My Wheres my Refund status on the Irs says that my deposit will be in my account by the 21st. That is today and I still do not have it. Has anyone else had this problem or can you give me any insight on why this is?

  • I am still waiting on mine today was my dd date also
  • I worked at a bank for 6 years, they would put direct deposits in between 8:30 and 11:00. Try calling to see if there is a pending deposti in the next few days.
Yesterday was a bank holiday so they are a day behind.  Your refund may not be posted till tomorrow.  

Also, I know that the IRS have revised that date a few times recently due to some processing problems a couple of weeks ago.

If it is delayed that is probably why.   Don't panic you will get it soon!
  • i was suppose to get my DD last week and am still waiting for it to. I do know a lot of people that filed after me and received there refund 5 days later. so i don't know what's going on.
  • I am in the same boat, nothing this morning either.
  • I Filed Mine on the 2nd, I have already recieved my state doesn't your federal normally go through first?
  • I Filed Mine on the 2nd, I have already recieved my state doesn't your federal normally go through first?
If you use tt card money wont show intill after 9a.m
  • my projected refund date was also feb 21st, still havent  received anything yet, i filed with turbo tax last year also and got it back in 3-4 days, what is up this year..
  • My DD was on yesterday as well, and I am still waiting....'cause it still isn't there. This is becoming very frustrating. Some ppl may not need theirs right away, but others are depending on it jus to get by and I am one of 'em... Patience is a virtue. Guess this is a test!
  • Those of you waiting,did your message read "your should expect your dd on such and such date OR did it say your dd is SCHEDULED for a certain date?
  • mine is saying:We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by February 21, 2012. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience.
  • My dd was yesterday, i havent recieved fed or state. It's really something else
  • jagbah for some reason this year, if the message is containing the word expected, the irs, is saying its not a set date, just an estimated date,when they think they will be done. I have been waiting since Jan 19th. Finally on Monday of this week, it updated to "your refund is SCHEDULED to be dd in your account by Feb 23 ".

    I was told it wouldn't be certain unless it said the word  SCHEDULED in your message. But I wont believe it until I see it. So tomorrow, will tell.
  • mine also said the 21st and i havent received anything either. i had mine put on the TT card so i guess i will see around nine o'clock  . its very frustrating !!!
  • Look for the key words in the message you are getting. Does it say Expected or Scheduled by the 21st? Go back to wmr site, look at the message again.
  • Sounds like we are all n the same boat, mine said should received by the 21st and was the 28th also...ugh
  • Today is 2/22/12 I filed 2/2/12 and was accepted same day and recieved my refund today.
  • i've been waiting for over 2 weeks for mine.
  • I was also expecting mine on the 21st and haven't received it yet. bah.
  • I finally got my DD this morning after checking my Credit Union, I did filed on the 2/03/2012 and got accepted on the same day, first status was reporting I should received it on the 2/28/2012, then there was and update saying I should received it by the 02/23/2012, so I waited to check my account and is there now. Finally, I very thankful right now.
  • Well, it's the 22nd and no funds.  I had " expected" to receive my refund on the 21st  but still nothing.  What the h-ll is goin.  The IRS should have updated their software before tax season
  • I filed on Feb. 2, accepted on the 3rd. Wheres my refund didnt work for 3 weeks. Now its telling March 6 as my DD date. At least its showing something now.
  • My return was "accepted" on 1/26, I was originally scheduled to receive by 2/2.... as of recently I had a message of "you should receive your reund by 2/21, but of course no money--and today, it reads no date it just says "the IRS has received your refund and it is being processed." can I tell you how ANGRY and even a little scared I am.... this is ridiculous after 4 weeks on an e-file!!!! Nevermind the fact that you cant actually SPEAK to anyone!
  • i have friends that filed 10 days ago with TT and are getting their return today...seems that everyone that filed the first week of feb. is having an issue of which TT is taking no responsibility for! I certainly will not be using TT again next year...they are the only ones that have had a problem with getting returns.....blaming the IRS is a bogus excuse..
  • Wow first year using turbo tax this is crazy mine said the 21st thru the23rd I don't think I will be using this ever again wtf.I hope everyone gets their soon.
  • I was supposed t oget mine on the 21st also and still no $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Now I am behind on my bills etc! Thanks IRS and Turbotax! what a joke!
  • same thing....I filed on the 31st and had a DD date of the 21st.....still noting...WMR only says that they are still processing my return.
  • I feel stupid asking, but where is everyone getting dates?  Looking on TT it just shows return was accepted, no eta of funds to be DD.  Are you looking on TT website or IRS website?
  • I also recieved the same messages and no refund. i filed and was accepted on the 2/4/12. I called the irs yesterday to find out where is my refund and still no response. my message has not changed but i just saw my first message on the 2/17/12 and it read march 6, then yesterday i checked and it said the 2/21/12. i really don't understand what's going on i can't figure out who in the fault. I won't use tt again. it's taking way to long.......smh
  • Same here, at first "Wheres my Refund" told me the 28th and then the 21st,  Where's my money!  I called the bank and there isn't even a deposit pending, she told me that the IRS deposits on Wednesdays and Fridays, so why do they tell us they will have it deposited by Tuesday the 21st?  I'm peeved.  I'm going to call the IRS, but I'm sure it won't do any good.
  • I will say this, if you check your status at IRS and it is all good and accepted, this delay isn't the fault of TT.  The IRS is at fault for sending out false dates and hope.
  • I checked last week and it said the 21st.  I checked again today and it said the 21st.  Both were using my husband's SS#.  So just because I was curious...  I tried my SS# and it said the 28th!  What the heck IRS???
  • mine was accepted on the 3rd and i was just this morning able to get the irs web site to tell me a date, which is by march 6th...i'm not a happy camper. i haven't received state either...does anybody know how to check for that?
  • its not turbos fault the same here said 21st still nothing really hoping today. dADDY needs a new phone
  • to everyone that is upset at TT,please read the news articles and IRS website.  This is not an TT issue this is an IRS issue with new software.  TT has no control over how quickly the IRS processes our refunds.  I'm just as frustrated as everyone else.  Filed weeks ago and finally had a note saying I would get my refund yesterday, still no refund today so I get how frustrated people are, but it's not TT that's doing it to you.
  • This is what mine says "Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited to those accounts on February 22, 2012. If your deposits are not credited to your accounts by February 27, 2012, check with your bank to find out if they have been received. Please wait until February 27, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then." ..... Nothing in my account though. This is BEYOND frustrating! I have always had my taxes within 5 days with TurboTax and it's been 2 weeks since it's been accepted.
  • I was told by IRS rep yesterday that there was computer malfunctions so to add another 7 days on to your expected refund date. That puts mine from the 21st to the 28th.
  • Hope call your bank. At least yours says scheduled and not expected. People are confusing the two. Let us know when you get yours.
  • I e-filed my taxes on 2/4 and I received a refund date of 2/15, still no money.  I checked the website and now its saying 3/6, really what happened to 7 to 21 days.  I WILL NEVER USE TURBO TAX AGAIN.....My friend said when she was filing her taxes around the same time they told her to wait because the irs system had crashed.  Why turbo tax did not let us know that.
  • Aren't we suppose to get an email from the bank before they deposit our refund?
  • I too am having the same problem with my refund, when I check my info wmr says I should expect my direct deposit on 02/21/2012 , when i check with my wifes ss number is says the 28th. IRS is not looking so hot this year.

    **** update 1 minute after checking my status I checked again and now it says no info on file :-(
  • I have co-workers that filed a week after I did and have received their returns.
  • i think you will get your money for sure when it says it is "scheduled" no expected, because mines says its suppose to be here 2/21/2012 and its 2/22/2012
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I finally got a date...   I filed on 2/2 and it was accepted on 2/2.  Today is the first day that WMR has given me any information.  It is saying that my dep date is 3/6.   Talk about speedy service.. Geeezz....  This will be my last year to use TT.  I have been faithful for 4 years but I think this one is too much.. No communication from TT and limited communication from IRS.  I still think the IRS should give TT a kick back for the amount of customers they will lose over this.  Then TT should refund all or at least a portion of the fees to everyone that was over the normal time that is posted on the site for electronic filing.  That is good customer service.. If it were any other business they would do it to keep the customers happy.   OH WELL!!!! Wishful thinking.  Now let see if the IRS can hold true to the dep date of 3/6.   (ITS NEVER TAKEN THIS LONG EVEN WHEN I HAD ERRORS TO CORRECT)
  • Ditto to all of you above. 21st came and went with no refund. Very frustrated.
  • I e-filed on 1/31 and it was accepted the same day. When I checked 72 hrs later, I received a date of 2/15. Of course the 15th came and went and Now I get the same message as everyone info  error code 9001 . Should I call or just wait.
  • Glad to see others are having the same concern I am.  My DD was also the 21st....and I've been checking my account regularly and still no money...
  • I was to get my refund on Monday, I know it was a holiday. But it is still not here in my bank as of now.
  • So has anybody gotton there's who was suppose to get it yesterday? I am also waiting.
  • Is this the message other people are seeing
    We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund. For more information, please continue.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

        Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:

        A copy of this page.
        A copy of your tax return.
        The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
        The date you mailed your return.

    Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
  • I filed my taxes on January 30th and decided to e-file. I have not received my refund after waiting for two weeks.
  • I am responding to the question where's my refund, I was supposed to get my refund yesterday as well as of today still no refund so i called the atual bank that the deposti go thru i was told the IRS  behind schedule and that some deposits may be late due to this reason by a day or two or maybe even a week. It a website where you can log on and check  your status is you had  your fees taken out by turbo tax that web address is and input your info and it will let you know if your refund was released.
  • WMR said Feb 21st....Nothing yet as of yesterday....but last night the WMR said Recieved and Procesing. Never seen that kind of message before.....but maybe its will be processed today sometime. And since Monday was bank may be one day behind. I honestly am not expecting anything until MARCH. My original DD date was Feb 8. I'm tired of waiting. I probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting this years refund. I will update if I recieve mine anytime soon....Don't hold your breath...I also think we should all should be reinbursed due to delays. We didn't get refund in 7-10 days. I think I will just mail mine in next year. Good Luck to all
  • My return was accepted on February 6, 2012. For the longest time the WMR system said it did not have a return for me.  I checked today and I  recieved this message:

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by March 6, 2012.

    So a whole month after it was accepted, not the 21 days that was promised.
  • My fiance and I filed on the same day 2/8. He used H&R Block online and I used Turbo Tax. He got his refund last week and I'm still waiting for mine. It says I should have had my refund by 2/21 and I don't. I will not be using Turbo Tax ever again!
  • Glad to know it not just mine...kinda makes me question doing them this way.  Sure makes you question a lot of things!
  • My refund was due to post on my account yesterday also (2/21/12) and nothing.  I'm hoping it was because of the holiday on Monday.  I called the IRS and their phone lines are busy, their site still shows that my refund would post by 2/21/12 so I'll give it another day before calling back.  I'm sure the holiday had something to do with it...let's hope!
  • Did my return on turbotax because of the 7 to 10 day return claim that they bombarded TV and Internet with.
    Finished the Fed and State on Feb 4th morning. Both were accepted later that day. I Pd for the first time ever
    to have my state taxes done to TT thinking its worth it to get the return back so quickly.  Then the issues with
    Whre's My Refund happened and today is the first day ive been able to get a status and the date is March 6th that I should expect to see it. So over a month to wait is what i really paid for. I am aware Its a buyer beware market. It is what it is.

    However I don't think TT should be marketing a 7 to 10 day return, when
    that process is not dependent on their system and at the mercy of the feds. However, if not legal issues, they've tarnished their name i think.  And like many others, I will probably look with other options next tax year because
    I wrongfully assumed that TT would back up this claim, which they do not. Their system I like very much, their ethics and marketing practices i do not.
  • Mine was also scheduled to DD on 2/21/12. Nothing. I check the WMR website this morning it it said March 6, 2012. I filled on Feb 1, 2012. Ugh!!!
  • I filed mine on 2/3 and it said accepted 2/5 everyone I know who has filed with turbo tax has not recieved their refunds on the estimated date. Today was the first day I had an estimated date on the irs wheres my refund site. It now says March 6th!!! Ugh basically everything they tell you to look at the back sites, irs schedule date, all the phone numbers all of that is incorrect. The only date that is accurate is the estimated date you get on the irs wheres your refund page. So far everyone who has been given a date has recieved within a few days of their date! I however am mad that I wont recieve mine for 30 days since the accepted date!
  • Mine was due february 8th and I still haven't got it....smh
  •  The IRS did not deposit funds to your account as originally expected. The IRS usually makes refund deposits within 9 to 16 days, but your deposit was not received within that period of time. At times the IRS will delay a refund deposit by one week, so you may check back at this site seven days from now. If no deposit is made by then, you should contact the IRS. my tax refund was accepted same day as a friend on feb 12th he got his today, telling me didnt get mine in time, IRS fault? sounds like crap to me..maybe this will help some of you, good luck..
  • Mine said 02/21, I filed on 02/01. Now it says within 6 weeks of received date, which would make it mid-March! Uggg
  • I have been looking at my bank account all morning and I finally got the website and will monitor that until I see the money posted there and the fees are extracted and then I assume in the next 2 days or so I should receive the deposit notification at my banks website. This is nerve racking..... New software??? More audits??? OMG!!!!
  • I too filed 2/3 etc. etc. I just wanted to let everyone know that in the time it has taken to even be acknowledged by the IRS, I could hammered my return out of stone and walked it from sc to the hallowed halls of the irs in DC. By the time I get a deposit I would be better of building  a time machine and travelling light years into the future where my money is!!
    AAARGH. Why can't I charge the Irs late fees and fines and penalties?
  • Today was the first day that I got a date of March 6th, seems like alot of people got that answer. I filed 2/3 and was accepted 2/4. I suspect that the IRS is finally giving out due dates because they are very overwhelmed with all the angry phone calls. I won't count on my refund until its in my account!!!!!
  • I just don't understand it! I e-filed on 2/2 and was accepted same day. After waiting 72hrs, i checked TT for DD date, and it said 2/11. 2/11 came and went no DD, so I checked again and then it said 2/9 - 2/23. I went on IRS WMR and it said they had no record of my return!! Finally today IRS says 3/6 for DD, but TT still says 2/9-2/23???? I have ALWAYS used TT, but not knowing what's going on and the lack of communication, I don't think I'll be doing it again next year. This is beyond disappointing!
  • reading these makes me kind of nervous we finally got a dd date of 2/23 but no later then 2/28... fingers crossed for tomorrow :/
  • This is the first time in years that I have had this problem.. I have used Turbo Tax for 7 years.. I will not use them again. I do not blame them for the delay's but I do not like that they have not given a statement, an apology, or even offered help in resoloving the issue. I will not use them again. I do not know why I would be audited. I made very little money, my information was downloaded from my employer, I did not even enter my own info.. If I was a month late paying the Irs I would surely have some sort of penalty.. Im sure they will not.
  • I am having the same problem my day was from the 20-23 and so far I haven't gotten anything.  When I check the IRS website it says they can't give me any information at this time.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have mind this is sooooo annoying! My boyfriend filed his 2wks ago and turbo tax said his money was deposited on his card on the 17th the balance is still saying zero UGH!
  • I filed taxes on 2/4 and was accepted 2/7 and the date that I was initially given was 2/28 then a week later it was updated to 2/21 and now it is 2/22 and the money is still not in my account.  I can not trust this government, it seems like they say one thing and do another....but if you owe them money they can just reach in your wages and garnish it asap.
  • same here filed on 2/3 never got a date till today which is 3/6 but honestly think the irs is just trying to buy more time so people dont keep callimg them wtf smdh.....
  • WOW!!!! Finally I have SOME kind of an answer!  I don't know if it's safe to believe it but here goes...I filed on 2/2 and it was accepted a few hours later.  Up until today, it kept giving me a message like the IRS had no record of my taxes.  Well FINALLY today WMR shows that my taxes exist and my expectected date is March 6th!  What?! In the mean time, I decided to call the IRS and the rep told me that she shows a "scheduled" DD of 2/27.  That is MUCH better than 3/6.  But time will tell.  I plan to call my bank on Friday to see if they can see a pending deposit by then.  Good luck to ALL including myself!!!
  • i filed using TT on 1/31 and my federal return was accepted the same day. i finally got a response from "where's my refund" (before, they had no record of my return!), and they're saying now that my refund will be there on or about march 6. that's the longest i've ever had to wait for an efiled refund.
Same boat here about the 21st.  However it says that if I check with my husbands SS#.  

If I check with mine it says "We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by March 6, 2012".  Interesting and odd.  We e-filed about 4 weeks ago.

