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How do I track my refund?  go to WHeres my refund click it and enter info
      The best way, in my opinion, is to wait 72 hours after being accepted and check the Where is My Refund link at
      • I went to clicked on "where's my refund?" and it comes up and says diagonse problem.. my girlfriend and I filed the same day and she recieved hers yesterday? I do not know why I havent got mine yet?
      • does not tell you when you are going to receive your refund or whats going on.
        It just states that it was accepted.  There should be someway to see what process it is in or
        more of a time frame.  My 14 days is up tomorrow and still have not heard anything.
      • IRS website said i was going to receive my tax refund on the 21st, its now the 22nd .. ?
      • The IRS said I was to get my refund February 28th and it is now March 7th, still no refund!
      • irs says i should receive on 6th now its yjr 7th. is this normal
      • the irs website and phone number when i call says my refund to be direct deposit on march 6th today is the 7th still not refund?
      • My refund shows accepted and shows  days is 22 feb - 7 march and I haven't received my refund yet .. Any one knows why?? IRS web site shows we don't have information about ur status ... Plz help
      • my taxes were excepted on the 7th of feb, its now the 8th of march and still nothing..
        Turbo tax never took this long.. last yr using this bs.. very uptight in Pa...
      • Same here. Federal return is accepted Feb 7th and the status on IRS website is" being process", yet I haven't receive any refund as it's March 8th today.
      • Mine was accepted on Jan 24th...received my federal Feb 8th but still haven't received my state refund
      • I filed my taxes feb 14 irs web site says it could take 10-21 days well I think we are past the 21 days.  they should have a way to track your taxes on line so we can follow the progress or have a way of looking it up to see if there is a problem. I got an e-mail stating it was excepted but that is it.  why even have "where's my refund" when it doesn't tell you anything. I guess it is to just shut us all up.  and you can't call and speak to anyome about it. so what is the point in having that on their website. I just wish they could come up with something to make it a little easier for us.  they want us to pay our money to them, when we owe them and they give us a dead line date when we have to pay them or we get interest added on if we dont pay on time. they should have a deadline too. no more then 3 weeks to process and pay us. I get money back on fed. but i owe a large amount to the state and if i dont get the fed money then i cant pay the state.  guess i am going to have to pay the interest to them.  who gets the short end of the stick in this. ME.
      • Ok my husband and I thought it was just us: we filed 2-6-12 and still haven't received our Fed refund as well.  And apparently there is no way to check other than the hotline which has been useless...
      • I soooo agree!!!  I"m waiting and waiting too.  That "Where's My Refund?" is POINTLESS!!!
      • i filed taxes on march 1st wheres my refund says refund will be deposited by the 20th of march, when i file 1) its supposed to be turbo tax free edition but i always end up paying for it. 2) direct deposit says between 7-10 days.. i dont understand why it is taking over 2 weeks even taking into account weekends. my state tax we, i am guessing, should have gotten the other day. we got a letter stating it was transferred to another agency for a repayment. so basically if it takes a bit longer it is possible that you have some unpaid debt somewhere that has done an offset for repayment. if it says they can not tell you the status it is sometimes for this reason as well as entering the wrong info.
      • I did my taxes feb 16th accepted the 17th and it is march 8th and still dont have it try calling irs and went to their website and nothing
      • I filed on Feb 23 and it was accepted the same day. Said direct deposit would be 7-10 days but nothing. IRS does not give a date but says up to 6 weeks! My son filed with turbo tax in January and had his in 10 days. What;s up?
      • I filled mine on February 1st and have gotten nothing and the irs thing says "We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund."
        this is really upsetting.
      • I filed my taxes on Feb. 3rd. I got my federal back in no time. State I called them about it and they say it is being processed and I will receive it in a couple of days. Well it's been a week and still no state. On the wheres my refunf it says I will get mine Feb 10-Feb24. Now its March 9th and it is still processing. I have never had a problem like this. WOW what do I do next???
      If anyone wants to talk directly to an operator, just don't say anything or punch in any numbers, after the phone rings and they will give you a waiting time usually 15-30 minutes and someone will talk to you.The same goes for your state. If you punch in numbers then you get the same thing that comes up on the web.
      • I think it's funny how it only took a matter of days for the Federal Government to TAKE money owed...however, I still have not received my STATE REFUND....what's going on here?  I am also waiting on city taxes paid to be answer - money there either????
      • After a half hour on hold with the IRS, they told me that they were sorry, the date on the website was wrong.  Thats all I got from them. What a waste of my time just to hear that they were not refunding my money when promised nor could they tell me when. i was told to wait another week then call back.  thanks a lot
      • Same problem as everyone else. Check your status refund and it says I should have received it. Does anyone know what to do from here? IRS is a joke, nothing but recordings!!!
      • i have the same problems as others filed feb 5 now mar 9 no refund WHY DOESN'T TURBO TAX JUST REFILE US ALL MAYBE WE WILL GET OUR MONEY.
      • If you just google "where's my refund", you will get the IRS result. click underneath where it says "where's my refund". it will ask you to put in your information. You'll need to know your exact refund amount. if it's been processed it will tell you when the money will be deposited in your account. They told me the 6th, it was deposited that day. One reason it would not be in your account is if you had an offset by something like a defaulted student loan. This happened to me last year. They took my entire refund. Now it's paid off and I got my refund this year.
      • When i went on the irs,com site and clicked where is my refund it said 'We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund.

