Both my  returns were accepted, and like everyone else I received it quick, but it's been months and I still haven't gotten my EITC from the state.  

    I got a letter from Division of Taxation in March saying that they needed additional documentation to process my refund.  I had to send in my children's Birth certicates, their SS cards, my SS card, my w-2, and my 2011 abstract.  So i had to wait a couple of weeks to have my abstract mailed in to me.  As soon as I had it, I made copies and sent it to the p.o box given.  That was April... we are now in August, almost September, and still nothing.  I've called the office so many times it's ridiculous.  First they told me I HAD TO WAIT THE 90 days for the documents to be logged in.

    I got an update that on July 20th, my documents were logged in. So I'm thinking, within 3 weeks I should get it direct deposited. Well guess what, NOOOO.  I've since called like 4 times.  They say that there is a back up on the logs.  That now someone has to review my documents and then they can issue a check. Like..... c'mon!!! If i was the one owing the state money, they would have been harassing me to pay back, but now it's on them..

    This is the first time since I've been filing, that it takes NJ soooo long to issue my refun.  I've been filling out for my income tax for 12 years now... it's soooo frustrating!!!!!!!

    The online inquiry is pretty clear on the status, but i've had better luck calling the 609-292-5185 number to find out the status of my refund.
  • I am in the exact same boat.  Frustrating is putting it mildly.  I am happy to know that someone else still did not receive (although sorry for you).  Its becoming theivery.  90 days after mine was "entered" will make it come it October so lets hope.  I will let you know if/when I do receive.  I have NEVER waited this long. And there really is nothing you can do about it.  Even if you GO to the local (28 miles from here) office allthey can do is check it on the computer same as the ones that do when you call.  Good luck....
  • same here.. been receiving NJ EITC for the past 5 years and this is the 1st time got this letter. sent them all docs in April. it's September and still got nothing. this is total b**s**t and total abuse of the state power! we people, have to make this more public - alert the media. can anyone know how and if we can take this matter to Congress and/or some Federal Court or something?
No, but if you or anyone figures out how I can be involved in it I will do anything. I do not even know who to call other then them and they co not help.  You are right, it is an abuse on their power,
  • One way is to try to get one of the reporters at the local newpapers involved.  Trenton Times would be best.   Once they start asking questions, more powerful people start getting nervous.

    IN NC, we had some major refund issues, and the newpaper did a story on a bunch of refunds that the state was just sitting on,,,,all of a sudden, the policies were changed and the funds released.
  • GOT IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!  Had to send even more info but finally got it. In a blink of an eye we will be doing this all over again.
  • Still waiting on mine.  Got the letter in March asking for copies of all my papers.  Sent it but they say they didnt receive/log it in until June.  Here it is the end of November and I'm still waiting.  Was told if i revoke my claim of earned income credit they would send me the balance of my refund.  And of course you have no recourse whatsoever to get hold of money they owe you.
I filed my mine on 2/3, i too got my federal but not my state as of yet.