However this is an IRS problem...not TurboTax.
    I just got some answers that I feel alot of you should follow so here it goes. The money goes from irs to turbo tax bank which is university national bank!! They hold the money take out fees and then send it to you. What I was just told was that my bank rejected it and they had to send it in a check! The number to call is 8779087228, Hope this will help some of you and get the information on the money you are needing and wanting.
    • PLEASE READ!!  The IRS is now stating that any returns later than the Feb 3rd will be a MINIMUM of 21 days to process.  As well, this does not include additional time for software audits and FMS.  In the case of FMS, the process starts again and it will be up to an additional 21 days.  
        I will NEVER use TT again!  The website still says that you can get your return in 7-10 days!  That is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!  I am more than willing to be part of a class action lawsuit again TT AND the IRS!!
    Found out that if you go to, and you ARE ABLE to "order a transcript", then your refund should be finished processing.  That would mean mine just finished processing today, with being filed/accepted 2/3.  Now, if only I can GET the refund so I can finally fix my van, and go back to work!
    • My message says:

      Refund Status Results

      We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by February 21, 2012. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience.
      Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

          * Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

      It's the 24th and nothing is showing in my account.
    • I just called the 1-800# that some people had posted and I waited 40minutes with no response! I'm just so concerned about "Where exactly is my refund?" when I do visit the WMR it just states that it is being processed...March 6 blah blah. I filed 2/3 & accepted 2/4. Why?????? What is taking so long?
    • my tax refund was suppose to go in my card on the 21st but today is the 24 ans still no money on my card what do you guys think please help ?
    • my refund was supposed to be deposited on 21st, have  NOTHING yet<  i think the IRS should pay everyone late interest charges.!!!!!!
    • well i filled on the 21st and was accepeted on the 22nd. i waited a month for a deposit date and finally got one that said the 23rd. i called the irs and waited on hold for 45 mins finally i got an answer and my money was deposited on the 23rd but sbtpg and tt said they havent recived it. i asked the irs when and where they sent it they had all the correct information and yet tt has nothing i even went to the office and recived a print out of my deposit information. All i can say is it is TURBO TAX fault. sorry to let ppl know but a few of my friends who filled with out tt got there refunds in orderly time but those of us that used tt is still waiting. if anybody can tell me what i can do to get this resolved...
    • If a person fails to pay taxes or is late paying taxes they face penalties such as fines or jail time. Maybe the IRS should face the same consequences!
    • I filed and was accepted January 31. DD keep changing. Finally a couple days ago states it is being processed. Same message when calling IRS.  SBTG  says DD should have been Feb 8.  Last DD I recieved from WNR stated Feb 21. I hate this waiting game....Waiting til March 6 ...then I don't know what else to do. What is there to do?????? So Disappointed. If and when I reived mine I will post. Praying for all of you!!! I know we all need it
    • Just got an email...get a load of this...there is no offset...already called.....Now Turbo Tax sendt this
      When you filed your 2011 tax return, you chose to use the Refund Processing Service. This service allowed you to pay for the TurboTax services (listed below) by deducting these fees from your expected federal tax refund, instead of using a credit card.
       However, our records indicate that your refund, after adjustment, was insufficient to pay the amount of these fees. Although we have no way of knowing, the IRS may have adjusted your refund to satisfy ex isting debts including child support, back taxes, student loans and state taxes, among other reasons. Because you were not able to take advantage of the Refund Processing Service, you will not be charged the Refund Processing Service fee. Your remaining fees for TurboTax services sum to a balance of $81.13 due to Intuit by 3/23/2012.
      For your convenience, there are three easy ways to pay for your TurboTax fees and services:
      1.Do Nothing. When you signed up for the Refund Processing Service, you provided us with your bank account information and consented to allowing Intuit (through its processor) to debit your bank account in the event the final refund was not sufficient to cover the fees for TurboTax products and services (listed below). Therefore, if you elect not to pay online or by phone by 3/20/2012, we will automatically debit your bank account ending in 2805 in the amount of $81.13 on 3/23/2012.
      2.Pay Online using your credit card @
      3.Call 1-888-808-1723 to pay by phone using your credit card (Sunday through Saturday, 5:00 am – 9:00 pm PST)
      Your Order Number: **************NN



      Sales Tax

      Pour the Salt in the wound
    • IRS is making a mockery of us. Filed on the 10th of Feb and still nothing.
    • Finally this morning my wmr status changed from March 6th to Feb29th.  I filed on 2/2.
    • FINALLY received my refund in my account this morning ! Filed 2/4 accepted same day. Kept getting the no info msg on wmr until just a few days ago when it told me my scheduled DD would be 2/27. Today is 2/25 and it's in my bank ! Keep the faith guys. The refunds are really going out :)
    • Just received my DD this morning. Filled 2/1/11.
    • mine said the same the the 21st and now this morning it states Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 29, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by March 5, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until March 5, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then. So im hoping it will be there now that the words "delays" and "processing" isnt in the equation.
    • Yay!!!!! I filed 1/31 and had a small federal tax offset so I have been getting the 6 week notice for a long time and today on a whim I checked again the WMR and it now has a scheduled deposit date of 2/29!!!! I thought I would never see my money.....there is hope for everyone ;)
    I worked at a bank for 4 years...We do dont work on holidays and The FISERV Processing center does not work holidays either, nor do they process any DD on the holiday. So if you were scheduled/estimated to have your monies DD on the 21st it is most likely going to be DD today...But keep in mind that it could be a number of things holding it up...#1 Processing delays (we are forsure not the only ones flooding them with tax returns...#2 Once the IRS sends your DD through to the bank with it's proper routing number, then it could take a bank anywhere from 2-3 business days to put it into your account...(So the date the IRS is giving is most likely the date your bank has recieved it, but they are also overflowing right now so it could back them up also)...#3 We all are human and make mistakes, so maybe someone put the wrong routing number or account number on the return and it would then go back to the IRS to be resumbited once the IRS sends you a request for an account number and routing number that matched the Bank account name with the name on the return (we see this about 40% of the time)...#4 Also if anyone who is getting a refund and you owe any back taxes, child support, and/or a debt to the IRS that is on behalf of a creditor who sumbited to the IRS a "Tax Return Garnishment" then your estimated/scheduled return date will also be off a few business days because the IRS will pay all those debts sumbited to the IRS to collect  from your Federal Tax Return Garnishment before the IRS sends your DD to your bank... #5 Also if you owe your bank for any overdrafts then they will hold the deposit for 1 business day then process your DD cover your overdrafts and then redeposit the balance of the return into your account...And Turbotax does not know when you file that you owe money so that is why it's called a Estimated/scheduled DD date...#6 We just need to be patient...I know we all need the money and I totally understand, but just look at it like it's in a savings account :0) Have a good day!

    Following below are two definitions (Estimated / Scheduled)...PLEASE READ THEM!!!!

    transitive verb calculate something roughly: to make an approximate calculation of something....

    plan something for a particular time: to plan something to happen at a particular time

    • I just like everyone else had a dd of the 21 came and went with nothing the 22.. nothing and yesterday night when i checked the irs website they dont me I "had a mistake in my information and to go over the ss number status and amount again to make sure it was correct" as i did and kept getting the error message. Guess they finally came to the conclusion that the 21 was the day before yet i had no money. The irs website now says ill get the money the 27th. guess ill just wait
      week... if its not in there monday i dont know what Ill do, im so frustrated!!!
    • Well I have an estimated date of the 21st also and today is what the 23rd!!! So I called up the IRS and I actually got thru to someone! They told me that most of the people who filed in the 1st week of Feb have a hold on there refunds even if they were already accepted! She said not to worry it has nothing to do with me and I will recieve my return, but since the estimated date was 10-21 days it MIGHT be an extra week now (4wks) becuz of this hold crap!!!! U wanna know how to get thru on the phones... call the 1800 numba and dont press 1 when it asks you what u are calling for press something else and jus listen for the number that you would have to talk to someone to get an answer! I dont know if im makin sense but it helped me!!! Good luck peoples....
    • im from pa n ifiled on the 2nd and up till yesterday i got no info at all from any1 n then yesterday morning i got that it was processing n if there wasnt any delays or owe taxes i should get it 3/6. then a couple hrs later it had no info of me filing so i called the irs n they said its scheduled to be dd on 2/27 that it is processed. so u need 2 call 18008290582 and ask if its processed yet. now the wmr says its scheduled for 2/27 if dont get it by 3/2 to call them.
    • So i just talked to a live person finally and if you want to know about your refund then call 1800-829-0582 ext 362. I told them that everytime i check that it gives me different information and this is the response that i got. The IRS has been having alot of issues with the system giving false deposit dates, but i assure you that we are working on the problem. If you had a deposit date of 2/21 then you should recieve your refund on 3/9 and not to check the WMR system until next week for new updates. Please allow use 7-14 to process and deposit your refund.

