How long will University National Bank have my refund before they send it to me??

My refund is due 2-25... So it will go to University National Bank.. when will I get the balance?   2-25?   2-28?
the agent at TT said it could be 7-10 days but is usually much, much quicker.   Anyone know??
  • I have always got the money the same day.  The bank ACH it that day.
  • So I'll have it the same day???
  • i always get it the same day the only time it would be delayed is if your bank is slow at doing their ach deposits
  • Well on the IRS website my refund is due on Feb 25th also. It also says that mine will be mailed, so you might want to make sure and go to IRS website  (Where's my Refund). I was wondering though if my refund is to be mailed on Feb 25th, does that mean I will recieve it on that day or later. Anyone have an answer? Also how do you get in touch with a live IRS person?
  • If it is going out ACH, it should hit your available balance in your account the same day minus the does mine.  Watch those smaller banks though,,,,,they could slow you up a day.  Good luck!!
  • I have always gotten mine on the same day. They have been very good.
  • Got mine on the DD date last year and was in my bank at 3:01am Eastern time.  No delay at all.
  • check  the Irs site.  It told me they would refund mine 2/22/2011
  • I think university national bank should have an option to give your tax refund sooner! they just want to make interest on money that doesnt belong to them!
  • My refund is supposed to be sent on Feb 25th, according to Turbo tax and also the IRS cycling schedule but I just received an email from University National Bank that I will have it March 4th.  It was my understanding that anything processed by the 17th of February at 11:00 am would come on the 25th.  I dont understand what the week delay is.
  • mine says the same, first i had a 2/25 direct deposit date from tt, then university national sends me an email that says they expect my direct deposit on 3/4...what is going on????? my return was part of the ones that were delayed and was accepted this morning.
  • How annoying.  I do know, however that other people have gotten their refund way earlier than they were told.  I think the backlog of returns held until Feb 14th kind of screwed things up.
To you guys who got an email from the irs saying it would be DD on2/25 i called the bank today and they told me as long as you made the 11:00am cut you will have ur DD on 2/25 they had to put 3/4 for a fail safe because they didnt know if the irs would get the DD out in time.
  • i actually got mine the day before it was suppose to go in my bank give to me as soon as they get word of the deposite
  • HA..i efile my tax return Jan an email from IRS on Jan 18 that it was accepted and i would have my refund in my account on Jan 25th..then i get an email telling me the IRS is have problems processing everyone's refunds so it will be Jan 30th when i get my they say i will get my refund Feb 14th..i hope everyone else has better luck this year with their taxes then me..
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