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How early can I file my taxes for 2012? Does that start January 1st?

I am going on maturity leave and will not be working for the remainder of the year starting December 1st.  I work for the same company that I have worked for last year so I have all the information I need to file with and once I have my last paycheck I will know what will be on my W2.  I file my taxes myself but I was wondering how early can I file if I don't wait for my W-2?
    Mid-January 2013 is the earliest that the IRS accepts tax returns for 2012.  That assumes the IRS computers work properly.

    Some software will be avilable Dec to January, but they are usually significant updates form late Congressional/IRS changes that are usually missing.  AND the computer software bugs that exist for more than the simplest tax returns.....mean you should wait until mid-to-late Feb before you actually file your tax return.

    Yes, the tax sites (including TTX) "CLAIM" they accept your tax file in the second week or so of January...but that is a really BAD idea since there are computer server issues between the software suppliers and the irs EVERY YEAR!!!!   (And significant software updates that extend into Feb).....You do not want to be the guinea pig for these inevitable problems.

    Wait until mid-late February to file your tax return.
    Not sure what the situation is on new child SSN's, but you also need that in order to file.

    And don't even think of filing without your W-2...your tax filing will be wrong, 95% of the time .

    This is more of a take your time and don't hurry it situation.
    Enjoy the baby, and remember, if born 31 Dec or before, the child is considered to have lived with you the full year. (there's a question abpout that when entering the child as a dependent for 2012)
      They are saying they wont even start to process them until mid. Jan. making it hard for everyone
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        Updated time for the IRS to START accepting tax returns is 22 JANUARY (OR LATER!!!  Depending on what forms you need in your tax return and its complexity)

        Do Not even attempt to submit before 22 JAN.  But keep watch for date changes.
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