      I hope this can ease the minds of some.
    • I filed on the Feb 2 and accepted Feb 3. Nothing on WMR at all until yesterday. It finally acknowledge that they had and gave me est. "should be"  of March 6. Today I check again and it gave me a DD date of Feb 27. No should be date a Real date. I hope this helps someone else in the same boat as me. Although I have not recieved my refund yet and am at least relieved that it says something more than nothing.
    • I just got off the phone with the IRS a moment ago. My "refund status" said the same thing so I decided to call after being on hold for 20 mins.. The representative told me that the IRS received my documents on the 13th (even though TurboTax and the IRS had accepted it on the 8th) and from the 13th date, I have to wait 3 weeks.. She also said online is not updated and most refund expectant dates are not correct for the general public.  Therefore, even though it said "by the 21st" it is not updated. She couldnt give me an exact date, but said to call back after 3 wks after the 13th.  I cant believe it is taking so long this year.  This is really ridiculous.  Hope this helps you out some.
    • I filed 2-2 and talked with someone tuesday and she said recd and being processed and DD will be 3-6-12 then I went the the WMR yesterday and it said 3-6 and I just went this morning and it says 2-27 and if not then give till 3-3 and call! Hope that helps anyone
    • I just got off the phone with the IRS a moment ago. My "refund status" said the same thing so I decided to call after being on hold for 20 mins.. The representative told me that the IRS received my documents on the 13th (even though TurboTax and the IRS had accepted it on the 8th) and from the 13th date, I have to wait 3 weeks.. She also said online is not updated and most refund expectant dates are not correct for the general public. Therefore, even though it said "by the 21st" it is not updated. She couldnt give me an exact date, but said to call back after 3 wks after the 13th. I cant believe it is taking so long this year. This is really ridiculous. Hope this helps you out some.
    • Same thing here Turbo Tax needs to get its act together.
    • My husband has been waiting on his check since the Feb, 16 it finally hit the Bank this morning, so there is hope for all that is waiting.
    • I filed on 2/2 and was accepted on 2/2.  I still show a date of 3/6 for deposit.  I called the IRS this morning.  I spoke with a really nice person.  She told me that mine was almost finished processing and that there were no notes or errors on my return.  She thought that I should have direct deposit sometime next week.  So there is hope for all of us with that 3/6 deposit date!
    • i have the same problem my dd is feb 21st and it has come and gone, I called the irs and it says it is being processed and to call back after the 21st and i cant get into anything else just the same message.
    • When I checked irs web site this morning it said mine was direct deposited yesterday but i still have not seen it.
    I have a friend that had a date when the deposit was suppose to deposited.  She was able to contact the IRS and found that her student loan was in default and the return was sent to them.
    • Last night and this morning it said it was being processed and now it says we have no information. Already called my bank...they have nothing. Our tax dollars at work. I'm not even mad anymore....I'm speechless.
    • I filed my return on Jan 21st accepted on the 22nd, why in the hell does WMR still say Feb 7th?
    • Well, the IRS changes its guidelines more often than a frog sheds its hair, so it's not the fault of DD.  The Obama government, you know--transparent, communicative, etc.  Oh, well.  We really need a "Fair Tax." an these problems will disappear overnight.  If you need more info on the Fair Tax, place this term in the Google search box.  Additionally, don't bite for the Value-Added tax--it's the European model, and look at them now!  BTW, the present IRS code is about 60,000pages long!!!!  Good luck.
    • My son filed with h&r the same day I filed here with turbo tax (2-4). He got his refund today. I got a message at WMR to expect a deposit on 3-6. Next year I will be using h&r block also!!!!
    • I filed and was accepted on 2-1.  First due date showed mar 6... then changed to feb 28.. now feb 21.. but no deposit.  So i called IRS...  was told first i was within normal days so no worries. then he dug deeper since 21st had past and came back and said lots of refunds from first week required manual corrections, but not on our side. He said there were no taxes owed, etc ..

      Then he said expect refund in 2 more weeks... which puts it around March 6...

      This is not cool.
    • What I find odd is that I filed on 2/4 and was accepted that day. TT said dd 2/15, then there were all the postings of "new software for our protection" from the IRS - they could have installed that WAY before tax season. Anyway so I patiently waited and checked WMR site DAILY, it always said "info not entered correctly" But I am educated and can read so I saw where the IRS said "hey, we know you probably filed but WMR isn't working for everyone" so I kept waiting and waiting until 2/21 (yesterday) I called the IRS - Thank GOD I did....after an extremely long, long wait time the lady came on, searched my info and basically said, yours has just been sitting!!!! Not even in today LO and BEHOLD I checked WMR and it said a date of 3/6!! And they don't want you to call? Why? I wasted weeks being patient when if I would have called they could have seen mine was just sitting there in limbo.
    • I filed and got accepted on 1/25 and still showing code 9001... that's so wrong!
    • Turbo tax states the returns processed on the 4th will be here by the 25 but IRS.GOV now has changed there previous date and now say it will arrive no later than March, 6th???
    The IRS is scheduled to release money on Wednesday. If you check the Tuesday before your DD date and the date does not move forward  to the Wednesday before, you are going to be delayed. I"ve only heard of money being released on Wednesday and in 1 case a Friday
    • - "looks to me like a turbotax issue"
      - "I will never use turbotax again"
      - "I've used turbotax for 93 years, this will be my last!!"
      - "turbotax can't tell me anything about where my money is"

      Some of you people are so clueless... all turbotax does is electronically fill out a form for you and send it to the IRS.  At the point that you receive an IRS acceptance email, their work is 100% complete.  They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the delays you are experiencing.  