        It can take up to 3 weeks to process your return. Please wait at least one week before you log-on again to check the status of your refund

        Could you please assist in getting my refund
        Thank you i anticipate your promot reply.
      • Look, everyone is quick to blame the IRS. Shall we take a moment to look at the wide view screen for a moment. I do not work for the IRS but I rather think its funny how everyone is quick to anger at them for these problems.. I think the tax company has some fault in this. They said it would only take up to so many days not the IRS. On top of that once we file with them we really have no way to get in contact with then to ask the our questions. The only people we can get in contact with is the IRS. I think that once tubo tax takes our money they then do not want any more contact with us. We become used for our money. We are really the stupid ones here. We could have went to a tax company and paid the same amount of money to get our taxes done and to ensure that we received our taxes back with in a resonable amount of time. Not to mention if we had problems like this we could go and sit down or for that matter call and ask the simple question in which I think seems to be where is my refund and why is taking so long...We would indeed get the answers that we require instead of a .com place to go. I have learned my lesson, next year I go back to a real tax perfesional not this so call place where we cant get any answers. I think to be mad at anyone other then tubo tax is a waste of time...They want our money and then let the IRS take the blame.They know in advance that we will not be getting our money in just a few short days...In fact they know it will take at least up to if not more then 2 weeks. I say this because if you go in and efile with anyone they tell you on the spot it will be 2-3weeks. If you dont believe me just call someone. It cost me 133.00 dollars to get my taxes and done and let me just say for the record I could have went in and paid around the same amount and been sure where my taxes where...
      • I have submitted my taxes on the 4th, they were accepted on the 6th and i got my money yesterday...
      • I agree!! I filed in January around the 21st and it was weeks later I found out there was a hold on my 2011 return due to a non file in 2006 so I filed 2006 to fing out they owed me money from then although they quit paying out for 2006 on April 17th 2010! In 2006 I only made 10K! So now I have no clue what is up, even called in and all they could say is it was processing! All this after I have paid over 150 dollars to get the monies I am owed! This is ridiculous!
      • this is some bs i filed my taxes Feb 6 and they were accepted the same day and i still haven't received my refunds. it's really annoying waiting around not knowing what's going on with my monies.
      • you all need to check with the IRS directly.    Most refunds with no delays or issues are back in less than two weeks.   If there is an issue it will hold up you refund.  even though it says accepted does not mean that it is complete just that the irs has accepted and is reviewing the form for errors.
      • You can check status on  YOu need your ss# and exact amount of your refund to enter in.  Mine first said there was a delay and then expected refund direct deposited March 20.  I just checked today and it says it is to be deposited tomorrow and funds should be available by 18th.  Have no way to check the state status though.  We'll see......
      • Okay...I filed Feb 4th accepted Feb 6th Still no refund. Called the IRS today and they told me that there were issues on my return that the IRS DID!!!! This was an error on my return that the IRS made...NOT Turbo tax!. Since the IRS has messed up my refund and made the error I am the one who is suffereing. The lady at IRS told me to expect my refund anytime between March 6th (the new processing date) up to 6 weeks to get my refund. SO if it takes the 6 weeks from March 6th then I am looking at 11 weeks...almost 3 Months( 2 Months and 3 weeks )THAT IS CRAZY!. I aslo asked her why am I the one who has to suffer because of the IRS screw up all she can say is I am sorry Maam it started the new Process on the 5th of March. I asked anyway you can say my refund will NOT go back to corrections she said as of right now everything is now correct. Also asked her about WMR and she infromed me that WMR site still has issues and dont go by that! So all I can say is... it is what it is and not a dam thing we can do about it!
      • I filed mine on Jan 30 2012 and still have not recieved a refund..Is there a delay or something..PLease let me know..Or is there a way to get answers from anyone..Turbotax wants there payment!!
      • Plan and simple. THIS IS SOME BULL....!!!!
      • I have tried tracking my refund for over a month now and every single day it says that they have no info on my account. I even called the IRS and it said if I filed before Feb. 15th that they couldn't provide me with any information. I cannot understand why I can't find ONE person to speak with about this matter and find something out. My state taxes came 2 weeks ago, so what does that mean for my Federal refund?
      • Checked Turbo Tax online support and here's what they say about this delay:

        "The IRS is currently experiencing federal tax refund processing delays for some returns that are affecting all tax preparation methods, not just TurboTax.

        The most up-to-date information is available through the IRS Get Refund Status tool, available 72 hours after your return is accepted by the IRS. If you received confirmation that your return was accepted, rest assured that the IRS has your return, even though their tool may not immediately reflect that.

        Because TurboTax Agents use the same IRS Get Refund Status tool, they are unable to provide any additional information about your refund status."

        I guess we all just have to be patient.  I just wish we could charge interest on our overpayments.  Even better, how about a Forbes-style flat tax?  Sheesh.
      • Where is my refund?  According to IRS, it was processed and I should have received it before 3/13/12, I still do not show it at the bank....where is it?