      And no, I don't work for TT or give a rats a** about their well being as a company... it just bothers me to see such ignorance.
    • i filed 2/3 and was accepted and acknowledged 2/3... finally got scheduled dd of 2/23..... now wwr site say they have no info again as of right now..... now what?????????
    • from what i undrstand and have seen they r realeasing different days of the week this year
    • Originally we were told under my husband's social security number that it would be the 28th.  Then it said the 21st.  Yesterday came and went and NOTHING.  No deposit.  Then I checked under MY social security number (we filed jointly) and it said it would be there by the 28th.  I don't believe anyone there knows what they're doing.  I guess we just sit here waiting on it.  If it was the other way around they'd be up in our behinds about it.
    • i did mine thru tt 2/3   I did my friends thru hrblock 2/7... she had her deposit in her bank by 2/15????????
    • funny.... i just used my ssn instead of my husbands and its back to scheduled dd 2/23
    Your return is going to be delayed for a long time. The IRS doesn't pay out on Tuesday. If the date isn't a Wednesday, you are going to be delayed. Call
    • i did call and i know for a fact people are getting their deposits different days of the week this year...hopefully it will be there tomorrow
    • I'm right there with you all!!!!! I filed mine on 2/8/2012 and the first response I got when I check was no info.. then finally a week later, My expected refund date is 2/28/2012. Then thinking maybe it would still come early like last year. I check where's my refund again, it states my expected refund dates is 2/21/2012. Well giving the benefit of the doubt do to the Holiday on Monday, I figured, ooh  it should be in there wed. Guess what its still not in my account....I'm NOT going to use TT again.. I mean all this hassle I should have just waited till march to file my taxes after I have to Pay freaking $30 to pay my State tax of only $6 thinking I'll get my money back quick, so I wont worry about the $30.. I think they Should refund me my dang $30 back... Anyway I'm still waiting on my refund... AnywayI pray we ALL get our money soon!!!!! HECK I think the IRS should owe US all some money for waiiting!!!
    • im pretty sure it has to be a scheduled dd date.
    • filed/accepted 2/3, on 2/17 WMR gave date of 3/6.  Called IRS today, was told they JUST got to mine THIS WEEK.  New projected date?  3 weeks or so!   Checked back at WMR tonight, and now NO INFO.  Friggin' IDIOTS rolling out new software at busiest tax time should be FIRED.
    • what is the number to irs where you can actually speak to a live person...??
    • wheres my refund has been down since early this am,   uuuuuughhh!!
    I also checked WMR and got thr answer of the 21st. The number is 1-800-829-1040 to speak to a live person you must punch 000 but WARNING; THEY DONT KNOW ANYTHING!! it seems as if they are just as clueless as the rest of us and have a attitude like we owe them..Geesh!
    • I spoke with irs today and they told me I have to wait 3 more weeks. My dd was 2/21. Now the way I c it. It comes when it does. This is like watching a nfc playoff game
    • im still waitting on my too. irs told me my dd date was feb 7 and today is feb 22 and im mad as hell too
    • i filed on feb 3 was accepted the same day, wasnt able to check status untill 2/17/12 which said projected date would be march 6, then i got a due date of feb 24.  this has been so frusterating, but in hindsight maybe if there wasnt so much identity fraud and people trying to hack into there record database there wouldnt be such a delay
    I sent mine via web on 2/7 and TODAY my return is being processed and I can expect my refund BY 3/6
    • So I am in the same boat, filing 2/9 and had a dd expected on 21st.  I know the difference between expected and scheduled, so I probably will be waiting until as late as 2/24 or Wednesday 2/29, maybe even 3/2 according to the news I've been finding.  SO HEARS WHAT I'VE FOUND:  I heard that the bank tellers are explaining in several banks that the IRS deposits on Wed and Fridays.  Why they choose any other date, but there you have the bank info straight from the horses mouth.  Also, FOR ALL THOSE FOLKS THAT THINK IT MIGHT BE OR IS TURBO TAX, rest assured it's not.  Two ways to know is you can call your local tax preparers and they'll tell you it's nationwide and it IS the IRS.  Then I simply googled "IRS delays returns".  Got a whole slew of news from NY Times to ABC updated daily brief news.  So again, there you have it.  I wish I could say that I wouldn't use Turbo Tax again, but that wouldn't solve any future problems, as it's the IRS that is causing all this. I've been using TT for 7 years and love it!  I'd reccomend it to everyone!  Saved me lots of money having to pay someone else to do it!   hope this helps. Just remember, there are other places reach for to get information on the delays, but in all in all, we are all screwed by the IRS and no one else to blame, AGAIN!
    • This year has been such a mess !!!!   SBBT says my deposit date 2/15, WMR says 2/21, Live person at IRS said they only received my return 2/13 even though I was quoting date, time down to second (2/3 @ 8:08:05pm) irs lady said I was wrong and it was the 13th. and I am looking at 1st week in March at earliest. Yeppers ! this is why I paid 30 to TT and 30 to SBBT so I would get it faster <<BIG eyeroll>>   
      No one is taking responsibility. You call one they give you a number and say call the other one...sheesh !
    • All I know is that I am never ever using TurboTax ever again! It is horrible, not even a support line or anyone to talk to.
    • My return was accepted around late January and it's the 23rd of February will still nothing.  Where's My Refund still says the same "will be sent 6 weeks from accept date blah blah" and I'm starting to really wonder.  Anyone know what's going on?
    • I am wondering since we pay TT and who ever else to get our money back quickly and goingon 4 weeks is not quickly if they are going to refund us our money.
    • So, does anybody else who had a DD of the 21st  get their money yet. Still sitting here with nothing :-(
    • The IRS told me that my scheduled date was today the 23rd of Feb. and sure enough at 5:30 am it's there. I did DD and it was no problem. Yuo should have it soon if not already.
    • Our dd date was also the 21st of Feb...under my husbands ss#...under mine it says the 28th...we also filed jointly...I also called irs and the man said everything looked fine and give it another week, if money isn't deposited by then to call back...I will agree it is not TT's fault for the delay, however they do receive money from us for a service...this money should be refunded to us because TT was more than likely aware of the issues at hand...the money that TT takes from us is to pay for "rapid refund" which is a "loan" from another bank...kwim?  It is my understanding the deposit for our refund was to be coming from a bank in Minnesota...that tells me that bank puts the money in our account then is reimbursed by the IRS with our funds correct?  Therefore, I do believe we should be refunded the fees deducted from our refund for this "speedy" service...TT and all other tax services had to become aware at some point before millions of people are wondering where their money is at...Truth be known, our money is being delayed so someone can draw interest off of it...IRS...TT...doesn't matter....we should be refunded money for the service unrendored!
    • Mine was the 21st and still nothing.......
    The IRS deposits on multiple days, not just Wednesdays and Fridays. They use a multitude of systems for direct deposit AND it also depends on your bank. If you used SBTG to deduct fees from your return, that will also delay it a couple days, a few days if you have a smaller bank than one of the big ones like Chase, Bank of America etc
    • I was given the same expected date and still haven't received my refund.  How do I go back and look at the bank information that i submitted?
    • You can also go to  to see if the money has been put into thereback yet.. it will take 3 to 4 days for it to be sent to your acct
    • I efiled on jan 31.  I had gotten a DD date of 2/14 which was removed and ended up in the " no info on this claim" list.  I just got off the phone with the IRS and was told that a letter would be mailed out on March 5th. No other info other than an issue with my return. So, I am not in processing, no refund scheduled. I have to just sit tight and wait to see what the letter says. Not a happy camper. My feelings...TT messed up with the transmission or IRS messed up with the reception of the transmission. Oh well, it is what is for now.
    • I completed my return on the 4th of Feb.... from reading, where can I find the "DD" date?
    • My said it was deposited 2/21 and it wasn't there.  Just looked now and it says it will be deposited on 2/27.  So IRS, says it was deposited, then changed the date 2 days after it was supposed to be deposited.  Did anyone test the processes at the IRS, prior to putting this information out there live?
    I hope this helps some of you...

    I filed and was accepted on 2/2. TT estimated my DD was 2/11, which came and wet and was then changed to 2/9 - 2/23. WMR only gave me a DD of 3/6 yesterday. This morning he portion of my refund I had DD into my credit union was there, but not my regular bank. I went back on WMR to see if he info had been updated and now it says that funds were being deposited on 2/27, and that any funds not available in my acct by 3/3 I should call my bank and have them look for it in the pending deposits. Best wishes to you all. Finally a bit of relief after a tedious wait.
    • Filed on 02/09 and was accepted the same day. WMR message until last night said I should get a refund by 2/21 as many people got and we all know it didn't happen... by this morning the message changed and it now says it's scheduled to be dd on 2/27 and to check with my bank if I don't get it by 3/03.
      Hopefully this "sheculed" status really means more then the previous "should" status as people commented here before...  I'll update as soon as something change.
    • Jesus people, THIS IS NOT TURBO TAX'S FAULT. It is the IRS'. Just google anything along the lines of "IRS REFUND DELAY."

      For everyone saying "I'll never use TT again." Come on. Keep up with the news. I'm pissed off that I filed over two weeks ago and haven't gotten mine yet, but get a grip!
    • I just talked to someone at 8008290582 ext 362 and they had said not to even bother with the wmr site because it isnt working right this year. I was expecting a dd date of the 28th originally then it had moved to the 21st for processing delays on wmr. I had gotten my email notification that the irs accepted mine on the 6th, however the lady from irs told me it wasnt accepted until the 9th and that I wouldnt need to worry until after 3 weeks from that date. However she did say also that there is a week delay that everyone should be aware of. My advice is to call the number, wait the 20 minutes on hold and get the info you really need to know what is going on with your refunds! They are very helpful with providing you information that you need to know! Hope this helps you!
    • If you are depending on your refund to pay bills then ur a COON!!!
    • I called and am glad I did.  The wait time is 15+ min but worth it.  FYI, I filed on 2/2 accepted on 2/3...WMR did not show anything for 2 weeks.  About 1.5 wks ago WMR stated processing & you will receive by 2/21.  Under wife's SS# it stated 2/28.  IRS agent said it will be DD on Feb. 28th...fingers crossed they are correct.
      Thanks to those of you who are posting with real updates and not just complaining about who's at fault.
    • was accepted 2/2 finally gave me a scheduled dd of 2/24 last week. checked again today and now it only says its being processed anyone else run into the same issue?
    • mine was accepted 2/4 the wheres my refund  came up last week should receive 3/6 guessing from sources here and news that its due to that computer failure also heard the irs is watching closer this year for audits mistakes what have you,if you take 21 /30 i guess they are 9 or 10 days behind for one reason or another..
    • Mine stated 28th last week, then the 21st this week; now it says no data available.  There website still must not be accurate.
    • My return was accepted on Feb. 2nd on TT

      I called the IRS at: 1-800-8290582 ext 362

      After 18minutes

      The very nice representative told me that I should have gotten my refund yesterday, then she double checked. She then told me that I should expect a notice to go out on Feb 27th to me. It could be a request for further information or a investigation notice! She has no clue. I am on widow's SS Benefits (they know how much money I get, the Government sends it out!) and I claimed my three children, and my college fees that I actually paid this year, (which I received from the college).  WTH would they be investigating me for? That's BS. So is this a notice to say I should be getting my return on March 6th...or WTH????? I thought I should warn all of you! Make the people double check. She tried to give me the generic 10-21 day waiting period too. That has obviously passed. Now not only is my return delayed, they are sending me some letter or notice? This is ridiculous!
    • I filed on 2/14 and my return was supposed to be deposited on 2/21. I have checked the IRS website and it continues to state 2/21. As of today, 2/23 no refund.
      Refund Status Results
      Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 27, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by March 3, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until March 3, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.
    • Where is my Refund status stated that I would recieve a refund Febuary 27 then it changed to no information found.
      Did this happen to anyone else? The telephone system still says Febuary 27.
    • Filed through TT on 2/11 & accepted on 2/14... Received my state tax 3 days later! Awesome. However my federal tax according to WMR says I should have received it by 2/21 blah blah blah well I check my account online 6x's since then STILL no money. Called the bank for a pending deposit. NONE! & talked to many other frustrating people on FB awaiting there money who filed in early Jan. & people that filed between 2/7-2/15 some have already received their money. Ughhhhh! Then I read on statuses that some of those delay refunds should receive it in the next 2 days. WE all want our damn money. IRS get on the ball!!!!
    • I filed electronically and it was accepted by the IRS on February 4th. Nothing showed in WMR until February 22nd and it showed a direct deposit date of March 6th.
    • WMR stated my expected refund date was 2/28 on my app that was accepted on 2/14, then changed the expected refund date to 2/21 and added, "you should receive your refund by Feb 21,2012." It's 2:30p PT and I have yet to receive it. Does it change to "scheduled" prior to sending? And why?
    • My return was accepted January 29, is now February 23, 2012 and still no direct deposit.  At first, it was to be deposited 2/14/12 and then because of processing delays it was pushed back to 2/21/12.  I checked the "Where's My Refund" on the IRS website and it said it was schedueled to be direct deposited on 2/23/12.  It is now 6:41 p.m. on 2/23/12 and STILL NOTHING!!  When I get on the "Where's My Refund" again, now it says no matching information??  To say I am frustrated would be an understatement.
    • @jkwaiting, The date on MWR was March 6th yesterday and today it changed to SCHEDULED to be deposited on FEB 27th.......Hope this helps
    • I spoke will someone today and most likely your return is being reviewed and you'll receive a letter in the mail and it may or may not as for additional information
    • @JOJO19820, Thanks for your comment. I ended up calling the IRS and spoke with a lady that reiterated what has been posted by many others. The dates on WMR are all messed up this year because they tried to do something new and they installed a program to review returns to check to see if the are fraudulent. She was unable to give me any other specifics about my future believable dd received date and reiterated that it can take up to three weeks to get a dd refund. I will continue to check WMR to see if it does change to a "scheduled" dd date.
    • We were suppose to have ours on the 21st also and nothing still, then I check the site to check on my federal return and today it changed from the 21st to, it could be 3 weeks :-(
    • I Filed on 2/7/12 and accepted the same day.  for a long time WMR said no info and then it said 2/28/12.  ANd then it went back to no info and a few days ago it said my refund was scheduled to deposit on 2/23 and I received it this morning at 4:43am.  hope everyone gets theirs soon.
    • Where my money go?
    • I filed on 02/04 it took a week to show an expected date of 02/28 on IRS site, then changed to 02/21..To date I have received nothing. Spoke to IRS rep who told me my refund is 'in process' if I dont receive anything by 02/27 to call them back.
      I was a service rep for insurance company for many years and when they screwed something up we were always advised by managment to tell customers 'its being processed or in processing'. So in a nutshell the IRS clearly screwed something up big time its not just their website, every year I use TT and have always gotten my refund within 10-14 days. I believe this one is on the IRS head not TT.
    • I did my taxes with TT on 1/28 and WMR said Feb. 7 Received on Feb.7 > Did my sons on2/5 with TT and same for him said the 22 and received the 22 > Did my Boyfriends on feb 1 said the 13th but then on the 13th it said processing and if nothing wrong should be within 6 weeks  now no info > what is up? and on mine and my sons I did the free version and no issues. for my boyfriends paid 30$ and all messed up> been with TT for 5 YR and never a problem till I paid for better and faster service WOW never again! just show what your dollor means. but cant blame TT for every thing!
    • I was told different answers by the reps.
      1st rep I spoke to was on feb 21st; was told expect DD by march 7th
      2nd rep I spoke to was on feb 22nd; was told expect DD by march 4th
      I filled Feb. 4th, Accepted Feb 5th. Have been prossessing for 18days.
    • I am having the same problem.  I filed my taxes two weeks ago.  I got the state refund on Tuesday.  IRS initially said the 28th and now it says the 21st.  I still haven't received it.  Hopefully, I will get home from work early enough to call them.  If I get a different answer or I get my refund, I will let everyone know.
    • I filed Feb. 15th and it was really late at night and 30 mins later all mine was excepted and i got my state deposited Feb. 22 and i my status says my refund is scheduled to be deposited Feb. the 24 witch is tomorrow. so hope i get it!!!!!
    • I just check on and the info said "Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by March 6, 2012."   I'm pretty ticked that i was originally told by tt that it would take 8-10 days and the irs website says at minimum of 3 weeks.  and now it will take at least another additional week!   Pissed!
    • Update:  I filed on 2/3 -- accepted 2/3.   Nothing on WMR for 2 weeks.  Called IRS.   Gentleman told  me they, indeed, did have my return on the 3rd, which means TT did their job.  After that point, it is in the IRS hands, not TT's.  TT is done with it.  The IRS said there were delays.  Expect three weeks processing, stating the 24th should be done with processing.  Finally  last week, Mar. 6 date (expected date) was given on WMR.   A few days later it changed to "Scheduled DD, if you don't receive it within this amount of time call "  that scheduled DD date was for the 24th.  The $ was in SBBT, in fact, yesterday morning.  Funds are in my personal banking account this morning.  So, at least in my case, TT did their job, sent my return on the 3rd to the IRS.
    • filed on the 3rd and now a dd date of 2/28 yessssssssss
    • TT is awesome!  It's the IRS that has failed so many of us - surprise! still don't have my refund....  Hopefully the IRS will be able to fix their glitch sooner rather than later.  Hopefully this will not happen next year.
    • Mine says it was suppose to be here on 21 as well and still on 24 nothing as of yet.
    • Smiley1211 - I had the same exact situation filed 2/3 accepted on 2/3, the only difference is mine fianlly said March 6th on 2/22, then on 2/23 said is should be deposited on 2/27 and if I don't receive it by 3/3 to call them.  I checked this morning and it now says:

      Your tax return has been received and is being processed.

      If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be issued:
      within six weeks of the received date.

      This is very frustrating!!!!!!
    • I am having this problem too - the IRW website indicated we should have our return on 2.21.  That day came & went - nothing.  I then checked using my husbands SS#, married filing joint (SAME RETURN) and the date is 3.6.12.

      This is really annoying.
    • I am also still waiting..this is the first time i have used tt and i am so disgusted!!!
    • I have used tt 3 years, and i dont have claim about their. but i dont know what happen with the irs. i made my refund 22 feb, and i havent got it. and i chose dd.i am disgusted with the irs.
    • mine also said it would be here the 21st and still nothing as well. that must have been what they told everybody
    • For all those frustrated at Turbo Tax, forget it...this is NOT TTs fault.  If you go to the IRS site and they say they have your return then TT did their job.  This is ALL on the IRS' shoulders.  They didnt do their job in updating their computers and software for this on time.  We will all get our returns, but just remember your government is basically broke...the last 3 years of printing $7 Trillion dollars in new money has broke the bank.  Mine says 21st so I expect it on or before the 28th as they first said.
    • Here is what the IRS website states, "We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by February 21, 2012. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience".

      I have used Turbo Tax for the past few years and always had a quick turn around with my direct deposit. It is problematic and my stupid fault for depending on this return; however, I hope someone can help process this in a timely fashion!
    • Well...I got excited the other a dd of 3/6 ....said to myself finally something but why a whole month form my filing date. Then I checked yesterday...Excited again bumped up to 2/27....YAY!!!! NO...Check this morning WMR say your return is has been recv and being process...expected date 6weeks. WTH!!!! Somebody over there at the IRS is doing something totally wrong.
    • Ok ...just checked SBTPG.COM....TT has my refund from th IRS and 1-2days processing....WHAT A RELIEF!!!!! So those of you that are waiting this is one way to check to see where your refund is. This the bank that processes for TT.
    • I had the same problem as everyone else. I filed mine on 2/14.  It was accepted and received a confirmation email saying it should be deposited somewhere between the 2/21 and 3/6.  Then I checked the IRS WMR website. It said what everyone else said. That they accepted my return, and the expected deposit will be the 21st.  To wait till after then to call.  Well, I considered that Monday was a holiday, and since most tax money is deposited n a Monday or Friday, I gave it till today.  Still nothing.  So, I checked the TPG bank.  They have received nothing.  So, I went back into the IRS website and rechecked it.  It says the same thing.  But then since I used my husband's information, I did it again with my SS# and it says the deposit should be on 2/28.  
      Now it's the same return, using both SS#, but the IRS gives different dates.  BTW, I don't blame Turbo Tax. I've used them for almost ten years and they always did what we pay them to do.  They process the returns and electronically file it for us.
      It's the IRS.  Maybe they are behind, or what.  Or maybe it's just our tax dollars, hard at work.  Now, how about that for Irony?
    • I think the 21st is the lynch pin!  Something went wrong, and they havent updated the IRS site.  I used turbo tax for state also, and got that last week Friday! UGH
    • I have used TT for many years and this is the first time that it took this long to receive the funds from the IRS...I used to got accepted the same day...and if I filed by the middle of the week, I received my refund in my account the following weeks Friday...but yes, don't understand what is going on this year with the IRS, they are the ones that release our funds....I am in the same boat with all of you.....waiting and hoping....and waiting and hoping....
    • The where's my refund site says that mine was direct deposited on the 17th, and I still haven't gotten it! I waited a few days because there was a bank holiday, but now a week later, nothing.
    • gotta love the irs they can be late paying us but dont be late paying them
    • mine was suppose to be the 21st as well. The 24th still no sign of it.
    • I file my taxes though tubotax on Jan 14 and Jan 17 is when they suppose to be processing all returns , the first date was jan 29, then it  went to feb,21st then to feb 28, now it saying six wks from the date it was received Hell Idk when I'm going to get it i'm mad though cause now i'm staying at my moms and trying to get another car , job etc. this is putting my jump start back.
    • I also have not received my DD.  The IRS website says I should have it by Feb 21st but it is now the 24th.  Where is my tax return????
    filed 2/3, accepted 2/3, first DD date 4-23, then 3/6. After talking to IRS agent on Tuesday, was told it was just then being looked at, so wouldn't get refund until middle to end of March. Just checked WMR, and this was there: "Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 29, 2012". I was able to order transcripts of my return yesterday, so that meant it was processed. I sure hope the money gets here by then, or Sooner!
    Hope this helps somebody feel better, that things are slowly moving along.
    • .I couldn't be more excited but I will also say that I won't believe it till I see it LOL
    • I filed on 02/04/12 & the IRS accepted on 02/05/12. I finally got an update on states that my DD is scheduled for 02/29/12...about freaking time. I knew once I was able to order a transcript on 02/24/12 my return was finshed processing. A week ago WMR said that it "should be" deposited by 03/06/12. I just hope that it is actually deposited when it says so. I am glad this year has not been a year that I really needed it otherwise I would be one of the most aggitated people you could come in contact with. My fingers will be crossed for all of us to get it sooner rather than later.
    • @ jersey did you use the turbo tax card?? They released my funds on friday and I was hoping for it to post this morning but no luck!
    • Our return was filed and accepted Jan 24th, expected date was the 1st, then it was changed to the 21st.  We still have not received our refund.  Now the website doesn't even give an expected date.  Can't talk to a live person to save my life, keeps sending me to the recording that you will receive your refund 10-21 days after being accepted.  Well it has been 33 days.  It is super frustrating, my husband is deployed, and I can't work since I am a single mom right now to our three kids.  We need our refund...... would be nice to know what's going on :/
    • Mbosci...First and foremost thanks to your husband for his service to our country.  If I were you, I would I would call the IRS.  To get through to someone call the main number on ther website. Press the button for questions about you taxes, not about your refund.  You may be on hold for awhile,but eventually you will get to talk to someone.
    • call the 18008290582 ext 362 wait time will be betweeen 15-30 minutes depending on call volume but you will get a live rep that can pull up your info.
      Posting  what I just found out.  Hope this helps some of you:

      eFiled thru TT on 2/9; accepted by IRS 2/9.  WMR first showed expected refund date to be 2/28, then last week, it switched to "We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by February 21, 2012. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience"

      Waited until today (2/24)  to call IRS.  Called 1-800-829-0582, ext 362.  Wait time 15 minutes.   Agent told me that my return was going to go out on 2/29 to DD. Could take up to 5 days for the bank to process it. Told Agent I'd been efiling for years, and this was the longest wait for DD I'd ever had; was there a problem?  Was told IRS had used new system this year.  Technically, the refund is not late--the IRS says the normal processing time is 10 - 21 days.

      So, if you are worried, give them a call, on or after the date that WMR tells you. They're available 7am - 7pm, your local time.  They're just having processing problems.  Annoying, but what can you do?
      • IRS, own up to your own mistakes and quit telling people this is "normal." I can't believe they are telling people that! No, getting my refund back within 10-14 days of filing=normal...Getting my refund back 4-6 weeks after they've accepted my return that I filed via e-file=NOT normal. I have heard a number of people say the IRS is sending them a check when they specified DD.....I will flip out if they do that!

        Anyone expecting a DD of 02/27/12? Now, I know it takes my bank no more than one business day to process a DD. That is because I do it for other things all of the time. I paid the fees out of pocket so it will not go to TT first. What do you bet me I don't see it next week at all???
      • I filed on feb 9th and accepted the same day, I have been getting the processing message since then and it first stated I should get in on Feb 28th and was changed to Feb 21...still noting and occasionally i get the message where they said i put in the wrong info, very strange but i guess we r at their mercy.
      • I know the feeling.  I had my federal return submitted and accepted on 2/2 and am still waiting.  I have been told a few different answers, and the last one from the IRS saying there were some which were ran twice, hence the delay.  My return is now scheduled March 6.  33 days later....  Good luck.   They are always quick to take our money, but offer no real answer as to their delay in giving back ours.
      • mine says it would be deposited on the $$$$
        We used TT last year and got the $ within a week...earlier than projected.
        Whats up this year?  Its been almost 3 weeks!!!!
        pretty frusterated!!!!
      • I am also one of the ones who is waiting  for my taxes to come through, It said it would be the 21st which has wet and gone. I am only a little upset that I am a single mom and I have been waiting so long to get theses bills in order and now it seems like seeing the tax money is not going to happen. I would like to not deal with this drama but due to the craziness we all have to eventually we will all get it and we will be able to take care of business good luck with you all!
      • My return was accepted on JAN 23rd and I just now got a DD today and it is by MARCH 6th!!! Six weeks after I was accepted...I am not counting on it as I have seen dates come and go.
      • I filed on 1/31 and accepted the same day...WMR said I should received my refund by 2/21....still WMR is just saying they received my refund and it is processing
      • I have a due date of 2/21 as well. Still nothing in my account. I used TT last year the money was in my account within a week, this time around I've waited a little over 3 weeks now. Ridiculous. I want my $.
      • My Wheres my Refund status also showed to be deposited on the 21st and I still have not received it as of today (22nd).  Per the IRS website it says if it was not there on the 21st I should check with them but getting through is almost impossible.  I am hoping it will show up tomorrow and put my concerns to rest!  Anyone else in this situation I would like to hear your outcomes!
      • I just spoke with the IRS and the gentleman pretty much told me that anyone who is having a delay is being checked for tax fraud and identity theft. He said it can take up to 4 weeks just to process this before I even get a dd date. I also checked the web site and now it says that I may have entered my information incorrectly so they once again have no information on me... This is more than p*&!!ing me off. Has anyone else heard of this?
      • I filed and was accepted on 2/3, had a DD date of today 2/22. Still have not received anything.
      • I have been using Turbo Tax for close to 10 years now and I have always gotten my returns on the 10th day after submitting them.  These delays are not the fault of TT...this is entirely the IRS's doing.  You know why there are delays right?!?!  Do you know how many millions in interest they are making for every day that goes by.  They are using our money to make money.  Smart on their part...too bad it is us hardworking tax payers that have to suffer.  

        Oh, and my status shows the following:
        We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by March 6, 2012.  Best of luck to you all!   Some words of advise...don't spend it until you have it!  :o)
      • tammykonk you should delete your internet history and try going to the website again you should get some information
      • I filed on 2/2/2012 and the IRS said today mine will be in the on 3/6/2012. Over a month after I filed and My son went
        thru H&R Block he filed on 2/1/2012 and got Fed. on 2/7/2012. I think someone droped the ball.
      • I just wanted to give you guys information that was given to me. I called the irs and they gave me the date that the money was released. I told them it was not in my account and they told me to contact the person which whom I did my taxes through, so i found this contact us on turbo tax and called them. They said once irs says they have release it it should be available to you dd in 2 to 3 days. I was one of the pissed people but they gave me answers to my questions and now i feel better. If it posted by tomorrow night I will blow a gasket but this is what helped me... Will post tomorrow if and when it was posted to my account but make the call not matter what they say and get the answers you need so you can feel at rest. The number for turbo tax i can not give because you have to have an incident number but give it try and i hope it helps!!!!
      • I E-Filed and was accepted through Turbo Tax on Feb. 8 2012. My girlfriend however, filed using TAXACT on Feb 1(during the time that tax returns were to be affected by the new IRS software) and was accepted the same day. She received her refund on Feb 8 2012. I am however getting conflicted dates from the "Where is my Refund" page. It went from having no information for about a week to a refund date of Feb. 28th to a refund date of Feb 21st...but still no money. I called the IRS, they send you straight to an automated person that tells you to call back later or tomorrow. The page tells me that the IRS has not deposited my money and I may have to wait an additional week or even longer. A lot of confusion, a lot of run around and not nearly enough money being given back. Very frustrating.
      • I am in the exact same boat. I have been waiting for my refund to post and still nothing. I have friends and family that did theirs a whole week after I did, and they already got theirs. Maybe I should've paid to have someone do it? Maybe Turbo Tax processes a little late? I don't know, I do these things myself because I've been doing taxes for a while now. It's just funny that when you "owe" the government money, they are so fast to take it from you, but when they "owe" you money, they takes extremely long...catching a pattern?
      • I was supposed to get mine yesterday as well.. although it said it would take 7-10 days its now been almost three weeks. My sister was also supposed to get hers yesterday which she did. I still dont have anything in my account though and the irs website still says to expect direct deposit yesterday...
      • There is a light at the end of the Tunnel!  I filed 2-12 and my return was accepted within 24hrs by the IRS and CA.  WMR gave me an estimated date of 2/28.  Well the money is in my checking account as of this morning!  It seems that they are getting their act together :)  Now let's see if the state will step up this week...
      • Central Valley Sam...I am happy that you got your refund, but I feel bad for those of us who filed on 2/2 and have a direct deposit date of 3/6.  Go Figure?
      • I have not received my refund either it states the 21st but nohing. I called the irs and the lady ask me what did their website read. So I guess 10 til 21 days. I am depending on my check to also pay bills. This really shows me that the economy is in a worse place then the government is letting on.
      • yeah they said that my was suppose to be here the 21st also and i just checked it today the 22nd and i still have not received it
      • I filed and was accepted on the 6th.  Originally spouses WMR showed a date of 2/28. Last week it changed to 2/21. No money yet and site says still processing.   We filed a joint return and on WMR for my SSN it shows DD of 2/28/  What the heck?  I am really getting angry, where the heck is my money and when am I actaully going to get it?
      • Can somebody please tell me what. Umber at the IRS you are calling to get a LIVE person??? I only get automated systems and i want to talk to a REAL person! Smh
      • Mine also says i should receive my refund the 21st. No money :(
      • Wow, it sounds as though alot of us are in the same boat.  It is extreamly madening.  I am in the middle of purchasing a home, this delay is causing so much extra stress.  Uuuuggggghhhhhhh
      • My refund was to be on the 21st of February and here it is the 22nd. I still have not reveived it.  Has anyone else received thiers.
      • FINALLY....  have a date of March 6, 2012.     I filed on 2/3 was accepted soon after.   I've checked WMR everyday since 2/7.    At one point I even hoped to receive my refund by 2/10 -- needless to say that did not happen !!     TODAY, finally, I have a Direct Deposit Date of 3/6 on WMR.     Let's keep our fingers crossed that the backlog is finally moving along.    Good luck to everyone getting their long awaited refunds.    To avoid this problem next year -- I've changed my W-4 to be MARRIED (rather than Single) with FIVE depends (rather than zero)....   I'll hold my own money this year thanks!
      • Same. Accepted 2/3 finally got a dd date of 3/6

        So messed up.

        Is anyone getting deposits? what days?
      • Looks to me like its a turbotax issue. Yesterday their employee says its because of the banking holiday and that we will get our money today. And now, nope... sure they'll give us another reason. I'm sure this money is sitting in an interest bearing account benefiting turbotax while "the problem is resolved." Won't be using them again.
      • I efile my taxes with turbotax and the irs accept it on the 28th of Jan and I still have not received it. They gave me a due date of 14th of Feb, that date has gone by. I called and  I keep getting the run around, first they say because we owe money, but it doesn't take almost a month to process and take the money out. What is going with this years taxes?  Can someone help me?
      • same here, my efile was accepted on 2/3 and today finally saying i will get a DD on 3/6, very dissapointing...  very disapointed with the irs and turbo tax.
      • still waiting on my return... nothing in my bank account still saying on wmr yesterdays date... this is so bogus
      • Same boat here. DD was the 21st.....still nothing. in my bank or anything new with the WMR. Just another reason to love the IRS.  I agree with the others.....if I owed the IRS I'm pretty sure they would be fining me and all over my tail.  But, since they owe me I should be patient and gracious to be dragged along by them.   

        Really....I think they should start popping out a credit for all of our troubles.  Do I see that happening.....heck not. But, would be rather decent of them if they would.
      • I filed on 2/10 and it was accepted the same day. I checked the IRS website on 2/15 and had an expected date of 2/21. Since yesterday came and went I figured that I would check again today and low and behold it still says the 21st. I guess I probably won't see my money til March 6.
      • Filed on the 2/12 accepted on 2/13 first given a 2/28 date by WMR and then moved to 2/21.  No refund yet!  I checked using my wifes SSN and it says 2/28.  What the heck is going on we file jointly, why two dates for the same return?
      • This year the IRS is releasing refunds every Wednesday
      • WMR is messed up. Spouse DD date and mine show different dates. Now spouse info when entering says it can't be found.  What the heck is going on I want my money or at least an accurate deposit date
      • Also if you owe money it could hold it up. I owe every year and I usually get mine back a month from when I file. Takes them forever to deduct and get it sent out.
      • phone number to check status is 800-829-0582 x362
      • If anyone had the filing fee taken out of their refund you need to check this web site. It will tell you where your refund is? Everyone else Im sorry. My son filed on the 2nd and got his last wednesday on the date WMR said.
      • Just spoke with the IRS actaully was impressed got through in about 15 minutes. Anyway I filed and was accepted on 2/6. The rep I spoke with indicated the amount of people that filed between January 1 and January 17 seriously clogged up the system and they are still playing catch up. I need to wait another 1-2 weeks for my refund.  This sucks. I will update everyone with further news on the actual date of refund.  My DD date on spouse indicated 2/21 on mine 2/28 on WMR let's hope it's 2/28.
      • KGC...Thank you very much. Just got off the phone with the IRS of cousrse they give u the speil about how the extra security measures are making the refunds a lot longer this year, but I was able to get a Direct Deposit date of 2/27. I filed and was accepted on 2/8 so it was about a 3 week process. The wait is about 15 minutes but you should be able to get some useful information if you wait it out.
      • I have used TT for many years and will continue to do so. For those that were checking the WMR Irs site. That site is not controlled by turbotax. If you were to read the notices that the IRS posted on their website, you would know the issue was not any fault of TT. My return was accepted within hours. But for a week received no info from IRS. Then Irs posts a message that some returns were being delayed, due to their computer malfunctions. Again this is out of TT control.
        I am a little miffed that TT did state I would receive an email from Stbpg and I have not. But after visiting their site I found the info I needed. Refund to be deposited today, which I know means tomorrow, since that would go along with the date given as scheduled by the IRS.
        I realize you have all paid for a service and feel a bit cheated, but try reading the notices that are actually available with apology from the IRS before you blame TT.
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